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INSPECTOR D - Airsoft Trouble In Terrorist Town

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Check out Tac City in southern California for an awesome indoor arena! http://www.taccityairsoft.com/ Evike: https://www.youtube.com/evikecom Kriss Vector AEG: http://www.evike.com/products/69852/ Jet: https://www.youtube.com/DesertFoxAirsoft Kriss: https://www.youtube.com/KrissArms Leah: https://www.youtube.com/user/theairsoftunicorn For business inquiries email [email protected] You can get your own professionally built custom gaming PC at, http://www.originpc.com/ http://facebook.com/node http://twitter.com/nodestudios http://twitter.com/corridordigital http://facebook.com/corridordigital http://twitter.com/brandonjla http://twitter.com/cerberusarms
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Text Comments (870)
PhillyCloud1234 (2 days ago)
Leah takes getting a BB in the arm like a champ!
Ben Dover1 (4 days ago)
7:00 yummy
John V (7 days ago)
What pistol does d have
Alessandro Borrega (16 days ago)
Alex killed it...only if he would of won
Sjc UK (22 days ago)
They love the dying light music 😂
Yesname lastname (1 month ago)
what carrier does D have?
Romeo Dela Cruz (1 month ago)
Tim is a bullshit
Noah Muncy (1 month ago)
Sam wasn’t even in the bridge boys episode XD
Tyler Stevens (2 months ago)
What is Sam called when he is a witch? A SamWitch XD
Toxictrousers (2 months ago)
why were you playing the dying light music in the beginning?
Travis Perks (2 months ago)
D etctive
Ha. California even has compliance laws on airsoft guns
Aero (3 months ago)
Does anyone know what plate carrier D is using?
Riley Tippets (3 months ago)
what day do you guys go play airsoft
DSG Airsoft (3 months ago)
If I were Alex I would of rushed niko
There's a dying light soundtrack if u listen VERY close
DarkLight523 (4 months ago)
Alex went for he SMG... I thought, "Noooooooo......" Niko shoots him from the lookout... "YEAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!"
diamondShines 24K (4 months ago)
Scojo (4 months ago)
That was a good traitor game by Alex
Tom Borrome Jr. (4 months ago)
What's D Name is that his real name
Carl Dwyer (5 months ago)
I’m loving the dying light background music
Rick Grimes (5 months ago)
That looks like a vector gun
Xeno (5 months ago)
Leah lowkwey thicc
Mônica Santos (5 months ago)
ian mays (5 months ago)
nice good video
Vincent Garcia (5 months ago)
Anyone else see that ther names aren't there
Ryan Sommerhauser (6 months ago)
ummm is the title inspect her d?
out of (6 months ago)
is me bridge boy
Subnau Zu (6 months ago)
Gotta love TTT
The Quality Comedian (6 months ago)
Someone needs to create a airsoft place that just has the games like these. Like a public one
Master- Baitor (6 months ago)
Joaquim Vieira (7 months ago)
!!!! amazing game
weekendfever20 (7 months ago)
damn that must of hurt leah i saw the mark it did
Storme Rheeders (7 months ago)
Should get Novritsch more in these TTT games!
Xeno (5 months ago)
Storme Rheeders he cheats
jahmeer55 (7 months ago)
Do a round when there all innocent or all traitors and watch the madness
WindowCleanerGaming 556 (7 months ago)
Tims reaction time tho
Steven Dippa (7 months ago)
This is epic
Wolf (7 months ago)
Hehe! The name detective D
tommy kit (8 months ago)
KRISS?! <3
Wade Williams (8 months ago)
Sonn sobek (8 months ago)
hie quality video :)
soul Bro (8 months ago)
I love how jet runs away screaming one of them is a traitor😂
Cameron Gribben (8 months ago)
Bryce Brayboy (8 months ago)
I wish I can come play with y'all. y'all are awesome
Do super hot
Jenny Vittitoe (8 months ago)
Did Brandon Quit
Chris Ayala (9 months ago)
What type of airsoft gun do u guys use
BogdinFeedGames Live (9 months ago)
Zeus 08 (9 months ago)
Alex is the best liar, he plays with their heads then he strikes
RedRam Ipsen (9 months ago)
still hoping for the day when Seananners joins in on this game
Ep Squid (9 months ago)
What's better mats mask or d s
Edgar Wellington III (9 months ago)
We should ban these AR15s not promote them!
Kolton Smith (9 months ago)
7:13 One of them is a traitor
ernest (9 months ago)
first u guys crazy jet will r wreck u all i ve seen his play
Switzi (9 months ago)
Alex did a great job gaining the trust of the detective and surviving while innocents killed off most of their own
TR-KnightForEyes 1 (10 months ago)
Ayden Wilson (10 months ago)
Anyone notice the dying light music
Jonathan Calderon (10 months ago)
I got a 63 min 44 sec add what is life
timothy li (10 months ago)
rip everyone most have nerf guns for rdm
Noah McMullen (10 months ago)
-Niko-D u still alive a -D-gets shot by niko
Zane Salamah (10 months ago)
What can the detective do??
