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Tennessee Town Outlaws Baggy Pants

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A mostly white Tennessee town is working to ban baggy pants as indecent. The City Council in Pikeville, which is nearly 94 percent white, unanimously approved a first reading of the ordinance May 12 that would define how low pants could sit on the waist and impose fines against offenders... Read More At: http://www.rawstory.com/rs/2014/05/19/tn-town-looks-to-ban-baggy-pants-we-just-dont-want-them-running-around-half-naked/ Clip from the Monday, May 19th 2014 edition of The Kyle Kulinski Show, which airs live on Blog Talk Radio and Secular Talk Radio monday - friday 4-6pm Eastern. Check out our website - and become a member - at: http://www.SecularTalkRadio.com Listen to the Live Show or On Demand archive at: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/kylekulinski Follow on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/kylekulinski Like on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/SecularTalk Friends Of SecularTalk: http://www.facebook.com/beastofreason AMAZON LINK: (Bookmark this link to support the show for free!!!) http://www.amazon.com/?tag=seculacom-20
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Text Comments (190)
Elmer Pacheco (1 month ago)
it's all about white man's abusing their power of authority .you see people white man came from Europe Europeans white wetbacks same white man are the same Republicans Billion'airs who are kkks rednecks white surprimiests Republicans in Congress in the white filthy filthy disgraceful raciest Republicans white House in Washington DC same white man tried to kill destroy the good indigenous natives the Buffalo the trail of tears the many indigenous natives killed by white man destroyers of the earth lands air Waters animals people till this day same white man taking little innocent toddlers at the borders same white man white wetbacks came from Europe Europeans white wetbacks same white man pipeline gold mine diggers greedy destroyers of the earth people toddlers indigenous natives blacks Spanish Cubans mexicanos Chinese every other nationalities not being a white raciest Republican this same white man tried to kill destroy till this day and since white wetbacks came to America from Europe. same white man Republicans like Donald Trump Republicans and supporter's who are kkks rednecks white surprimiests Republicans perverted paedophile child molester's women abuser's lier's greedy white wetbacks.. Making law's white raciest Republican evil destroyers of the whole world
Elmer Pacheco (1 month ago)
wow !!! I was right those American states are the most raciest they have the most raciest white Republicans who are kkks rednecks white surprimiests Republicans ..that's why ...boy !! am I very wise....this states are full of white raciest Republicans kkks rednecks white surprimiests Republicans Billion'airs like kavanaugh Donald Duck Republicans and supporter's raciest white man the same white man came from Europe Europeans white wetbacks came to America to Rob kill destroy the good indigenous natives the Buffalo the earth lands air Waters animals people even little innocent toddlers taken at the borders by same white man Republicans like Donald Duck Republicans law maker's polatitions pipeline gold mine diggers greedy perverted paedophile child molester's like Donald Trump Republicans and supporter's white man white wetbacks from Europe Europeans white wetbacks came to America this same white man are not even Americans Europeans white wetbacks.. since the beginning of time white man destroyers same white Donald Trump Republicans and supporter's and kavancaugh the rapists
Elmer Pacheco (1 month ago)
however this guy is right ...it's white man Republicans law maker's law's ...ban old white haired Republicans with pants over their nipples.ha ha ha.. you sorry ass white Republicans in Congress in the representative law maker's polatitions are the most raciest greedy even rapists perverted paedophile child molester's women abuser's lier's yet making law's to your convenance ... shame on you polatitions Republicans mostly white raciest Billion'airs Republicans in Congress in Washington DC and all states polatitions are the most evil perverted paedophile child molester's women abuser's rapists greedy law maker's like Donald Duck kavanaugh supporter's all Republicans... telling people what they can do and not do...well fuck you all ...I like most people was never a racists person but now I am the most raciest asshole only with white people mostly Republicans Billion'airs who are kkks rednecks white surprimiests Republicans...I treat them like the shit that they are .. in fact I to am going to start fucking them up
Elmer Pacheco (1 month ago)
what a bunch of sorry ass lowlife scumbags real scumbags no class annoying stupid sorry ass baggy ass .put this baggy sorry ass lowlife scumbags on death row prison for life.befor I my self go kick their lowlife scumbag ass'es..this ain't fashion...I don't agree with the law's white man Republicans laws . however kick this sorry baggy ass punk's in the ass...as for law maker's they should be have a lawsuit...
