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PlayerUnknown's Clones - 10 PUBG Rip Offs

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Text Comments (9756)
Scorpion Cisneros (9 hours ago)
Waduuuuu heeeeeek
That Meme (9 hours ago)
12:01 nobody gives a fuck about this game, its a MC clone, why would you even consider liking it? I'm starting to think BulletBarry is a 7 year old kid who just plays MC 24/7.
KirtThe Gamer59 (9 hours ago)
Actualy ros changed
RageDarkPrince (13 hours ago)
Net ease has a lot of ripoffs if si many ganes. That’s why I stopped playing it
PixolohELO Vilys (18 hours ago)
Try pubg mobile
random username (22 hours ago)
The battle royale strike cases copy csgo cases
Chris Chan (23 hours ago)
4:42 180° is not a full circle, you tried to roast the games but you should be in school instead
Dove Plays (1 day ago)
GrandBattleRoyal isn’t that bad honestly it’s getting loads of updates to and lol grandbattleroyal is just minecraft and PUBG put together lmao. edit: OMG AS SOON AS I TYPED IT IT CAME UP and btw rules of survival are pretty good
shahrukh shaikh (1 day ago)
Knives out was pretty much good. That's what made us play PUBG. But now when I reinstalled, the graphics have become worse.
sergio Ortiz (1 day ago)
Rules of survival is better than pudg
Ryan Plays04 (1 day ago)
Knives out now is better than pubg and ROS
Mafia cat (1 day ago)
They Arent Rip off like knives out and survivor royale just because they are like PUBG doesnt mean they are Rip off u know
Gamer chan (1 day ago)
knives and rules of survival there good games i played them before
Gamer chan (1 day ago)
That game copy pixil guns and put dumb ad
TheGamer Bros (1 day ago)
Did you wanna add fortnite
NightmareGaming_PH (1 day ago)
Aaaaaaand don't forget about pubg mobile
NightmareGaming_PH (1 day ago)
And PS:Fortnite stole the thropy of pubg means a big stupid rip off of pubg and a thief at pubg and a big rip off of minecraft and pubg #SCREWFORTNITE
NightmareGaming_PH (1 day ago)
Lol I think ros and knives out is like android ports but a big rip-off.
Geraldine Canoza (2 days ago)
Ros is not a rip off
Brandon Rose (2 days ago)
Fuck pubg, fortnite for the win.
KillrZ TheOne (2 days ago)
Only Pro Players like challenging games...(i know.. PUBG has alot of bots in first game,but its bec you might be a begginer) Only Tryhards/Noobs like not challenging games just like ROS you know what ros stands for??? R=Rip O-off S=s and it means Rip Offs! (edit) thats what ros stands for!
Sebastian Alvarez (2 days ago)
I play two of the list... And I mean, they are good...
Mason Nguyen (2 days ago)
Knives out and rule of survival were made of the same company? Not only that but they aren’t rip offs They were just mobile battle royales Although pubg mobile was made a bit after these games
Kymie (2 days ago)
Why is ROS even a thing... anymore when Pubg Mobile came out....
Comrade Cuber (2 days ago)
Fortnite should be here
Sir Potoo (2 days ago)
3:37 Oh here's something! *A T A N K*
KamikazeBoy (3 days ago)
ROS and knives out are legit the biggest rip offs
Siddharth Nandi (3 days ago)
They're all made by chinese dudes lmao
Dinosaur Jr. (3 days ago)
1: Fortnite
Jami McCallum (3 days ago)
I was thinking fortnite was on this list
F.B.I (3 days ago)
Why would I play a clone ... When I can play the original for free ?!!..
Nightmare sans (3 days ago)
RoS isn't a pubg clone
Albin der Boss (3 days ago)
best one is pubg mobile( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
HUN UNMARK (3 days ago)
I'm playing Free Fire and i think it's a good game
First of, RoS is not a clone. Its a battle royale based of terminator 2, and if you see the game now, compared to a few months ago[its july 2018] youll see that its much batter than it was, and even in some aspects, better than PUBG Mobile[not pc] also you can aim down sights now
Gagan Poojary (4 days ago)
Free fire is now better......
Venancio Camargo (4 days ago)
Fortnite is to crapy to make it on the list
foore playz (4 days ago)
Love the commens that says kids think that fortnite is a rip-off *sarcasm*
Cali Gamer (4 days ago)
I think unistall buttons r sexy
Dylan De Beer (4 days ago)
Hopeless land😎😎its awesome
Dylan De Beer (4 days ago)
I played garena as well it lasted one day
Dylan De Beer (4 days ago)
I playd first one it sucks i even replyad i said to them look at your mistakes
kct xl (4 days ago)
I play knives out it's pretty good
Smirnoff Vodka (4 days ago)
was that the legend of zelda the minish cap he showed at the start?
jadyn Chapman (4 days ago)
My friend play free fire too They are Thai
Broz 4life (5 days ago)
Try free fire again, it has developed well
DarkWorld25 (5 days ago)
that rip off from csgo crates
jemar bariwa (5 days ago)
i play free fire it's the closest game but there are still glitches plus there are special characters in free fire
son of embry (5 days ago)
Ummm you forgot fortnite
Gabriel Sitko (5 days ago)
You can prone in rules of survival
6.38 is cring
Mime Marfi (5 days ago)
Free fire is a pretty good mobile game I really like it
SkillzHub Gaming (5 days ago)
freefire is actually huge
123plaboi321 (5 days ago)
I have the game free fire it is amazing
Wewbi e (6 days ago)
Never forget fortnite
Arvin Jay Lontoc (6 days ago)
Pubg suck, no progression
Ls Vijay (6 days ago)
Can't do their own stunts. They'll never be respected
Alpha Pikachu Pika (6 days ago)
3:10 more like h1z1
twotailedavenger (6 days ago)
PUBG: The new Doom.
