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My FIRST SANHOK Game - QBZ + M24 = YES PLEASE!! | PUBG Mobile Lightspeed 0.8.6

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Welcome to my FIRST game on the new SANHOK map! Today we are playing the Chinese Lightspeed version of PUBG Mobile, currently on 0.8.6, which introduced this new 4x4 (smaller) map as well as some other neat changes! I understand it isn't the most interesting game as far as exploring the island, however, it was my first on this map, and I didn't want to die an early (dumb) death either! Once we get closer to the Global release I will certainly start making drop / loot / secret location videos for Sanhok! Have an idea for a future location video? Be sure to leave it in the comments down below! Join my Discord Server Here: https://discord.gg/8fq4yV3 Be sure to give this video a Thumbs Up to help grow the channel, and consider subscribing if you haven't already for tons more PUBG Mobile content!
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Text Comments (342)
Lilian Reyes (1 hour ago)
How do we get the beta?
Lil Bushes (3 hours ago)
You dont even need to go to drop to get m24.it just lies on the ground at boot camp
IZIBOY (3 hours ago)
how to download?
Samin Yeasar (11 hours ago)
You're the only YouTuber I can watch in full screen on my 18:9 aspect ration display ❤️❤️❤️
richxrd 321 (12 hours ago)
With a chillies suit, you'll most definitely make it to the top 10
VLP (1 day ago)
I’m a thorough looter. So I just hate to see ppl missing stuff when I wouldn’t. But oh well gg
VLP (1 day ago)
I can’t pronounce it like that. My mouth won’t let me
Lype Thunder (1 day ago)
13:48 when you think that you dont think
Liam Suchan (1 day ago)
I notice this a lot. YouTubers when they run out of space in their backpack, they forget that they have a ton of stuff in their backpack that they don't need. Maybe they just have their mind on something else.
Eliseo Samorano (1 day ago)
i think m4 is wayy better then the m16 but its your opinion
the survival Dude (1 day ago)
Wanna play with me in the chinese verison
Austine Panza ツ (2 days ago)
It's look so clean on the mobile version
ViperWolf (2 days ago)
When’s estimated global release?
ViperWolf (1 day ago)
Derek G yeah that makes sense, thanks for the reply :)
Derek G (2 days ago)
I would guess the middle of August, around when season 2 ends on the 18th
Jishrocks ! (3 days ago)
Seems cartoonish
Tom Jackson (3 days ago)
Yeah I’m assuming it’s gonna drop on world game about August-September
sNgR_BEY (3 days ago)
graphics settings?
Can I get The link?
MSH (3 days ago)
This doesnt feel like sanhok map.On p you can clearly see difference between erangel and sanhok but on mobile its really not.They should switch contrast or lights
Subh -The Gamer (3 days ago)
Tencent games are working on fortnite so they dont havr time for pubg
Tjgamer 27 (3 days ago)
In the global update is the M24 world spawn?
M.N Bhalerao (4 days ago)
I'm like lvl 63 and in Ace but still I get at least 5-6 bots. How to solve this problem plz if any1 can tell. P.S. Plz Derek gimme a 💗💙💚💛💓💝💟💖
Riste Pancurov (3 days ago)
Deimikal Walker it's comfirmed that has less bots in Chinese Lol that's why Derek got like 90 bots 10 real people
Deimikal Walker (3 days ago)
M.N Bhalerao then thats why english is easy Chinese version is pretty hard not a lot of bots
M.N Bhalerao (4 days ago)
Deimikal Walker I play English one
Deimikal Walker (4 days ago)
M.N Bhalerao what versiom u play Chinese version of english?
M.N Bhalerao (4 days ago)
And BTW to tell u guys I always get more than 12 kills in every game And my kill record is 40...mostly cuz of BOTS!!!😑😭😢
46M views (4 days ago)
Oh shit....no scar now 😭😭
Md Rafsan (4 days ago)
Groza should not be in airdrops... It's not that great. :/
Shubham Singh (4 days ago)
Saving everything for other videos like virginity
Christian Esser (4 days ago)
What is the app called? The Chinese app
PübGZ Ph (4 days ago)
*Geezzzz its so Cool💙✨*
Siva Guru (4 days ago)
Help me...I cant sign in and play this sanhok light speed beta vrsn... It says "since the game is in beta, the simulator registration has reached the upper limit" wat should I do???
Riste Pancurov (3 days ago)
Maybe ur out of storage? Check it!
Siva Guru (4 days ago)
Derek G I downloaded the 0.7.1 vrsn and it say's the same issue...wat to do? :-(
Siva Guru (4 days ago)
Derek G No...i will try it :-)
Derek G (4 days ago)
Have you tried downloading the 0.7.1 version and then updating? 0.8.6 is actually out of beta now and should just be an update to 0.7.1 :)
Dustyn Fresquez (4 days ago)
Uh duckbill sucks
ElectroBytez LV (4 days ago)
You missed a AR suppresor in the building that u looted at the start
VLP (1 day ago)
ElectroBytez LV - Was it AR?
Aaron Foszcz (4 days ago)
I’m lvl 40 and in diamond league and I still see bots. Is there a certain point where bots just go away?
