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GIANT CHICKEN FOUND!!! "SECRET" POI with GREAT LOOT Visited | Point of Interest COMPLETE in 0.8.6

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After the success of my first video on the "Secret" POI location which can be found in the 0.7.0 Global Beta, I decided to visit the location again in PUBG Mobile Chinese Lightspeed 0.8.6 to see what becomes of the construction site. Now a complete water park celebrating the arrival of Season 3 in China, the POI still has some amazing loot, and is definitely worth checking out! I was able to find the new DMR, the SLR, an 8x scope, a 6x scope, and a whole lot more! I am disappointed that now every game spawns players in here, so it's a lot easier to find, however, definitely still worth checking out! Have an idea for a future location video? Be sure to leave it in the comments down below! Join my Discord Server Here: https://discord.gg/8fq4yV3 Be sure to give this video a Thumbs Up to help grow the channel, and consider subscribing if you haven't already for tons more PUBG Mobile content!
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Text Comments (502)
Princess Princess (2 days ago)
Shroad shooo road to meee ----------->🙅
ALI PLAYER-1 (27 days ago)
1:35 is it moving
Blu Mann (1 month ago)
I land there everytime
Underrated Commenter 4 (1 month ago)
Tip:you are automaticly spawn on that place if u want to go then n
Yakup Kıymaz (2 months ago)
You re hack fire and scope are up screen
MinatoNamikaze200 (2 months ago)
i still havent found a single damned flare gun i hate that other red attachment which is annoying lol
Bilton Vlogs (2 months ago)
Dear brothers,I wish everyone a good day.I will be very happy if you give your most valuable support by subscribing my channel for free.Have a good day guys.Take care
Divyansh Singh (2 months ago)
No I have visited this place once but didn't got much loot
Pilot500892 nate (2 months ago)
M Ma Mas Mass Massi Massiv Massive Massiv Massi Mass Mas Ma M Real: MASSIVE CHICKENNNNNN
Boisar Iwil (2 months ago)
Hacker found on 8:45 with unlimited health
Naravno Da Da (2 months ago)
Is that on pubg mobile not chinese version
John Paulo Baylon (2 months ago)
Hmmmm -_- is that real or clickbait
chaz burns (2 months ago)
9:00 what is that green stuff
Jayden Wong (2 months ago)
Blood bro
chaz burns (2 months ago)
+Doctor_ Heart_Attack 👍🐥
Doctor_ Heart_Attack (2 months ago)
Oh that maybe true chaz burns
chaz burns (2 months ago)
+Doctor_ Heart_Attack I think it's green because of their culture they can't use red blood
Doctor_ Heart_Attack (2 months ago)
Chaz burns it the Blood
Some Random Boi (2 months ago)
The completed POI can also be found on Sanhok
I _Dups (2 months ago)
I'm disappointed... He didn't use the slide... I'm done watching this video
Cloud AG (2 months ago)
Why didn't you ride the slide?
DougPhantom9 (2 months ago)
Arsalan Sajid (2 months ago)
how to download Chinese version
B0 Stinger (2 months ago)
Wow It's so cool
iOmArXx4EvEr _ (2 months ago)
I found the poi 3 times in a row it was near school and pirmorsk
_ vyvlon _ (2 months ago)
Secret wtf thats the spawn map fot chinese version
João Vitor Lago (2 months ago)
There is a chicken at the training map at the top of the parkour
voldemort shadow (2 months ago)
Is it worked I found POI four times
LIVINGLEGEND (3 months ago)
Just swim to the pool
hottubtony77 (3 months ago)
Why do the Chinese version get the best updates first?
Raine Wenceslao (3 months ago)
Wow. 😍😍😍
Arnabh Kriplani (3 months ago)
Hey I found the point( point of interest
Gayatri Dwivedi (3 months ago)
Chinese version onlyy!??
Jason Hudgins (3 months ago)
How can I get green blood in pubg mobile
Juanita Harper (3 months ago)
Its Chinese =(
Mariano Laguzzi (3 months ago)
How did you switch from tpp to fpp?
Aryan P0IS0N (3 months ago)
I play in 7.0 version I found this place (under construction) during the last 4or5 circles. Looted it. Got 4 8x 2 6x. 1 4x. And normal scope. 3 alderin syringe there were 5 kar98k and a lot of suppressors and compensators. First I was running a m16a4 with 120 ammo with 2x. And a SKS with 4x after looting everything lvl 3 m416 full upgraded 200 ammo 3x kar 98k 8x. And won the game with 19 kills
Ayushman Kapoor (3 months ago)
How did you change from tpp to fpp at 10:05???
Noble Frontier (3 months ago)
Hahaha you meet 6 bots in a short time. is pubgMobile really that worse ?
Krish Singhvee (3 months ago)
How did you change from tpp to fpp
KING OF GOD (3 months ago)
How to download Chinese version on ios? Please reply sir
Rein TingTing (3 months ago)
This pubg china..wtf clickbait....
Albert zef (3 months ago)
Are you using a tool yu nob
epic ghost (3 months ago)
I have gone to the poi
Yampace GD (3 months ago)
How did u change from tpp to fpp
David (3 months ago)
i found the POI
Omkar Pai (3 months ago)
The poi mechanic should stay random, its more fun that way. Also the devs need to remove the foot symbols , firing sound directions, and vehicle sound markers that are shown on the map. It will make for much more interesting and stealth gameplay. Great job with the video m8.😊
fox_ fam (3 months ago)
Why the blood splatter green
Velociiti (3 months ago)
I got so mad when u didnt slide down the water slide
Mason Green (3 months ago)
True story. I’ve carried 500 rounds of 556 on the reg before.
