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CLASSIC DUOS - PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG)

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Messing around in duo's as usual, being very sassy. Merchandise can be found here! ►https://aculite.fanfiber.com/en You can connect with me here: (I only use Twitter. Facebook is for upload notifications.) ►Twitter - https://twitter.com/TheAculite ►Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/TheAculite ►Livestream - https://www.twitch.tv/Aculite ►Discord - https://discord.gg/aculite Who I'm playing with: ►Tom - http://bit.ly/tomographic Music used is courtesy of Epidemic Sound: http://www.epidemicsound.com https://www.youtube.com/WeAreEpidemicSound Glowing In The Dark (Instrumental Version) - Loving Caliber Looking for a YouTube partnership? (referral link) http://bit.ly/2mEacP0 Settings and Equipment: http://bit.ly/2nHTspq Please report any hate speech/spam comments.
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Text Comments (422)
Dev PixRBXYT (1 month ago)
Aculite can I PLEASE have a duo with you? My username in PUBG is GameMaker1!
niles browning (2 months ago)
11:52. Very nice shot.
" TOM'S" aim is a beast 11:54
Doxsein (3 months ago)
2:05 NOOO spongebob and patrick just wanted to have fun rolling down a cliff 😫
COA Creators (4 months ago)
Still my favorite YouTuber in 2018. :D
Teddy (5 months ago)
omg when Tom exploded I was crying laughing
Shauna Bui (5 months ago)
My favorite duo!!
Photo grabh (5 months ago)
ليش عندي ما اتحمل من ادوس عل فيس او عل يدة ال برتقالي
《JustForFun》 M8 (5 months ago)
Conor get in the damn Car
PaddyWa (5 months ago)
Good duo combination. Enjoyed. Thanks.
Johnathon Hausen (5 months ago)
GzBeNz KuN (5 months ago)
yes,Tom yesss ahhhhhh ahhhh :3
Okamare (5 months ago)
leave those guys, *takes another shot at those guys
The Average Churro (5 months ago)
i swear every time i see tom in one of your videos he always goes down like 10000 times xD
Quincy Ratcliff (5 months ago)
how do you feel about weapon skins and the new road map coming up say in your next video
Brady Willis (5 months ago)
3:07 I'm ded.
Christian Abraham (5 months ago)
Why is Toms voice like a google translator Guy? xD
DatPad (5 months ago)
4:12 lol that sound
netnotandi (5 months ago)
Would like to see you play with randoms :)
Akdov370 (5 months ago)
ye, finishing the down ppl straight away is lame, but when ppl always do it to u its hard to not do it aswell
marcudd (5 months ago)
Modern day frankie and jackfrags.
Lisandro Hernandez (5 months ago)
Dave Nuada (5 months ago)
How does he punch ( left arm ) while carrying a gun ( right arm )
willy rasubala (5 months ago)
Hallo... Aculite how your m16 burst like auto on m4? Do you jitter click?
Justin OReilly (5 months ago)
2:00 was the best thing ive ever seen
TheRoowen (5 months ago)
Quality entertainment right here
Brothers in arms (5 months ago)
what device do you play on
Elyssae (5 months ago)
so how many times did tom get downed?
HistoryMarche (5 months ago)
You should publish more of these 'highglights-like' videos. In this one, even though there isn't a huge amount of jokes and goofing around, the video is tremendously funny and fun to watch. Just the little bits and bobs of Tom's and your gameplay, the quirks that randomly happen, which don't normally make the final cut in most videos, are actually so fun to watch. Watching this video, it's so refreshing to see two people having so much fun in this game, it's like you're competitive and don't care about the competition at the same time. All in the name of fun! 👍
McRegt (5 months ago)
The chemistry between you and Tom is awesome. Thanks for another great video <3
ValhallasChosen (5 months ago)
I don't understand why everyone has a problem with killing off downed players. I do it for two reasons, assuming I am not distracting myself from other targets. 1. I don't want that downed player giving his team mates call outs. 2. I don't want to risk a situation where he gets revived. Aculite almost seems offended about people killing him off when he is downed. I don't get it.
Ayo (5 months ago)
20:08 "Put it on burst and show them my wurst" Wurst in German means sausage, so in conclusion Aculite wants to show them his dong?
Halil Aydin (5 months ago)
haha :) It was certainly "worst" but Wurst fits nicely as well ;)
Kent Sison (5 months ago)
You cool man you so badass when in game pubg
William Steary (5 months ago)
I LOVE listening to your banter! As well as that you guys are my most favorite duo to watch on youtube! Second favorite is when you guys play with fugglet and ragingryan. Thank you for sharing!
Steez47_ (5 months ago)
18:10 "the sneeze" lmao
Stifler Martinez (5 months ago)
Made my day you 2 are da best
kanikov neur (5 months ago)
I really love your videos man.
The Nanja (5 months ago)
Play pubg mobile please
Animus Miles-Militis (5 months ago)
Aculite is immune to Tom's saltiness.
Peter Horvath (5 months ago)
Tom-reviving simulator 2018. Where do I get this game?
