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PUBG: The Plane Left Without Me!?! But I still WON?

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Plane decided to leave without me and I was stuck on the island. Is this even possible? Now you know. LOL. You won't believe what happens next. CHICKEN DINNA Songs: 2:15 - 4:52 Krakn - Light [NCS Release] 4:53 - 6:55 Jensation - Delicious [NCS Release] I guess Samuel L Jackson kicked me off.... "I AM SICK AND TIRED OF THESE MOTHERF**KING SNAKES ON THIS MOTHERF**KING PLANE!"
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Swift Twitchy's Vids (5 months ago)
Skip to 7 Minutes if you want to skip the Looting! https://youtu.be/_GA2ao1o-_o?t=426 Please subscribe for new content incoming!!
Aljie Palomata (18 days ago)
hahhah lol
M K (1 month ago)
You left alone so technically you win
Thewalkingdiamond (1 month ago)
Nasser Almulaifi I get like 10 kills a game on mobile
Swift Twitchy's Vids i
Soldier 436 (2 months ago)
THE Celery Family same
Nelson Manandhar (4 hours ago)
May be one of the glitch
Jatin Khera (6 hours ago)
AR Music studio (8 hours ago)
i can clearly see he was outside the playzone once but why his health didn't drop even a bit 🤔
Gamer chan (16 hours ago)
Lol thatvhappen to me on underground mobile
Comment section is pure gold
incendiary (1 day ago)
No wonder the plane left you.
Anderson Siswanto (1 day ago)
Probably United Airlines
Lukas Dabrahlexy (2 days ago)
*Weirdest PUBG Game Ever*
Angela Jojenco Lumbre (3 days ago)
Hahahahaha 😂😂😂
Samarpreet Singh (4 days ago)
What if instead getting of the plane we have to go from warmup Island to the main by boats or jet skis
Samarpreet Singh (4 days ago)
Boat guy illuminati 😮
Joshua Del Rosario (5 days ago)
The guy who brought the boat knew the prophecy. That the one who has been chosen will be left alone and will be blessed with loots.
Sweet Cheeks (5 days ago)
You’re lucky you got saved by that guy with the boat lol. I would not have swam all the way back to the zone. I would of just quit the game 😂
HarryLlewW (5 days ago)
Make the video go as slow as possible, and it just looks like he has a very crap computer. (When he’s spreading up the video)
Elementalist Lux (6 days ago)
If you look closely in the left corner 0:41 you can actually someone jumping...so he problably came for his friend...thats why he left the boat to go find him and bring him bacj to the boat but that guy stole it and left them die together alone in that creepy island
Swift Twitchy's Vids (5 days ago)
I don't see it even in slow motion lmao... i think it was just some paper blowing in the wind.
Neoweka Gaming (6 days ago)
Chicken Chicken Winner Dinner
Tanusha Guha (6 days ago)
The plane did not leave u....u went to the spawn island.
satvik patel (6 days ago)
Was that boat guy , jesus.? 🤔🤔🤔🤔😦😦😦😦😦
Angela R. (6 days ago)
Wtf Is up with the lungs
Astrid 02 (6 days ago)
Rank 1 kill 1
Prajwall Narayana (6 days ago)
The guy who rescued u was PUBG Christ
Terry Abdullah (7 days ago)
1)u wasnt left out from the plane.u went to an island far down map. 2) and u are hackers as i can see when u reach the land,the game show u are out of the peacezone many time while u were looting when u fast forward.
Manav Singh (7 days ago)
You are at the secret island
Sohaib (7 days ago)
Be Gone Thot
Adam Tate (7 days ago)
Dude great video but no1 wants to watch u camp u want subs n views u gotta go for it
1 and a billionth chance
Hamada Lacamora (8 days ago)
you change the AK with Victor wtf ??? The AK is the best
Devesh Kumar (8 days ago)
Mi ka phone hoga
Moon Tae-il (9 days ago)
PUBG is so much much easier on mobile, it's very intense on the PC version
Lol i already do that
shivamjyoti das (10 days ago)
I know what you have done
lolo korou (10 days ago)
you can drive with the boat to that island
mr. steve (10 days ago)
zelastjoker (11 days ago)
Just realising that I've never had a game land next to lipovka
Owen Batchelor (11 days ago)
Boat guy is a frickin’ legend
Feros GT (11 days ago)
U r too late
Feros GT (11 days ago)
Omy 2m views
༺Dynox༻ (12 days ago)
Ayye song by my boi Krakn
Anything 4 you (12 days ago)
Ketul Haria (12 days ago)
that was hilarious!
james brinkman (12 days ago)
TPP players in a nutshell
Krizby Marte (13 days ago)
ROS ad on a PUBG video. How ironic.
pushyak prithvi (13 days ago)
That's one of the secret island in erangel....