Michael Webb (3 months ago)
That'd be a nice motocross track if it dropped. I wouldn't be surprised if the chicken had a damage counter tho. I would wanna have a Pan and a grenade and play baseball all hella fun shit with a stage, fucking awesome. It's the truth tho this video is not in the i tense and it makes a lot more sense. It's been about a decade since I bought a foreign phone service for international gaming, but PUBG is so worth it. I do wanna see ammo modifiers tho in PUBG - thats what needs to be there, its what the game is really missing. That would be an update worth buying a South Korean cell phone service just to be a part of. Ammo modifiers like armor piercing rounds incendiary rounds tracer rounds hollowpoints, some variety in the clip in the backpack - such as with suppression having gains and losses with a dozen different NATO rounds, and having a single clip with 9 different rounds - it's at that point PUBG will have arrived.
Reena Jangid (3 months ago)
Son Goku (3 months ago)
How to get that beta
Nidalyn Capanang (3 months ago)
Wait you can now do first person now in game?
Mr. EPICNESS (3 months ago)
Ohhh, that’s your prize when you win your chicken dinner
no one cares (3 months ago)
There is the place where they raise chickens for pubg player's dinner
chaz burns (2 months ago)
??? Where?????
Juanita Harper (3 months ago)
Were looooool
mino71 (3 months ago)
no one cares on top of the containers in training mode lol 😉😂
no one cares (3 months ago)
What's the location?
Emilio Chang (3 months ago)
How do u download pub g chin3ase version
double tackle hackers (3 months ago)
how to downlode this version
Moka (3 months ago)
Why cant i change map in pubg lightspeed. There is like locked icon
Moka (3 months ago)
Oh ok ty
Derek G (3 months ago)
What level are you? I’m pretty sure Miramar doesn’t unlock until level 10 - Is this what you mean?
A K Menghani (3 months ago)
Amazing bro✌️🤘
MateoTheGood Boy (3 months ago)
Dont use chinese theres too many team killer
Ritik Joshi (3 months ago)
How u switched btw tpp and fpp?
There is a golden chicken on top of the shipping containers on spawn island. I think they are a reference to the boom-chickens on dead trigger...
Gaming Hindi (3 months ago)
I also found this location in pubgm english version 0.7.0 today
PHOENIX- (3 months ago)
Is this real
Leo Mello (3 months ago)
Why they add tht stupid bots
GamerGirl54 (3 months ago)
How do you get GE new update
zYpa Hacks (3 months ago)
Thats probably because the game is still on beta and POI is Rushed
Gaming live (3 months ago)
How to download this game
UnifiedGaming YT (3 months ago)
You run a galaxy smart phone?
KingRohan Halloffame (3 months ago)
When this place is coming in global version
Derek G (3 months ago)
Middle of August - Most likely for when Season 3 starts on the 18th :)
taha fakhri (3 months ago)
You are an idiot you haven’t took the scar- L
YT CREATOR (3 months ago)
*M416 LOVERS???*
ARPIT AGRAWAL (3 months ago)
Wapang Msong (3 months ago)
This guy makes a fucking fake videos
Parsa Fani (3 months ago)
I cant find in the map
Tyler (3 months ago)
very old "secret"
Mr. Niggaer (3 months ago)
Movie TRAILER (3 months ago)
Leo :D (3 months ago)
I have 0.8.6 but i can't sign in. Could you answer or make a video about it?
Cessy Lee (3 months ago)
what name’s map ?
zeem buo (3 months ago)
can we (Android user) still get to download the global PUBG beta ?
this is so sad (3 months ago)
fortnite : burger pubg :hold my beer
Everybody No one (3 months ago)
Quality content. Subscribed 👌
Darkspine 54 (3 months ago)
When will it come out to English Version. The 0.7.0 Update
Ansh (3 months ago)
I have found a way to the poi Derek pls reply to know it pls i want to tell to u only plsplspls
DogeThunder 007 (4 months ago)
How to download this version of chinese pubg
DoddoSonic (4 months ago)
Maybe the guy who you were shooting at used hacks. A similar thing happened to me when I tried to run a guy over, it didn't have an effect.
Anish Hegde (4 months ago)
Where can we download this version?
Awesomealloy77 (4 months ago)
those shots at the last bot were op. nice aiming lmao
Muggy Duke (4 months ago)
I hate to say this but I hate it I think it looks like Ros pubg is starting to really only putting out cloths and not listening to the people and i hate that I hope they should just keep random and under construction
Kucik Kucik (3 months ago)
People are dumping Ros now
LoP oXD (3 months ago)
Muggy Duke Just play your Trash Ros Game and Stop Hating other games
Super_ Slogan GAMING (4 months ago)
Bots are hackers
Technical Bro (4 months ago)
Where in map
Zygg Buster (4 months ago)
So did he met a health hacker ???
Aditi .M (4 months ago)
is it on the normal verson
Suk Mike Hok (4 months ago)
In this video 29k liks and 29subs right now
Raffi Gilraldy (4 months ago)
Rules of survival flashbacks
Dhruv Kanu (4 months ago)
Ur Just Better The PowerBang 😍😍😍ur good
aman kumar (4 months ago)
its statue of god of pubg pray gor chicken dinner
Clash General (4 months ago)
Can u give the link of chinese version
randomguy intheinternet (4 months ago)
thanks for also like describing and explain us of all the new things :);)
Arnab Sikhar Gogoi (4 months ago)
Your channel is really growing!!! Almost 30k subs ...btw good video.😀
LoP oXD (3 months ago)
Yep Your Right
vasanth kumar (4 months ago)
Let's be friends..and play together... Id:-VasanthRdx 👑3 Squad..Asia.. I won't regret any skins XD....

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