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The Game that Tried to Sell $100 Loot Boxes

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Text Comments (1572)
YongYea (6 months ago)
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Sanja Mitic (8 days ago)
George Houliaras yeah but you know what you paid for so its fine.
Kaius P (12 days ago)
Sand 22 no u
Grandma (12 days ago)
+Sand 22 *facepalm* most youtubers get donations for livings you Dunno that? YouTube doesn't give every YouTuber enough money for living.
Sand 22 (12 days ago)
donation? is he ill? is he handicaped? is he old? is he homeless? or is he just a dirty fuck who is shitting on companies till he gets sued and wants people money to go to him instead of video games they enjoy... GIVE ME A BREAK!
Grandma (12 days ago)
+Sand 22 Really?... *he doesn't take People money it's called a Donation also the fact you have to pay 100 dollars for just 1 loot chest is greedy and a scam
Monkey Nut (20 hours ago)
Star Citizen: Hold my $27000 beer
BUGZNTA (4 days ago)
Cant help but agree with the statement of "Dont fucking buy it then". If a game company wants to milk idiots who will buy a 99$ item that gives zero advantage then why should I stop them? If you are such a degenerate that you spend 99$ on an item in a game then you hardly deserve people protecting you. I just cant seem to find a fuck to give. Go after the multiple company's that are making you pay for things that give actual advantages to player's.
Scipio Africanus (4 days ago)
This is nothing special. Deals, bundles, buy now limited time 59,99. I see it everywhere.
DrBrainzzz (4 days ago)
Let me take out a credit card, I need those mounts!
Dragon ologist (5 days ago)
Loot boxes only tempt idiots addicted to instant gratification. Face your reality and fix it yourself.
Infroo oorfnl (5 days ago)
If someone is willing to pay how is it scummy????
Jirachi (5 days ago)
oh god, Trion Worlds. they have another MMO they refuse to fix but they force people to pay to get anything good anyways. just recently they pushed out 3 50 dollar packs that are far from being worth even 30 dollars.
Kimmie Sasumori (6 days ago)
Theres a dress up phone app i play called Line Play, and every so often, theyll offer you a currency buy page that has a CHANCE, NOT A GUARANREE, A CHANCE to get a rare facial accessory or aura. Line corp is a shitty business practicer and no one's batting an eye
Hugo Brice (6 days ago)
There are tons of mobile games that have 100 dollar loot crates too. It is ridiculous.
Trion just pulled an EA.
Krystalic Slill (6 days ago)
Last days on earth Buy a full metal room for 100$
King of Doggos (6 days ago)
Glad this isn't happening to trove, oh wait...
chamP _ (6 days ago)
They gave us shitty TF2 weapons too.
Kamikan 22 (6 days ago)
*buy the new 100$ lootbox* _for a chance of getting a premiun _*_1 on 42_*_ mounting of _*_YongYea_*_ patreons_
BalloonBoy (7 days ago)
Pleas be openminded what i have to say and it just my opinion : I don't actually think cosmetics stuff are problematic like YOU will get YOUR OWN CHOICE (and you do get your own choice) to buy them or NOT and it is a game changing with cosmetics/skin????? Hello WAKE UP!!! it's not a problem at all becaus it not a PAY2WIN like EA STARS WARS like people need to think carefully and split COSMETIC/SKIN with no buff or game changing VS PAY2WIN COSMETICS/SKIN with buffs and game changing. Like sometime i actually don't know how people cannot see these kind of stuff like F2P vs P2W and like overwatch lootbox you don't need to buy them at all it's just skin like what can a skin do too you? NOTHING at all!!! And you get them for FREE when you level up and people are still complaining about those stuff??!! Just be gratefull with what you get and don't let the lootbox/cosmetics/skin with no buff at all ruined your joy of the gameplay pleas guys! And the last thing i have to say is "Lootbox are not the problem, the real problem is the pay2win mechanic and cosmetics/skin have non of it"
Narabedla (7 days ago)
don't get it. just don't buy it? "content" it is just a skin. soo what. if you think 100 bucks is worth the chance of this skin is, buy it, if not don't. it isn't like it is really game changing.