Sadie Thongsavanh (10 months ago)
Air soft
Xashh (10 months ago)
u should do something where there is one hunter and everyone must try not to be shot by them and if u get shot u help kill the rest.
Robert Pearson (10 months ago)
I read this from another comment but they should add a minimap to show where everyone is
lucy watson (10 months ago)
Warrhammer (10 months ago)
You should get storm
The Brudda (10 months ago)
I miss this so much
MisterTez (10 months ago)
I've always been a fan of Air soft and i really enjoy the channel!!! My idea for an interesting game mode is something i call War games. It is a difficult game to play, it requires a lot of space and at least 12-16 people per team MINIMUM to be the most fun. Each team will want a map of the play zone to know the capture points, but its not fully needed. Each team has one General and two or three 5 man teams. The War games end with the defeat of a General or the final objective is captured and returned to spawn. (some people ask to play on with no re spawns after the General dies in hopes to capture the final objective. It happens, but rarely). The final objective (a case or a flag) stays at the first spawn point (enemies are not to know where). Each team has one radio man to communicate with General and other squads, one medic, and the other squad members preferred loadouts (unless general makes teams with a specific purpose.) One member per squad carries INTEL (clue or riddle) about the position of their final objective to be dropped on death. A body or head shot is a kill, or two to any limbs. If a limb is hit once, its a wound; the player cant move and puts a yellow bandanna on their head and must wait for the medic (they can still fight with a side arm. this rarely occurs). Dead players place red bandannas on their head and return to their General. they can defend their General once there, but cannot redeploy until the entire squad reunites in death, or they pull back to retrieve "reinforcements". General decides what his squads objectives are, whether it be defend a capture point or him, take a capture point or play objective, or just recon. General only moves between captured points. and must be escorted by an entire squad. (Note: keeping the General away from the front lines is good but makes re spawning dead players longer.. moving him up allows for fast re spawns but puts a game ending objective in danger. I lost my first War game because the enemy saw our General and pushed before enough of our team could heal and redeploy). I really do hope the team will consider this game mode. I've had tremendous fun playing it myself both as general and as a regular grunt, with small teams and large, and it adds more team play and objective based tactics to a random battlefield with the added challenge of taking orders from someone who can't see everything that is happening.
Dan Myers (10 months ago)
Fuuuck, Alex played that so well
Dylan Coleman (10 months ago)
Holy Shit, Alex did good!
Zakari (10 months ago)
evick, I love evick lmao
De Dogz (10 months ago)
Here's a cool add on because add medics for both teams rules: when traitors put there thumbs up are the traitor team but when killed and checked is an innocent same with the medic for the detective the detective is not aloud to say who is the medic ) so they are a 'suicidal' medic they risk there life for either traitor or detective please add this
Amy (10 months ago)
D what pistol do u have
Nicholas Overton (10 months ago)
Try paintball
Hayden risner (2 months ago)
Nicholas Overton no dont
ttdrew51 (10 months ago)
daaaam leah T H I C C
Rusty (10 months ago)
So sam is the asshole who always sprays me up when i drive across the bridge
Euan Gerry (10 months ago)
Is that dying light music at the start?
RiSe Phantom (10 months ago)
D looks so BA
Jack Brady (10 months ago)
juan j correa (10 months ago)
Niko goes ham
callof cat360 (10 months ago)
TTT finally
callof cat360 (10 months ago)
Jeffrey Dukejr (10 months ago)
the biggning song is dying light dlc song i play dying light
Dylon Thompson (10 months ago)
Wait can the traitors shoot each other on purpose so no one suspect's them to be a traitor?
C'Chav TH-AUS (10 months ago)
dat dying light the following theme at the start of the vid doe.
HeartDigger (10 months ago)
Nikolaj Haugaard (10 months ago)
Is D the owner of this channel?
MiLK SuSpEcT (10 months ago)
If you listen to the background music it sounds like dying lights music
Lal Lul (10 months ago)
That dying light music is awesome
wait that was it one game
Harry Brown (10 months ago)
I'm guess tad city is American right
Davian Santos Mendoza (10 months ago)
Copy right
MrSmest00 (10 months ago)
That was a great round!!
Haldor Asheim (10 months ago)
Alex should've known better, Niko had the high ground
Mochup (10 months ago)
I hear dying light the following music
SoraKirin (10 months ago)
Yikes those imbedded shots in Leah's arm looked unpleasant.
Vaulter 360 (10 months ago)
so awesome guys good job
the gaming Solarte (10 months ago)
Soldier of Fortune (10 months ago)
Finally, I was waiting for so long, love these style vids
Matthiau Steelez (10 months ago)
Is Jet Vietnamese? 7:17 DOU MAI GOD!

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