Theodore Heinemann (3 months ago)
If they run from the police they will trip over thier pants cops carry a ruler now he he
nando nando (3 months ago)
Lmao i wear baggy ass pants but i never sagg as its pointless
maddog (8 months ago)
how stupid, they need to outlaw these me too whores that walk around naked or boobs hanging out, there nasty! and the new style skinny jeans that the fag boys started wearing. people are ridiculas, those new skinny pants are the dumbest trend ever, i saw ryan segraves rip his pants when he sat down on kelly show and you people look like fools diffinetely in a suit lmao.... it makes your shoes and feet look strange and huge and nobody wants to see your fat rolls and your tiny man buldge in pants. years ago my wifes mentally ill brother got sick and turned fag and started wearing his sisters jordash and chic pants. its how sodomites know each others sick! no every moron is doing it! your fools all of you
People seem to always confuse baggy pants and sagging. In the 90s everyone was rocking baggys not only gangstas and hip hop heads. Baggys were basically pants that were wider but you were still able to button up those pants on the appropriate waist line. Sagging is basically wearing whatever kinda pants or shorts without a belt and letting the waist line hang down below your ass.
Balanc-Joy918 (2 years ago)
I'm not into the look, but people should be able to wear things however they want, it's their life. Also, there may come a day where the right person wears something somebody usually thinks looks silly or stupid in such a way that it impresses them instead, you never know...
gotigers98675 (2 years ago)
Having your pants hanging off your ass doesn't make you look cool. It makes you look like you're too stupid to dress yourself properly.
gotigers98675 (1 year ago)
Awwwwww, did I trigger you? By all means, continue to defend idiots who don't know how to dress themselves.
It's a style you idiot
Spirit Toad (2 years ago)
but it should still be legal
Penelope Snopes (2 years ago)
Sagging pants make the guy much easier to catch when being chased by law enforcement. Its very hard to run in pants down around their knees.
bingobongo445 (2 years ago)
They look like slobs....also nobody wants to see there ass crack
Chris Riley (2 years ago)
I doubt ppl wearing their pants where they should be are the ones causing all the trouble. Talk about limiting the freedom of expression to carry a firearm on me EVERYWHERE I GO to protect my and my families life. Left wing nobs I sware.
KOBONG Chief (2 years ago)
The older you get the higher your pants gets
Adriana Alvarado (2 years ago)
I like what you said
Hipster Jesus (2 years ago)
Wow, the rail road historical event for how laws are passed is quite insightful.
DISCO-INFERNO-70 (2 years ago)
I thought Conservatives HATED big government? As usual, Conservatives are nothing but HYPOCRITES.
Abark (2 years ago)
Old people wear their pants like that because of natural changes in their bodies. They have to wear them over the lower belly fat that accumulates and makes their hips less defined. It will happen one day to us all. Except me.
Crazy Russian Man (2 years ago)
they used to measure how tight your pants were with a beer can... in communist China! what is it about pants that gets people's sensibilities up? oh that's right, fucking freedom!
Seth Evans (3 years ago)
But racism is over because we have a black President.
WackyDeli95 (3 years ago)
Milia Jones (4 years ago)
They ban sagging pants but you men let women get away with dressing in a way that is half-naked. The way women dress far surpasses sagging pants. This needs to be addressed in a 2 way manner. No matter what, men are always targeted in their very own society that they've created
Necrofuoco (4 years ago)
People that sag their pants are a bunch of ass clowns and the laughing stock of society.    
Eddie Hippisley-Cox (4 years ago)
Because they've clearly solved all their other problems. 
shawnkain (4 years ago)
i thought the law already have that solved with indecent exposure Don't get me wrong am against people showing 24 or more inc of underwear but banning or fining in any form does not work. showing the young people the origin of where that style came from didn't work ether, but to be fair it also not hurting anyone but being a eye sore
PMetheney84 (4 years ago)
MzMiaRoseTV (4 years ago)
I can understand making it illegal to expose stained underwear, bare ass-crack, or outlawing the sagging of skinny jeans, because really... that makes no goddamn sense, whatsoever. lol But there shouldn't be anything wrong with sagging baggy jeans, and showing some *clean* underwear.  It's incredibly sexy, especially on a dude who has the body type of a Calvin Klein underwear model.  :) <3
RiggsBF (4 years ago)
What a shitty law, I'm not gonna go around looking like urkel.
