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The Death Stranding Hinted as a Cataclysmic Phenomenon, Sam Won't Be an Elite Character

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Text Comments (1262)
YongYea (5 months ago)
Woops, correction, for 6 Million Dollar Man and Bionic Woman, I meant to say television shows, not films.
Puke Diewalker (5 months ago)
fuck off to fortnite you scrub
Puke Diewalker (5 months ago)
Useless it may be in your opinion. I expect Kojima productions wont give 2 fucks when you hand over your 60 bucks, and lets be honest, you will, you dont want to but you will. So be quiet shrill and enjoy the in game realistic toilets when they come around
Gamer dude89 (5 months ago)
Young yeah I'm a fairly new subscriber but keep it up I love the vids I love how you keep it real and you just put it out there you're honest I love that
Lekzie69 (5 months ago)
Dude make a video again about sp is dying now that tlou sold 17 million copies
Ghostly (5 months ago)
I think the game is gonna be a lot like MGS5, on the trailer we saw Sam releasing a rifle while looming over a base. This might be him preparing to get another package, since he wasn't packing lots of packages. And unlike Snake, I think the game won't feature any fast travel or vehicles and all players have to travel the world and extract packages from location to location in a destroyed world. Maybe players can connect to each others "strands" and lead to packages or something.
DopeTheScope Video's (2 months ago)
Have you not done a analyst yet for the 2018 death stranding trailer yet? Can't find it
Christian Mol (3 months ago)
When are you releasing the analysis?
Link Hybrid (3 months ago)
Some say its a Prequel of the MGS Series
phil hansen (3 months ago)
i can't understand the dislike count on this video
GeneBomb (3 months ago)
So Sam is a Gordan Freeman?
II QuietRiot II (4 months ago)
Finally, a main character I can relate to. Not super extraordinary, slips on rocks, needs help balancing.
Madao (4 months ago)
Misko 1023 (4 months ago)
Fully understand what the game is at e3/psx? No way. That mystery will drive sales, I don’t think Sony or Kojima want that mystery spoiled before release. I’m not sure I do either. My money is on: we won’t fully understand this game until it enters our ps4. And maybe not even then lol.
jacoblgames (4 months ago)
Genre defining? So defining sci-fi? By "game" does he mean "trolling?" A typical hero? So it will be a third-person shooter perhaps? Damn, that beard.
TheRealKillerTomato (4 months ago)
Still awesome. Looks to me like the hovering train behind San represents the “rope” referenced by Kojima for keeping things you need close. At least that was my first thought. Look forward to your deep analysis Yong. Take your time. Let’s enjoy this.
Theron Webb (4 months ago)
Yong I was thinking, and this is just a big guess. In the trailer you can see both white and black other dimension creatures. My theory is it's possible just like the akatsuki they both are trying to bring peace to the world. Maybe the black creatures goal is to bring all people to their dimension. While the white creatures are trying to give humans a chance to find peace through actual connections and compassion. One could be seeking peace through force while the other seeks it through compassion.
Nisco Racing (4 months ago)
Still waiting, hope he didn't forget.
Baher Gehad (4 months ago)
You better hurry up man we can keep our heads together 😃😉
PotatoKitten (4 months ago)
Remember Death Stranding is something about connecting with others. *THERE HAS TO BE SOMETHING ABOUT YEA WEARING THAT SHIRT*
zepher (4 months ago)
See this trailer again and then when in the last scene where a man is communicates with sam, " what's your status" and then sam says "my status is fucked" then pause the video and see on his backpack there is flag maybe it's Russian flag!, Pls try to analyse it and give us a theory😊
bardistass (4 months ago)
The more I think about it, I'm sure this is the concept: I think that each instance of the game is it's own universe, players dont ever inhabit the same world but the universes are connected in the multiverse (PSN)... You send packages to each others game worlds (universes) by tears in space time (portals - perhaps those black cables that go up into the sky??) that exist in the game... There might be instances where you have to recieve a package from a sam in one universe and have to delivery it to another sam, but the link between those players is only your instance of the game. If this happens across multiple players / universes, then eventually all players become integral to each others game experiences...thus, everyone becomes connected.
Brandon A (4 months ago)
What about Isaac Clarke? There’s definitely been average joe protagonists before.