ŮPŘ-WarRobots (7 days ago)
Boi why do you put an OverNut lootbox instead of a Team Fortress 2 crate? its still funny how overnut copied tf2 they basically jammed diferent tf2 weapons into a class. like anna she is basically the stun baseball the crusaders crossbow and the madmilk.
I think developers are starting to realize their mistakes. I’m so happy lootboxes and all of this shit is going away.
Stephen Lowe (7 days ago)
If people are retarded enough to buy the shits then let them
Maliz Babelz (7 days ago)
100. That's cheap I've seen more expensive than this. Train Simulator DLC. Above 6000 dollars for the dlc Star Citizen. 1000 for the ships COD (All and their maps and bonuses) on Steam I think above 800
When I first read the title I got it said 100 not $100
Miiranga (8 days ago)
Many other games tried this shit
TheGreatOne (8 days ago)
You realize most mobile games do this exact same thing. $100 packages are usually the highest you'll find. Its crazy but in a lot of games thousands of people actually buy them... Its sickening to most people including myself. You'll see leaderboards with players in guilds who all pay out huge money to always get a high score.
Mellow Wuff (8 days ago)
But there are people who want $100 collector's items. Nobody is telling anyone to get them. Stop bashing on a smart corporate strategy.
Middox (8 days ago)
honestly, before the game went completely pay to win, it was one of the best mmos of all time, with undoubtedly the best raids of any mmo ever, loved it in its highest, but damn did it fall hard
Jamie Hughes (8 days ago)
Anyone else seen salvaged crate #30 tf2, that thing is expensive
Oncus2 (8 days ago)
Honestly, I'm not all that convinced that the community should cater to the few completionists that can't control their wallet spending. If it's that addictive, than lowering the price will hurt them less, but it's still something that may need treatment or self-reflection to overcome permanently. I'm talking here about the no-control under every circumstance completionists not the ones that enjoy it but have limits. If this was NOT a purely cosmetic item, then I would understand the backlash. Don't get me wrong, this IS a scummy behavior, and I'm glad that the community demands more ethical practices, but they are right when they said it's optional. They are not here to caretaker players, they are there to earn money like most companies. Does WOW care about your physical health you destroy by spending 12 hours day playing it? Nope. Why should they? You are the one responsible for your health and finances, not some game developer whose game you play.
Armgears (8 days ago)
Shhhh...rest now Rift...slip away into Death.
gelpfortonimum xd (9 days ago)
No wonder almost no one plays trove to this day
Flushy The Swag Fish (9 days ago)
Rarities of the Benefactor treasure (same as lootbox) from Dota 2 worth more than 💲1000 ... is this normal?
Flushy The Swag Fish (9 days ago)
Rarities of the Benefactor treasure (same as lootbox) from Dota 2 worth more than 💲1000 ... is this normal?
Alkaizer (9 days ago)
Train made trove still good tbh.
Jerimya L (9 days ago)
A free to play game, heh, I payed full price for that thing. Still got it's case. Went free so god damn fast. Not only that it had a monthly sub as well. Was a load.
Valkyrie (10 days ago)
I remember getting a package for this game years ago. The package came with a comic and artwork / design book, as well as some other items (including the game of course), and what do you know -- this special package STILL required you to pay a monthly subscription, not even a 1 month courtesy trial was included. The best part was that this was mentioned NOWHERE within the package or from the website where it was bought. Needless to say I never actually played it, but I'm glad considering the kind of trashy things the developers seem to be pulling off now.
The Pure Healer (11 days ago)
I mean... rift is f2p... and they are just mounts
Spaze (11 days ago)
Tbh if they are just cosmetic it doesn't matter, though $100 is fuckin stupid
w w (11 days ago)
cmbbfan78 (11 days ago)
You are right, but stupid people will be always found by discusting companies...they are the best customer group.
Will (12 days ago)
Trion sell shit like this all the time on Trove
Community : please get this community back to relevance Trion : 🅱️ORSE ARMOUR €99.99
Frankie B (12 days ago)
you know what...i know hes making the point sarcastically.but its true tho.the shit is cosmetic!and yes nobody is forcing you to fuckin buy it nor does it effect gameplay.its just like if you have enough money to buy gucci shoelaces for a 100 bucks and if thats the type of pointless meaningless shit you concern yourself with caring about then....im sure as hell not gonna be blaming gucci for selling them to you
Mustard Man (13 days ago)
Welcome to Android and Ios Games. p2w and takes thousands of $$ to be a top player.
