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Platinum Limbo

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I'm stuck, I'm stuck in a very bad place and I can't get out. Plz help. Here are some of my links if you want to follow them. Twitter: https://twitter.com/Anthonypit1 Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/anthonypit1 -I'm legit stuck in Platinum rank, I've been grinding Rank since the beginning of this season and ever since I hit Plat 3 I've been in an endless loop of going to Plat 3-1. Some clips were from the Elo glitch but I had to include some clips of that because that was a game breaking glitch for the longest time in ranked. (It's patched now, thank god) Anyways, Someone carri meh to diamond. Thanks :3 Songs used in Video: Filthy Frank - I Am Beautiful [insecurity intensifies] - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=isrF__5gdII In The End (Official Video) - Linkin Park - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eVTXPUF4Oz4 Seinfeld Theme (EarRape Edition) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bea9aFBGuwQ Outro Song: onigiri - PINK GUY - https://soundcloud.com/pinkomega/onigiri
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Text Comments (5039)
AnthonyPit1 (1 year ago)
somebodi carri meh to Diamond plz. Thank you
mr.kassu T (1 day ago)
i would if was good but im bad so sorry
delon handoyo (17 days ago)
Ur Pizza Time gang from Twornament will carry you
Both Daniel (20 days ago)
Playa fuze dumbass
ArgoNyan (1 month ago)
that"s so sad, can we hit 50 likes for that?
Slater Red (1 month ago)
AnthonyPit1 why was it subtracting when you aced?
Menacing EggRoll (19 hours ago)
Did you have to use the N-word, like seriously.
Liav Tahar (1 day ago)
I got on my game -107 points of ranked in just one fucking game
mr.kassu T (1 day ago)
i dont want to play ranked if im aginst u
Ko Deey (1 day ago)
How is this song called ?
Endivine (1 day ago)
this is me in league
guitarguy O'Brien (3 days ago)
dude that was like perfect editing man great vid
Steven Sorge (3 days ago)
1:24 what is the somg
RED LAVA (3 days ago)
Dude I love linkin park in the end song in rainbow six siege
MEHRO 101 (4 days ago)
Xyi Xyilov (6 days ago)
nice legit
Whiplash (7 days ago)
What is this games ranking system? hahaha
KiWeeKW (7 days ago)
rip ayycock
nZane. (7 days ago)
31/09/2018 : the day i got my first diamond :D
nZane. (4 days ago)
+Ice Wolf I've been Plat 3/2 since Red crow, the platinum limbo was a true pain but i achieved my goal and i hope the best for you !
Ice Wolf (4 days ago)
nZane. Nice I’m on track to get mine this weekend after being a plat 3-2 since op health
Flaxo Maxo (7 days ago)
One year later still one of my fav Videos ever
tyguy nally (8 days ago)
Rip acog
Harry Lacey tAylor (8 days ago)
WYZZAK (8 days ago)
Edgar Pacheco (8 days ago)
Acog in bandit mp7 😢
TSM _Tony (8 days ago)
That’s why they removed the Best sight in the game
Yes Original (9 days ago)
when bandit and jager had acog </3
ThePhookingGamer (9 days ago)
Fuck whoever copyrights all of his videos
Dr.Eminem Phil (9 days ago)
This is basically *how 2 bandit*
BlockishTunic1 (9 days ago)
Oh. My. Fucking. God Bandit acog...
uzumakiking (10 days ago)
Gaming montage with Linkin Park music playing over it....did I get lost in 2009? What year is it!?
The Darkbrotherhood (11 days ago)
Still my fav
abstract whale (12 days ago)
Pk try hard pour un jeux cancert comme r6
Cal Zonii (12 days ago)
Love this song!
Osiris Games (13 days ago)
Rip acog
These videos give me so much nostalgia damn I feel old as hell
Brewster Studios (14 days ago)
I feel you pain
ILovePistol (16 days ago)
can you make a video of your grafics settings i like those
Big Man Tomblin (17 days ago)
Great video dude. Although it makes me feel hopeless. But not alone
delon handoyo (17 days ago)
Rip ACOG on Blitz's mp7
T Rose (15 days ago)
delon handoyo bandit*
Thermophobe (18 days ago)
SypherRK (18 days ago)
Get ur Sausage (19 days ago)
Do u know what’s worser than losing ur rank just to go diamond...ACOG Scope being removed from operators
ELEMAN TRIX (19 days ago)
September 2018??
I feel this so much. I solo queue all the time, because I hate communicating. I know it's the flaw that's gonna keep me from Diamond. But I've hit plat 5 times in 3 different seasons by myself. But that bullshit elo is what pisses me off. My alt will get 90 a game but my main gets like 20-40.
