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Sniping in this Game is Awesome! - R.O.E. Battle Royale

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Name of the game? Ring of Elysium - Available currently on PC and Mobile in closed beta Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/theaveragesniper Live streams every Monday and Tuesday at 5:30 PM EST! Live Stream Address: http://gaming.youtube.com/eximum/live More on Sensitivity - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T5pzH9veNRI Video on Battlefield 1 settings - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iq_iCGU8OvA Video on Best Sniper Loadout for BF1 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5G2d7tz1BmU Video on Sniper Rifle Stats - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dQoI3-2lHeU Battlefield 1 Sniper tips: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=586hEUov-zI Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/theaveragesnipe Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/theaveragesniper My Channel! http://www.youtube.com/eximum
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Text Comments (344)
snernesnert (1 month ago)
Do you know that the RoE servers went down ? Its so sad because this game has a much better gameplay than PUBG and I liked it to play. Are you able to play it today?
Set TV (2 months ago)
Law First (2 months ago)
I do like the sounds effect of the game
Patrick You (3 months ago)
how to split bullets
PoltergeistWorks (3 months ago)
This game has a much better start than PUBG did, plus even with the 300-400 PING it's more fun than PUBG with their constant server and network issues. They did lots of things better than PUBG, just look at the prone position animations when you turn around, you go from your stomach to your back and your whole body doesn't turn. This is way more realistic in so many aspects - the changing weather conditions are an icing on the cake, it looks SO good. Add EU servers and the bullet destruction model and make this available on STESM - it will be the end of PUBG.
NewbiexYoutuber VAL (3 months ago)
Idk why He did not pickup that lvl3 bag.
X4R4X (3 months ago)
Hi can you upload the game files for me? idk why garena keeps disconnecting me from server.... Tnx
Lawrence Valencia (3 months ago)
Your very pro
Hype GamerXD (3 months ago)
Is there a supply crates in this game?
pendejito 321 (4 months ago)
Pubg rip off smh! I can’t believe this is what the gaming world has come to. I’m so fucking angry!!
Player3 GT (4 months ago)
Where ROE Relis
Jose Israel Maravilles (4 months ago)
Why didn't you get any Extended Mags for the Sniper rifle???
WeelCheel (4 months ago)
How are people calling this smooth when the other players are lagging so much that they're jumping all over the screen when they move? Doesn't look smooth at all.
The Average Sniper (4 months ago)
that doesn't happen anymore. This is old gameplay. There have been about 10 updates since this.
Kill Time Games (4 months ago)
How hard is it to snipe with NO scope sway, and point n click aim...
Maga Skill (4 months ago)
I got finaly 1 today
Disloyal Moon (4 months ago)
I like how you can mark opponents for your squad to notice
Joel Bullar (4 months ago)
This game is trash
Appositives Gaming (4 months ago)
This game is trash
ItzBrooksFTW (4 months ago)
what settings are you using
Rene Esselmann (4 months ago)
Ros is better
julio coronel (4 months ago)
can you please tell us how you set it in english?
Penguinable (4 months ago)
Really? Awesome? lol... i dont get how someone from PUBG can go play ROE... :D lol... ok play this and forget about Pubg please... :) dont come back if this is awesome for you.
Crash from youtube (4 months ago)
Where Could you download roe
lpl6150 (5 months ago)
1:58 he is trying to heal ? its not possible when he´s knocked. 3:21 ouhh you m......f.....! xD 7:25 bots ftw !
02 (5 months ago)
Is it just me or he sounds like jack black 😂or is he mmmm😅
louise manila (5 months ago)
hackers will ruin that game
Vivncia Toledo (5 months ago)
How to enable the scoop? I mean I have x2 scoop but every time I click right mouse nothing appear
The Average Sniper (5 months ago)
Don't hold the right mouse button down. Just click it once to ADS.
Hyperetard (5 months ago)
honestly cmon.....pos game...