James Park (4 months ago)
I'm not sure that Bridges is his name per se, but more his company's name. In this sort of post-apocalypse, the company you work for seems to be extremely important. (Lea Seydoux's character works for Fragile Express, for example). Porter may not be his actual name either, but his role within the Bridges company. Although, expanding on that, maybe that's how names are now decided in this age, the company you're "born" into and what your role is. Sam - Porter - Bridges
kevin zamora (4 months ago)
Can it be that sam cannot be affected in the rainy trailer with the giant as his belly “surgery” stops him from being “taken” from his belly button being non existent?
Juiceboxjerry (4 months ago)
I loved it. Thought it was a beautiful trailer. Offering little glimpses at gameplay while still keeping the curiosity piqued. It's nice to see a developer with the confidence to do something like this, rather than just give people everything they want. Like take Spiderman for example. Game looks great, but I feel like it's basically reached a saturation point to where people don't even care. The anticipation is mostly gone. They either want to play it or they don't. I just hope Kojima is able to keep this air of mystery all the way up until release. Obviously I want to know something about the core gameplay loop. But not *too much* more. And hopefully this is a 2019 release (or early 2020 at the latest). Bc I think it will def get quite annoying if he's just doing it as a stalling tactic for a game coming out in 2021 or something.
Durandurandal (4 months ago)
"Blue-collar/never been done before" Issac Clarke was a glorified mechanic. I'm cool with non-combat protagonists, but let's keep it real now
Daniel Tham (4 months ago)
The E3 2018 trailer showed lots of walking. Are there drivable vehicles in the game? In the previous trailer, a vehicle was flipped on its side and Sam's team was pretty much screwed.
Daniel Tham (4 months ago)
A large open free roaming world where players take on main story quests and side missions (eg. recovering bodies of possibly other players) is most certainly within the capabilities of the Decima Engine.
Daniel Tham (4 months ago)
Is it possible that the wrapped bodies (with baby canister) that Sam Bridges recovers are actually other human players, who have been taken during their playthroughs? If so, it could be a form of asynchronous multiplayer, much like in AC Origins where Bayek finds fallen assassins (other players) in the open world at the spots where they have been killed.
Katakuri Fan (4 months ago)
I don’t like the idea that this isn’t going to be MGS like in that it won’t have bosses which is what I hated about Phantom Pain. Kojima is a master at creating bosses and I want to see that again /
kirk leary (4 months ago)
If they have "DOOMS" Maybe it's an acronym that could explain a bit more about what we are dealing with.... Detection, Dimensional, organic, obscure, materialisation, matter... Mass... Mantis... There's probably loads more that make more sense. They talk about levels too... Maybe the ability to sense is level 1 and to see them is a higher level. Trailer 1-3... We see floating figures... The 3rd was a single person that lands on the vehicle. ( Which Sam sees ) But part of the 4th trailer when they are in the cave... We see 5 figures but transparent...then they actually disappear. He didn't have the baby in the cave... He did/didn't on the beach. But at the end of trailer 4 when he connects the artificial umbilical cord to the baby tank... The shadows pop up ( maybe proximity based ) and he taps the baby tank to essentially wake it up or gets its attention. And there's something to do with its eye... Surely... Kinda squints one eye in trailer 2 and 4... Maybe it's just groggy. Haha help!
ライチー (4 months ago)
like the bug she eat. Sam meybe wear orange suit in real world with no ghost. and when he sneak in the world between life and death,his suit will change to gray?be attention to the color show us the danger I guess
xXsinjoXx PSN (4 months ago)
Lindsay wagner's necklace is a code?
Ricardo Luján (4 months ago)
Kojima is bringing an interaction with the two sides of existence. materia and antimateria. the dirac ocean and it's equation and how Sam has to interact with those phenomenon existing right here and his ominous behaviour. Cryptobiontes as a cure for the timefall rain and i think there's time travel in this game too.
martha kroegonnfogrn (4 months ago)
wow, kojima hates older women what a sexist pig
Marcos Silva (4 months ago)
Yong-senpai, there are some similarities between what has been presented in the trailers so far and the premise of the book "Roadside Picnic", from the Strugatsky brothers. There is, apparently, a "desert zone" / "exclusion zone" where the cataclysm may have occurred (like the "Zone") and these people doing the transport work are very similar to the "Stalkers" in the book. (Hope you see my comment - love your work - and greetings from Brazil).
Jimi Mimo (4 months ago)
Excellent. This inspired me. I'm gonna become a mail deliverer!
Matt Swart (4 months ago)
Sounds great, DHL simulator. Can't wait!
Ray Valentine (4 months ago)
"Blue collar worker" Uh... Isaac Clarke from Dead Space is an engineer? And he literally stomps necro ass.