Why ? (14 days ago)
Was that ⛵ guy some kind of NPC ? Non Playing Character ?
ANIME LOVER05 (14 days ago)
Shamsul Al Mamun (15 days ago)
käizer Richthofën (15 days ago)
cool vid
White Duck (15 days ago)
Wadu Hek?
Miguel Flores (15 days ago)
Thug Life
Abuzar FX (15 days ago)
What gfx card do you use?
Lil Roblox Gamer (15 days ago)
Nah I watched the entire video
KHE4NG (15 days ago)
Maybe you forget to buy plane ticket xD
blind sense057 (16 days ago)
Any chance you forgot your passport?
Alice Croquette (16 days ago)
weird bug eh....
Don't Play For KDA YT (16 days ago)
3:03 turn x2 and youll see whats next IZZZZZ DA FLASSHHHH
Alyza Brielle (16 days ago)
Teaser Bros (16 days ago)
This is the movie "LOST" all over again.
hellkid 141 (16 days ago)
Lucky AF !!
BITCH PLSS (16 days ago)
whats the song called
Roshan Pawar (16 days ago)
Boat was a bot...?
Kumbang Ganteng (16 days ago)
Lucky or unlucky?
Watermelon Channel (16 days ago)
John Yap (16 days ago)
Mrinali Sarma (16 days ago)
Illuminati confirmed....
MANISH MAGAR (16 days ago)
Internet cpomection not good
davinder singh Dav (17 days ago)
You are great bro... If i would be there i would have exited the match You taught a lesson.... NEVER LOSE HOPE😉
Robert Asuncion (17 days ago)
I said don't sleep on AIRPORT
MR. GLITCH (17 days ago)
Mikhail Dela Cruz (17 days ago)
Chris A (17 days ago)
Should have stayed on the island... What a boring game lol
Atom Con (17 days ago)
Legend says that the boat guy lived happily after on that island and had a son.
Henry Sanchez (17 days ago)
I would of just stayed in the island since you don't lose health
Gabe427402 Game (17 days ago)
Maybe plane hate u 🤔
Sagar Chhetri (17 days ago)
that happen! that happen when u r late
Alex AB (17 days ago)
Wtf is that on 10:40?
Madilynn Renne Perkins (17 days ago)
Plane leaves without him gets #1 with only 1 kill🤔
Your passport was expired 😆😆😆
Adrian Fire Team (17 days ago)
what does lmao means
JEVOX_YT JEVOX_YT (17 days ago)
00:21 I tough that was my discord xD lmao
NarneX (17 days ago)
Man i know not much has changed about this game but i still miss those old days when erangel was the only map and you could still pick up cloathes, and some bugs were still present. I know its not good to have bugs in your game but i think bugging the game sometimes were my most memerable moments
VJ Kumar (17 days ago)
I think he landed back to the island where plane pick us
Anil Ratan (17 days ago)
M btata hu kya hua hoga.......isne plane miss nahi kiaa.....ye swim kr ke kone wale island pe chala gya hoga
GamerBoy XD (17 days ago)
DIPANKAR DHAR (17 days ago)
What the why tou drop the m16 and the level 3 backpack
Aljie Palomata (18 days ago)
wtf chicken dinner
Letal Killer (18 days ago)
Did you forgor your visa???
Adeline damayanti (18 days ago)
Your lucky ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Abhiral Pandey (18 days ago)
Flight left you because.. you didn't purchased the ticket😛
Shahbaaz Khan (18 days ago)
you are on battelel ground don't lie l can also be there
Adnan Edits/Gaming (18 days ago)
Now this counts in the top 10 mysteries...
Hunter Space (18 days ago)
That Funny :v
Ice Whacker (18 days ago)
0:41 I see someone There too! He is Jumping..... Look at the Left Corner
T-roy Unique2007 (12 days ago)
Ice Whacker , I saw the same thing
PressPlayToWatch (17 days ago)
Ice Whacker Yeah saw him as well
Saurav Shrestha (18 days ago)
Keedoo11 (18 days ago)
This is hilarious 😂
Kevin L (18 days ago)
LMFAO!!! Nigguh swam it! xD
Dara Sovan (18 days ago)
One shot win
Mohamed Anas (18 days ago)
When you get kicked of United Airlines.
Zeb Khan (18 days ago)

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