Huh ? (20 days ago)
Its like watching a kid with Parkinson’s play
Noah D (20 days ago)
Not only does pit make good content he’s good too
Preston Kerr (21 days ago)
miss you papi that why im watching your old videos
SAH DUDE (21 days ago)
I got +15 for a win in gold 2 then lost one game and got -105 down to fucking gold 3 and another 100 point loss got me gold 4 holy fuck I’m done
Cesare Griner (22 days ago)
I watch this video every fuckin day
Much Hate (23 days ago)
Back when bandit had an acog
wolfpack501 (24 days ago)
Feel ur pain fam ive experienced it
Pandoro Gamer (25 days ago)
Bandit acog,favela Ranked,home at Ranked 😢
De wolf Creator (25 days ago)
Ahh, the good days when bandit had an acog
basooka007 (27 days ago)
Gold-plat limbo too
Schizomania :3 (27 days ago)
My limbo gold 3-2
meme stealer (28 days ago)
ah the days when bandit had an acog and jager too
heroichades 1 (29 days ago)
The good ol days
taco the chikn (29 days ago)
The struggle is real to forget about our legends tragic death. I miss you chester. Peace out See you soon
Unknown Jackson (29 days ago)
Check me out
Main Genji (1 month ago)
Rip Bandit acog
C0ach'3s Fo0tb4ll (1 month ago)
Shit said 0
LILLASGNA (1 month ago)
I love this intro music it hilarious
Mortal kombat Master (1 month ago)
it was sad when they took away the Acog for bandit and jager
Mortal kombat Master (1 month ago)
Thanks so much for the song its good i got to diamond i was always silver and then i moved up
Satan Centipede (1 month ago)
R.I.P Acog
Buzzin (1 month ago)
Tamino0676 (1 month ago)
Now I‘m sad, I want ACOG back...
Branden Slade (1 month ago)
1:09 IM NOT STARVING MY FUCKING SELF! Im dead lmao rip keemstar 😂😂
deeceness (1 month ago)
at 2:36, the OH OH OH was in sync with the song lololol
Da'Von Boyd (1 month ago)
For me geting off silver is a fucking heart attack😢😢
Emile Parkinson (1 month ago)
You can tell this is an old video😂😂. I seen an Acog right on bandits mp7 and was like damn💀
poesdestrojer (1 month ago)
Lol i one time get 0 points and i say that to ubi and they fixed it 4 me
Liav Tahar (1 month ago)
Ubosoft are son of bitch 5hey give in ranked 0 point to your rank
SpartanCreeper T (1 month ago)
This is why I pretty much quit playing siege... So sad. I wonder if Ubi has fixed this since...?
Gravity Wars (1 month ago)
This video came out last year it's a whole year and 3 seasons later the problem with elo has been semi fixed.
Gravity Wars (1 month ago)
Let me break this down for you
Fant OC (1 month ago)
i love u
Apareshka (1 month ago)
Ahh, this acog...
Joe Theis (1 month ago)
R.I.P. Bandit's ACOG
Branden Slade (1 month ago)
Its so weird looking at the old recoil
Rez EU (1 month ago)
Max Alvarez (1 month ago)
I'm stuck in gold purgatory
Prisma Kun (1 month ago)
u bad nibba <3
ByAuGuS 3 (1 month ago)
Who else died a little inside when you saw bandits acog?
Amber allen (1 month ago)
I feel like since Anthony goes away all the time he should do a face reveal
nitro-exe (1 month ago)
the saddest part is rip banditos acog :{
nevix 221 (1 month ago)
Thanks u for this video very very goooooooood
Sulthan Mansyur (1 month ago)
R. I. P ACOG for defending GSG9, and R.I.P Chester
Mr Enfo (1 month ago)
Rip bandit acog 😪
FUS3 CASTLE (1 month ago)
Name of song please
FUS3 CASTLE (1 month ago)
ClamWaffles47 thanks
CrimsonCrisis (1 month ago)
What are your settings??
Yo It's me, Dawg (1 month ago)
Linkin Park. First vid I've seen of you and you have another sub. You're a great player tho.
raptor133 (1 month ago)
why do i get the club penguin vibe
the ghosts are (1 month ago)
Badit acog the good old days
ANGELOID (1 month ago)
This is, and will be the best Rb6 video ever created. :)
You PTAs cunt Retard (1 month ago)
Look clash royale
Silentkiller1207 (1 month ago)
Wow looking at what siege was a year ago damn
Stinky_boi69 (15 days ago)
actually it's a lot better than what it was a year ago, probably just that you have laggy internet
mabbohabb (16 days ago)
Fucking better hitboxes thats what it was game right now is bullshit the hitreg is fucked up and isn't playable stopped playing this shit game
Peirce S. (1 month ago)
Silentkiller1207 mhm
fox zip (1 month ago)
Brad Fifield (1 month ago)
1 year ago today the acog was removed, I have come back to pay respects
Roly_cU (1 month ago)
When bandit was a god :,(
Manyo sL (1 month ago)
Rip bandit acog
Manuel (1 month ago)
cthe good old days when bandit used to have an acog
Kratoc (1 month ago)
Trust me its worse in diamond and being stuck there is hell. I jave been super sweaty the past few weeks. I have been asking for friends to queue with me. I am legit tryharding my ass off and i am carrying most matches. And toxic teammates tking me. The struggle is so real rn.
Loser (1 month ago)
God I love Linkin Park
Teroriser (1 month ago)
I'm to shit to even get to gold
Krytyk krytyk (1 month ago)
I stuck betwen bronze4-brozne1 beacuse my teamates are trash
KrisPlayer - HUN (1 month ago)
Stuck too. Bronze I - Silver IV :(

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