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CSGO Giveaway

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Whassup, today I'm starting the AWP Hyper Beast giveaway! It's in ft condition but it's like brand new. There's 3 easy steps to join this video, watch this short video to find out how! This giveaway ends in 7 DAYS! This is probably my last video for a while, 'cause I'm gonna be gone for a long time. Maybe if I ever get to the 1K subs milestone, then I'm gonna try to upload a special video and giveaway but I'll do my best. I'll probably change my content but I don't know what happens next, so besides that, I'm gonna be inactive for some time. Alright, good luck everybody! Twitter: https://twitter.com/Xtross1 Music: ♫Music Provided By FSTU♫ ●Elport - Void - https://youtu.be/XoNPovUMnpE ●Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/elportmusic/ ●Twitter - https://twitter.com/elportmusic ●Soundcloud - https://soundcloud.com/elport
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Text Comments (162)
Ph0nix (21 days ago)
The winner of the AWP Hyper Beast is: . . . 1st winner= Maslouh Congrats for the win, you have 48 hours to respond with ur steam link. Otherwise I'll be giving it to the second winner which is: 2nd winner= Kolla Fortnite (who also has to wait 48 hours if the 1st winner won't respond) 3rd winner= Anonymous_Serganthium (will have to wait 48 hours if the 2nd winner won't respond) If (you) didn't win the giveaway and want another, then I'm willing to do a special giveaway for 1K subs! ..If I ever get there lol
Sir Ganthium (7 days ago)
Ph0nix https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=857853640&token=D-Xpm6jE
Ph0nix (7 days ago)
Hey, I think you forgot to check this video who won a little, I'm sorry for that, as a compensation, let me offer you to be the definitive 3rd winner of the USP Giveaway instead (if the 2nd winner won't respond) how about that? But It'll be up to you again if you make it in time.
Sir Ganthium (7 days ago)
So I ultimately didn't win....😢
Ph0nix (8 days ago)
HonziXPlays You're at the right spot, let's just say if you'll win that usp giveaway, then ill make a comment of the winners, and if you're one of the winners, then u should reply to my comment of annoucing winners with that tradelink.
HonziXPlays (9 days ago)
Hi, i did not won but, if i somehow win, where i have to send trade link?
Mizzo (7 days ago)
Apa kiraly (7 days ago)
Kewiin (7 days ago)
i love you! :D
Jitter Butterfly (7 days ago)
Mizzo (16 days ago)
Keep up the great work!
A have No god skins so i Want to win my steam is 1 am th3 global smuf xD
yanek rughave (18 days ago)
i wont to win a skin i got csgo yesterday but u are rly sweet
Lorgiz (19 days ago)
I hope you will get more subs :)
Nenad266 (19 days ago)
Have a nice summer guys! Peace.
Balazs Deaki (20 days ago)
Nice you reached 1000 subs!! Gj keep up the good work
Medardo Soso (20 days ago)
And.... sub i forgot to write it down xD
Maxime Bulinckx (20 days ago)
It's a nice skin do and I would really enjoy rocking this AWP cya
ZK JJ (21 days ago)
Beast J
Astro Fade (21 days ago)
Love your videos left a like and im already subscribed
ZumZik TV (22 days ago)
This awp is so good
Cynter (7 days ago)
ce faci ma aici =]]]
Salt Box (22 days ago)
Ay what country are you from?
Oplo (22 days ago)
Thanks for making this video and giving people the chance to win, keep up the awesome work!
Sir Ganthium (22 days ago)
Lovely awp and hyper beast?! Who doesn't want to win a hyper beast?!
CrazyBrothers (22 days ago)
Please don't stop with youtube. P.S I realy want this skin hyper beast is best skin ever
ItsF4int (22 days ago)
I'm just a new subscribers and i hope you the best for 1k and more subs! GOODLUCK to everyone 😉
Weam (23 days ago)
Hi dude, since i got scammed and lost a €130 inventory with a knife i would love anyone that can help me to rebuild my inventory. Thanks
Paweł Roszkowski (23 days ago)
Trade URL: https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=73393363&token=ujYGktHS
Ray Ray (23 days ago)
i hope ill win
Valens Cristhoper (23 days ago)
I dont have hype skin all my skin gift from after match can i get thats awp
Abraham Rb (23 days ago)
Nice video, I participe! :)
Your videos so good😍
Ralph4809 (23 days ago)
https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=866475376&token=FKlmh-20 honestly I appreciate ur work Ive been subscribed for months I love ur vids and I love that skin and I really hope I win
XondikCZ (24 days ago)
Please i want that skin so much 😮
BisharoStorm _ (24 days ago)
Nice to see people still give stuff away, thanks for giveaway
Jose Valdez (24 days ago)
you ever look up at the night sky and wonder if something is looking right back at ya?
