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The Game that Tried to Sell $100 Loot Boxes

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YongYea (9 months ago)
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Mepresisial (3 hours ago)
I lost my trust on trion, when they ruined trove
Tremendous (1 month ago)
but it is optional... no one is forcing you to buy those mounts.
Terrell Carey (2 months ago)
YongYea Even though I'm 7 months late on this video, this lootbox mess still isn't done. The mobile rpgs have been using the lootbox systems since prior to 2014. Asobimo (makers of Avabel online and other mmos) have been pushing this mess forever. Asobimo has made so much money off their players that, earlier this year, they announced their own cryptocurrency (Asobicoin) in order to "help increase developement of future games". This is supposedly going to be marketed to players as well. Hope you do a nice investigative video on them, they really are a crazy company doing everything from this 2008 engine mmo, to making crazy loot box WITH subscriptions, to attempting to make a anime based off thier mmo Avabel (and failing), to the whole crypto thing. Props on the vid tho, good job.
sayge blackmon (2 months ago)
AO games do not get sold by most retailers
Sanja Mitic (3 months ago)
George Houliaras yeah but you know what you paid for so its fine.
Bangcat (22 hours ago)
Trion Worlds. Tryon to rape your wallet.
Erick HeroMaster (1 day ago)
Oh im sorry, you guys just complaining about $100? I should complain about this mobile game with a gem microtransaction that costs R$275,00 i really should not conplain..
Kaesewicht (2 days ago)
do these boxes just have 1 pet in them and they charge 100$ for it? brazenly Crazy
kosmique (4 days ago)
what in the seriously non-exaggerated actual fuck !? how do ppl implement this kinda bullshit into their games thinking its something YAAAY-able? how is this not some form of suicide .... people are either just plain stupid these days or have a DGAF-level greater than that of Redman on Yo MTV cribs .... these people dont give a fuck like prostitutes. amazing.. go humanity.
Pixel Soldier (6 days ago)
This game has some "Fuck-You" transactions
Pixel Soldier (6 days ago)
Shit EA's having ideas
carcillian (6 days ago)
I never believe anyone that comes to the defense of douchebaggery like loot boxes. A reddit or twitter account has no validity. It could be 3 dudes that work on making loot boxes for rift or (insert EA, Bioware, Take-Two, Activision, Konami, Ubisoft game here)
CartoonrBOY (7 days ago)
I hope non of these fuckers work in the industry anymore. Probably sell 2nd hand cars now...
WauzirexLP (9 days ago)
lol basicly you spend 100 bucks for an cosmetic skin for your mount.
bloody gorilla (13 days ago)
imo everyone who cares about cosmetics and actually pays tons of money for them is an idiot and should not be allowed to buy games
bloody gorilla (13 days ago)
also i want to remind gamers that you do not own these skins they belong to the account that you RENT from the devs and should they decide to ban you or shut down the game you will lose everything you spent on those digital items that can be infinitely copied and redistributed to everyone
jack napier (14 days ago)
Like I said it's just a matter of time before all games are like this look at fallout 76 it will be the same crap from them to solo is dead
bluesyleader (14 days ago)
Though i hate how scummy it is, i also appriciate the fact that it isnt required to complete the game...
Gaming Regime (15 days ago)
Yeah , they have no excuse for implementing a 100$ loot box I could spend my money on better games or even brand new games with that money , what they are doing is being greedy and they have no excuse , their fans should think it's unforgiveable, really 1 cosmetic item should not be more than 1$ unless it's hard to come by , no one should pay more than 100$ for rare items , the only thing they could say by buying a rare cosmetic item is that they have it in their collection outside of a game it's completely useless other than to show off , I think it's debatable that EA might not be as greedy as them with loot boxes
deadborg 4 (15 days ago)
I legit got a harry potter Hogwarts mystery ad on this video and it shows the fucking devil snare scene
CR S (15 days ago)
Not EA trying to sell $100 loot boxes? Bit surprised.
Nick Guptil (19 days ago)
Bruno Andrade (19 days ago)
I have a stupid friend that always spend with this virtual things and barely ever uses.
