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All highlights are from my stream :D ► Follow me! TWITTER → https://twitter.com/C9shroud TWITCH → https://www.twitch.tv/shroud STEAM → https://steamcommunity.com/groups/EclipseTV ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ► Sponsor Shoutouts: Crunchyroll: http://c9.gg/crunchyroll HTC: http://c9.gg/useHTC HyperX: http://c9.gg/useHyperx iBUYPOWER: http://c9.gg/usingibuypower Logitech G: http://c9.gg/useLogitech Twitch: http://c9.gg/twitchtv Twitch App: http://c9.gg/twitchapp ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ 👌Channel Manager - https://twitter.com/stun_empire ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬
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Text Comments (280)
Inferiority (10 months ago)
hek amk
AcidicFlame (11 months ago)
Gets super wet at 5:02
Seboss CZ (11 months ago)
Pěkný videoklip! Promiňte, že jsem se zapletl, chtěl bych sdílet pro každého neuvěřitelné místo, které rozdává mnoho volných klíče. Chcete-li získat jednu, prostě na Google vyhledávejte "skypisgame"
Ferdinand Bardamu (11 months ago)
like shooting nazis in a barrel
Twin Gamerz (11 months ago)
Agony Hammer (11 months ago)
Mike is a goddamn cheater
dubas off (11 months ago)
отбитый штэмп
Jordan Rosenfeldt (11 months ago)
You a fuckin beast I have only won when my friend stayed alive, I have gotten second 8 times and won cuz a hacker was on my time but that doesn't count lol
The Shadows Hand (11 months ago)
All I see post video is just9n on his knees saying "teach me shroud" and sucking his balls.
The Shadows Hand (11 months ago)
he mad lol
Penny Tiritti (11 months ago)
Play Fortnite!?!?!
TheOfficialCzex (11 months ago)
Five-o'clock Shroudow.
Realsoldat (11 months ago)
Nostie (11 months ago)
You know you watch shroud streaming a lot when you recognize all the highlight clips from when It actually happened
Gaby Baddeam (11 months ago)
Hey dude... maybe i am the single person who realise this but... anyways... I miss your cs go videos ...you we're my favourite cs go player and when u leave c9 i was like... WTF ... THAT.S A JOKE... NO WAY or something... I just apreciate u and i still love ur videos because u are really nice !!!! I miss your cs go plays but ... people change and we have to accept this ... I miss your c9 plays and i wish u to be a really good person from now on... I love u!!!
ZeroCaliber VACie (11 months ago)
Shroud keep the beard without it no offence u look like your 15
andhen12 (11 months ago)
Gz on 600k
Jonathan Brazzell (11 months ago)
Shroud I'm watching the Pubg IME Oakland invitational on my Xbox right now. I don't know much about it but it's 20 teams fighting for $200,000. Why the fuck are you not in it! Oh I see why, damn
Avakinn (11 months ago)
he hacks
Zanttu // (11 months ago)
Gz for 600k Subs :)
Kian Goldstein (11 months ago)
Chad is such a dumb fucking piece of shit , stop playing with him
Tycoonyx (11 months ago)
Yo my boys im doing road to 100 subs would be so amazing if u could help me out <3 shroud is a beast ma boys
Juan Cintron (11 months ago)
You could atleast make some videos on csgo? One game everyday is boring plz play csgo once maybe twice a week?
Juan Cintron (11 months ago)
Wish you didn’t leave cloud9 or csgo you were my inspiration
Shawn Holland (11 months ago)
Juan Cintron he should still inspire you micheal Jordan doesn't play in the NBA but he's an inspiration to alot of people
BrrToe (11 months ago)
That thumbnail, when you nut and she keeps going.
euphoric (11 months ago)
These vids are great bro. Good content as usual
Vasiliy S. (11 months ago)
shave, ugly pc of shit
Conspiracy theorist G.M (11 months ago)
shroud ffs just sign this guy's profile!
Draco (11 months ago)
This was by far the best highlight that I ever watched from you, keep it up!
