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FREE PUBG Skins https://www.pubgrefs.com NEW PUBG DESPERADO CRATE OPENING!! LEAPORD CLOTH MASK and LEATHER HOODIE (Desperado and Biker Crate) :: FREE $.50 CODE SLICK https://unboxskins.com/ref/slick :: LIKE and SUBSCRIBE for more PUBG Funny moments, clutches, gambling and More!! ►$50 Giveaway: https://gleam.io/wOIVN/january-150-giveaway ►Subscribe Here: https://goo.gl/wPUC7D ►Twitter: https://twitter.com/slickpubg ►Business Email: [email protected] ►My Channel: https://goo.gl/hQvJ9K ►Music(Chuki Beats): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6XKfu-01WME If you own any of these clips and would like to take them down, please contact me so we can do so.
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Slick PUBG (8 months ago)
Drop a like for more crate openings!! FREE PUBG Skins https://www.pubgrefs.com | NEW PUBG DESPERADO CRATE OPENING!! LEAPORD CLOTH MASK and LEATHER HOODIE (Desperado and Biker Crate) | FREE $.50 CODE SLICK https://unboxskins.com/ref/slick
Dreggenborn (8 months ago)
the moment you realize slick hearted the comment...
Erik Sommerlou (8 months ago)
Slick When do You say who wins the giveaway?
Little rice crispy (6 months ago)
NoahD Vlogs33 (7 months ago)
i want giveaway
Liquid Longliner (7 months ago)
Want to win
ethan (7 months ago)
Fuck u talk alot
foxtus (8 months ago)
wtf is that
JustTo Ez (8 months ago)
I hope I win the coat bro my steam name is AaronSloth please add me <3
Joey Capistrano (8 months ago)
I like the give away can i win it
majd adwan (8 months ago)
William Bang (8 months ago)
Nice Video, like every time
lil zenchi (8 months ago)
Yo guys just use game tame and stream ads, pretty easy coins.. takes a while but hey its legit.. heres a ref link for it https://gametame.com/?join=1707107
Bcgamer (8 months ago)
i got super lucky earlier, i got the white leather hoodie, blue training pants, black baggy pants, punk gloves, brown baggy pants, sleeveless turtleneck black, and the sleeveless turtleneck gray
MrOutLaw (8 months ago)
was just playing pubg "i literally never get killed by the red zone" *DIES* "god dammit" *FRIEND LAUGHS*
ItsBarniza LoL (8 months ago)
I do all i wanna the coat steam:0509503500 pleaseee i love you
Edu-kun (8 months ago)
Love the new box. Selling one to get a key to another!
Lvel One (8 months ago)
how want win?
Whysoshy666 6 (8 months ago)
In the first desperado crate i opened, i got the horn-rimmed glasses (BLACK) i think i might wanna sell it
LJYT (8 months ago)
i want dat coat
YAH YEET (8 months ago)
Camel Coat PogChamp
Spangly (8 months ago)
Liked, Subscribed and hit that beautiful bell! I'd cry out of joy if I win this giveaway!!!
Alessandro Fiorio (8 months ago)
Greetings from Argentina
Nuno Zau (8 months ago)
Waiting to win that giveaway :D
Stolt svensk (8 months ago)
nice cb
Arseny Grig (8 months ago)
Just wait
minorblooD l (8 months ago)
why the hell would you advertise something that you didnt get.. people that desperate to get their channel out.. lmao.
Gabriel Lindblad (8 months ago)
liked and subed
Mr Green (8 months ago)
nice !!!
marley B (8 months ago)
just got the leather hoodie white. hope it's valuble after 1 week :P
hadu wek (8 months ago)
whenever i get desperado crates i just sell them
Wael Ouederni (8 months ago)
Liked subscribed commented and hit that damn bell let's goooo give me that coat
EmilT (8 months ago)
Gimme dat coat
Carsspottedontheroad (8 months ago)
Turned on the notifacations now imma watch this nice vid
Madow Worlds Shadow (8 months ago)
Hello can i get some money?
Daniel M. (8 months ago)
Whatsapp Slick, I don't need the 50$ i want the coat so bad! I did everything !
Cideriz (8 months ago)
I got a princess power tank top
luke (8 months ago)
very nice..
Keegan DoesStuff (8 months ago)
I ended up getting the leather hoodie (black) my first crate...
John Zyle Saavedra (8 months ago)
I've done all 4 steps! :)
Solo Harper (8 months ago)
I got the black leather hoodie i am so damn lucky
Rob Fitzpatrick (8 months ago)
Liked subscribed commented and hit that damn bell :)
GekkeHenkieee (8 months ago)
dude you made more then 30$
Slick PUBG (8 months ago)
Yeah I Just found out xD
ShadowNinjaGaming (8 months ago)
Some pretty nice skins
Huynh Duc Toan (8 months ago)
I like and i subscribe and i turn ơn the Bell :))
Ben Schoeman (8 months ago)
So generous!
NeverCold13 (8 months ago)
I’d love the coat....it’s my birthday today
Dreggenborn (8 months ago)
i need to win that $50 to open my desperado crates!
KETTREMOTE (8 months ago)
I got 2 Long-sleeved Leather Shirt^^
Lukas Lindqvist (8 months ago)
I did everything and i would love to get a camel coat :)
Dreggenborn (8 months ago)
love how your active in your community
Slick PUBG (8 months ago)
Congratulations You won the CAMEL COAT Giveaway!! Reply to this comment with your trade url ASAP to receive your prize!!! Thanks for watching the videos <3 Keep entering because you can win again :D
Dreggenborn (8 months ago)
i commented and i like and i subscribed AND i hit the bell. ;)
Ya' Boi Vido (8 months ago)
yea boi. hope to win that coat ;D for i also shared ur vid bro. love this chanel!