Tech Bot (22 days ago)
Free-to-play is not an excuse for making a player pay $100 for a SINGLE BOX
TallulahSoie (22 days ago)
PQube and whoever the Japanese developer was for Gal*Gun sold $90-100 item just so you could see through the girls clothes. I find that equally offensive to my senses. Not the premise of the DLC. The price, because weebs are fucking stupid and paid it without a moment's thought,
Kev (29 days ago)
Its Trion that's no surprise.
Ryan C (29 days ago)
Subscribed. I don’t even know the channel that much, but every video so far has included words anti-EA or loot boxes, so I SUPPORT! 🙏🏼
Microtransactions don't seem very micro too me
My stepdad spend more than 2000 euros on this game
Genericname123 (30 days ago)
Remember that time a developer of a FREE game removed a micro transaction because peoplee were over using it and they were worried about their players mental health? Yea as long as warframe exists you simple cant argue these practices and be considered anything above a common drug dealer.
Sam Garcia (30 days ago)
Also, pretty much all of the mounts in that mount box were previously available, and are either event mounts that require you max out the amount of event currency you get or at least get a massive amount of to buy, or are no longer available due to being tied to stuff like a collector's edition of a previous expansion. It's pretty evil tbh.
Sam Garcia (30 days ago)
Ah, rift. I still play it because the healer "classes" are REALLY fun and interesting, but Trion just loves to try to milk money out of players. The reason they actually succeed at this stuff is because like one of their other games, Archeage, they have a significant number of whales who will make hundreds if not thousands of dollars in purchases every month as individuals, which adds up very quick. The only thing I've ever spent money on in rift besides having played it from launch when it wasn't free to play was on purely cosmetic armor sets, since they actually have a pretty good cosmetic armor system (unlike wow's transmog system once you get an armor design you can put it on your character free and immediately right then and there, and you can also dye them, though most of the dyes are hidden behind microtransactions, but common colors are unlocked by default). The only thing that really hurts me about rift is how you can straight up buy raid gear IN THE FUCKING IN GAME STORE. I mean it's hundreds of dollars but there you go. I will admit it's usually one tier behind, but getting geared in this game requires that you either spend hours collecting materials to craft the gear, or you farm for it over an equivalent amount of time in expert dungeons. I will still love rift for the gameplay experience, especially at launch, but it's really past its prime.
Sanity (30 days ago)
Its sad to see such an initially ambitious game turn into such a shit pile of a game as the result of capitalism
jcon96 (1 month ago)
I know Brasse from her days when she was a player/blogger/map maker in LOTRO. She was so happy when she was hired at TRION/Rift. I have a feeling she is not feeling that same level of glee from this shitshow.
Concept (1 month ago)
Lol well you don't have to buy them right? Unless loot boxes offer pay to win items, why should it matter if a dying game offers cosmetics to help support the devs to possibly revive the game
Wehafse (1 month ago)
Pretty much most or all Trion games are like this
ChuggyMusic (1 month ago)
Rename Rift to Jewish Tricks Online
chaosincarna (1 month ago)
I'm no fan of EA either, but are you being backed by someone who's pushing you to shit down their throat? I mean, I've watched 10 videos and each one was about something else, and suddenly EA gets named drop again. I guess it could just be a running gag or theme for your channel too.
Drew Wagner (1 month ago)
2:53 *Cough cough* fortnite.
Oh lord! XD
LadySinsReal (1 month ago)
I own the 30 dollar sona skin from league of legends ... Yea I only used it a few times
cold cuts (1 month ago)
I remember when rift was just a myth. My brother was all about it, i told him: wow is going to bounce back in a month. What happened? XD
Leah Calvin (1 month ago)
Rift was a wonderful game but it was ruined. The developers are pretty passionate about the game but when it comes to the people that run it, theyre just greedy, and ruin everything. They pushed unfinished raids, in fact one of their biggest raiding guilds that tested stuff for them just plainly left, leaving a letter. So many left at that point, I never did return. It’s a shame because it was pretty cool~
Leah Calvin (1 month ago)
They also added a paywall expansion, which made plenty of players disappear x.x...