Villosite (11 months ago)
amazing ending. We were all thinking the same, is he going to leave that game or go to the charity stream late ?
jamafrican657 (11 months ago)
Shroud looking and sounding like he's just failed at trying to save a 4-year relationship....
shenpai- gaming (11 months ago)
Play csgo please
EduZ ! (11 months ago)
I like the way you play "stupidly" the game, but it kinda frustrates when I ever do that I just get fucc'd with any rifle w/a scope :P
Elite Z.H (11 months ago)
Can you stop using the same thumbnail pls..
KonFighter (11 months ago)
134 subs to 600k
Eric Overbeck (11 months ago)
6:36 4 body hits + 1 Headshot. 5 hits in total and he didnt die? Like wtf?
Как же он ебашит
Francis White (11 months ago)
So pimp! So prolific, such confidence and surgical precision. An inspiration.
AD EXPERT (11 months ago)
AMD Radeon HD 7520G+HD 7670M Dual graphics can I play pub g smoothly?
lucas jung (11 months ago)
AD EXPERT you Need atleast 1050Ti Or better for 30+ fps
JAckass (11 months ago)
Aicemamba shroud can but he got a Titan x so
Aicemamba (11 months ago)
AD EXPERT nobody can
MarZhan (11 months ago)
4 ads in a 10 min video, calm down stun
Hylian Manini (11 months ago)
Dude i swear i've seen that "Pixel_steam" a lot of times getting kill by you in another videos man, its just odd, not accusations just wierd.
Ga Jiarg (11 months ago)
Hylian Manini He’s a stream-sniper, meaning he watches Shroud’s stream then goes to the same place Shroud does.
GanjaZz Michi (11 months ago)
6:44 usual behaviour on eu.
Arepa (11 months ago)
Hes like God At this game
zgameoverz (11 months ago)
i really want to play pubg with good fps. D: hope shroud will give his PC to me.
Filmy Monk (11 months ago)
why Shroud able to shoot so fast when he is in single firing mode with M16A4?
Tomfoolerydoozle (11 months ago)
Game Everyday It’s likely he has a Good mouse and being that he use to game professionally, he’s got quick fingers. I’m a pianist and I can click prtty fast. Shroud is insane thouh
Major 135 (11 months ago)
Almost 600k
oKemox (11 months ago)
U make so much money on twitch but ya still gotta make it 10mins
YTGeriX ツ (11 months ago)
You have instangram?
Rob Thiel (11 months ago)
Rip Adren
Multi (11 months ago)
watch my video for no reason
Some Leul (11 months ago)
Why aren't your Reading the donations?
João Rocha (11 months ago)
K C (11 months ago)
is shroud enjoying playing pubg?
Fluctibus Fludd (11 months ago)
Jesus sooooooo many ads. I’m out.
Mr Short (11 months ago)
Let other players win otherwise no fun....
Pezheads (11 months ago)
What is your winrate?
Brendan Bassett (11 months ago)
472,000 BP. Wtf
ClutchTillDawn (11 months ago)
Aimbot 200 IQ plays
Piyush Mahajan (11 months ago)
Michael Grzesiek Is Love, Michael Grzesiek is Life. ❤️💙
Jimi Crimson (11 months ago)
ROFL the shot at 1:38 made me spit my drink out
CraftedBlocks (11 months ago)
Can we calm down a bit with the adds ? I know it's the editors main income (prob.) but 6 adds in a 10 minute video... I like the videos and i like that it supports you guys but 6 adds is pushing it...
CraftedBlocks (11 months ago)
yeah i don't use add blocker... so he actually makes money from my views
Dylan VD (11 months ago)
CraftedBlocks i get 0 lmao get rekt
chong ziyern (11 months ago)
Shroud,go play pubg for c9 pls
Tutanhamon (11 months ago)
Find your nick in description and press like https://youtu.be/ZHga_UfbVao
Mr Tupins (11 months ago)
"Overpaid" -Chad
LIL Beannerr (11 months ago)
If shroud sees this, Cloud 9 took a fat L against faze today during esports
Jacob Ayoub (11 months ago)
Please go back to playing csgo els
PoMMz (11 months ago)
He literally doesn't care about a freakin' win with 15 kills... He instantly quit the game xD
Eric Tamaki (11 months ago)
Cara joga muito mal kkk lixo
UnReaL (11 months ago)
Jon Shafto (11 months ago)
Hell Shōnen (11 months ago)
common shroud tell your editor to stop putting clips of old vids....
