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Playing PUBG Mobile On Windows PC? How To Install!

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Download: http://syzs.qq.com/en/ New Update Is Live! Soundtrack: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=__CRWE-L45k Follow me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/titash_sharma https://twitter.com/ktntech Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ktntech/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ktntechyt/ Telegram: https://t.me/KTNTECH Donate: https://www.paypal.me/ktntech
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Text Comments (272)
KTNTECH (14 days ago)
If you guys are wondering about the best settings which I use for this emulator: https://youtu.be/c5eoIEoU7IA
Abhilash Sharma (4 days ago)
KTNTECH Installed gaming buddy and downloaded pubg. But after 98% of installation it says "can't install apk". Tried many times. Same problem help me.
abdullah akhtar (4 days ago)
My game is takin 8 hrs and is now inatalling
KTNTECH (4 days ago)
abdullah akhtar 20 minutes
abdullah akhtar (4 days ago)
How much your take
KTNTECH (4 days ago)
abdullah akhtar depends on your internet speed bro
vivek nayak (2 hours ago)
bro it's working bt lagging in my pc 8.1 windows
nandu murali (2 hours ago)
why m nt able to log in ?It shows failed to log in when i tried with facebook and google play ..expecting your reply soon..!!!
fastech communication (4 hours ago)
thank you
dark gaming chad (16 hours ago)
pubg must be the top 1 game in the world you mobile legends i hate you!!!!!!!!!
Stjepan Uremovic (16 hours ago)
To be honest with you you are very cool guys nice video!Keep up with that also what are spces on minimum of pubg pc mobile?
Stjepan Uremovic (16 hours ago)
KTNTECH Yes for pubg
KTNTECH (16 hours ago)
Stjepan Uremovic Thank you. You mean for the emulator?
Dhruv Punj (17 hours ago)
will it work on pentium dual core 2.70ghz?
Eri (22 hours ago)
omg is not fake
Khizar Ahmed (1 day ago)
will it works kya bro
Debanjan mitra (1 day ago)
My pc is 32 bits windows 7 would it work???
siva ram (1 day ago)
is this good or bad for PC please tell me
yuv raj (1 day ago)
bro I'm getting a graphic adjuster plzz tell me what should I do suggest me
Javed Ahmed (1 day ago)
Bhai lag krta hai
Vaibhav Gupta (1 day ago)
bro its showing network error
hello bro i playing this game in macbook but t still lagging there is any graphic driver to support this
Devanshu Thaker (2 days ago)
ktn..mine computer is not of 3 gb ram so it dose not worked...plz do something
Robert Morina (2 days ago)
Robert Morina (1 day ago)
Hey BRO Can 8 I make one question about Pubg My pubg freezes not a lot but a little Do You Know what I Need to do Bro❤️?
Robert Morina (2 days ago)
KTNTECH (2 days ago)
Robert Morina God bless you bro❤️
Robert Morina (2 days ago)
KTNTECH (2 days ago)
Robert Morina THANKS MAN❤️👏 THANK YOU FOR Appreciation ❤️
presheet jaiswal (2 days ago)
Thanks It works❤️🙏🏻
KTNTECH (2 days ago)
Awesome ❤️👏
aditya parge (2 days ago)
download of pubg in the emulator is so slow bro it reached at 95% and adain restarted plzzz help have a nice wifi speed also it takes more than 3 hours to complete 35%
Kotresh Mb (2 days ago)
Bro it's works 100% or no
Scientists Vobe (2 days ago)
thnks bro
Tech IT (3 days ago)
My jio internet is not enough to download file of 1.5gb data, so can I put my phone games data like obb and apk in emulator, and where to put those things.
Saeed Zahir (3 days ago)
in the end it take me too long to do it
thineth kanchna (3 days ago)
how many want ram
ramesh venky200 (3 days ago)
i installed but the game is not opening and it stoppes at 98% loading
Rahul More (4 days ago)
ahlam rs (4 days ago)
I already download and installed the game but everytime i start a match the game stop at loading , help me at that please 🤔
Abhilash Sharma (4 days ago)
Installed gaming buddy and downloaded pubg. But after 98% of installation it says "can't install apk". Tried many times. Same problem help me.