Ascetic View (1 month ago)
Elen Degenerate (1 month ago)
Why is this game in the shitter? Trion.
earth is not a donut (1 month ago)
why is he so angry i dont like it
Jackie Clayton (1 month ago)
There are exactly 420 dislikes. Haters must have been high when they clicked the dislike button then.
jack chester (1 month ago)
Wouldn't surprise me if EA or Activision payed Trion to put grossly overpriced lootboxes into there games to gain political attention and any laws proceeding it wouldnt see EA's or Activision's 15-20 $ crapboxes as that bad at all maybe even use it as a limit on the practice. Just my complete distrust in the industry at this point.
John Macdonald (1 month ago)
For the most part I like your videos but in your outro, your voice is always in a funny tone and it bugs me lol
haman1447 (1 month ago)
lol who else but trion XD
Vape God (1 month ago)
I dnt own a PC bro I own a Ps4 but I for some reason u were in my recommended and I got stuck watching ur videos and I really like them so u earn a subscriber. OK on this one I respectfully gonna give my opinion on games even tho I hardly even play my ps4 lol.. Anyways I think that loot boxes are not bad u said it ur self the game is free they gotta make some type of money and I'm not an expert but shit I'm sure its hard work making games so if people choose to buy the item is on them and some people have the money. I didn't really add any insight but it's my little opinion love ur channel bro
Cavemantero (1 month ago)
Meh. Chump change compared to the $28,000 Star Citizen is trying to charge for in game assets.
Ronald Mahan (1 month ago)
Fun fact from a actual rift player. Most people that got the crates got them to sell the mounts. And then high level players bought them. They are capable of being traded after all. So the minimum price to get everything is 0$ because you have the ability to get them with in game currency from other players. Like platinum in warframe. oh wait i forgot we like warframe dont we? EDIT: Completely forgot they were cosmetic mounts and not the literal end game content for the game. Makes these even more fair then warframe.
Mr. Karl McYoda (1 month ago)
Ahaha losers!! No one beats star citizen! $27.000 Not even EA
Ooh Shiney (1 month ago)
This company is all about scamming their customers. They recently nerfed players who had the option to pay to win before so they can add the option for those same players to pay to win again but to do the SAME EXACT CONTENT that they were doing for almost a year! So basically if you just invested tons of $ and time in your character, it is now nerfed and you have to invest even more $ and time to get back to where you were to do the same content as well as you were doing it prior to nerfs! They do this through currency and itemization manipulation and blind nerfing classes under a scheme of promising balance fixes. Yet, when you test classes they are still very highly imbalanced, even more bugged in some cases and all are mostly under performing from before the changes. There was no balancing changes but straight up nerfs. It was just a couple of months of them figuring out how to screw everyone just enough so they have to reinvest again. What a shit company.
Makselord (1 month ago)
Trion are a load of shit. I've never played Rift. But, I HAVE played Trove. Trove is scummy as fuck. 'Nuff said.
TrexPlayz (1 month ago)
Oh! Look at this gun, $100 instant shot. Ooh look at this multi super omega box for $100 oh look at this $100 starter pack
Rowland Buck (1 month ago)
I see $100 loot boxes on mobile games all the time.
Lustin lis (1 month ago)
Trion ruined really good game ( ArcheAge) becouse they are greedy for money...
Goff (1 month ago)
Rift is a joke
Y'all I can't wait until Loot Boxes are ruled as gambling and massively regulated to death.
vidyaWolf (2 months ago)
Sure, it may be scummy, but it's a free market. They can do what they want and obviously it didn't work out too well for them. Everything works as intended.
MOOSE :I (2 months ago)
Rift was pretty fun as a F2P game until they basically forced the need to have the 'patron' subscription
YokubouTenshi (2 months ago)
For a $100 dollars you can go get a real life mount ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Tharrison6012 (2 months ago)
The only reason that I remember RIFT is because I bought one of the promotional items for TF2.
ArAKenek (2 months ago)
I loved this game when it first came out. It was by far the best MMO at it's release imho but managed to degrade with every expansion and patch even. I wouldn't recommend looking at the steam player count for a non steam game tho. As shit as the game is, there are more than 500 players online!
