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PlayerUnknown's Clones - 10 PUBG Rip Offs

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Text Comments (10866)
BlobbyPlays YT (2 hours ago)
It all started with minecraft.
You forgot about fornite the worst game ever
lazypanda435 (11 hours ago)
#1 on the list is fortnite
Blitz Plays (2 days ago)
Why isn't fortnite on here
GOAT (2 days ago)
Now that PUBG Mobile is out, all of these ripoffs are obsolete.
fatjoecanadian81 (2 days ago)
Rules of survival us now a great game and my be better the pubg
ascended dude (2 days ago)
6:34 confusion cringe starts here
Dave blazer 390 (2 days ago)
The original battle royal game is musical chairs
CooDex Gaming (2 days ago)
Rules Of Survival is popular today in Philippines. It's made in China. But I prefer PUBG. It has realistic graphics, stunning gameplay, and it's awesome! RoS is just a ripoff. The weapons keep getting copied into the game. Even the Kar98k. The worst part is... Cheaters. (Or Hackers...? I don't know which one, Filipinos keep saying cheaters instead of hackers.)
Saçma Video lar (2 days ago)
Where is the go 4 the kill? (From counter strike global offensive)
Marc Brosseau (3 days ago)
Fortnite better
Like a boss Ianmedina (3 days ago)
Sprint sucks
Remuccino - Remzel (3 days ago)
so...stepmania is a rip off of DDR/PIU? LoL is a ripoff of Dota? no? WHAT COUNTS AS A RIPOFF AND INSPIRED?? AAHHHH
Scemo chi Legge (3 days ago)
Where is Fortnite?
Cjay Fox (3 days ago)
before i watched this video,a ROS ad came
First name Last name (4 days ago)
Fortnite is for 10 year olds and fornite is bullshit also ros is bullshit pubg is the SECOND battleground in the history i think and HUNGERGAMES IS THE FIRST BATTLEGROUND IN THE HISTORY OF GAMES
Why Tho (4 days ago)
The punt Fortnite one is a clone of another mobile, but I forgot the name
IncredibleMarksman 7 (4 days ago)
All of them sucks ASS
Pyrozen Plays (4 days ago)
And they're all 20 times better then that deathlag pos pubg and since when does a pistol outshot a shot gun! Fuck pubg. Free fire is WAYYYY better
Droplet101 (4 days ago)
“Players” “Online” Are you sure those aren’t bots? :p
Muhammad Tago (4 days ago)
I played rules of survival but me and my classmates recently moved to PUBG and Fortnite
Jayden Bagley (4 days ago)
fortnite, fortnite, and fortnite.
OtakuLolicon Lover (5 days ago)
13:17 boi! It's Filipino not Pilipino the hell? 😂😂
Cooper Helash (5 days ago)
Hey fuck head it was stolen from fortnight
First battle Royale was musical chairs
Dave blazer 390 (3 days ago)
Ahhaahahahhahh lol
seney pho pho (6 days ago)
Y isint fortnite in this
hextimes (6 days ago)
could this be the video that inspire pubg to have the lost sue to ros and knight out?
Salted fish (6 days ago)
Knifes out is actually not bad it came out before PUBGm in iOS idk bout android
Typical Caliber (7 days ago)
Remind that a copy is different from an inspired game
WWI survival (7 days ago)
hahaha "fffff-ffff-sssss" HAHAHAA XD
WWI survival (7 days ago)
ahh sakura clicker that a high quality game
Blaze 4R (7 days ago)
Welcome to the mobile market everybody
subject05 (7 days ago)
PUBG is life
Lucky Lubis (7 days ago)
Well...Mobile legends have battle royale mode too... Pls comment all jokes and hates below
Blue Shadow (8 days ago)
Rules of survival was released before PUBG it is not a rip-off😢😭
Maria Gracia (5 days ago)
+Kersen TV yea pretty much
Kersen TV (5 days ago)
Blue Shadow yes it is. Check pubg release date, ros came out after it
Peter Chan (8 days ago)
Free fire is not that bad
The Jokesonnors (8 days ago)
How about rules of survival fearless fjord map.
Multi Tasks (8 days ago)
Well its all your choice on what you want to play
Battle royale sux
Kids play clash of clans Man plays pubg Legends play slither.oi Ultra legends play GTA San Andreas
Erwin Rommel (5 days ago)
Veterans plays rising storm 2
I know Free Fire is a rip-off but i kinda like just kinda but i like pubg but it isn't compatible on my device
john wong (9 days ago)
fortnite better lmao
Pritom Debnath (10 days ago)
pubg rocks..screw the rest
_W0lfi3_ Hack3r (10 days ago)
Whats funny is that i have the black jacket thats worth 10 bucks :DDDDDD BUTT its on my PUBG MOBILE account
Gaming Surya (10 days ago)
I get freking stuck evrywhere
Gaming Surya (10 days ago)
I played battle game royale and it's shit
Albert Wesker (11 days ago)
Knives Out is pretty much a good game for me, doesn't have that much bots, but still it's a ripoff. I played this game before PUBG Mobile came out...
Your Boy Skiiny (11 days ago)
HEY! Don't diss Minecraft.
Blue Meat (11 days ago)
Where did you purchase the gun?
Kibbs 325 (11 days ago)
Last battleground survival is actually a good game, but in the early development it was glitchy very glitchy.
MrWitherGuy (11 days ago)
Where is Fortnite?
