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Top 10 Strategy Games Of All Time

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In this list i present you top 10 strategy games for pc of all time and 2013 including gameplay. I consider them to be the good and best strategies of all time rts ,but it is my opinion, so do not hate.None of these games or music or trailers are owned by me. *Spoiler*The List 10. Civilization IV 9. Europa Universalis III 8. Victoria II 7. Crusader Kings II 6. Civilization V 5. Total War:Shogun II 4. Spore 3. Warhammer 40k:Dawn of War 2. Age of Empires III 1. Total War:Rome IGNORE TAGS mmo's mmo strategic gamez game top 10 strategie games of all time euroap univeralis 4 the voyage 3 2 1 I II III IV V civilization gameplay 2013 2012 2014 upcoming rts civ
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Text Comments (583)
No Starcraft 2?
cliff bird (7 months ago)
how about the hearts of iron games from paradox. pure grand strategy. ive played nearly all the games on ur list and none come even close to HOI. HOI II is the best in the series the worst is III but even that tops all the other games on ur list. Frankly most of them i threw in the bin as they were crap.
Jason Korzelius (9 months ago)
I completely agree rtw #1
TypicalDanny (9 months ago)
baba yetu yetu iyet amuna yetu amina baba yetu yetu iyet .. thumbs up for lion king <3
Major Bly (10 months ago)
I stopped watching at Civilization IV at 10; you're obviously a moron and know nothing about strategy gaming.
TheL Games (10 months ago)
Aoe 1 and 2 were way better than 3. 3 was kind terrible
LIZA SMITH (1 year ago)
The v best strategy game is THE SETTLERS IV which was also made by game loft for HD iOS. It now won’t work on ios11. Please game loft or somebody update this amazing game.
Stormcommando (1 year ago)
where is Stalin vs the martians?
Tony Jones (1 year ago)
no command and conquer that game has defined what stragery games is all about since the ps1
dick dickerson (1 year ago)
the #1 rts is company of heroes.
MireTrixCZ (1 year ago)
whos watching in 2017 ? xD
LegoManVonBrick (1 year ago)
Really, total war Rome? That was Sega's third ever total war game. The strategy in it is not as good as total war Rome 2 which has much better graphics and more strategy to the game entirely.
LegoManVonBrick (1 year ago)
Nvm looked at the release date, two months before Rome ii was released.
LegoManVonBrick (1 year ago)
Rome total war is an awesome game though.
MlgWolfProductions _ (1 year ago)
Hearts Of Iron Someone ?
Sexy Pam (1 year ago)
Civilization 2 was the best in the entire series!!
Bandita (1 year ago)
Age of Empires II is better than III!
PhantomLordMXVI (1 year ago)
I love empire earth
Reşat Can Karabacak (1 year ago)
Sam Mm (1 year ago)
metal fatigue was the best 1
Alex Chen (1 year ago)
No Napoleon Total War? K then
Valorian LePiment (1 year ago)
Where is Stronghold crusader?!
Heh, AoE 3 better than AoE 2 you say? I cant agree on that.
風暴門 (1 year ago)
talking about strategy game from day one : AOE, Stronghold kingdom, Total war all branches, Kingdom war, Vega conflict , Navy field 2, WOT, Steel Ocean, Battlefield 1945, Medal of Honour, ...
the crap is battlefield 1945? and medal of honor isnt even a strategy game
soo good aye
Laxi TV (1 year ago)
eu4 , ck2 , hoi4
Stef Mercore (1 year ago)
music start a video
Henri Watermeyer (1 year ago)
rome two is the best Strategie game ever
KoDan (2 years ago)
Hmmm. I wouldn't nececeraly call Spore a strategy. Although it is certanly hard co categorise it...
Secretcodrin (2 years ago)
when you do a top10 pun 1 product of each. top 10 strategy games. civilization 1,2,3,4,5,6,age of empires 1,2,3,warchefs. that's a shitty top 10.
Unidentified (2 years ago)
why everything is so slow? i want to see the games, gameplay etc not title and intros
truhlik81 (2 years ago)
Settlers2 is one of the best games ever played.