jim jam (4 years ago)
can we outlaw old people taking to long to do things i also agree old people need to pull there pants out of there ass its gross we dont wanna see your junk or mantoe or camtoe
Bobbi Nunyabiz (4 years ago)
Hahahahahaha! This is a great video, you make some hilarious points. Made me LoL. Proud to be a fan. :) Yes, please, let's ban the tight, pulled up to the nipples pants on these old white men... *shudders* That is honestly so much more offensive than baggy pants, which has been a very popular style since I was a teen in the 90's. These old white dudes are so insecure and threatened... afraid of anything outside of their bubble. It boils right back down to the whole caveman instincts thing you talked about in one of your clips tonight. You should do a segment on the differences between the brains of cons vs libs and the studies that have been done about it. Interesting stuff!
Crud O'Matic (4 years ago)
Can't forget about all the racist arguments used to ban marijuana too - that it would cause white women to fall into uncontrollable lust for black men, and it would cause black men to look twice at a white woman...
Crud O'Matic (4 years ago)
So, conservatives... tell me about the nanny state and big government again. Tell me how fining people for wearing baggy pants ISN'T big government. Tell me how it's not the nanny state when your reason is that it might injure the wearer because it causes improper gait. Go ahead and tell me how it isn't racist either - seeing as how the VAST MAJORITY of people who sag their pants are black - and you're extracting a fine from them too! Tell me how THIS doesn't limit your freedom, but how making sure PSYCHOS don't get guns and END YOUR FREEDOM PERMANENTLY is impeding on your freedom. Go ahead.
Explore Nevada (4 years ago)
the hilarious part is this still actually makes more sense than weed being illegal
The Jaded Warlock (4 years ago)
I don't think certain towns understand what the hell they should make laws about.  I hate saggy pants more than the next guy, but it isn't your body.  Let my people wear whatever the fuck they want.
KeG86PI (4 years ago)
We need more open minded people in the government.
Martin Dennis (4 years ago)
We're all dodging the obvious. This is a way to give black guys a ticket for looking like scary thugs. White city councilmen dislike it out of fear. Black city councilmen dislike it out of embarrassment. It's not that hard to figure out.
Cristobal Salvaje (4 years ago)
They should wear sarongs or skirts 3" passed their hips. Or is that also illegal
Nathan Dawson (4 years ago)
I was never a fan of "skinny jeans". I prefer my jeans baggy where the pant leg is not tight on my legs. It's a personal thing.
arkdude (2 years ago)
get tapered pants, loose on thigh, and is slim around calfs and ankles, good for showing off sneakers, joggers are also cool, get slim joggers not skinny joggers
GG Allin99 (2 years ago)
Same and I don't even sag
RevDooDatt (4 years ago)
For fucksake ban skinny jeans for men....ban hipster douche bags while you're at it.
Noktelfa Rootcreeper (4 years ago)
To me, pants this loose are a silly fashion trend, but since when do we outlaw fashions that we find silly?  I guess it's only White people fashion trends that don't become illegal.
darkwingduckie7 (4 years ago)
Sounds like high school dress code, but not in school. As much as I think those pants are ridiculous, its called freedom (as long as they do wear underwear underneath). And sometimes saggy pants wearers provide much needed entertainment... I've seen one run and have his pants fall down making him trip and fall. :P Was hilarious, especially since the kid acted all cool thuggish-like before taking the massive fall.
Patricia Rhinesmith (4 years ago)
Who wants to see somebody's underwear? Good for Tennessee.
Hawaiisidecar (4 years ago)
I say it is about time! Federal felony next!
BALLOON!!! (4 years ago)
MandyDoll (4 years ago)
"Pants up to their nipples!" ROFL
antoniac1234 (4 years ago)
Bless their hearts in Pikeville. The town is doing so well they have nothing better to do. 
RevDooDatt (4 years ago)
So my comfortable baggy pants are a health risk to me but these feminine looking, nut strangling "skinny jeans" are just okie dokie ? lol If you're wearing jeans that are tighter than the jeans your girl has on you need to check yourself brah.