『Hitler loli』 (13 days ago)
If a lootbox costs 100 bucks it better suck my dick or something
Cory Popowich (13 days ago)
To be honest, who cares? Anyone stupid enough to spend the money on such a dumb thing deserve to be taken advantage of. They exist for a reason.
EAT BREAD (13 days ago)
I don't like this either but the "What about the people who want to buy everything? That's going to be very expensive." argument is stupid. Stop enabling addicts. If you're compelled to clear out a digital storefront then that's a mental illness not a completionist mind set. It was stupid in For Honor and it's stupid now.
EAT BREAD (13 days ago)
100 x 42 = 2 Quik maths
FiresplitterX (13 days ago)
Rift was actually a pretty solid game to be honest. It was, however, outdone so hard by FFXIV there is no reason to play it any longer for me to be honest. If I want to play an MMORPG I play FFXIV. Stuff like this makes me happy that I switched MMORPG, it also makes me really curious to check out the game again as well though. Remember soloing the content of that game, which was really interesting.
iNecroGaming (13 days ago)
Did somebody saaaaaay Star Citizen?
Nikjojo (14 days ago)
mmos are niche and dying. companies are smart enough to take advantage of customer inertia and milk them dry. smart move by rift
Xiedhal Kreiyutz (14 days ago)
There are tons of Mobile phone games that have 100 dollar loot boxes
burnoutxboz (14 days ago)
Fk man i cant blame them. If youre buying this you are nothing but a moron.
Rudy Flores (14 days ago)
Yesterday I found a game call Train Simulator. It comes with microtransactions of course but the funny thing is if you want to buy all of the accessories the total will cost you around $7,000!! 😂👏✌️.
Reague of Regends (15 days ago)
That's nothing, Path of Exile has a 500 dollar box. Star citizen had a 10,000 dollar package too.
Valdemire Kreshnov (16 days ago)
Rift stopped being fun some years ago. They destroyed all my builds and killed any form of momentum I had built. Aka they straight removed all the skills, not nerf them.
Colin White (16 days ago)
Yeesh, when Rift first came out is was great. But this is just sad.
Lord 47 (17 days ago)
LIAR!!!! ITS NOT $100 ITS $99.99😋
Splucer (17 days ago)
It’s surprising that EA didn’t buy it
Fake Fox (17 days ago)
*Laughs in Fate/Grand Order*
Jayovani Dawkins (17 days ago)
You should do dcuo omg they give so many loot boxes and all that like 😂😂 fuck the fact that it’s free it’s really not
shotguhn (17 days ago)
Don't call it content. By calling literal cosmetics content that you're forced to not have because of a paywall, you're lying. I liked this channel but it's really clear you're a propagandist after this
Bader Alsafadi (17 days ago)
ico Ignacio (18 days ago)
Cuz. Trion mate.. Trion..
chromeinox (18 days ago)
Oh, only at the end of the video does YongYea mentions that the game is free. This video has no reason to exist.
Mihael Čudak (18 days ago)
Who would win? 10x 10$ Lootboxes Or 1x 100$ Lootboxes
FATEd Pondera (19 days ago)
It feels like so long ago... but there was a time that I was just disgusted with world of warcraft's incompetence and class pruning, so I was in the market for a new MMO. I had the choices between Rift and Final Fantasy 14, and looking at the title of this video, HOLY COW did I really dodge a bullet on that one!
Mesut Bektaş (20 days ago)
Jalen (20 days ago)
for $100 you better make me a stockholder
Cosmetics in lootboxes is completly fine by me when someone cares about these cosmetics them they have to pay for it that simple
Fudgel (20 days ago)
This, also coming from the guy with a $200 a month patreon membership. That people bought.
Jasmin Nathalie (20 days ago)
I'd get 5,254.20 Philippine Pesos, that means I have enough to buy all my school requirements... Jesus christ!
makaramuss (21 days ago)
they did it so people will hate lootboxes more so they will be banned easier :)
druidboy76 (21 days ago)
Fuck that game. Rift is just pure shit
Hyenaholic Productions (22 days ago)
It's hard to tell if they're being greedy, or if they're taking the piss while lootboxes are still legal.