TheIndianDude (2 months ago)
There is another game that selling 100 dollar loot box. It's a android game name last day on earth. Maybe u can make a video about that as well. Even their cheqp one xoat 2-3 dollars or more and chances of getting good items are extremely low and all u end up with litterel trash
Krazyone13 (2 months ago)
Good ol' Trion Worlds. They do the same shit with Trove
Merlijn Tuttel (2 months ago)
tbh I like the way tf2 does crates
Raijou Konishi (2 months ago)
Trion Worlds!? That's one of the companies that made Trove...
Limrasson (2 months ago)
Can we talk about this? I don't like lootboxes, but I do like looting. But in a way mount and other cosmetic based lootboxes...can you really say they are paywalling concent? Can that stuff even considered as content? And if it can, then we arrive at the question of which one was first? Was it that they were designing all of this content of mounts, skins, etc. and then decided "hey let's make extra cash on this by putting them in lootboxes." or was it the other way around? So they had the lootbox idea and they tasked the designers and artists to fill them up? In this case, do we really hate all loot boxes? I mean sure, in some games and some lootboxes make the game feel silly or oversaturated with stuff that feel off, just because they had to make new mounts and skins and it became ridicolous. But on the other hand, other games may benefit from this, with all the stuff that gets into them. And you can't fault them when they want to make money, but you can say that it should never be on the expense of their own product and community, right? So how do you strike this balance? I personally have no problems with HotS or OW lootboxes, I can get a few whenever I want by just playing the game a little, and it's not like someone can pull out a bunch of cash and have every skin they want since they are always random. (well maybe with a LOT of cash). But if I ignore they buy 100 boxes for $50, then acquiring the stuff I want by normal means is somewhat enjoyable. ON the contrary, whenever I have these item pack DLCs in singleplayer games, like Dead Space or Dragon Age, I get sad because the packs/boxes just screw over the games difficulty curve, ruining my experience. So what would be fair play with this?
Corbenik Gaming (2 months ago)
I'm Sorry but if you buy this loot box you are just a dumbass
Sutetsu (2 months ago)
I seriously can't see what's wrong with selling expensive cosmetics. There could be better ways about it, sure, but calling it predatory is just unjustified and weird. Am I not getting something? Why are people so outraged? Would it change anything if the lootbox was cheaper?
Sutetsu (2 months ago)
Nvm, just found out this guy is extremely passionate about lootboxes.
Devil (2 months ago)
Trion is a grabage company. Just look at ArcheAge =D
Drake Kennedy (2 months ago)
You should cover how trion kept the lag in Defiance 2050 for authenticity
Orthane (2 months ago)
I LOVED Rift when it first came out, I played a good 100 hours back in 2011-2012, after they went "free" to play (pay to win) the game went to shit and ruined everything good about the game.
YayDude123 (2 months ago)
TF2 items can cost up to over one hundred dollars but nobody whines about that.
azazel и шоколад (2 months ago)
another game from trion - trove where most of the packs cost 50$ or more
Derikik (2 months ago)
They are purely cosmetic. Why do you give a fuck?
Carlo Colvin (2 months ago)
I wonder how many people bought those boxes BEFORE they removed it, and how long it took them to remove it. I'll also bet they made no effort to refund anyone that bought one.
Brady Hight (2 months ago)
I think you've completely over reacted here. Clearly they were struggling financially. You call it greed, dude, they were trying to survive!
Say Ho (2 months ago)
Buys a hundred lootbox. Gets a potato ←TO BE CONTINUED
Shavre6562 (2 months ago)
fuck trion!!! they killed devillian.
Theo Perr (2 months ago)
"Actually it's $99.99 not $100 get your facts straight."Said the internet newcomer
Alive (2 months ago)
1:38 Wait, you didn't confirm if you can get duplicates or not? That would make this much much much worse. I would assume not because that's $100 for literally nothing.