King Kagle (4 months ago)
I feel like Kojima can't reveal any more about the game without just spoiling it. Comparatively, this trailer has as many details as Last of Us 2 did. But because we know the Last of Us' world/lore already, we don't call that trailer confusing.
Jaymosis Jones (4 months ago)
"And shepherds we shall be, for thee my lord, for thee, power hath descended forth from thy hand, so that our feet may swiftly carry out thy command, we shall flow a river forth to thee, and teeming with souls shall it ever be. In nomine patris, et filii, et spiritus sancti."
Mikhail Alexandrovich (4 months ago)
Theory: Bridges with the united cities of America sounds like a campaign slogan. Now we know bridges is a surname + the photo in the trailer has sam standing with an older woman. The older woman is President Bridges. US president.
Adam Jaxn (4 months ago)
There is a slight annoyance in his tone.
Luis Zambrano (4 months ago)
Tecnically a post apocalyptic Silent Hills or in this case "Silent Valley"
spencer moore (4 months ago)
Just dropped by to say that you strongly favor David Hayter in this vid.
elitefencer777 (4 months ago)
Hey Yong, hope covering all this isn't taking too much of a toll on you. Might be on account of not getting the full-monty for Death Stranding like you were hoping, but you sounded pretty worn out. Not surprising given how much of e3 you've been covering. Hope you know how much we all appreciate the coverage and your take on it. You always lay it out like it is and never try to inflate your brand using hyperbole, smugness or unsubstantiated claims; and for that we thank you.
ThisIsMyGlock40 (4 months ago)
I dunno, it looks like Sam could pull one hell of a ruck march with all that bullshit I saw on his back. Rucking like a champ, through rivers and over mountains. He'd do very well in the military, at least physically.
SuperGeronimo999 (4 months ago)
I just hope i don't need to rely on other players... or get ruined by one. Does this mean, this game is online only? Or can i just cut off the Internet?
Tappxxor (4 months ago)
Give me that t-shirt already
Francesco Runcio (4 months ago)
I actually thought since I saw the VGA trailer that "Death Stranding" refers to the (headless?) giant with stranders instead of hands.. That giant may be the cause (at least for the human being's point of view) of what happened and the situation that the world is facing..
Gareth Lloyd (4 months ago)
The real mystery is; If they have floating drones that can carry shit over rough terrain, are completely silent and are undetectable by those ghost things, then why risk the porters life and the package? Kojima has never been one for logic I guess.
al will (4 months ago)
*rolling eyes* 2020 award for most hyped but overrated game of the year...
Michael Hoskins (4 months ago)
Thank you Youg! Always enjoy your videos!
Guilherme Soares (4 months ago)
What if the Death Stranding prevented people from crossing Over, but also to be born. Maybe people are forced to clone themselves Over and Over again to still populate the Earth. Maybe the baby is the first human born in a long time. Sam has to carry the baby Somewhere to somehow restart the normal flow of things? What if the reason there are no families or bloodlines in DS is the reason why Sam is called Porter Bridges, because people belong to organizations, due to the disconnection of society?
silentwulffff (4 months ago)
I am super excited for this game! I sure hope it's going to be something very special that will stay with me like telltale's walking dead
SUICIDE SNAKE (4 months ago)
I've figured it out... If you isolate the letters touched by the strands in the title, you get "EAT STANDING"... ... I guess we know what the game is about now...
Gray (4 months ago)
The details sound interesting, but man, I'm worried about this game. We see a representative gameplay reveal, and it's...mountain climbing. Sam trips over stuff has little cart buddies. It's just...not that enticing on it's own? It needs context, we need to know WHY a bunch of walking around beautiful but seemingly-empty environments is going to be compelling. It's not like the pieces aren't there, the world is clearly dangerous, but... I really, really wish they'd explained more. All that mysterious plot leading up to a gameplay reveal and it really wasn't...much. I don't blame anyone calling this pretentious right now, but I'm hoping it's just a case of wanting to preserve mystery, or maybe a kind of game that doesn't demo amazingly well. I just hope it's not boring, you know?
Sean Stewart (4 months ago)
Sam is like this little plumber I know. He wears a red hat, a true blue collar hero!
Sean Stewart (4 months ago)
I was hoping for some type of 4th rail game. Tough to do but something unique that blows our minds. From what I’ve seen and read, some ideas seem cool, but I want even more. Just confused right now. I figured the baby was like Ellie in TLoU, the last hope of mankind in some way. Maybe it’s a reference to his game and studio being the industies saving garage. Though I think ND and CDPR would have something to say about that lol!
