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*NEW* CLINGER DODGEBALL Custom Gamemode In Fortnite Battle Royale!

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72 Hour Exclusive merch drop "Hazard Hoodie" http://www.powerbylachlan.com --------------- Welcome to Clinger Dodgeball in Fortnite - Don't get stuck ❱ Subscribe & never miss a Video - http://bit.ly/LachlanSubscribe ⚡️My MERCH⚡️ - http://powerbylachlan.com #PowerUp ❱ Second Channel - https://www.youtube.com/LachlanPlayz ❱ Follow me on: Twitter! https://twitter.com/LachlanYT Twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/LachlanTV Instagram: http://instagram.com/Lachlan ❱ Friends in this video: https://www.youtube.com/user/JonsandmanTv https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8wrarcGEpajjDGXkPby6ug https://www.twitch.tv/jayg3r ----- Music Supplied by MonsterCatMedia - https://www.youtube.com/user/monstercatmedia Incompetech - http://www.incompetech.com/
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Text Comments (5713)
Jayden Mynhardt (2 hours ago)
whos else watching this in season five
Isaac Lane (10 hours ago)
Playground is good but watching Lachlan makes it better
Lawson Ward (12 hours ago)
9:02 R. I. P
Bob Frank (1 day ago)
Do some more vids
Jiles Middleton (2 days ago)
Roses are red Violets are blue I love your channel How bout you
kuzzi70 (2 days ago)
that no scope doe
Piikea Mahoe-Ball (2 days ago)
This is my name in fortnite dolopo360
Jadak 08 (3 days ago)
Lol now I'm watching in the end of season 5
when the time is 1337
Janelle Beyea (3 days ago)
add c4
iReaper ! (4 days ago)
anyone in season 6 here?
Stampy Mc (6 days ago)
I have my snacks to see your game
San Juanita Flores (7 days ago)
Dylan De La Cruz (8 days ago)
Who else thinks season 4 was Better than season 5
Luke Johnson (14 days ago)
playgrounds back
savage letsgo (17 days ago)
Klim Gutnov (19 days ago)
real good hoodie want it also vs you in fortnite want hoodie
Audrey_ Ross (19 days ago)
Your merch isn’t fire
Chloe Mccook (22 days ago)
Western Siaki (24 days ago)
Western Siaki (24 days ago)
Rip playground mode 😭😭😭😭😭😢😢😢😢😷
jack wozza (24 days ago)
I’m watching in season 5
Shane plus Tea (26 days ago)
Playground is back
Noah The boss (28 days ago)
Did you just find llamas
PhazeX9 (28 days ago)
boogie bomb dodgeball
Lachlan Zonneveld (29 days ago)
I tried that with my freinds😀😄😄
Lauren Santos (29 days ago)
Car mod for fortnite
Constipated Duckling (30 days ago)
Play ground is back yah
zak raja (1 month ago)
Ezra Marcovici (1 month ago)
Do 4 corners but each corner is a box with no roof and witch ever corner is chosen you throw a grenade in to and if you die your out
Jakey’s Vlogs (1 month ago)
How do you get those soccer jersey skins?
Diles46 - AIRSOFT (1 month ago)
Michael Phillip (1 month ago)
That no scope was lit
Michael Phillip (1 month ago)
Favs moment
Isla Holbert (1 month ago)
Make a stink bomb only ONLY
RehdGaming M (1 month ago)
That so sad in the end..😭
dropdaworld15 (1 month ago)
that no scope timing 😭😂😭😂😭😂😭😂😭😂😭😂😭 that’s the content i sub for 👌🏾🔥
Alexander Laborde (1 month ago)
Lachlan why do you have the number 5 on your character
Ryan Forgione (1 month ago)
This place wasn’t on the map for me anymore
Noobylife-_- 36 (1 month ago)
Some reason this made me cry for real😪😪😪😪
Muna Mahamed (1 month ago)
You cheated you hit him with a gernade launcher
Craze (1 month ago)
What headphones do you use?