Main Vermadile (5 months ago)
So cool, can't play like that tho. I always end up dead lmao I cant even see the enemy well, rip eyes 😂
RidderZwaarD 91 (5 months ago)
11 first aid kit ? this guy is walking hospital
Sarc (5 months ago)
Cedes V (5 months ago)
how can you play the game
Reze (5 months ago)
I'm so good at this game but I'm not showing it on streams etc. If I would I could have bigger audience on my streams
Jaa123 (5 months ago)
Nice headshots
J T (5 months ago)
That's what PUBG desperately needs. The ability to mark enemies...and hit markers to let you know you are landing your shots. The blood mist just doesn't cut it most the time...especially on console where you are more than likely playing 6 or so feet away from the screen.
Classic Remains Classy (5 months ago)
This game for sure doesnt seem better than pubg , it's missing the "feels" that pubg provides, the satisfaction that pubg provides..maybe its optimized better but thats about it , nothing more
IAM GORT (5 months ago)
love the marking system...
LoKs (5 months ago)
Why no first person view?
Naja Basit (5 months ago)
Btw What Key do u use to scope In my game i cant scope even though i get 8x scope
Acegamer ROE (4 months ago)
just press right click once, dont Hold it.
krizthine concepcion (5 months ago)
That was so nice !!!!
Dathaloboii (5 months ago)
Funny how everyone loves that this game is an arcade version of pubg and is giving it praise for that. Like did all y'all skip h1z1, ya know the game player unknown pretty much built but got little to no credit
Dell Tv (5 months ago)
Darwin Nurin (4 months ago)
KimiDz Sv6 he not hack you idiot
OneMiddle Finger (5 months ago)
ROE runs smooth but feels arcadey, could be because it's pubg mobile port to pc.
Anh Tuấn (5 months ago)
This game something better then pubg, i'm played 150 games, so funny
miftaul mannan tasin (5 months ago)
Does it support gamepads?
Ayaz Doba (5 months ago)
i cant go 1st person
Ayaz Doba (5 months ago)
how to see through scope
Albert Yoshida (5 months ago)
Despite the lag, he's saying that it's fun. That says a lot about this game. The hit registration is far superior to other games.
Racoon (5 months ago)
I love watching you do you job... nice work.
Eric sam (5 months ago)
So lag this game not smooth
Jonel Macalla (5 months ago)
how to apply hit markers???
NormalRice GT (5 months ago)
Aw i want it available on iOS and android i have iOS 9.5.3 and samsung galaxy note 3.
LoL Rick (5 months ago)
1 question is this trncent yame right?
Robert Blasingame (5 months ago)
this seriously needs to come to steam
Onta 69 (5 months ago)
Why look so laggy dude? Edited : oh i see, you play on asia server that make your game look so laggy
Derylle Cabarubias (5 months ago)
I subcribed
uGoPaul (5 months ago)
OMEGALUL when you play a game in Asia servers and the hit reg is still better than in PUBG.
Techkz (5 months ago)
What countries is this available?
Anh Tuấn (5 months ago)
Joel Palmiano singapo and thailand, but you can download with garena, tut on youtube
Radovan Terraj (5 months ago)
99,98% PUBG copyright
Jayson Espallardo (5 months ago)
every game today is like PUBG
Moghty Boar (5 months ago)
tencent is from china. they just want a new battle royale game without american people.
Can we get 5000 subs (5 months ago)
Can we get 5000 subs (5 months ago)
Hell yeah this looks good... fuck ros anyways
Anh Tuấn (5 months ago)
ADRENALINE GAMING yeah ros like dogshit game lmao
Raise your Voice (5 months ago)
Is this the better PUBG?
Anh Tuấn (5 months ago)
Raise your Voice something better
VaNxGamer (5 months ago)
It will be better than ROS but not PUBG.
Switt420 (5 months ago)
When is this game coming out global?
