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AIRDROP HUNTERS - 5x Airdrops in a single game - PLAYERUNKNOWN's BATTLEGROUNDS (Solo)

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I decided to go for all airdrops I could find and as a result I went to a total of 5 airdrops. Unfortunately someone beat me to one of them :( Anyway - This was a super fun round of pubg (solo), and I hope you'll enjoy it too. Airdrop hunters GO! Music used: Awesome rock track found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=023eTQRgBrg Creative Commons license Outtro Music: MK2 - Destructoid If you wish to further support me in creating this type of content, you can do so here: Become a patron (monthly donation): https://www.patreon.com/WackyJacky101 Single donation: https://www.paypal.me/WackyJacky101 //WackyJacky101
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Text Comments (143)
Daniel Perdana Mulia (25 days ago)
Tommy gun on care package ? WTF
Mista Man (2 months ago)
oh wow this is old jacky like noob jacky didn't even take the pan
Anson Hu (2 months ago)
Hold up. Tommy guns were airdrop weapons? Ik this is a pretty old video but tommy guns are shit unless u can put a scope on it, but overall everything else is still shit
Unknown Object (1 month ago)
Air drop only Tommy gun was op normal 50 shoots and whit extended 100 also lower recoil btw Vss also was a air drop weapon
Douglas Lai (3 months ago)
The only reason you lost is because you didn't take the pan
Mohammad Sameer_ (3 months ago)
There is another drop at 2:50
williamsshane021 (3 months ago)
I have never seen a Tommy gun or a kar 98 in a crate before now
XxPro006xX PUBGM (4 months ago)
Seriously? A Tommy Gun In Drop? AND A FREAKING KAR98K?!
Unknown Object (1 month ago)
A long time ago Vss was in Airdrop
Abhi Bhagat (4 months ago)
what a noob
Abhi Bhagat (3 months ago)
MEELO925 Oh come on dude . Look at his Shots. Total noob.
Piyush Sundriyal (4 months ago)
2:35 what are you trying to see 😂😂😂
frenchy lemon (5 months ago)
"I wonder what happens if a supply drop lands directly on me," Wackyjacky's famous last words
Chinmoy Barman (5 months ago)
Fucking nub, what the hell did you make this video for without a chicken dinner ? Hell nub. Fuck you.
Hotha Harshith (5 months ago)
Nice video bro... Really liked it... Make a video on wat happens if u stands beneath the air drop before it falls... Please... 😂😂😂
MindSpirality (5 months ago)
Ah, so he isn't invincible, lol.
Piszriváj (5 months ago)
So i'm a redzone hunter. My superability is, i can collect 4 or more RZ in one single game. :D
XLightning Gaming (5 months ago)
What is the difference of tommy gun and thompson?
XLightningXT Gamepedia the airdrop tommy has 100 round mag
Micah Greaney (5 months ago)
8x on an M16. Tommy Gun in the air drop? Haha I knew it was an old video. Fun stuff though!
Unknown Object (1 month ago)
+WEAKSAUCE92 after they patch that you can't attach 8x on M16 Scar+8x was the new broken meta and then they released 6x and you cant put 8x on ar
WEAKSAUCE92 (5 months ago)
Micah Greaney had to be because you cant put a 8x on a m16 anymore that was so broken if they boughf it back that would be cool
M. Arbah Binamin (5 months ago)
Needs more “highway to the danger zone!” imo. Hehe.
Gary McNeill (6 months ago)
what graphics settings do you use? and whats your GPU/CPU? :)
Eelis Martin (6 months ago)
You are such a lucky guy :/
Tracy R (6 months ago)
Hey you were right. There was people’s there.
etmond bisha (7 months ago)
u have so low graphics
MEELO925 (3 months ago)
etmond bisha the video is in 1080p you fucking shit covered baby wipe.
Michael Schmidt (7 months ago)
good old days with kars and tommys in the crates xD (btw lay down with the m249)
Karansinh Dodiya (7 months ago)
I loot 5 air drop in one game with 2awm aug 2 gillie and aug ,groja too
ben grosser (7 months ago)
8x on the 249 is amazing
TheMaverick DJay (7 months ago)
16:48 lol
Hotha Harshith (5 months ago)
TheMaverick DJay
Skyler Hair (8 months ago)
That opening! Going from a revolver to a M249, 8x, a med kit, 2 first aids, and an M16. My openers are a smoke grenade and a rubber chicken.