Amalia Pistillo (1 month ago)
Sembri tfue
Jesse Anderson (1 month ago)
Lachlan. Why don’t you play with Preston on Fornite Battle Royale? What I mean is what happened with you two because you two used to be friends and used to play with each other a lot.
Penny Bennett (1 month ago)
Want to see England v Australia
Gabriela Gutierrez (1 month ago)
Lachlan you should vs sotustv in a battle royal
Smack Master (1 month ago)
Lachlan your cool
The two teams that didn't make it to world cup
Aaron Raj (1 month ago)
I got the beef boss
Savage Lifestyle (1 month ago)
Lachlan is wearing the sidemen merch
Marcelina NJ (1 month ago)
You suck dick
Karli King (1 month ago)
Is it sad that I didn't know Playground Mode was is season 4 xD
Courtney Feist (1 month ago)
I’m semi new here where is Lachlan from?
Francesco Tossini (1 month ago)
Then do the snap my mistake
Francesco Tossini (1 month ago)
Throw the clinger on them them to the snap
Jordin Nolcox (1 month ago)
ik that this is a old video but i jus wanna say im so glad i found this channel youtube was getting boring but now this is something new for me to watch ik im knew but i love your vids
Asriel Dreemurr (1 month ago)
the stadium was here in july?
Christopher Garcia (1 month ago)
That no scope was sick even with bolt action
Edwin Alejo (1 month ago)
And the playground mode is back
Quack Quack (1 month ago)
Next challenge should be grenade launchers?!?!?
Lannai G (1 month ago)
Electricity Wolf (1 month ago)
I mean win no wing
Electricity Wolf (1 month ago)
America America America is going to wing
Fortnite noob (1 month ago)
Our team in australia football is eagles
Fortnite noob (1 month ago)
Im rn in perth
Fortnite noob (1 month ago)
Fortnite noob (1 month ago)
Aussie aussie oy oy oy
Fortnite noob (1 month ago)
Lachlan im lachlan and im australian watch my channel;)
Jesean Bassi (1 month ago)
So sad at the end 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Jesean Bassi (1 month ago)
Season 5 anyone
BVNDGXDBURT (1 month ago)
Smh what a sellout with his stupid ass durburger placement.
julie eads (1 month ago)
You should do a boogie bomb dodgeball contest
Donna Cooper (1 month ago)
Hey will you named yo
Landodimensions PS4 (1 month ago)
Isabelle Sena (1 month ago)
Ur a god
#TayTay4life World (1 month ago)
LOL 🤣😂😅
Qristtal — (1 month ago)
i love dodgeball videos lachlan
Agent_abdullah Roblox (1 month ago)
Can u do a video of grenades port a fort trapball and clinger together U can remove trap ball and put boogie And stink is also there
Henry Zell (1 month ago)
I’m American and I’m offended! I’m thumbs down
David Archer (1 month ago)
The 15th was my birthday
Cheekychar2005 G (1 month ago)
Holy shit what no-scope lachy!!
DeaconNelson (1 month ago)
Boogie bomb dodgeball
Quinn Scaramella (1 month ago)
Do garage launcher dodge ball
Santiago Trevean (1 month ago)
Stop speaking with a American accent
Aidan Hare (1 month ago)
Rip season 4
heroicOnYT (1 month ago)
heroicOnYT (1 month ago)
Wtf in as
Joe Gonzalez (1 month ago)
Your freind wattle plays with all a
Kuper (1 month ago)
I love u
Said Rodriguez (1 month ago)
The next challenge can be soccer
Jacob Gilts (1 month ago)
What was that grenade that came out of the launcher
George Jimenez (1 month ago)
We play games
yves bouchard (1 month ago)
Someone has ninjas voice
Max Kapusta (1 month ago)
Laser beam beet your record
EJ H (1 month ago)
I love your videos and I have subscribed and turned on notifications
RobloxGamer2010 (1 month ago)
Do RPGs and Jetpack Next PLZ and when it's all gone... SCAR SHOWDOWN!!
Savage Striker 9 (1 month ago)
those eyes though
Bottle Flips YT (1 month ago)
Marcus Hall (1 month ago)

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