SwordBreaker925 (22 days ago)
Not quite the topic at hand, but i hate seeing MMOs die. Even if i've never played them it's just kinda sad to see their playerbase dwindle and die. I wish we had ALOT fewer generic MMOs and instead had a small number of high-quality ones coming out.
Deca (22 days ago)
Ok so there is this theme park you like, and you hear they are getting a new ride. You get to the park and the new ride is just a chair, and every time you sit in it, a rusty nail repeatedly stabs you in the balls. Sure, you could argue, that if you don't want your balls poked with a rusty nail just don't sit in the chair. But some people miss their theme park before they had to look at rows and rows of people sitting in chairs spread eagle getting shanked in the balls with a rusty nail.
Deca (22 days ago)
Oh, also people seem to just keep riding it non stop without stopping. Other theme parks see this and make their own rusty nail chairs, until it's everywhere.
Deca (22 days ago)
Sometimes I think I made the right choice by no longer playing online games regularly since unreal tournament.
Felix (23 days ago)
What you think this hasn't happened before?
Peppercats Payn (23 days ago)
I know this video is 5 months old, but Trion has been doing this for years
Pls tell me the developers are on crack while making this sale.
Caleb Imrie (25 days ago)
And if you dipshits kept making exceptions for games and STOPPED BUYING THE FUCKING GAMES they literally wouldn't exist. Taking advantage of a stupid consumer? Nah. They have a market. People buy them. It's 100% on gamers. Shut the fuck up and quit making loot box videos. The laws you want are totalitarian and we can avoid them ENTIRELY if you grew some standards.
magma2680 (26 days ago)
idk but it honestly sounds silly to be this outraged over mounts :/ unless they give stats that are better than the other mounts i really wouldn't hold anything against them for offering skins for any price, the collector argument seems pretty silly imo.
JusstzY (26 days ago)
Good news, trion hasnt done this on other games yet... not on this level at least.
Douglas McQuaid (27 days ago)
The amount of Tide pods I could buy with $99.99
Aaron78061 (27 days ago)
LOL glad these shits are fucking dying! rip in peace archeage, never forget...
Dropkick Lar (27 days ago)
No, I don’t think that you do understand that they have to make money
Odin the great (27 days ago)
Idiot boxes, why to gable and buy this shit the more ppl buy this crap the worse problem it becomes
Sch1n89 (27 days ago)
Dude ur all wrong. NC Soft sells in the Lineage Revolution Mobile Games boxes up to 250€
Liberty Justice (27 days ago)
Rift had a unique idea, it was a lot of fun, then they focused on the same shit as every other MMO that failed, and then wonder why they failed.
D- mist (28 days ago)
99.99! What a kick in the teeth to the players who have been playing since 2011 such disrespect and disregard to the people who are the most likely to buy there next game at least they listened to the fans
Philip Anderson (28 days ago)
*No!* Practice some self-control. If you cannot handle that, then loose all your money. If a game goes too far, don't buy it at all. *Have some respect...*
It should be $25 for all 42 then people who play the game *will* very likley buy them
mhar olipani (28 days ago)
It’s more like the devs just wanted to see how desperate players could be to give their money for some items, rather than devs being desperate money.
kenny ben (28 days ago)
You should check out The Walking Dead: Road To Survival by Scopely. This is just a mobile game, but it takes loot boxes to a whole new level. Very aggressive business model with garbage customer support. Some people spend $500 and beyond on "pulls" for premier characters and may still walk away without their desired character. The forums is also a very interesting place.
Classic dota 2 loot box.
samushunter242 (28 days ago)
Your just figuring out this now? It’s rift
Godin The Killer (29 days ago)
There's two problems I see with your argument: 1: It's a tradable item, thus meaning you don't actually have to buy said box, just trade for it. 2: Even if you did and didn't get the mount you want, just trade mounts. This is a common thing in many MMO's, you can't fucking read.
Joshua Cisneros (29 days ago)
Does anyone remember LJN? If they were still around they would be all over loot boxes.
Towershield (29 days ago)
There's a $250 mount box in the game now. It's essentially the Orphiel Mount Crate II: Electric Boogaloo but goes further by trying to entice players by having the box also maximize your Loyalty score. Loyalty is a stat that tracks how much you've spent on micro-transactions and grants you account bonuses as you reach spending milestones.

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