PINEYAPPLE (6 months ago)
Skyler Hair didn't know that there was a rubber chicken
MaTtRoSiTy (8 months ago)
Was thinking at first nice to see even Jacky gets rotten luck like starting with a revolver only. Then the first drop happened and... nope Jacky doesn't have rotten luck like I do sometimes :/
Ramenga Hauchhum (8 months ago)
I got 3. All level 3 and 1 hacker kill me from 300m with AKM gg spray. No recoil 😂
Vincent Urquhart (8 months ago)
He only gets four
Sam Th (8 months ago)
Dat ending tho. If the circle support u, I'm sure I will get a chicken dinner.
Egor Neq (8 months ago)
The guy messed up the whole footage, and this game is not a one whole game, he had a suppressor for the Groza in the middle of the game, but then it disappears... BS
CHAOS+gamer (9 months ago)
I’ve gotten the m249 it only came with 100 ammo, and I’ve gotten the awm with no scope or ghille suit
automobiili (9 months ago)
Ey b0ss, who is the b0ss?
SloxyMC (9 months ago)
Are u from Denmark?
Patrick Taraborelli (9 months ago)
The guy you killed at 13:40 had a Groza and a blue car, I guess you found who stole your airdrop... :)
FlyingAnd Selchau (9 months ago)
Til aldin
FlyingAnd Selchau (9 months ago)
Jeg er bare bedere end dig til pupg
Interesting Interesting (9 months ago)
Why didn’t you take the flash hider?
Donald Trump (9 months ago)
Even pubg has a series called airdrop hunters
John Dake (9 months ago)
Luxky bastard lol
bzs (9 months ago)
You are actually soo bad at the game, holy fuck
ori61 51 (9 months ago)
he is very good this is an old video
Tim Blommesteijn (9 months ago)
Quoryx Channel (9 months ago)
Says we are going to hunt airdrops and *keeps running* *awkward silence*
BlueMark Entertainment (9 months ago)
You’re really good but you go against what you say sometimes. In one video you said that you never use vehicles hardly. Yet at the end, you used one and got killed for it. You say keep moving but in some videos you just stand there waiting for an enemy in the open. Most of the time, it works for you though. You are good!
Hotha Harshith (5 months ago)
This video was just for fun... That video in which he says that car should not be used in small circles is real tip... He made this video just for fun purpose
Interesting Interesting (9 months ago)
BlueMark Entertainment sometimes he does videos where he purposely plays differently, like in this one.
Alan DK (9 months ago)
Jacky, are you from Denmark?
Aldin (9 months ago)
Alan DK dø
evilsquirrelrat sr (9 months ago)
Thank you for the awesome content!
Ali-B (9 months ago)
Hej Wacky min bror man kan tydeligt hører at du er en dansker xD
Ali-B (9 months ago)
Aldin bare stop dig selv ok?
Aldin (9 months ago)
TurkeymannDK dø
Mohammad Salman (10 months ago)
That was dope video i dont know why are there 1 80 dislikes
FlyingAnd Selchau (10 months ago)
Relly stop wish
Aldin (9 months ago)
rasmus selchau dø, men lær at stave først
Nhật Minh (10 months ago)
haha, not win the game but still a nice game :D well done mate
Junio Robani (11 months ago)
LOL ending haha
S.T.H. (11 months ago)
What's the song on 4:55?
S.T.H. (10 months ago)
vierra rocks12 thanks, I missed that
vierra rocks12 (10 months ago)
STH its in the description 😀
p4nc4k3 (11 months ago)
what cpu/gpu do u have and what ReShade and ingame graphic settings do you use?
Alysson 189 (11 months ago)
I'm Brazilian, I do not understand much of the things you talk about, but I still like your videos.
TheRelatable 1 (11 months ago)
I’m actually even more impressed by the fact that you kept the same bike for the whole game without blowing it up!
Harvard's Best Memologist (11 months ago)
you can hold shift goddmait to have a stable aim
dawizze1 (11 months ago)
love the guitar solo music during the drive that was a really nice touch
Mojsen (11 months ago)
Er du dansker???