Vicky S (4 days ago)
where to download this version?
rockingboy romiljain (4 days ago)
bro how to activate fpp driving i really need help
Manolo Montoya (4 days ago)
I like the gameplay, keep it up Derek!
Tyrell Graves (5 days ago)
When does it come out
Debasish kutruka (5 days ago)
How to download this version?
Just Nikhil (5 days ago)
how do you record your screen with system audio
ph4n70m (5 days ago)
nice video as always bro
EAKX (5 days ago)
Ashutosh Mishra (5 days ago)
How can I download this version ?
Mayur Wagh (5 days ago)
Plz give me downloading link of this version
blazemasterx42 (5 days ago)
In timi version is this map also available? And does bots Spawn with a parachute?
Andro Guys (5 days ago)
Vipul Khedekar (5 days ago)
What does that recycle like Chinese icon do?
DESTROYER2943 (5 days ago)
How did u download it?? Please reply Please give the link for android
Nico19 (5 days ago)
Why the M24 can now be founded normally?
Riste Pancurov (3 days ago)
Nico19 I don't know but I won't regret it lol
Pranav Gharote (5 days ago)
They are pumpkin grenade
Pranav Gharote (5 days ago)
It's not sonhok it is sanhok
Andrew Hohe (5 days ago)
Can you make a video on how to login to the Chinese version?
Kurt Beardslee (5 days ago)
Like the new map game play a lot. Gives us followers a bit of an edge, on where to go and what to expect, compared to the casual PUBG player. Keep up the good work DG
The DistinctGuy (5 days ago)
I have the Chinese version too, and it's way better than the global version. Sanhok is one of its best features, loot is great, no matter where you fall, war mode is incredible. I'm loving this.
Riste Pancurov (3 days ago)
The DistinctGuy it's the same. The Chinese one it's just 1 ubdate ahead
All Soccer (5 days ago)
Derek where u jumped was called ruins
Tresz György (5 days ago)
This gamplay made with L1R1? Or You using claw?
Helgi Allmetaj (5 days ago)
The way you pronounce Sanhok is so strange to me. I pronounce it San Hök, but you pronounce it more like Sanah. Idk. I'm not a native english speaker
Prateek Khari (5 days ago)
Loot here is insane!!
TepaTassuliini (5 days ago)
The control center is boot camp and where you landed is called ruins
FUN VIDEOS (5 days ago)
Man why didn't you replace M16A4 with the beast M416?? Just a doubt
FUN VIDEOS (3 days ago)
MSH M16 is not a fully automatic gun
Deimikal Walker (3 days ago)
MSH burst vs auto which will most likely win up close with someone else who is using a auto gun
MSH (3 days ago)
whats even the differencebetween them?both pretty much the same
Deimikal Walker (4 days ago)
SamGamingYT 976 yep but not gonna be op for long
FUN VIDEOS (4 days ago)
SamGamingYT 976 oh ok
Abhishek Sahu (5 days ago)
Kevin Ordonez (5 days ago)
I’m so hyped for that map
picasso (5 days ago)
Here's a tip for those who are always in need of ammo; If you see a weapon that has the same ammo as your current weapon, pick up the weapon in your second weapon slot then drop it. This takes the ammo that is already in the weapon's magazine, therefore increasing your ammo. Example, you have an M416 with only 30 ammo and you need more 5.56 ammo. There is an M16 on the ground but you prefer the M4 than the M16. You can take M16 on the ground using your second weapon slot and drop it. You will get an extra 30, increasing your ammo to 60. However, this method doesnt work when the weapon on the ground is already used by someone else ( ex. Deathboxes ) because they have alreade taken the ammo.
picasso (3 days ago)
Riste Pancurov Thanks :)
Riste Pancurov (3 days ago)
picasso I know the feeling when u see a nice game and can't play it :( hope u get better device soon
picasso (5 days ago)
B.A.T Thanks. I hope i can.
B.A.T (5 days ago)
picasso Oh Hope you can play this game again cause you seemed like a nice person
picasso (5 days ago)
B.A.T Just passing on some tips. I can't play this game anymore anyway. My device broke :(
Lavaboss (5 days ago)
I don’t know if it’s a person but Im going to pretend it was so I fell better at the game. -Derek G
Ram Prakash (5 days ago)
Derek u didnt talk about SLR ??
Viral Sheth (5 days ago)
Awesome video bruh! You're so awesome in this game and by nature too!❤ Need yellow stripes M416/M16a4 if you can giveaway pls! Ingame Id: Blackwidow010 Love from India❤❤
YaBoyWilli A. (5 days ago)
Lmaooooooo that intro😂😂😂😂😂😂
How to download PUBG MOBILE Chinese version 8.6 watch here https://youtu.be/Y5m9IT357ug
Cozmo Playz (5 days ago)
How do u get the chinese version!?! Plz help me!!
Aj X (5 days ago)
pixelking (1 day ago)
Nick M if you actually hit your shots it has insane damage output. And at a longer range it should be obvious that it's not doing damage.