DjX PopLocks (11 days ago)
You didnt play hopeless land
Joker Player (11 days ago)
well pubg is a ripoff of h1z1 and dayz
Cristiano Sabian (11 days ago)
*fortnite should be on no1
GM Joshua (10 days ago)
40% of fortnite is a copy
Alby King (12 days ago)
if this was a NetEase ad NetEase we make clone games from real games which are decently good, and we make clone games of our clone games
Alby King (12 days ago)
2:08 lol if u kill the enemy it changes from military to swat
Alby King (12 days ago)
in case if u didnt know, pubg mobile OFFICIAL is out for a long time
Puppet Party (12 days ago)
505 Made Terraria, I'll love them forever for that
No One (12 days ago)
Pixel Unknown Battle Ground=PUBG
Jashobanta Pradhan (12 days ago)
I too tried all games that are like pubg... But none of them are upto the line...
What about *FORTNITE*
Steven Tcheouafei (12 days ago)
6:50 is a clone of PIXEL GUN 3D
Juan Lopez junior (12 days ago)
No it's pubg mobile look up in the app store
Ayush Dwivedi (12 days ago)
Try hopeless land
Butch Benedict Jardin (12 days ago)
Try creative destruction
Prince Kaelos (12 days ago)
Free fire👌
NooB (12 days ago)
Paul Antiporda (12 days ago)
Garena and tencent are friends ya know
Denis Kadirić (13 days ago)
Pubg = life
Dhananjay SharmaTM (13 days ago)
Now that Pubg mobile is out, all these games feel ridiculous 😂
Piotrek Krolikowski (14 days ago)
using big words doesn't make you sound smart pal
The Pro Game hunter (14 days ago)
The most played PUBG Ripoff is : FORTNITE
Jonatan ModiAsb (14 days ago)
180° isn't a full circle. 360 is. 180 is half a turn aka look behind you.
Maria Gracia (5 days ago)
Most of people know dude but you're right
OmniV (15 days ago)
where's fortnite
asphalt (15 days ago)
where's nortfite? please take it serious
Mark Uni (16 days ago)
pubg is now on mobile it's legit. _.
Andrian Vidano (16 days ago)
Yo, you don't trashtalk Love Nikki! It's actually pretty good.
William Flores (16 days ago)
Famous Bangladesh (16 days ago)
fortnite is better
Megalodon SK (16 days ago)
All are writing fortnite is ripoff of pubg its only same genre !!!! Idiots kids
charizard766 (16 days ago)
Do 2 games in the same genre have the same 100 people, same blue circle, same 'thing flying over map containing people who jump out whenever they want', same weapons (at first), same viewpoint, same 'short loading area to the side of the map where players can move around whilst waiting for the game to start'. They are too similar to simply be the 'same genre', you idiot kid.
Gamin Gavin (16 days ago)
10:28 looks like pixel gun 3d(which came out before pubg)
Muhd Shuhairi (16 days ago)
If you say "PUBG Is better then Fortnite" Your gonna Get bombarded With All the Fornite Players here. Just a warning!.
boring khaled (17 days ago)
Also stop saying fortnite copied pubg because both are different one fortnite has cartoony graphics 2 fortnite doesn't play as the same and pubg has realistic graphics and has realistic guns and doesn't allow you to bulid and nor did a1z1 or fortnite and pubg and his was Minecraft it was a flim created in 2012
boring khaled (16 days ago)
+charizard766 of course they have the same 100 people but I'm in a pubg match can we talk about this later
charizard766 (16 days ago)
But it did copy PUBG, they have the same 100 people, same blue circle, same 'thing flying over map containing people who jump out whenever they want', same weapons (at first), same viewpoint, same 'short loading area to the side of the map where players can move around whilst waiting for the game to start'. Too similar to not be related.
Beta Twster (17 days ago)
I got a fortnite ad on this video...
Tamerlan28 (17 days ago)
theres a real pubg mobile
Fliyo MB (17 days ago)
To those trolls saying "where is Fortnite" and "Fortnite is a PUBG rip-off". PUBG is a rip-off of H1Z1, which is a rip-off from Minecraft hunger games, which used the concept of Hunger Games, which got the concept from a japanese movie called "Battle Royal", which is based on a book with the same title.
Fliyo MB (17 days ago)
And now PUBG has an official version on mobile.
Someguy Someguy (18 days ago)
Number 1 rules of survival
Maria Gracia (5 days ago)
Lol no
Hahaha 😂
Before watching this vid a rules of survival ad (a pubg rip off...)
X- tream (19 days ago)
14:25 XD
Austin Nguyen (19 days ago)
I actually like rules of survival
Drazolax (19 days ago)
Number One: Fortnut
Gavin KEUNG (19 days ago)
6:59: Pixel gun map ripoff
ImGhostXYZ (20 days ago)
*Calculator wants access to your social security number*
Fliyo MB (17 days ago)
Pedro Teodoro (20 days ago)
Fortnite is a Chinese ripoff of PUBG
AviationLSZR (17 days ago)
Fortnite is the real ripoff of pubg lol
Rolly the Young God (3 days ago)
+charizard766 no, it's completely different. Doesn't mean it has a similar I dead or genera, doesn't make it a rip off. That means only one first person shooter, one nonfiction book, one fantasy book, and one sand box game. That would be stupid, so y is it different for fortnite
charizard766 (16 days ago)
+Fliyo MB So? It's still a ripoff of pubg.
Fliyo MB (17 days ago)
PUBG is a rip-off of H1Z1, which is a rip-off from Minecraft hunger games, which used the concept of Hunger Games, which got the concept from a japanese movie called "Battle Royal", which is based on a book with the same title.
COMRADE KOLYA (20 days ago)
But now there is a PUBG mobile
MeatBag (20 days ago)
where was fortnite on this list......
Instinct Elite (20 days ago)
Pubg mobile looks like with the real pubg

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