Slick PUBG (8 months ago)
thanks :))
Infinite (8 months ago)
got a long sleeved leather jacket out of desperado
Ana Carvalho (8 months ago)
Got the leopard cloth mask on my 4th crate :D
RunningFoxEntertainment (8 months ago)
How are some people able to sell the items already?
Matt Hawk (8 months ago)
RunningFoxEntertainment cuz they bought the keys back when they had gamescom crates
Waterhouse (8 months ago)
My luck was pretty on point last night haha. Opened 2 desperado crates and got both the black and white leather jackets. Not sure how accurate the probability percentages they put out are.
IHATEMYLIFE (8 months ago)
Waterhouse lol i opened 1 desperado and get a leather hoodie (white)
efraim135 (8 months ago)
its 0.36 % to get one but 20 that must br like 0.16 % or something
Waterhouse (8 months ago)
Yeah, I put a video up on it. Literally got them both back to back. Probably the luckiest I've ever been in my life haha. Hopefully prices on them don't drop too low when they're off trade/market hold.
xEmbrac3 (8 months ago)
the percentages are less than 1%
xEmbrac3 (8 months ago)
each one is worth over 1000$ easily, thats ridiculous luck man.
Priüs (8 months ago)
ZoNe_Snipez (8 months ago)
trying to get the coat, just got my first win just 20 min ago
Panduhh (8 months ago)
i got the long sleeve leather shit whic is 179 on steam market
TRUST ME I AM ARABIC (8 months ago)
i like your vidios <3
jerome santelices (8 months ago)
love the new skins bro nice gets
Jendrik (8 months ago)
i got the aviator sunglasses and the checkered jacket check my vid https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PLc4RIE_Djs&t=145s
Dominic Fage (8 months ago)
love the vids keep it up!!! @dom_fage2
awin (8 months ago)
I actually opened the cloth mask leopard hahaha, only crate I had too
Matt F (8 months ago)
i have desperado crates but no keys🤔i guess i can sell the crates
Edward Iringan (8 months ago)
quite unlucky man.
DuxKonig (8 months ago)
nice vids bruh
Sliptastic V (8 months ago)
these new crates are top, especially when you get a turtleneck.
CarterChan (8 months ago)
you are the best man
yuval (8 months ago)
Good job man
SuJung Han (8 months ago)
Winner Winner Chicken Dinner
Zidnyhr (8 months ago)
wow i hope your chanel can be the greatest
kj (8 months ago)
Michael Arsen (8 months ago)
Servers are busy😡
zach phillips (8 months ago)
I have the white leather hoodie got it on my 3d crate and I was hoping out so much
ville martiskainen (8 months ago)
zach phillips Are u able to sell it i got the bandana and it has 7 day trade ban eventhough some people are already selling them
Fattan GamerX (8 months ago)
Nice Video dude #NotificationSquad https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=408512961&token=se6Xgm62 @SavageGoldy
TeenGamer6i (8 months ago)
Amazing video
Mr. Guy (8 months ago)
all i got was pants :/
Sankyuu (8 months ago)
PapaJohnS (8 months ago)
Just unboxed 4 crates today and on the first try I got the leather jacket white.
zach phillips (8 months ago)
But on my 3rd crate
zach phillips (8 months ago)
PapaJohnS same bud
Boosty Boost (8 months ago)
hashtnt (8 months ago)
Lol, today i bought my first key opened the desperado crate and got the cloth mask jaguar
Yurusarenai (8 months ago)
Nice video, yup I was excited for the new crates as well
Obilob (8 months ago)
i love the new items
lil chapo (8 months ago)
i know de wae
TeamGamerHD (8 months ago)
I got the white hoodie on my first crate
Slick PUBG (8 months ago)
OMG sell it xD
EagleCohort (8 months ago)
The new crates are great but the good stuff is way too rare imo...
Hazeen Nabil (8 months ago)
i want one of those coat
Adam (8 months ago)
I love these new skins!
folium aurora (8 months ago)
Chan (8 months ago)
My update took like 5 hours...
Padure (8 months ago)
Great video m8. Just do what you are doing and you'll see that you'll reach 100k subs soon. https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=179895732&token=LYqHjyCr
Slick PUBG (8 months ago)
thanks for the support ❤️
Cole Greenwald (8 months ago)
Doin good! The new hoodies are SLICK;)
sveek (8 months ago)
i have video on my channel of me opening the white one :D
Slick PUBG (8 months ago)
i see what u did there ;)
jeremy rice (8 months ago)
Slick PUBG (8 months ago)
u r fast :)
Comethazine Up Next (8 months ago)
great vid love the new crates
cs go nerd (8 months ago)
love the new skins
Slick PUBG (8 months ago)
me too
rich and dex are the duo (8 months ago)
nice vid
Slick PUBG (8 months ago)
thanks ❤️❤️
Erik Sommerlou (8 months ago)
Are gris The test server
Andrei Ichim (8 months ago)
Slick PUBG (8 months ago)
Erik Sommerlou (8 months ago)
Keep up The good work
Erik Sommerlou (8 months ago)
I Dont have ANT skins really so im just looking for some
Erik Sommerlou (8 months ago)
Good job do you have Amy tips for a good crate opening site
Slick PUBG (8 months ago)
thanks erik these are the best comments :)
Erik Sommerlou (8 months ago)
Good job

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