Semi - Reactor (2 months ago)
made by ea
Lt Darkstar (2 months ago)
HAH! I knew it was Trion Worlds before even watching this... they are in love with P2W Loot Boxes and are a crap greedy company. I think Jessica Price would fit right in at this TOXIC trash heap of a company. A company that has treated their customers as garbage for a LONG time now without a care in the world.
Mihajlo Stojanovic (2 months ago)
Community manager is 100% right. And are you actually defending an idiot willing to give real money for a virtual item he's never going to need? It's a tax on stupidity.
Galax94cz (2 months ago)
100 dollars, that's about 20K in currency of my country which is awerage monthly wage here unless you are lucky or politic, so yea, lol, one monthly payment for one stupid mount xD Gotta love these people
Phil Seid (2 months ago)
i dnt really get the point of this. Like you dont have to buy these and if someone wants to buy lootboxes, they should do it. If someone puts himself in this kind of financial trouble to buy these for a 100 bucks they dont really care for the money anyways. And do we really want to blame the devs or publishers for making money? Cause if they do it in a way that doesnt affect your gameplay or the gameplay of someone else by trying to make money through cosmetics i dont rly see the big issue. i hope i could make my point clear, as english is not my native language
Soul Semblance (2 months ago)
-Sees title -says people can't possibly be that stupid -watches the video -questions his own existence -proceeds to cry on forum
Shinoo (2 months ago)
Never heard of Summoners War? thats the most p2w :D
TTS Zip (2 months ago)
Buying 10,000 vbucks is more worth
Lenni Väisänen (2 months ago)
Da fugggg
Peewee Herman (2 months ago)
I check and the price was reduced by 1 cent how generous
Meya Enyo (2 months ago)
Thinking about Rifts, I'd still be playing that game if they didn't fuck over my healer back on release. Their changes that made me not able to heal other people not in my party meant I couldn't just randomly help strangers and that killed the emersion for me it was also very stupid as MMO is not a single player game or multiplayer it's Massive Multiplayer game so these ideas that your heals can only effect your friends is full of shit. Anyways Trion fucked their game over themselves.
Kevin Snijder (2 months ago)
Your channel is good but your outro is 100% cringe
Elijah Moore (2 months ago)
I could be wrong, but I don’t think Steam user charts are the most accurate depiction of a game that, without a doubt, has most of it’s users off steam. Rift certainly isn’t a juggernaut by any means, but it has much more than just 500 concurrent players. Yeah it’s indicative of lower player numbers, but it also feels misleading. Edit: Also, they are tradable. Which means it’s possible to purchase them without spending any real money. Look, I’m not saying it’s a good idea. There’s no way I’d ever pay $100 for a loot box (and I don’t play Rift), but I still think you have a tendency to react in an overblown way to small things. I think if you didn’t try to present yourself as an unbiased gaming journalist I’d be a bit less annoyed, but seriously, at the end of the day, if somebody wants to be a completionist in a game with cosmetic microtransactions, they’re already going to be wasting a massive amount of money.
MynameIs Joen (2 months ago)
the same guys who made fucking trove
Common o brien might be about to push the envelope on late night television
TJ MCHPIE (2 months ago)
Honestly one of the only games that did loot boxes right was Overwatch you get them often and you don’t feel bad if you get nothing since you always have another chance or you can just buy them with money that you cant buy with real money
Dekunere (2 months ago)
This has been a normal practice for years. If you don't like something then dont get it and dont whine about it.
Do a vid on trove made by trion 70 dollar ad-ons
dhgodzilla1 (2 months ago)
I am glad this kind of crap isn't working so well anymore. No game is worth pumping hundreds of dollars into let alone thousands it is ridiculous!
NoLife (2 months ago)
I gots ta say a lot of stuff game companies do is scummy but this doesn't seem all that bad. Its cosmetic stuff you gots ta buy with real money. Could indeed get the stuff in a loot box less than a for less than a hundred, albeit less likely. Or trade for it in game, as it states they are tradable mounts. Your starting to sound the alarm for any business tactic these companies use to try and get money, Which considering this game is free to play its not all that "scummy" for the business to try and keep it afloat. I feel like id catch you at a carnival calling a face painter scum for not,giving out free face paintings.

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