Bg Anonymous01 (2 years ago)
cossaks back to war, age of empires 2 the conquerors, rise of nations gold edition :))
OldShaterhhendd (2 years ago)
Where is medieval 2 total war ?
antonio (2 years ago)
1.Rome II 2.Total War Shogun 2 3 Stronghold 4. Aoe III 97. aoe II 98. Rise of Nations
havsyatr (2 years ago)
I agree. Now I instal once more Rome Total War it's epic the time does not matter
Davi (2 years ago)
Where is company of heroes ?
Nikola Divkovic (2 years ago)
Europa Universalis IV should be in that list, make a new video.
ReDirect (2 years ago)
Was there any Eu4 in 2013?
Misha monster (2 years ago)
Song at the beginning of the video?
Nikola Marjanovic (2 years ago)
And Rome is first place too
Nikola Marjanovic (2 years ago)
1. Crusaider Kings 2. Rise of Nations 3. Age of Empires III
Kristina_204 (2 years ago)
Where is Europa Universalis 4
ᅚ ᅚ (2 years ago)
You forgot Stronghold/Command and Conquer
SilencedHero (2 years ago)
in my opinion spore nore stronghold should be on there. Empire earth would sooner make it than stronghold and its terrible.
War Gamerz (2 years ago)
Napoleon Total war?
ronza3 (2 years ago)
Stronghold 3 top game....
WhitePearl (2 years ago)
so you damn, only show a trailer for each game, and not the actual gameplay!
DP2010 (2 years ago)
yes so he damn.....-_-
Naplesyrup (2 years ago)
TW Napoleon should've been one but maybe it didn't come out. :P
Ankh Morpok (2 years ago)
Agree 100% with Rome TW at no.1 spot. It has everything a strategy game should. The balance between the world map and the battle map was great. A plethora of different factions, characters,, technologies, strategies and the music was epic. The AI was one of the better of TWs notorious record of weak AI. I would have included Masters of Orion 2 in the top 5 as well.
Abel Arunus (2 years ago)
Intro music?
Abel Arunus (2 years ago)
tq :)
CCTG (2 years ago)
Two Steps From Hell - Heart of Courage
squashedeyeball (2 years ago)
Wait.. Where is aoe2? And starcraft? And red alert?
squashedeyeball (2 years ago)
+antonio You can't deny the fact that they are all revolutionary and has a huge fan base who play them to this day. Liking other games more is a matter of taste, that's all good. But aoe2, starcarft, they deserve every love they get, There are not many games that aged that well.
antonio (2 years ago)
no, it´s mainstream cuz more people play. not necessarly the best. most people have an awful taste, Just look up how many people think aoe2 is better than total war. mainstream opinions are bland
squashedeyeball (2 years ago)
+antonio It's mainstream for a good, justified reason.
antonio (2 years ago)
wait...not everyone shares the same fucking mainstream opinion?
turbishon (2 years ago)
İ think company of heroes 1 & 2 better than spore
Fluffy (2 years ago)
Any1 knows of a good game where you can start at like stone age and finish in the future? like Empire earth but with better graphic?
King MJA (2 years ago)
you can try empire earth 3 :-)
Omnishambles (2 years ago)
???? How is AOE3 better than 2? You don't have even either Warcraft 3 or Starcraft in there? One or the other is pretty much mandatory in these lists.
Lennart Öberg (2 years ago)
Thank you very much ! Excellent pick.
born2fly145 (2 years ago)
Agree with Rome #1, but Medieval should be in there along with MOO 2. Bump Spore...
Bore dumb (2 years ago)
no RISK? wtf youngsters,,,,,,
Pirate Knight (2 years ago)
TheFSTChannel (2 years ago)
Dude u missed out impirial glory
Yavuz Celep (2 years ago)
STRONGHOLD ?????????????????????????
Valorian LePiment (1 year ago)
Stronghold crusader 1 should be on the list
bousa3 gaming (2 years ago)
BeFirm BeFair667 (2 years ago)
In this age, in past ages, or in any age, "Master of Orion."
Were is Victoria 1?
BaboxKater Fabian (2 years ago)
TW: Shogun II was considered the best game in the TW series at launch, I can't believe you gave Spore a better rating. I LOVE Spore, but it's a totally different game and it is NOT better than Shogun II.