Felhek Lehrian (4 months ago)
Smokejima productions
Seth Fernandez (4 months ago)
Yong u sound tired
Arcade Alchemist (4 months ago)
Death stranding looks like a luggage porter simulator with some horror aspects.
carl berg (4 months ago)
chiral is Latin for "Hand" . let that sink in..
tipsythomas (4 months ago)
Think Kevin Costner in the postman. That's where I'm at.
Gustavo Cruz Zamora (4 months ago)
You fools, you actually think this is a walking simulator, that Kojima would just give you what you want to know and not leave surprises in store for you, hehe this game is going to be big and when all of you bashing it for being boring start playing you won’t have the privilege of saying “I knew it, I knewit, it’s amazing it’s art”
Luis E Morales Falcon (4 months ago)
I am in.
yeah you (4 months ago)
My favorite theory, that i don't exactly believe, is that this is the story of The Sorrow from MGS 3, and how he died... and that Madds Milkerdick is playing the young version of The Sorrow... basically, Metal Gear Solid 0: Silent Hill..... Metal Silent Solid Gear Hill
yeah you (4 months ago)
Hideo "confuses you into buying his games" Kojima
goontube TV (4 months ago)
Youre the best bro
Grizzly Actual (4 months ago)
Woo! Can't wait to walk around ripping toenails off!
Gary Grinkevich (5 months ago)
You're pretty good.
Sean Fussa (5 months ago)
I wish I had the money to buy a ps4, I really want to play this and bloodborne
MarcelPichault (5 months ago)
Hey YongYea, thanks so much for you covering of E3! In the last trailer I noticed that before Sam tries to go past the "umbilical ghosts" he taps on the incubator so as to get the baby's attention, to which the baby responds with a little noise but also by closing an eye. This reminds me of the Guillermo trailer but I fail to see the connection... Also no sure about the "blue collar" Sam since on the picture he's seen wearing a kind of uniform with a US flag behind him that is mounted on a pole with a gold eagle at the top (like the Oval Office ones). Also his name "Bridges" directly refers to the theoretical alliance of cities. Can't wait to hear your thoughts. I hope to meet you in some bathroom someday! (Hm that didn't came out the way it should have)
Not a post apocalypse game kind, a rebuild humanity type of game.
I don't think so, Earth is not a theme in this game. This would be obviously will be a space kind game, remember the trailer when Sam said "then a second explosion coming" Like a second universe a darker universe with another kind of creatures.
Dicky Salim (5 months ago)
I'm a huge fan of metal gears and that's mainly why I've been following death stranding untill now.. because I feel like his game will never dissapoint.. But here's the thing... the way he's been presenting his game all this time has been so underwhelming.. and even the trailer in E3 gives nothing but more questions.. I showed the trailer to non kojima fans and they immiediately tune out.. but when they look at most of other games in E3 they got hooked immiediately... I'm still is waiting for this game.. but the more kojima do this, the higher the expectation of the fan... I mean they really need some serious genre defining game to make up for every mystery that is hidden all this time..
Sonny James (5 months ago)
Yeah, Sam seemed so “Darylized” in the trailer, can’t wait for Mads to say some intensely deep shit.
rusty miller (5 months ago)
haven't the majority of Silent Hill protagonists been "everymen" ?
HoFabii (5 months ago)
To be honest, I don't wanna know what the game is all about. The mystery for me is important. For example MGSV was kinda spoiled for me. Too much trailers, infos and over analyzing things. Taht's the problem with many games. At the same time; when the information is there, with trailers, interviews, gameplay, I can't look away. It's like an adiction. So I really hope the mystery continues in some sort. I really want to be blown away when I play the game and not say "oooh, so that's how it works.. how boring, I thought there was more to it". Maybe there's a way to make both sides happy.
KAY B 14 (5 months ago)
"the world must be made whole again."
Mitch Yelverton (5 months ago)
did anyone notice that Norman had stumbled and had a change of boots...I bet fatigue and ripped or torn gear will be an issue in the game. I felt the trailing had a lot in it.
Jordan Dunnuck (5 months ago)
I'm guessing the game is going to be like this: You'll be delivering those packages most of the game, but you'll have to walk carefully, able to trip over things or tip over based on how much shit you're carrying, the currents, ect. There'll be the looming threat of those time monsters which will make your unsure footing even more anxiety inducing. You'll probably be timed as well, once you begin the package delivery, as I think you're transporting organic material, whether they be actual babies, eggs, or something of the sort. You'll probably have to decide whether or not you want to take more stuff based on how confident in your ability to handle it all. During this, I imagine you'll be unraveling the mystery of death stranding. And I'm willing to bet everyone's progress will be working towards something online. All player's accomplishments will be tallied together towards some big, in-game event. Or several different ones to work towards. That's my theory, at least.