ems (11 months ago)
I made an edit of shroud if anyone wants to check it out <3
Mr. Brapfel (11 months ago)
is there actually anyone out there who watched all 65 episodes of this? its kinda getting boring imo
Anthony Belperio (11 months ago)
Used to watch every single one up to episode 50 or so, but I’m getting pretty sick of watching him just get free kills on shitty, stream snipers who have no lives. There’s nothing impressive or entertaining about that. Might just stick to watching his full game vids when he plays with Doc or whatever, because I know that 5/10 minutes into the video, there’s none of this stream sniper bullshit.
Conor Dyer (11 months ago)
its getting boring when half the clips are just killing stream snipers over and over
Edgar M (11 months ago)
Its becoming reapetative imo. He plays other games too i think it should posted in yutube
Rafkexd (11 months ago)
Crannigan (11 months ago)
I have
WILMOR (11 months ago)
███─████─███─███─────███─█──█─███─█──█─███ 🔥🔥🔥 *ОРЕN САSES FOR FREE* 🔥🔥🔥 █───█──█─█───█───────█───█─█───█──██─█─█ ███─████─███─███─███─███─██────█──█─██─███ - 🔥🔥🔥 *INFО ОN MY СНАNNЕL!* 🔥🔥🔥 █───█─█──█───█─────────█─█─█───█──█──█───█ █───█─█──███─███─────███─█──█─███─█──█─███ 🔥🔥 *ЕNJОY* 🔥🔥
thanks dude got cacner
Stephen (11 months ago)
Jagger Murloc woah woah what you talking about he's 1000% legit and not a scam what so ever
Jagger Murloc (11 months ago)
Electropork (11 months ago)
At first I thought he was just joking and like making fun of the people that do this
Electropork (11 months ago)
gabeee (11 months ago)
6:29 when you see a guy spreading his legs open for shroud
Aldin Selimovic (11 months ago)
That Vector looks like a bad ass when you play it. :D
Jordan Bullock (11 months ago)
React to wadu heks diss on u
Jordan Bullock (11 months ago)
Mmq when?
Mmq (11 months ago)
he already did
Alejandro Ynalaf (11 months ago)
Shroud What graphics card do you use?
Twelve31 (11 months ago)
Gatez__ (11 months ago)
Gotta get that ad rev 😂😂👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌
Gościu Kościu (11 months ago)
Shroud odpisz po polsku
Zat (11 months ago)
his reaction time is so fast that he can say "wtf is he doing just staring at me"
TheDonelliX (11 months ago)
HobbiePlays (11 months ago)
Hello Shroud
GB (11 months ago)
I hate the fucking first person. It is so boring.
Zamek (11 months ago)
Thanks for commenting on my recent video shroud 😰😰😰
David Uruchima (11 months ago)
Chadd bitches alot and he sucks
Nick Voss (11 months ago)
He looks stoned af in the thumbnail
Loiin Al Jabareen (11 months ago)
Uma Arvore (11 months ago)
Wadu Hek
Coque Cookie (11 months ago)
Why does shroud hate Barjok so much
Hille (11 months ago)
How can shroud zoom sometimes ?
Kizen Q (11 months ago)
Hille when using the iron sights, red dot, or the holo you can hold shift to zoom in a little and steady your gun for a short amount of time
Ilmari Karanko (11 months ago)
good clips but cmon you dont need the ad muni shurd :(
CS Ghost Animation (11 months ago)
that guy crawling under shroud at 2:28 lmaoooo
Karlo Pohajda (11 months ago)
Plz shave omg hahaha
Willem Alexander (11 months ago)
Can i join your party sometime
Willem Alexander (11 months ago)
wat is je pubg naam
Boekoe12 (11 months ago)
Willem Alexander jawoel mijn hoogheid
Phlizz (11 months ago)
9:46 i know that all to well :( but midgame
Breizh' Ylian (11 months ago)
Just9n Whining Highlights #65
Fafżywo (11 months ago)
My most kills 4 Shroud average kills 10 :(
JinX GmD (11 months ago)
yoyoyoyoyoyoyo my name is wadu imma hek

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