Napoléan Bonaparte (2 years ago)
Omfg spore is fuck**** better than eu4 or crusader king 2 DAPHUQ
Guy1524 (2 years ago)
check out 0 ad
Bruno Urban (2 years ago)
in number 7
Bruno Urban (2 years ago)
haytem voice
Die Moorsoldaten (2 years ago)
lol where is starcraft warcraft & coh)
Rex Colt (2 years ago)
StarCraft should be on the first place, because this was one of the first and greatest strategy games of all time. Shame on you m8(
AGEofEMPIRES nr.1 (2 years ago)
Alex Smith (2 years ago)
You are the king of awesomeness, bro!!! Nice pic!!!
Daniel Hawke (2 years ago)
Medieval 2 total war is the actual number 1 strategy game of all time.
CT MTB (2 years ago)
Plz intro song!!!
Eslam Sabry (2 years ago)
Please, I need a valid link Download Because I tried and I could not download
Milkshake Maffia (2 years ago)
which song is it in the begining of the video?
Bruce White Official (2 years ago)
Heroes 3 it's a classic.. He must be in top 3 !
The Chaotical Gamer (2 years ago)
what going on here commandos and stronghold should be on here
Saiba Jinzero (2 years ago)
Battle Realms? Man That is The most best of all time!! no lies
miguel martinez (2 years ago)
what is the song of the 6 firsts seconds plssss i dont remember
Mysterycode (2 years ago)
If your going to use the age of empires series in here use the second one
cse14 35 (2 years ago)
what about Banished ?
The Crafting Wither (2 years ago)
how did warcraft 3 not make the list that game is boss or starcraft
The Hix (2 years ago)
woah where is rise and fall
FangornTNT (2 years ago)
Stronghold Crusader?
Issam Issam (2 years ago)
age of empiers is the beest ever
Alex Smith (2 years ago)
You said it, awesome guy.
MkkTO (2 years ago)
+Issam Issam of course
Pacat Virtual (2 years ago)
age of mythology anyone......that s a great rts
El Presidente (2 years ago)
No Gary Grigsby games? #1 is therefore invalid.
Mateo Peniche (2 years ago)
hi gringos .l.
Comrade Serb (2 years ago)
where the fuck is warcraft 3: RoC and warcraft 3: TFT.......
eschelar (2 years ago)
Interesting that Empire Total War never made it on there, but AoE3 did. Just gave AoE3 a try for the first time and found it rather underwhelming compared to E:TW. Almost any of the battles I ever had with E:TW blows the entire gaming experience of AoE3 out of the water. I find AoE tedious by comparison... although I can imagine that others might go the opposite way. E:TW with some of the mods that came later are just out of this world compared.
marius84 (2 years ago)
Pacat Virtual (2 years ago)
Alex Smith (2 years ago)
+ALEx ze total king of potatoes Especially the Titans. This is my favourite.
Pacat Virtual (2 years ago)
+marius84 right.......mostly AOM........
EoxBoy - (2 years ago)
No age of mythology?! Lad, you're making me angry.
Nanaba (2 years ago)
+EoxBoy - Isn't AoM a real time srategy game instead of ust strategy?
EoxBoy - (2 years ago)
+ALEx the total badass Yeah it's sad how some people will never know how good AOM is..
Pacat Virtual (2 years ago)
no problem i am actually siding with you cuz there are good games in this list  but age of mythology is not in the list when it should be.......
EoxBoy - (2 years ago)
+ALEx the total badass I said this 3 weeks ago and you said it 8 mins ago, is there a problem? Because I see none.
Pacat Virtual (2 years ago)
+EoxBoy - what i just said is this.......
alucard dracula (2 years ago)
shogun 2 wins
why did you not include company of heroes
Omar Flores (2 years ago)
Curved Swords (2 years ago)
what song for opening scene
CMBW (2 years ago)
Intro song, please.
Marko Beg (3 years ago)
Well I agree that Rome was the best strategy game !
Dylan van Bezooijen (3 years ago)
think we all agree on number 1
marius84 (2 years ago)
hah no
The Iron Knight (3 years ago)
napoleon total war should be on the list
The Iron Knight (2 years ago)
+Nerd Channel I still play it

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