David Allen (4 years ago)
Please kill the people who voted yes on this.  Period
Paul M (4 years ago)
Bigots and hypocrites.
William Blevins (4 years ago)
Ironically the people who claim to be pro freedom and small government are doing something TOTALLY anti-freedom. I won't wear my pants like that, by why stop other's from doing it
Corellia Calling (4 years ago)
I don't think that baggy pants should be a criminal offense.  I just think they should be taunted out of existence.  (I feel the same way about open-toed boots and pajama pants with Uggs.)
Steve Donovan (4 years ago)
It's illegal because black ppl r doing it. Whatever laws can be made to fine and financially hurt black expression and creativity it will be made. Instead of fining young black youths why not create positive environments for them to grow up in instead of giving then the only idols of rap stars. The cops r pussies. They won't arrest banksters or corporate scum
Mike Jordan (2 months ago)
Why am I always asked to create a creative environment or fund this program or that program, or build you something? Try PARENTING!! Put in their heads the value of education, self-reliance and dignity. When you're busy working toward something you don't need programs.
Ryan Neitzel (4 years ago)
i like when idiots where saggy pants. it allows me to dominate the dating market. like it or not, my 200 dollar suit beats your striped boxer briefs look every day of the week.  so keep wearing baggy pants, and ill keep the woman that dont want to go home with poor, uneducated idiots that dress like alcoholic clowns.
Aesithair Runekafi (4 years ago)
I just tell the idiot with the baggery that his diaper is full.
Aesithair Runekafi (4 years ago)
I guess no plumbers in Tennessee.
gyrate4 (4 years ago)
Yep.  Racist, hillbilly sacks of shit.  They never change.   
English not British (4 years ago)
People should be free to look as ridiculous as they want.
luke lee (4 years ago)
How people dress should have nothing to do with how I feel about it. Why am I mature enough to understand that?
TonyThompson1981 (4 years ago)
Outlaw skinny jeans. No, I'm not joking. Please outlaw skinny jeans. lol
Zhu Bajie (4 years ago)
Oh No! Not this racist crap about opium and Chinese! Fuck you Kyle! One more tirade about this and it is unsubscribe and I'm talking to TYT. Whites hated us be we worked hard and found gold. And of course only white people deserved that gold. Whites standard response. You got it. LYNCHING! Few Chinese were opium smoking zombies. Certainly none that found any gold. Kyle, what a racist pig! 
Jstoney127 (4 years ago)
Why do old people where there pants over their navel? 
André Sax (4 years ago)
Old white men and Steve Urkel! ;)
talkingprimate (4 years ago)
Welcome to Pleasantville.
Bl Meinecke (4 years ago)
freedom? This is a law worthy of the taliban
keiferd11 (4 years ago)
Sorry Kyle...has nothing to do with _freedom_ .  Good for the town that passed this...your _freedom_ stops when you flash your bare ass in public. Nothing to debate.
Kraz Samosval (4 years ago)
I'm wondering where the FUCK is Alex Jones on this issue, when the US government says that maybe civilians should not possess MILITARY GRADE guns or that they should register them, Alex Jones declares war on everything that moves but when the government (local state government not federal) is DICTATING how one should wear their pants and threatens with sanctions the freedom loving citizens that prefer wearing their pants a little bit low, Alex Jones is nowhere to be found.Why  isn't he calling for a revolution to take down those TYRANTS.(I personally don't like baggy pants, but that is my opinion who knows I could be wrong)
Bigfilmhat (4 years ago)
I've got a good idea, i don't like seeing some dudes ass and boxers but you have the right to wear saggy pants so you must wear several pairs if they sag. That way you can sag and still not show your ass.
Majin Weabuu (4 years ago)
I say ban pants all together.