Sugan eeshwaran (4 days ago)
Thx bro......but too much lagging while playing ..why is that ? I can't play well ....plz help me bro
KTNTECH (4 days ago)
Sugan eeshwaran Depends on the specs bro. Change settings as I showed in the video from the pinned comment or the cards
Sumedh Jadhav (5 days ago)
Thank you
Imran Gamer (5 days ago)
bro it saying that serverv cant reach...... plz giv me solution
Technical Bikash (5 days ago)
Mere main upper ki trf aur nise black bars aa rhe Hain... Full scrn pe krta huu toh Bhi rhta hain
Patel's Channel (5 days ago)
Showing downloaded 100% but it doesn't going to installing window, stucks at 100%.
Ryhan Ahmed (6 days ago)
Is this possible to play the game with 2GB ram on PC
Vijaiy Sridhar (6 days ago)
But I got test version...
KTNTECH (6 days ago)
Me too
Rishav Singh (6 days ago)
can you tell me what its size ........?
Geeky Malayalam (6 days ago)
How much mb
PUBGenie YT (7 days ago)
100 percent download hone ke baad fir se hone lgta h kya kru?!!..
MAX MUSIC (7 days ago)
Sir ye emulator mera kafi data consume kr leta ager main 10 minutes bhi play keta hu to 500 se 600 mb.... Iss ka koi solution hai... Please reply
Manoj Bhandari (7 days ago)
downloading: it takes a lot of time and it restarts time and again (the downloaded one) and it is not opening what to do tell me
Technical Dhaba (8 days ago)
bhai fb se login failed bata raha hai bs ad guest login ho jata hai bakki ji hobraha kese se bhe
Ali Lami (8 days ago)
i have white screen how to fix it help please
Dimitris Ttsaousudys (8 days ago)
Gooodddd wark
Vano Gaming HD (8 days ago)
anjing babi ternyata komputer gw ram 4gb tapi tinggal 1 gb kontol anjing goblok
adel reda (8 days ago)
when a wont to downlad my antivirus blook plaes any one tell me its saif to download it or not
wrestling charity (8 days ago)
thanks bro i'm a big fan
drop of sweat (8 days ago)
does this game show on my pc windows
prabhakar patil (9 days ago)
mayne download kiya par install nahi horaha hay
kabin shrestha (9 days ago)
thanks a lot man
Vikas Rana (9 days ago)
Log in ni hora bro not in guest and Facebook or any other account
Deeptesh Ghosh (9 days ago)
can i play it in 2gb ram??
Shiva HR (9 days ago)
Bhai nextwork error Bata Raha h login time PE koi solution Bata Dena yrr
subhankar dey (9 days ago)
great love u
Sujoy Biswas (9 days ago)
Bhai kitna gb lagega
Dinesh Bror (9 days ago)
in win 7 run the game
Sagar Pawar (10 days ago)
Bro will you please tell me how did you change language it's Chinese in my PC
KTNTECH (10 days ago)
Change the language from that 3 bar settings
Raeez Razz (10 days ago)
When my game engine downloading it restart download when i pause and continue😢😢.....how much data required to downloaf game engine...somebody pls replay
Eswar V (10 days ago)
I stuck in installing at 98% I leave it for 1hr and it is still 98 % Pls help me
Tech School (10 days ago)
Thank you sir for guiding and showing how to download pubg mobile,😀😀😀
Moutaz Abbas (10 days ago)
the web site is not downloading!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Santosh Rajbanshi (11 days ago)
how to change language to english
Hamza Kasim (12 days ago)
How to make it full screen plz reply
Hamza Kasim (12 days ago)
thanks very much keep up the good work 👌👌
KTNTECH (12 days ago)
Hamza Kasim Just press F11 or the full screen icon is to the right
Bikram Singha (12 days ago)
Mera play nahi ho raha ha yaar....
Richiegamer 12 (12 days ago)
Yay thanks dude now I can play fortnite and pubg!
Phol Kim (11 days ago)
Shu Kurenai how
KTNTECH (12 days ago)
Welcome man :D
Wurst Loch (12 days ago)
5 kills? good game??? A good game is to have more than 10 kills!!!
Muhib Hussain (13 days ago)
Will it run on i3????
