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Winning A VGO Knife On Crash! (WTF Skins)

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WTF Skins: https://www.wtfskins.com/affiliates (code: fatnoob) Winning A VGO Knife On Crash! (WTF Skins). Hope you guys enjoyed this video! Get free skins: http://fatnoobcs.com/ Steam trade link! http://bit.ly/1J8GF8u --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- *Follow Me On Social Media* •Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/FatNoobTM •Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/fatnoob54 •Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/fatnooob/ --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- My Gaming / Recording Setup Keyboard: https://amzn.to/2JkbyNe Mouse: https://amzn.to/2kFa1DH Monitor: https://amzn.to/2svEmYB Mousepad: https://amzn.to/2Jgw6X7 Microphone: https://amzn.to/2suKikV Mic Arm: https://amzn.to/2sv6yuW Audio Interface: https://amzn.to/2JiX7Jw Chair: https://amzn.to/2kGlcMq Stream Deck: https://amzn.to/2J4cW7D Desk: https://amzn.to/2LIaAsF PC: Custom Built Myself --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Music by Not The King https://soundcloud.com/coreygagne & Tobu http://www.youtube.com/tobuofficial - FatNoob
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Text Comments (67)
Robert Fata (23 days ago)
use code: yologamer FOR INSTANT 5 DOLLARS!!!
Alicia Chan (1 month ago)
How to withdraw ?
Emiliyan Yankov (1 month ago)
wtf is VGO and how are they not sued for using CS GO's vanilla designs for their "skins" ?
Good Video.
Anes Nisou (2 months ago)
vgo is sick dude.
Jonas 27 (2 months ago)
Fatnoob is not dead at all
GOTIT GOTIT (2 months ago)
you little indian
i lost him (2 months ago)
nice win bruh
Aye Gamdom (2 months ago)
Strielka (2 months ago)
Nice video :)
ZyPH3R (2 months ago)
Pretty neat video
TrolarGamePlay (2 months ago)
WtfSkins best site !
Endre Kiraly (2 months ago)
You are lucky :D
Hitmepapa (2 months ago)
gl all
Felix Palm (2 months ago)
ump stellar BS is $100 worth not $140 wtf skins is lying. So if you leave crash earlier then 2.00 you almost lost.
RetiikzZ (2 months ago)
nice video
Alexander Ang (2 months ago)
grats dude
Rafael_spk (2 months ago)
gtz fat, knife winning bro
Michael Panzer (2 months ago)
I hope you bring more vid like this for ur fat, i love ur reaction bro hahahahahha
Aethyar (2 months ago)
I never unbox good stuff ):
Corey Jennyngs (2 months ago)
you are onfire bro, gtz for the vid.
Alex Lopes (2 months ago)
yo fat, ma man, nice you back bro. gtz for the knife. i want it hahaahha (really i want)
ROCKY BALBOA (2 months ago)
Gratz man
Pesukone (2 months ago)
keep the good work up
PointMicrosoft (2 months ago)
Congrats man!
MisterPatr (2 months ago)
FatNoob rocks!
legend (2 months ago)
nice vid
savage (2 months ago)
nice video
Erick Delko (2 months ago)
Great win bro, hopee see more like this
staulcub (2 months ago)
Nice vid
Darina Limaa (2 months ago)
Valentina Diana (2 months ago)
Nice video
Tavo Mama (2 months ago)
Furkan Bekdik (2 months ago)
Done gl nice video <3
Gimauks (2 months ago)
nice vid
Scarr (2 months ago)
Mystery Spider (2 months ago)
Manas Ranjan Sabar (2 months ago)
abhinav nair (2 months ago)
Nice man ✌️
OtapOtep (2 months ago)
i never win on that site
Heisa (2 months ago)
nice vid
TBUROS (2 months ago)
I wont be definitely a pinned comment.
Tristan Dursnake (13 days ago)
TBUROS goes without saying attention whore
CornVGO (2 months ago)
Good vid, keep it up fam
Gucci bear (2 months ago)
Dungeon Master (2 months ago)
Winter Charles (2 months ago)
Good Job Sir!
San Wei Chin (2 months ago)
Nice vid dude..
Poots (2 months ago)
Wew nice!
Encik Jabon -JbonJson- (2 months ago)
Nice profit..You get the knife from upgrade
Jayson Bro (2 months ago)
Nice vid
prince rai (2 months ago)
Nice boi
vMurkz (2 months ago)
sexy boi <3
artizy kristy (2 months ago)
CSGOLawn (2 months ago)
love you bro keep the good stuff up
Tomato Paste (2 months ago)
Wow lol your channel died
MiniNinja (2 months ago)
CSGOLawn So what, the comment section is gonna be all flowers and gods joy? How tf is he gonna improve if no ones there to be harsh
CSGOLawn (2 months ago)
If you have nothing nice to say just dont say it (:
What's the freaking point of collecting vgo skins? It's useless, you pay for icon with you can do nothing
VcVortex Official (1 month ago)
Konrad Cara ararararararararararara ra ra C: you can trade it with csgo skins you dummy
xfsxphantom (2 months ago)
Konrad Cara ararararararararararara ra ra C: You will be able to use them on The Forge Arena
Aidan Hall (2 months ago)
love your videos FatNoob! keep up the awesome videos !
Sebastian Cisneros (2 months ago)
Vynukas (2 months ago)
FatNoob (2 months ago)
ollieknight 840 (2 months ago)
please im poor same fuck you
ollieknight 840 (2 months ago)
i also like fatnoob hes kool

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