Jack Daniels (6 days ago)
Rules is way better than pubg atleast rules doesn't lag
gaming ghost (6 days ago)
I play free fire
Nishant Tanwar (7 days ago)
Free fire is best
Νικος Δημος (7 days ago)
It isnt a clone most of the times
alvyno (7 days ago)
Nice Razer phone m8
MusicDawid (7 days ago)
Fortnite fucking ripoff
Jayeson Wing (7 days ago)
The fortnite one seems to be more of Pixel Gun 3D instead of pubg
11:42 what game is that?
Jesse Montoya (7 days ago)
You forgot about fortnite
Lyra Mae Geanus (7 days ago)
Like PUBG is an original concept, fuc this video. PUBG bitch.
Green Mushilol (7 days ago)
What was the Legend of Zelda on the Google Play called...
Mike Schaffer (7 days ago)
The 2 games he said. He can turn the auto shoot off. Duuu
Creepy Jackpot20 (7 days ago)
Guys one second.. Fortnite isn't available for android so don't ask for fortnite
tgcHAI -_- (7 days ago)
Fortnite is number one! On the list of the shittiest games of 2018(OverWatch is second) Sure,get mad at me I genuinely don't give a fuck and damn about the hate replys
Super Pig (7 days ago)
PUBG mobile
Josh Gaming (7 days ago)
C-ops is a rip-off of cs-go, not pubg
Josh Gaming (7 days ago)
U forgot fortnight and pixel gun 3d battle grounds
Vlane Dj (8 days ago)
You forgot fortnite
Lucky Person (8 days ago)
Rules of survival is good
xyvemations (8 days ago)
Where's fortnite?
Natan Jurca (8 days ago)
Pubg is now accualy legitly ported to mobile.
ButterToast (8 days ago)
1.: fortnite
Corina Mihaela Tosa (8 days ago)
But,what about PUBG mobile????
Dylan Balroop (8 days ago)
I love free fire
az_hr _ (8 days ago)
The biggest clone was fortnite🤔
David Catolico (8 days ago)
Love nikki dress up son of a bit-ch
Yellow Isaac (8 days ago)
Things PUBG has that fortnite copied 1. Airdrops 2. Guns 3. Battle Royale gameplay 4. Do I even have to say it 5. Money!!! Things PUBG has that fortnite doesn’t 1. Cars 2. Armour 3. Customisable characters 4. Bigger map 5. More guns 6. More maps 7. Did I mention more cars? 8. Good graphics 9. Original stuff (unlike fortnite that changed there whole game to copy PUBG) 10. First person mode As you can see PUBG is better
DaRandomDude (1 day ago)
About point 8: More realistic does not mean better
Lionel Messi (4 days ago)
Yellow Isaac You Forget One Thing...The Playzone.
SUP3R 6 (9 days ago)
Fun video
Noah Yam (9 days ago)
Pool day map was from pixel gun
lethal Watcher (9 days ago)
Its funny how everything with PUBG has a ROS ad
Your a rip off
xyvemations (8 days ago)
Do u engrish
Jacob Braybrook (9 days ago)
David 765 (9 days ago)
Clicked on PUBG rips offs and got a fortnite add
RussianScout1945b (9 days ago)
Za Erangel! Poshli na Yasnaya Polyana, Pochinki, Sosnovka, Lipovka, Novorepnoye, Kameshki, Gatka, Mylta, Rozhok, Zharki, Stalber i Severny! (Long live Russia and Erangel!) Also Fortnite is not a rip-off. PUBG was first released in PC, then PUBG decided to move to mobile, so I think they hired Tencent Games to make PUBG Mobile. Don't say PUBG Mobile ripped off ROS, since it does not count as a rip-off because it was only ported to mobile. You have been warned idiots.
Mashie (10 days ago)
I actually like playing free fire same with pubg
Patreek Sterfetish (10 days ago)
how are they copies of pubg? what cuz they have BR???
Reus SnIpEzZ (10 days ago)
Lmao there is a official PUBG Mobile now xd
Mohammed Uchiha (1 day ago)
Reus SnIpEzZ oh hey reus
Dank Memes (10 days ago)
Knives out is getting sued by pubg
Dizzy Poseidon (10 days ago)
There is now an official PUBG game
That One Kid In Class (10 days ago)
Craft Block UnknownNite Pixel Battle Royale (unreleased)
ƔƖƤƩƦȤ PG3D (10 days ago)
When fortnite is in this list every fortnite fans will be triggered and btw I don't care if somebody is rude to me

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