Deepak Singh (13 days ago)
kitni gb ka h
vinay k (13 days ago)
bro this really works?
KTNTECH (13 days ago)
Yes definitely 😂
Kadek HENDRA (13 days ago)
How munch GB this Aplikasi
Khyati Verma (13 days ago)
can we use game pad
Errorcode bata raha he
ibrahim khalil (14 days ago)
does it work for every PC??
Rebellious DuH (14 days ago)
How do you sign in on google play on the pc I already have a account on mobile. It's not working for me!
Aryan Shukhla (14 days ago)
Bro I’ve got 4gb of ram an intel i5 7gen processor and a 2gb graphic card will it work?
KTNTECH (14 days ago)
j.lokeshwarrao (15 days ago)
What is the size
prince kumar (15 days ago)
fuck fuck fuck fuck
cai noy (16 days ago)
it does update
KTNTECH (14 days ago)
s -mart (16 days ago)
bRO TQ SO0000 MUCH yaaaaR
KTNTECH (14 days ago)
zayed ansri (16 days ago)
Thanks sir I love you thanks so much its under 2gb net I thought my game is running
nep pker (17 days ago)
guys i am having problem every time i close map or esc it auto shoot all bullet any help?
lone survivor (17 days ago)
It is installing in different language
Jeeouls (17 days ago)
I'm 1 step away of downloading it!!! Omg I hope it runs ok.
Kai Hiwatari (18 days ago)
It dosent load(install)....always stops at 0%...plz help
Rickey (18 days ago)
I seriously had no idea about test version! 😶 This looks awesome! If it worked nicely then i think i will subscribe you channel 😂🙌
Rickey (18 days ago)
Why the hell i am stucked at "installing.." ?
Rickey (18 days ago)
(Got i3-4005U 5th gen 4gb ram with 2gb of amd radeon graphic ) i brought this alomost 4 or 5 years ago and i don't think test version will work!😐 Does it?
KTNTECH (18 days ago)
Best Of PUBG 😂 Depends on your pc specs bro
Gaurav Vashist (19 days ago)
Heyyy bro..can u tell me is it updated version or not? 2nd can it download upcoming updates or not?
KTNTECH (14 days ago)
Yes it is updated
ROBLOXAJSI TV (19 days ago)
you are sooooooooooooooooooo goooooooooooood
KTNTECH (14 days ago)
Thanks dude❤️
kanchan thapa (19 days ago)
Itstuck on downloaded 100% and doesnt install
Vedant Maru (19 days ago)
Brother I am not able download. The time I try to click download button new tab open up and shows site can't be reached
Prakash Jangid (19 days ago)
bro it is saying network problem plzzzzzzz help
mohmmad ali shaikh (19 days ago)
ek problem ari h mere pc me pubg ka sb install hora h but download hota h waha or bar bar shuru se start hora h kuch btaa do
Sad Hacked (19 days ago)
account ban to nhi hogaa naa
Sad Hacked (19 days ago)
bro. official tooo he i know but it's still in beta
KTNTECH (19 days ago)
Nehi bhai😂 ye official hain
Faze Verge (20 days ago)
Also can you play with pc players too
Faze Verge (20 days ago)
Thanks man my phone broke so this made up for this
KTNTECH (20 days ago)
It's awesome that you're playing on pc but it's sad that your phone broke :(
Raj Gamer (20 days ago)
It can work in windows 7
fisabi lillah (21 days ago)
Thx for great video! Playing on my mac
Akshay Jaiswal (21 days ago)
Kya computer se es game Ko Apne friends ke Sath Khel sakte haa age wo android Mobil e me ye game khlta ho to
KTNTECH (14 days ago)
Sneyan Chattopadhyay (22 days ago)
bro mera pubg acc mobile may google playstore se connect hay, jab pc may isko connect karne jaa rahahu yea bolre hay google play services version unusable. pls bro eed some help...
Abhiram A (22 days ago)
thank you bro :)
KTNTECH (14 days ago)
Welcome bro
Rahul Kamatagi (22 days ago)
Bhai yaaaar bahuuut lag ho Raha hai Any opinion??
Fakhrul Asmali (23 days ago)
i installed it and everything runs smoothly on my pc, but until then in the middle of the game suddenly the game's sound vanish. how can fix this issue.?

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