MIKIO YURNAO (5 months ago)
nice another pubg copy graphics is dope looks like good game play
bNkx Gamin (5 months ago)
Where did you download it?
PaperMoon (5 months ago)
Wait whereu play Garena Thailand Server? or Indonesia
MassPwnage Games (5 months ago)
this game is way too easy. I've never lost a single game. lol
xX Ember Xx (5 months ago)
MassPwnage Games There might be bots in there. MIGHT
Einstein of Meme (5 months ago)
The players are laggy
Leo Bak-Kristensen (5 months ago)
Could look like the game has somewhat aim assist. Like it looks too easy to hit, even 800-900 meters away. Not sure I'm into it nor the hit marker. It's making it too easy.
The Average Sniper (5 months ago)
No aim assist this is on PC.
{Hardcore_ Gamer} (5 months ago)
When will this game come out???
cute hvh kid (5 months ago)
{Hardcore_ Gamer} It's already out, you can download it
Why does the video say mobile?
VLOGGER NA AKO (5 months ago)
Its like a combination of pubg and counter strike (edit: another opinion its like a more smooth and improved version of ROS)
Ali Aljarjary (5 months ago)
Damn, can't wait for this game to be taken down
xX Ember Xx (5 months ago)
Ali Aljarjary It’s made by Tencent which is partnered with PUBG corp, so no. It won’t be taken down.
Killaifuwant (5 months ago)
It’s rules of survival on pc
F2P ÖG (5 months ago)
This looks better than bupg and realistic.
HLG_TheShepherd (5 months ago)
Omg 3rd person awesome
AgentZ430 (5 months ago)
Spec requirement?
JustGaming (5 months ago)
Sorry, I have no idea how to drop a certain amount of an item, like 30 5.56mm ammo or meds. How do you do that?
Anh Tuấn (5 months ago)
JustGaming hold ctrl and drag item you want split
IncinerateZ (5 months ago)
Wanna play sometime? :p
Hanadeus Shyam (5 months ago)
hmmm how u using english patch? is ther eany english patch?
Hanadeus Shyam (5 months ago)
Dude what is ur play time, Play with me i could use some english speaking player
FireClaw SixX (5 months ago)
I started to play this Game yesterday and im already in love with it. This Game does so many things right. It looks good, it runs somooth, it has a good amount of content in it. They have skins that switch. And the best of all. The hit reg is damn fucking good. Im playing on Thailand servers and im from Switzerland so itsnqziet strange to see that because inalso thought its gona lag but itnis smooth as hell. Btw good sniping and one Sub and Bell from me
DanMG (5 months ago)
How to download this game???
Bonny RottenGaming (5 months ago)
Philipine server is coming soon dude same as indonesia
Acolyte Harvard (5 months ago)
Sniping in the game must be super satisfying
Danny760side (5 months ago)
Looks like pubg got another lawsuit on there hands
Kah Seng Custodio Hon (5 months ago)
Danny Martinez they didn't even won the lawsuit against rules of survival
i'm sad (5 months ago)
Now, pubg gonna sue this game too.
Naziy Punk (5 months ago)
Im on asia how do I download this? can it run on i5 4210u laptop?
Hanz 023 (5 months ago)
If Fortnite and Pubg had a child this would be it
Mr Globster (5 months ago)
Pubg look w a h1 feel
ThePubgGod (5 months ago)
How do you get it on mobile
Ahmad Sabri (5 months ago)
https://www.garena.sg/ <<<< download and change it to Thai region and u can play it
Ahmad Sabri (5 months ago)
U guys can play this game at Garena and change it to Thai server .. Happy Gaming
keinji channel (5 months ago)
This video are so super-super awesome!!!!
John Henry Venigas (5 months ago)
Characters run..like its laging
—StarKyle — (5 months ago)
Nice gameplay. You got a new sub!
Timmy76 (5 months ago)
This game was be amazing on Xbox and PS4.

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