Nick M (1 day ago)
Uzi trash....no damage
Mr KG (1 day ago)
Aj X I got the uzi in the school and killed 7 people that went there
Riste Pancurov (3 days ago)
Aj X actualy it's not the UZI is nice at close range but as we know most of the game the fights are at middle to long range so that's why most people don't use it in late.
Deeraj Nair (5 days ago)
How did u install this version
MyName Teedz (5 days ago)
Love ur vids u deserve 1m subs PS: heart please 😂
Champion Mayank (5 days ago)
Bro pls don't spoil this location by making a vid plz
Idiculla Mathew (5 days ago)
Derek please can you add me in 0.6.0???? IGN: AnkitTikna
Imaginary Monster (5 days ago)
You left the cheek pad!? Edit: he picked it up later
Gillette Abdi (5 days ago)
Everyday 1k subs more welcome new people
birds eye (5 days ago)
How to do understand Chinese to play it
BoxTm Tv (5 days ago)
It was a shotgun choke
VI Legend (5 days ago)
M24 are no morr drop only?
SCAR ! (5 days ago)
Don't worry guys 0.8.0 global beta will release between 2 to 6 August
Oxygen Gaming (5 days ago)
Wonder how Ghillie looks on Sanhok
ElectroBytez LV (4 days ago)
Oxygen Gaming its green i think
Averite* (5 days ago)
Its called *san-kof* . Edit:Derek QBZ is also an auto gun
pixelking (1 day ago)
Averite* the map name is sanhok
Riste Pancurov (3 days ago)
Yeah we trough that everyone gets the map name wrong and we didn't know that an AR has full auto mode... Bro u need some education
Deimikal Walker (3 days ago)
Averite* then why does streamers that play this like shroud called it san-hok??
Averite* (3 days ago)
Deimikal Walker no man you are wrong
Deimikal Walker (4 days ago)
Averite* its called san-hok
aryan surwade (5 days ago)
Kk 2.0 (5 days ago)
play it on x1.5 to save time
Deimikal Walker (3 days ago)
Kk 2.0 Hater??
-_- Prince Puma -_- (5 days ago)
Wait so now M24 is no longer a drop only weapon?
B.A.T (3 days ago)
Deimikal Walker Oh don't you see I said "Well in PC" -_- Should've read carefully
Deimikal Walker (4 days ago)
B.A.T lvl.3 helmet drop only on pc not on mobile
B.A.T (5 days ago)
-_- Prince Puma -_- Well in PC The m24 is now world drop But nerfed But kar98k is slightly buffed I think (probably wrong) Also lvl 3 helmet is drop only
techU need (5 days ago)
And its me again here derek
Mistake Done (5 days ago)
From where u download it Pls tell I also wanna play Make a video on tha pls...
Jawwad Sarwar (5 days ago)
The button next to Bagpack change TPP to FPP!
Kian Alvizo (5 days ago)
Im early now. Great video bro! Btw the cluster of houses is called "Bahay Kubo" (in the Phillipines)
Kian Alvizo (5 days ago)
Sanhok is is based on southeast asia. Phillipines is on sotheast asia. I livr in sanhok
Ashely clixon (5 days ago)
please tell us how to download 8.0 plzzzzzzzzzzz
Fazrul Ahamed (5 days ago)
QBZ is best close quater combat is the best
Deimikal Walker (1 day ago)
pixelking cool doood
pixelking (1 day ago)
Deimikal Walker lots of guns can own an akm cqb. the vector Can. The uzi Can. A shotgun can. A sniper rifle with a good shot can. A groza can etc
Deimikal Walker (3 days ago)
Fazrul Ahamed yeah it great but in my opinion the akm is if u got a comp on a akm up close literally nothing can beat..P.S. Always take compensator over ar suppressor
I ALW4YS W1N (5 days ago)
Link to download this version causa i had timis
Shashank Saini (5 days ago)
It's Ruins where you first dropped
Prabhakara Dora (5 days ago)
Flare gun 🔫 is in the game 😂😁😁😁😂😁😂
Raymond Wang (5 days ago)
Derek, how are you able to play chinese version?
Justin Chukwuemeka (5 days ago)
Why is the blood bluish green?
B.A.T (5 days ago)
Justin Chukwuemeka If I'm not wrong in China there's a policy there's no red blood allowed Also skulls
ezzat 1 (5 days ago)
How can i get it.....
Nhixxon Basa (5 days ago)
What are the new vehicles In this map?
Bennedict Soriano (5 days ago)
The recoil of the qbz i better than the M416 all stock
Akhil Esh Karanam (5 days ago)
You should have changed the title to.... Battle with bots in sanhok..lol Btw the map is cool dude...
Anurag Prateek (5 days ago)
How do you get these updates so fast?
MGC 996 (5 days ago)
What's better? M16A4 or M416? You seemed to prefer the first one
Tykie Quezada (4 days ago)
They both do the same amount of damage but the m4 has better firerate while m16 is better for sniping
MGC 996 (4 days ago)
Tykie Quezada Seriously mate, which one's better? Like damage or otherwise
Tykie Quezada (4 days ago)
MGC 996 M4 is for try hards
Andrei Deseo (5 days ago)
Its Pronounced "Sankok"

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