Humaam FA (5 months ago)
how did you jump crouch like that ? 6:42
Tasoos g. kaisariani (5 months ago)
the entry beat/soundtrack some???
alpha tj (5 months ago)
L O L . . . . .
Velislide (5 months ago)
Wait. So all this time, it was Tom playing? It all makes sense now.
fahriza andi (5 months ago)
I don't even play PUBG, but I love all Ac's vids :)
Jonathan clvn (5 months ago)
For real though why tom is always down-_-
Heath Doolin (5 months ago)
Saving Tom: the Game!
iMightNeed SomeHelp (5 months ago)
Tom was killin it today!
MyRealUsername (5 months ago)
He he what is your sensitivity for PUBG and Fortnite so I can finally git gud.... nah jk nice vid tho.
Wendell Whyte (5 months ago)
20:38 *Guy was like* "Fuck this I'm out"
PanteraSD (5 months ago)
Tom is the best
sking 9762 (5 months ago)
Play with me in pubg T-Mobile
Markisit (5 months ago)
Best part of vid at the beginning. Tom goes for vehicle. Tom splodes vehicle, and dies. lmao. Nah I lied the best part is the whole vid.
DV hyper (5 months ago)
Really likin these longer vids man:)
TroubbleGum (5 months ago)
"... in Comic Sans!" "wooooh!" That really got me :D
EkuJHoo (5 months ago)
Classic duos where Tom dies every time and Connor carries xD
petrichor 617 (5 months ago)
My favorite duo! Nothing like some Aculite + Tom sass.
Yakir R (5 months ago)
tom stop dying!
TheMaxthesis (5 months ago)
Aculite President of PUBG <3
Snikey (5 months ago)
Oh boy, what would Fugglet think about you stealing his watertown?? :) Nice video!
themostepicgamer (5 months ago)
who else saw the guy at 5:30 creeping back into the bush :p
geekphreak (5 months ago)
Pan the man in the head
geekphreak (5 months ago)
I’ve watched this video 4x. It has everything. Cars launching off a cliff, then exploding said car. Wicked sniper headshots destroying the enemy while in an open field. It’s just an adrenaline rush video.
Corbin Poirier (5 months ago)
Tom is so jealous
Martin Q (5 months ago)
hahhahaha tom rofl
Ryan Austin (5 months ago)
Aculite, have you played PUBG on Xbox yet?
Paradox Silent (5 months ago)
When a couple of twigs makes your motorcycle flip.
Drakon (5 months ago)
Play pubg mobile
Nick (5 months ago)
Get ooooot!!
Rahatul Mahmud (5 months ago)
4:14 that scream though
Screaminfire1972 (5 months ago)
Would love to see you two play a way out together. Bet it would be great!
GoldenPants (5 months ago)
i like how you never have recoil with m16 burst fire
Rohit Panigrahi (5 months ago)
git..git..get him tom.. get him!!
Sniper Gaming PC (5 months ago)
His a awesome sniper and player
valarya (5 months ago)
Tom never disappoints. Lol ♥
Skwrl Fuzz (5 months ago)
A british guy and a canadian doing american accent lol. love it
Sean Bryan (5 months ago)
maguire pryor (5 months ago)
More fortnite less pubg
TheFinalRing (5 months ago)
That satisfying *clunk* when you panned that guy in the head lol
xiiBuzzinx (5 months ago)
3:00 I couldn't contain my laughter!!!
Brian Moreno (5 months ago)
Aculite play PUBG mobile lol hahaha
3:00 Hahah classic
Mike Hunt (5 months ago)
“The nutty throw from downtown” - Aculite 2k18
Anders Swendsrud (5 months ago)
Sassulite and Tomosassic
m090009 (5 months ago)
savage Tom :)
JGui (5 months ago)
1:50 TOM IS ALIVE and kicking!!!!!!
PeAnut_ ButTer (5 months ago)
JGuilherme wow he survived a match😂
J B (5 months ago)
Acurite very strong carry Tom all time
Jason Boyle (5 months ago)
Tom made it till the end on one! Good job Tom!
McGreybush (5 months ago)
Classic duos, where Connor wears a Tom-sized backpack. Love you, Tomo.
giox (5 months ago)
Its not an Aculite video if Tom isn't down
MZ PAL (5 months ago)
You are back wow i have mised a lot lil
Juraj Šury (5 months ago)
Tom is best mate to play with :D
WaffledyTUFM (5 months ago)
Holy cow! Those Revolver kills were so satisfying!
EarthEaterEE (5 months ago)
best video ever... i also like tom idea where he just pretend to be aculite.. was fun tho
Alexander Kaiser (5 months ago)
great vid a
Mr Mind (5 months ago)
6:29 hoink xd
•๖ۣۜSnakerr• (5 months ago)
4:12 *Pan vs Crowbar* =)))
Neil Mihalich (5 months ago)
I love how tom is basically the rest of us, just haplessly watching Aculite murder away.
jojo mendoza (5 months ago)
Classic duos, classic tom, classic aculite. 11/10
NZT (5 months ago)
Play a way out with Fugglet please

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