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Today we play a game of SKATE in some of the baggiest jeans we can find. For Fetty it feels weird and uncomfortable but for Aaron it feels right at home as that's what he used to rock. I hope you guys enjoy this and for more episodes like this click the playlist here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLjpsoptsN4KAuszZ9ce3A-d7Wjp4Gp3Ax http://www.brailleskateboarding.com/how-to-skateboard/ YOU CAN LEARN TO SKATEBOARD! CLICK ABOVE TO GET THE MOST DETAILED HOW TO SKATEBOARD LESSON PLAN EVER MADE! SKATEBOARDING MADE SIMPLE! Big thanks to Fetty for playing in this game! http://www.youtube.com/fettypotter SIGN UP FOR BRAILLE UNIVERSITY HERE: https://www.brailleskateboarding.com/braille-skate-university/ FOLLOW ON SOCIAL MEDIA INSTAGRAM https://instagram.com/brailleskate/ FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/BrailleSkateboarding GOOGLE +: https://plus.google.com/107594784940938640430 TWITTER: http://twitter.com/#!/BrailleSkate GET SKATEBOARDING MADE SIMPLE ON iBOOKS! https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/aaron-kyro/id733499725?mt=11 GET SKATEBOARDING MADE SIMPLE ON GOOGLE PLAY https://play.google.com/store/books/details/Aaron_Kyro_Skateboarding_Made_Simple_Vol_1?id=8BEbBQAAQBAJ For business, brand or media inquiries please email [email protected] CHECK OUT OUR WEBSITE FOR ALL THE LATEST BRAILLE NEWS AND UPDATES!!! http://www.brailleskateboarding.com THUMBS UP FOR MORE VIDEOS! PLAYLISTS LINKS FOR MOBILE USERS learn to skate: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL34F060CE1BA3E968 SKATE SUPPORT http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL2E1C0A94C6B6CEBB&feature=view_all slow motion http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLC8009736C487A442&feature=viewall top videos http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL1EDB4CAEBAD05D02 Please help me out by commenting, and subscribing it really really helps me out a lot! Thanks, Aaron Kyro
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Text Comments (1627)
terry t (1 day ago)
Made their skating actually watchable 👀
Glados Gaming (1 day ago)
wow. fetty has some wild uzi grip tape
Alexander Peters (1 day ago)
Cats want to be Mullen so bad, they copied his genes. #PlanB #VirtualReality
mark louis sumibcay (2 days ago)
Aaron can u teach me
Gladiolus Max (2 days ago)
Wtf this jeans? ?? Its size is such as three my legs
Cloud 9 Reform (3 days ago)
Racist much
Rebelious 209 (9 days ago)
i wear baggy dickies
BeastlyGamer Dude (12 days ago)
80s af
Sean Sullivan Art (25 days ago)
C'mon......I can still see your feet...If they aint UFO's,, FreshJive's or Gats, they aint big.
Ian (1 month ago)
no more ground tricks! boring!!!!!!!!!!!!
Gynx Grimm (1 month ago)
Animal Chin 2-Still searching. Not a remake. And new take on searching for chin.
2SavedByChrist (1 month ago)
3-4 pairs of skinny jeans on top of each other
mwhhd موحد (1 month ago)
Baggy pants and big skate shoes like the old ES, Etnies and Globe are so cool! If i had access to them id buy just those! ☺
luiza177music (1 month ago)
get some és accels to go with those
JuHra (1 month ago)
Watch in 240p for authentic 1990s experience.
Andrew D'ANNUNZIO (1 month ago)
Used to rock huge pants and triple x white tees.get me slippen .
Samuel Martin (1 month ago)
Baggies are so comfortable for skating. I remember in the 90's telling me that it would be more difficult to skate in tight pants. And the look, especially with in line skates, is horrible with tight pants. For me there's only way to look cool when roller blading: in baggies !!
Brady Palmer (1 month ago)
Tom Penny style there!
