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DayZ Diner - LAN Party

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On July 4th we opened our Diner to the public to feed the hungry and needy. What could go wrong? Watch the previous DayZ episode here, https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLQOB_yCwC5J1ZtPFUlWBabQK_HH86alqK You can get your own professionally built custom gaming PC at, http://www.originpc.com/ What game should we play next? Let us know! Don't forget to like/follow us on Facebook & Twitter! http://facebook.com/node http://twitter.com/nodestudios http://twitter.com/cerberusarms http://twitter.com/corridordigital http://facebook.com/corridordigital http://twitter.com/fwong http://twitter.com/brandonjla http://facebook.com/freddiewspage
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Text Comments (866)
Gamersnews 32 (3 months ago)
One of the friendliest episodes I have ever seen.
medawarp.cz (5 months ago)
I from Czech republic to :)
Jake R (1 year ago)
The days when there was hope for DayZ.
YouAreTheBlood (1 year ago)
What's the song at 0:33
keelan studios (1 year ago)
more h1z1 and dayz
Chazmaz 05 (1 year ago)
RIP old DAY Z intro new DAY Z intro is here with its glitchy ass intro
TheEpicRanger6 (1 year ago)
Bloody Boy7 (1 year ago)
Best game restaurant ever
Arad Haghgoo (2 years ago)
more dayz plz
Brother Hood (2 years ago)
I love this episode out of all the DayZ vids they made only if they continued this :(
Max Westy (2 years ago)
how do they get the colour of the mic to be green or is that not the cromer headset?
Lena Wills (2 years ago)
wow that first customer was my friends dad I think
Mr. Odd (2 years ago)
8:20 doesn't anyone notice the guy in the house in the front of kevin!?
Dante Di Liberto (2 years ago)
''That jacket super rare, why did you ask for a shitty little hat'' lmao
SevenTHthunDEr90 (2 years ago)
Lol! Someone dies during a grand opening restaurant. So funny.
Juan Alonso (2 years ago)
Sam Niko d Brandon can you play don't starve together
Bryan Young (2 years ago)
Uh... I'll have a Sprite Ok Lunch and a spite... Spite-Sprite...
TransgenderBox (2 years ago)
in game the soda is called spite
Rampage (2 years ago)
And Brandon said "Diner Dames" xD
DaCarrotKing (2 years ago)
is it strange to anyone else that these people that they meet aren't shooting/attacking on sight? I mean not saying that it's bad it's just unusual for dayz
Jesse Clark (2 years ago)
You know you have a good restaurant when it has sniper support.
Alfredo Salazar (1 year ago)
Tjstm hahaha lol 😂
MAXWEll (2 years ago)
Omg I'm dying 😂
Darkability (2 years ago)
+Jesse Clark lol
2High4This (2 years ago)
+S3VE100 calm down there
S3VE100 (2 years ago)
Shut up
YaBoyGamer23 (2 years ago)
Dat line doe
Swifty Shifting (2 years ago)
What headset is niko wearing Ik it's razer but what model
Brett Burcher (3 years ago)
this video was the reason I bought day z, broke my damn legs the first 30 minutes
Inspector Nigel (2 years ago)
Torbari Dekil (3 years ago)
Walking dead ad plays before the video >_>
Moucnik CZ (3 years ago)
5:47 Konečně českej zákazník !! :D
lil_bape (3 years ago)
Hey guys can you friend me on Steam my user is hummingbird625
Chuong Nguyen (3 years ago)
D just wants to kill everyone
josiah velazquez (3 years ago)
This is amazing. XD
Jared Begay (3 years ago)
whats the music in the background music at 5:26
Swifty Drak (3 years ago)
i cant beleave thi worked fine with all the peaple waiti g
Sicarius Flamus (3 years ago)
what was the song at 0:40? I remember it from the first Rayman Raving Rabbids game when I was 8.
Yung Domino (3 years ago)
Pump it by the black eyed peas
Bubbanator (3 years ago)
Pulp fiction opening? really?
Vion444 (3 years ago)
I was waiting for things to go sour.
Ashlyn Wilson (3 years ago)
fuckin pulp
ExedoseXBL (3 years ago)
That jacket is super rare why would you get that stupid little hat! -Dee Hahahaha god I love these videos!
Ваня Некрут (3 years ago)
Так амереканское хуйло слухаем мяня быром закончили зиписыать
Kiyo (3 years ago)
God this is so hilarious
PartyPenguinHD (3 years ago)
These Day Z videos make me laugh so hard!!