W4RRI0R (11 months ago)
13:42 shouldn't lvl 3 helmet stop kar98k shot?
Douglas Lai (3 months ago)
Electropork Unless it's an AWM which one shots no matter what (If it's a headshot)
N a z i (5 months ago)
W4RRI0R he shot his neck
Shaclown Fiesta (10 months ago)
he probably had no boosters , if you have 75% hp , kar98 kills you through lvl 3
Electropork (11 months ago)
He was low health level 3 helmet saves you no matter how much damage it took, but not if you’re low
W4RRI0R (11 months ago)
Tongan Smurf that must be the truth
David Bucs (11 months ago)
2:49 one more drop top left corner
Pratik Gohil (1 month ago)
Juhler (11 months ago)
Er du dansk? Are you Danish?
Lepa (10 months ago)
portland573 (11 months ago)
Hilarious game, nicely done.
Booth (1 year ago)
I wonder if he realised the last guy he killed was the one that stole the crate earlier. (had a groza, helmet and blue car)
combatmikearms (9 months ago)
Sherlock Hooves the thing is, the car was also really damaged which could be because he was shot at by the m249 when he drove away, so it might very well have been that guy
Booth (10 months ago)
Zombori Aron . Thanks man!
Priest of Benism (11 months ago)
Somehow, I doubt it.
Matty Yahvé (11 months ago)
Lol actually i am, you guessed that too. Really impressive.
Booth (11 months ago)
You people are autistic lol
Shadowlogic420 (1 year ago)
I was playing a solo game and 3 loot crates fell from the same plane in a straight line, that was pretty much the only solo game I ever won.
Avesha Nilana (5 months ago)
Börksen it's possible, it happened to me too
WHITE WALL (8 months ago)
I call bs
Tino Bajc (10 months ago)
I've been playing duos with my friend and I've seen 3 airdrops from 1 plane so it is possible
Oh Yeah Yeah (10 months ago)
Börksen if you have never seen 2 crates from 1 plane in 600 hours then u most be the type of guy that finds a shotgun and then camps on the toilet rest of the game
Asd Asd1 (1 year ago)
Nice video!
Johan Ødum (1 year ago)
are you Danish
Thomas Windfeld (1 year ago)
I really like your videos :) keep up the god work
WackyJacky101 (1 year ago)
Thanks man :) Appreciate it
Rook Mine (1 year ago)
10:11 what`s that on ur head?
Edgar Hernandez (8 months ago)
Box mag
lvl 2 helmet
not freeze (1 year ago)
Nice Video mate! Keep up ur good work. Would be nice if u make a Tutorial how long u can Shoot with for example AWM at the max. A Ytber tried it out but he didnt use M24 and AWM just Kar98 and SKS.
lorench1337 (1 year ago)
2:08 kar98 :D
lulululxd (2 months ago)
Michael Angle no it was a shotgun
Michael Angle (6 months ago)
It was a kar98 lol rip
The WTFunicorn (10 months ago)
What PC configuration does WackyJacky have?
Billy Bob Joe (11 months ago)
WackyJacky101 7.62 was on the bench, you picked it up
WackyJacky101 (11 months ago)
nicely spotted :D Think it's a shotgun though since there's shotgun rounds lying on the seat of the bench right next to it =D
Jacob Davis (1 year ago)
Wacky you should definitely make more gameplay videos. Maybe do a little advertising in your guide videos for people to watch the gameplay! Keep up the good work!
WackyJacky101 (1 year ago)
Hey Jacob, Thanks mate! I'll consider doing that then :) Thanks for commenting!
Hannibal Barkas (1 year ago)
When you crouch the M249 is actually quite stable in full auto.
Danspud (1 year ago)
Man i love ur vids keep up the good work jacky :)
WackyJacky101 (1 year ago)
Danspud and I love your support ;)
jesper nielsen (1 year ago)
gotta love the hovering cheek-rest piece at 10.55, drunken bitch biker.. :) otherwise fun game plan ! and btw would't have been to unfair if you won that round with that missed head-shot.
ZeRo Clan (11 months ago)
That’s the magazine, lol
Oak dk (1 year ago)
Its fun makes the midgame not soo borring. But as one of my Teachers said "Trust your feelings .....
Mads Bergholm (1 year ago)
I was thinking 4 vss when i saw the titel 😆

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