I still own all my old pants from 10 years ago.They're still like new. Last night I was rocking some size 36 LRG's. It was awesome.
Craig Smith (1 month ago)
"Live skate help" Fetty land tricks he said he couldn't do/land in this video.
Erickson Hufnagel (1 month ago)
Aaron please go back to baggys lol!
geist super (2 months ago)
How about you do skirts next?
Anthony D'mitri (2 months ago)
Do a clown shoe skate
Mike Grillbortzer (2 months ago)
Lmao "in the womb of the pants"
Fight Club (2 months ago)
Should have been Jnco mammoths
Johnathan Kovar (2 months ago)
Go find some 1996-1997 JNCO jeans that actually are sized right for you. That what I wore. Even check out some old Rodney Mullins clips. Don’t forget the knee length wallet chain!!
Tico Mendez (2 months ago)
Fetty in the thumbnail 😂😂😂
2484marshall (2 months ago)
I miss my baggy pants. I got told by my now wife when I got to about 23 that I couldn't wear them anymore and I needed to be an adult. I wore combats for years and only last year submitted to some skinny jeans as combats were not suitable for smart occasions... they are horrible. And now I cannot find them anywhere to buy! I did manage to buy some new 'old school'... :o !!! Vans tho! If I can get my pants... next thing is to grow my hair long again!!
2484marshall (2 months ago)
Also you guys should have put some old tunes on the vid for a real experience!
cem265 (2 months ago)
This pant only use with baby bones
Kusagari Blues (2 months ago)
Aaron seems like a good friend.
B Boss (2 months ago)
Tricks invented.
Julio Urbon (2 months ago)
North point...i was so youngg!! ,:(
Ricky T Rock Climbing (2 months ago)
I tried this and i broke my hand and my jaw 😂
nopee Nopeee (2 months ago)
Wearing a dress and then play skate
War Ghost squad (2 months ago)
Next! 90s elephant pants rebait!!
Jude Daly (2 months ago)
Who wants to help me bring these back with a brand called steez jeanz 😂
STRAFELISTIC (2 months ago)
game of skate in WOMENS TIGHTS !!! lol
Angel Nande (2 months ago)
Def recreate some old skate vids🤙🏽🖤
Xibalbá ॐ (2 months ago)
Make a fiiirst tryyyy t-shirt!!!! Pls!
Dan young (2 months ago)
I used to wear bagy pants when I used to skate 😂 memories 🤘
Whitney Allen (2 months ago)
Why didn’t you keep it real and spring for the JNCOs?
Anthony Mcshane (3 months ago)
is fettys gripe tape lil uzi verts album cover
VRCommy (3 months ago)
Haha that last part was just like watching a 90s skate vid!! 👌🏼
Jamin Cuyle (3 months ago)
that mongo push tho
Joe Burns (3 months ago)
I miss lance and all his puns!! Just not the same without him. Are you guys gonna have him back for some videos in the future? Would love to see him on the gaming channel too!
jerregaming (3 months ago)
Break put the fisheye lens
Mulisha 2017 (3 months ago)
They are legit not baggy lol. Get some jncos(?) They're baggy as shit.
xlifeiswarx (3 months ago)
the wheels are too big
StillOnVHS (3 months ago)
The womb of the pants
Hallowfaith (3 months ago)
should have went with the WIDE leg jeans lol
Kirk Prospector (3 months ago)
I'm so unfashionable I still wear jeans like these. Anything tighter isn't comfortable.