MyEvilTaco (5 months ago)
Death Stranding hints players that Kojima it’s bleeping insane is a more fitting tittle~
Dantess26 (5 months ago)
The fact we see Sam actually hold a gun means a lot to the gameplay. I think it tells us there will be combat of some sort, but Kojima doesn't want to focus on it
dark killer (5 months ago)
When you're making a new ip you should show us the gameplay first and not a fucking story trailer! this game looks weird as shit Kojima should make movies and stop wasting Sony's money
Conservo Virtus (5 months ago)
She mentions that lachrymosity is a chiral allergy at the beginning. Chirality, loosely, pertains to things that are identical yet not superimposable. (The right and left hand for example, when placed together palm to palm, are identical yet opposite and therefore not superimposable.) This allergy is also manifest in the conspicuous flushing of Sam's skin when coming into close proximity with an apparent chiral entity. It's still far too vague to know what's going on for sure, but it made me wonder if some paradoxical conflation of matter/space/time has occurred, resulting in existential bleed over between duplicative, perhaps multitudinal realities (increasing "chiralium density"), which catalyzes some kind of catastrophic event (e.g., void out) when said chiral matter comes into contact. Her outfit says "Fragile Express," suggesting she does deliveries like Sam, but when she asks Sam if he wants a job his response implies that unlike him she does something different/more than mere delivery; something in which he'd rather not be involved. Regardless, it looks so creepy and interesting. Can't wait.
Kazuki Souji (5 months ago)
just my opinion i kind of understand the others saying that the trailer is still vague and stuff. i played all of the metal gear/zone of the enders games more than twice each i love them and i like hideo kojima. but this time i don't want to buy a game i don't understand. i feel like i won't enjoy it.
Reapov (5 months ago)
In Yong ending statment he dont seem excited about the game anymore
Jolo De dios (5 months ago)
You guys know that Kojima frequently meets with Places+Faces, an underground fashion/photography duo that showcases their products and shots thru artists? Well my guess is that TechWear is a vital element in this game 🤔
ErgonomicChair (5 months ago)
Eh, this game is gonna suck tbh.
Marcin Świątko (5 months ago)
In Cojima we trust
Riccardo (5 months ago)
I'm more and more convinced that the bodybags are not for corpses, but for ppl Who need to be delivered across cities
Red Rock Seven (5 months ago)
Could be both.
tony2000and10 (5 months ago)
looks like sony is bitong their nails. cuz they don't have a fucking clue what kojima is up to.. i hope the consumers' response become absolutely positive
Gamer dude89 (5 months ago)
Yeah because thing about the first Metal Gear it was so subtle little things that brings you back to real life that makes it more realistic and more suspenseful than it is if you have superpowers and could do anything
Gamer dude89 (5 months ago)
I also get the feeling the death mechanic in death stranding is kind of like if you remember the movie they you might be transported to their Dimension and have to get out of there Dimension to return to yours I don't know I've been drinking just a theory
Waldemar Perez Jr (5 months ago)
OMG this is Postman: the games
Gamer dude89 (5 months ago)
I get the feeling it's a game that might be set in different timelines and also different dimensions throughout the timeline which brings you to the main event of what everybody is fighting and that is why the world needs to come together as one to fight it across all timelines and all dimensions
iago (5 months ago)
Sam sounds a bit like Gordon Freeman. Just a dude doing their job, not some military type.
Sand Candy (5 months ago)
Have you seen the metal gear solid 0 theory?
Matthew Scully (5 months ago)
Honestly i don't even care if this game ever gets released, hype died for this game when all we see is walking... not exactly exciting.
James Anacleto (5 months ago)
Amazon: Over Night Shipping
Jackie Farrow (5 months ago)
We need a new Silent Hill.
Mangelriosdeleon (5 months ago)
What if hes carrying people from life to death or from birth to life....maybe hes trapped in that place hence the handcuff. Maybe hes death....fuck whatever this game will be im sure its a mindfuck and it will make us think like all kojimas games do.
Zachary Bottoms (5 months ago)
bro dude you live in a fucking hotel i swear your looks like you just got kicked out you gfs house

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