Jay_The_Gamer/JTG (3 years ago)
+SuperOptimisticEmo full nude country lol
Transcended Minds Ⓥ (3 years ago)
You get my vote! lol
Bobbi Nunyabiz (4 years ago)
Chalintje Chalintje (4 years ago)
Chalintje Chalintje (4 years ago)
including underpants!
sheldonspider86 (4 years ago)
We should have simply freed the slaves and then let the South secede. We really should have let them secede man. They NOT really american anyway. They promote an entirely different flag and their values belong in the middle ages. Why is the south a part of the united states???? Just let them go man becuz uts embarrasing having these states as part of the Union.
jayops (4 years ago)
I wouldn't really call wearing saggy pants "fashion" or "culture". Saggy pants just makes you look like an unintelligent elementary school level dumb fuck. Nonetheless, I'll still defend an individual's right to wear those god awful pants!
Hamptino (4 years ago)
I'm sure these are the same people who are all for small government. GTFOHWTBS.
ffairlane57 (4 years ago)
Y'aw, mang.......... y'alls don't be like that, yaw. 
Sarah Santos (4 years ago)
lol Republicans and their "smaller government" views strike again.
Tim Horn (4 years ago)
can't people just let people wear whatever the fuck they want? is it that hard to do?
NocturnalNemesis (4 years ago)
Sagging trousers look fucking ridiculous but trying to pass a law to ban is just ridiculous
ziffulmyer (4 years ago)
the older generation bitching about the styles of younger generation ..whoda thought?!! frkn STYLE POLICE ....lol
Teriyaki Jesus Jerkey (4 years ago)
Small government is small enough to fit in the three inch gap between your hips and top of the pants anything more is big government and we can't have that 
Teriyaki Jesus Jerkey (4 years ago)
I think we should ban clothes all together 
KEPoles (4 years ago)
How is this different from Muslim countries forcing women to wear their heads covered?
Dyvim Tvar (4 years ago)
Forcing people to comply to your own clothing tastes is totalitarian. On par with North Korea. You are only allowed to wear what the state and/or religion dictates you can wear. State uniform.
KEPoles (4 years ago)
+Seth Dixon How is this different? 
Seth Dixon (4 years ago)
You want to live under religious laws? What an idiot you are.
Sipher Nein (4 years ago)
Low pants comes from prison... It is meant to tell other inmates the person that has there pants down around there ass crack is willing to be penetrated... Now if people that wear there pants low actually know that is the message they are sending, I bet those pants would come up all around the world... Well unless you are looking to get it up the ass...
Victoria Reed (4 years ago)
fine $25 - $50? they know who they're targeting
terence coleman (4 years ago)
why is it a slippery slope to put rules on the 2nd amendment but if a guys pants are lower than u like u make a law.....why????? actually when guys pants sag they wear shorts underneath....there is no crack showing 
46619TAB (4 years ago)
Kyle calm down, I mean you're wearing a Pepto-Bismol pink shirt which IMO leaves you little room to criticize as a fashion expert because str8 guys don't wear pink. As for the kids wearing saggy pants thinking they look cool, whatever. Banning the 'look' isn't as effective as laughing at it, humiliating it when applying for college (oh wait) or not hiring it for a job.  As for 'old guys' wearing pants with the waist band at their nipples is a bit extreme and some 'old guys' have no waist line anymore anyway but define 'old'. I'm 60, my partner is 62 and both of us wear pants at the waistline. My dad was 75 when he died and always looked dapper with his belt at his waistline. 
Imnotacop (4 years ago)
And they call us fascists. 
Carl Laguerre (4 years ago)
I may not agree with anything coming from Tennessee, but this one I am all for
Alexander (4 years ago)
This isn't your everyday stupid this is advanced stupid.
Darryl Warren (4 years ago)
INDECENT EXPOSURE! I endorse the this law 100%. Who the fuck wants to see someones shit stained underwear!
This Is Sauce (4 years ago)
that's not indecent exposure though there are dozens of bill boards with ripped dudes and tiny girls in there underwear(usually white) and I doubt those will be taken down because of this law 
triciakitty (4 years ago)
Yeah- next they'll try to say we're not allowed to dye our hair weird colors or have certain haircuts, or ban t-shirts they don't like. Fuck laws like this!