WhysoSerious ! (3 months ago)
They look normal
Enrique Pantoja (3 months ago)
This might be one of their skate videos
Sup Preme (3 months ago)
when it improves their style by so much, honestly you cant beat baggy pants man keep it OG
James Williams (3 months ago)
Next, Jnco rave pants. Preferably crime scenes 😂
Metal Man (3 months ago)
Skarr Gaming (3 months ago)
I fux wit da uzi grip
Lucas Corbett (3 months ago)
12:00 hahahaha
L8 SKATE (3 months ago)
Ver det you get the pands
Surreal_Tiger (4 months ago)
Love Fetty’s lil uzi grip tape
tommy d u b b s (4 months ago)
Jnco jeans brah
Kirk Prospector (3 months ago)
tommy d u b b s jncos are where I draw the line, haha
Nehemia Tesfai (4 months ago)
Looks better than you normally jeans
OdinsGaming (4 months ago)
Should have bought some Jencos online lol
andrea depaepe (4 months ago)
It feels like Aaron was born with those
David Blasband (4 months ago)
The secret to chris joslins power
gv105468 (4 months ago)
its like the 90’s everybody was baggy lol
BLAZEGOTU GAMING (4 months ago)
Where's the jnco's
Audemosha (4 months ago)
You guys need to rock the pants that the Korn/P.O.D kids would wear jeancos I believe.
Chris De la cruz (4 months ago)
Thumbnail look like a fire 90s album cover 😂
blaziza (4 months ago)
Nah thats not baggy enough, please buy a parachute pants from daewon song in 1998
Tyler Triebs (4 months ago)
Fat suit game of skate
KILLEM ALL (4 months ago)
I'm glad the skinny Jean fad is over. Explain what the point was to buy your pants in the kids section and then sag them down past your ass? Skinny Jean's looked like some straight wack ass shit.
KILLEM ALL (4 months ago)
1992 skate wear was wayyyy more baggy. You guys are rocking the 2000 to 2008 style. "92" era pants leg openings should almost cover your whole shoe,plus you should ride 38mm wheels
Chris Knebel (4 months ago)
Skinny tight pants is for girls or guys without balls!
Arthur Cameron (4 months ago)
Game of skate with Tripp pants
HAX Wars (4 months ago)
Where did he get the lil Uzi board
morelli tech (4 months ago)
The pants need to be cut on the bottom.
F U (4 months ago)
Tight pants are for girls and kids with tiny testicles...
Seriously the new skinny jeans look even more ridiculous than the ones in this video.
DMG Oddity (4 months ago)
Rip lance
yvngboyapollo (4 months ago)
Lil uzi griptape
Buttstinky (4 months ago)
Aaron has legs?!!!??!!?!???
DBNzOnE (4 months ago)
3:13 name ?
The Goal (4 months ago)
Why do I have some just like those 😂
Joseph Reyes (4 months ago)
Aaron needs to play vinne in a game of skate season he can see how a real pro plays a game of skate rather then versing the Braille team 😂😂😂
Joseph Reyes (4 months ago)
Aaron plays pussy tricks he did not even touch switch tricks because he ain’t a real pro. He makes a leaving off this YouTube channel not his professional skateboarding career.
MusicNumbs ThePain (4 months ago)
Old school Bam Margera reference, love it lol.
Tragically Hipster (4 months ago)
What no Jincos?
Masta Hyper Snyper (4 months ago)
Daewon songs love child part 93ish first 360flip that’s what that last tre reminded me of lol
Gangster brail
Frankie B (5 months ago)
44?i wear 44s and theyre tight at the waist ...how tiny are these dudes?
Ricky Spanish (5 months ago)
Baggy is how we grew up skating. The only way to be BONG!
marvin joe (5 months ago)
Should've found some JINCO pants lol
Barro80 (5 months ago)
Play skate in a pair of jnco's lol
S W (5 months ago)
Watching this 2018 Canada
isaac 2high (5 months ago)
The way the best use to dress
Jesse Perez (5 months ago)
Fetty super white 😂😂😂
Gage_sk8 (5 months ago)
Y’all shouldn’t have rebated everything was sketchy in 93 anyways
A killa 4 reala (5 months ago)
I have to say, getting things out of my pockets was much easier back then. I almost had blocked those days completely out of my memory! Funny shit.
Nicholas Godbold (5 months ago)
Those are some intense tattoos

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