Frederick (3 years ago)
hahahahah amazing XD
Daniel Trenton (3 years ago)
ryan mosedale (3 years ago)
can people reply my comment saying where u can get bully on xbox 360
WorldWalker128 (3 years ago)
What's the name of the next one?
Albizu Marcano (3 years ago)
That last guy was like...."uh.. I think I spawned in the wrong place...?" Then ya shoot him!?
TheBadGamer (3 years ago)
What town is that at
Kopfe (3 years ago)
FreddieW Crafty
InFaM0us_Chris (3 years ago)
Thumbs up for the Quentin Tarantino and Pulp Fiction reference.
Jonni Ruca (3 years ago)
lol man D loves black stuff
Pass thePUCK! (3 years ago)
LOL D. "Shoot him! Shoot him!"
Paul Smith (3 years ago)
Awesome ending
Dosage of Cancer (3 years ago)
If only I had this kind of service in other games!
German Santos (3 years ago)
I know the name of that song it's pump it right
YoungFroo (3 years ago)
YoungFroo (3 years ago)
Im about to subscribe he just spawned -.-*
YoungFroo (3 years ago)
Wow WHy would you shoot him?
Gerald Rowan (3 years ago)
8:32 Hodor
Joseph rivas (3 years ago)
Enzait (3 years ago)
Wow, that ending haha!
Banaburguer Burgoso (3 years ago)
Káně Káňovič (4 years ago)
Někdo z Český Republiky, super.
Joseph Hoover (4 years ago)
which Dayz version is this, because there are many.
noah (4 years ago)
Mr. Animation (4 years ago)
mikey (4 years ago)
is that pyramid head in the background?
Lycis Ahara (4 years ago)
"I think I'll have a sprite." "A spite. OK be right back"
Nathan Allen (4 years ago)
You guys should play some Dayz with your fans
David Thompson (4 years ago)
what is the name of the song when the Days Diner poped up?
Ferzation (4 years ago)
What is the name of the music in the intro of the video? Been looking for it for ages but can't seem to find it.
salad (4 years ago)
i love josh :)
80TheMadLord08 (4 years ago)
That 'Pulp Fiction' intro was awesome haha.
Irene Corvington (4 years ago)
Oh myy god he wears a savant shirt!! :D
WisdomNugget (4 years ago)
awesome Pulp Fiction intro
Mason Sprite (4 years ago)
wow really eh? gonna drink me? wow people these days
Yannan Wu (4 years ago)
Are they still making videos in their channels?
Uncle Jules (4 years ago)
Sam likes Savant? Awesome! :D
Lee Azzarello (4 years ago)
This is the best RPG theme evar.
Samuel Hampl (4 years ago)
Czech republic!!!
DefNotJake (4 years ago)
I lost it when some guy in a high voiced yelled "WAT IS GOING ON?"
Kirk Durka (4 years ago)
why only serve one person at a time?
joey soltis (4 years ago)
what headset is brandon using?
Zane Mills (4 years ago)
nice pulp fiction at the beginning 
黒人kokujin (4 years ago)
a dream come true
Tjeliep (4 years ago)
The random hodor in chat xD 
Dog Steak (4 years ago)
I feel if no one got the Pulp Fiction refrence
PurePsyche (4 years ago)
NODE: Get into a serious sword fight so you can hurt each other and do some blood letting
nelo2thegreat (4 years ago)
fuckin D, always starting shit.............pretty sure he was just bored just staying up there
Ferdy Candrajaya (4 years ago)
who would like to see them with frankieonpc?
Savon Moreland (4 years ago)
Me and my crew would kill then proceed to loot everyone.
OMG LOLOOLOLOLOL that was so funny !!! cant wait for the conclusion. 
RiffsNShit (4 years ago)
this.........................is......................amazing! XD
Dan Andrus (4 years ago)
I can't believe that this actually worked, and for as long as it did. Impressive.
Jake Vidas (4 years ago)
why doesn't Freddie ever play anymore
Solution (4 years ago)
Sam's mic is off. lol....
R3K0N1 (4 years ago)
This got me dying lmao
Kaptainfo (4 years ago)
Sam would be wearing a Savant T-Shirt. Holy fuck, yes. I love you, Sam.
R_agbit (4 years ago)
YAAAAY... Czech Republic :D
David (4 years ago)
Kimiyosis (4 years ago)
What's the song near the end?
Foster (4 years ago)
Best dayz ep evar
BOT Sodium (4 years ago)
that ending though
Pulp Fic intro was 10/10
Name of the Rose (4 years ago)
I knew it. Every venture ends in a bloodbath with you guys. You need to let the diners in and get more cooks.

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