J T (4 years ago)
Clearly those town councils are, slightly remedial. I can sympathize with them though. There is an association or culture with wearing saggy clothing that does symbolize an unproductive or criminal life. You can call me crazy, but no one shows up to an interview and expects to be hired with saggy pants. There is a stereotype, and one well deserved in our culture about saggy pants. It has nothing to do with race. There was a severe problem with opium btw. In China it spread like wildfire, but also made the West (specifically the U.K.) invest heavily into it. The sick part of that is that people made money off of other peoples physical addictions that hurt their lives. Unless someone will tell me recreational opium use improved their lives and they can demonstrate that to be empirically true, I highly doubt it. I'm against legislation against saggy pants, or opium (a comparison you made), but I'm just saying that not everything is racist when they disagree with you. In this case, it may be stereotypical and even racist, but if there is someone who isn't racist that makes an argument against saggy pants, remember that you shouldn't presume to know what they think without very compelling evidence on the individual.
MyNameIs Luke (4 years ago)
I find it ridiculous that so many of you blindly except homosexual origins of sagging. Penitentiary punks wear kool aid lipstick, pencil shaving eye shadow, and tie their shirts in knots. You don't see straight men adopting those fashions, do you? Sagging (look it up) originated in prisons wear inmates aren't issued belts, and are typically assigned clothes too large. Snopes that shit, you fucking morons. Google it! Unfortunately for me, I've been to prison. The people sagging their pants, are the same people doing it on the streets. I'd like to see you suggest that bullshit to the countless number of incarcerated gang members doing it. Personally, I've never seen a gay man sag his pants.
Metonymy1979 (4 years ago)
Don't you just love how Republicans stay out of people's business? Unless, they don't like what you wear or what you look like or if you're a woman or if you're an immigrant or whatever arbitrary bullshit?
Nash (4 years ago)
Why should men get to show their underwear with their baggy pants around their knees.... when I can't walk around in my bra? No fair :)
opTimL (4 years ago)
lmao @ the spectrum
darttoyou1 (4 years ago)
With prisons freeing up room by new drug laws, they're looking at possibly the next long term attendees.
darttoyou1 (4 years ago)
What next only tattoos that display bible versus? Ipad and ebook burnings in the street?
Jax Kowalski (4 years ago)
Black people be like: OH SHIT DA FASHION POLICE!!
William Brown (4 years ago)
Seriously tho, who wrote this law?
William Brown (4 years ago)
sagging and baggy are different. Parachute pants look silly, but having to literally hold ur pants up with every step is beyond ridiculous. That being said, I see it as anti freedom of expression and ultimately a bit racist. There is precedent in that we are asked to wear clothes in part for sanitary reasons and that if those clothes are failing to keep those areas covered when sitting it could be looked at as a health concern. Would be grasping at straws though. Idk its silly to me 4 both.
Elmer Pacheco (1 month ago)
William Brown same punks lowlife scumbags same polatitions abusing their power of authority ... the polatitions mostly white raciest Republicans white raciest Billion'airs old old faggets like Donald Duck kavanaugh supporter's all are guilty guilty of abusing their power of authority
Tangle2Brook (4 years ago)
Have the problems in Ukraine and Syria ended? Do some real news man, you are good at it!
Kitty Kat (4 years ago)
Its a crime against fashion nothing more. This kinda law is fascism.
Kraz Samosval (4 years ago)
I wonder if the tea-baggers and the libertarians will start an armed revolution against the state governments of those states (this law is not the federal government's doing) because if the government is dictating how low or how high you wear your pants what freedoms do you have left?Why not take down the government of Georgia they are fascist's are they not?
Elmer Pacheco (1 month ago)
Kraz Samosval are you joking this sorry ass baggy ass punk's lowlife scumbags real scumbags are good for nothing nothing they walk around like they shit on their pants hoping that someone poke's their ass they are potted shit poking ass shit lovers poking each other's ass and smelling like shit potted shit baggy saggy rap hip hop lowlife scumbags good for nothing useless worthless fake punk's of the 80s 90s they have no respect no moral's no honor no value...lock them up where they can wear their saggy pants and get poked in the ass
Kraz Samosval (4 years ago)
+terence coleman I'm not American so I'm not sure how this stop and frisk works.But i guess they don't stop rich old bankers to check if they have stolen money on their person or documents proving financial fraud.
terence coleman (4 years ago)
DAMMIT......thats exactly riiiiiiiite.... the cry about liberty and we are losing our freedom and tyranny reigns supreme.... but they wont say shit about this obvious encroachment of freedom (see stop and frisk) how are these even laws???

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