Vilma Tablada (24 days ago)
Done all the requirements hope i can win i really like that skin
ZerØ gaming (25 days ago)
Hope I win..but I probably wont...nice vids btw..been sub'd since 100ishsubs
Acnome (25 days ago)
Hey dude I would be so excited if I won this giveaway my luck would be through the roof bc only three days ago I opened a case and got pow! Gloves but they were only bs and I was so let down if I got the skin I would be so happy it would make my csgo life amazing
Jannemann (25 days ago)
awesom`! I love Giveaways. Hopefully i will win Hyper Beast its a nice looking Skin and i only have 5 low skins.
Sándor Attila (25 days ago)
Good Luck everybody and Ph0nix good luck for 1000 sub.
Sándor Attila (20 days ago)
SkypeMatej 77 jeee
SkypeMatej 77 (20 days ago)
Sándor Attila good tactic
gabriel dunn (25 days ago)
Congrats on almost 1k subscribers dude, followed you on twitter by the way bro the name is @gabrieldunn_ and I also retweeted the giveaway post! :) i'm hoping to win this time because i've never won any giveaway in my life, im just unlucky, and by the way you have an amazing channel keep up bro and most importantly i can see you really care about your subscribers and followers and that is a good thing to see!
Raphiel (26 days ago)
I hope win.
Psych O (26 days ago)
Awesome giveaway! Your vids are very nice i hope i win i love this skin
Aidanm (26 days ago)
I don't have a single skin so this would be cool to get one and gl to everyone
Gaurang Pahuja (26 days ago)
I barely got any skins and I'm so willing to be a good player (not relating good skin=good game) I would love to get this AWP skin. GG
Zetta X (26 days ago)
I cannot believe those awesome giveaways that you're doing..are u planning anything else to upload when u gone?
LolzCatz (26 days ago)
I love sep skins and ur vids so I would appreciate the skins and ask my friend to give u a shoutout even if I don’t win
Ph0nix (25 days ago)
I don't need to ask for shoutout but thx 😂
sohil goswami (26 days ago)
I really really wanna win man
Ibrahim ahmad (27 days ago)
We do care 😂 try to be more active if u can.
Ph0nix (27 days ago)
I'm trying to be active as much as I can, since IDK what to upload xD ( Probably gonna do one more pubg new skin showcase before this giveaway ends, but not sure if its gonna be worth it. )
Rohan Ghose (27 days ago)
Already subscribed bro... like i subscribed 4 5 months back! So take a chill pill
Kolla Fortnite (26 days ago)
I love your vids theyre really nice ive done everything i should and i shared it to my friends and they love your channel
Levente Antal (27 days ago)
#nice comment
xXchadeXx (27 days ago)
i only have 2 skins ): a p90 sand spray and a tec 9 army mesh
EZ PZ (27 days ago)
We will be missing your vids since you are inactive for a while. Advance congratz for 1k subs. GL to all! :D
Rag (27 days ago)
I hope you come back soon. Hope you are going to be a big youtuber soon. My steam account: ragguy05
ACry Husky (27 days ago)
We are still waiting some CSGO gameplay of you C:
Ph0nix (27 days ago)
Well what kind of CSGO gameplay are you guys expecting? I said that I'm not playing it anymore, but if you guys could be more specific what kind of gameplay I should do, then maybe I could upload it. ( Depends if at least 10 people agrees with you )
_Shuri (27 days ago)
Road to 1k !! https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=327165987&token=LFilMwIW
Milan CR (27 days ago)
Nice video !!
PondaCZ (27 days ago)
This giveways are good
dQaP. (28 days ago)
Its ok if u change ur contents, we will always support you, almost 1k congratz ! gl everyone
RazerGamer Tv (28 days ago)
I would like to win that it's my fav awp skin
Maslouh (28 days ago)
Crey Yan (28 days ago)
I'm hoping i'll win this time :)
SilenT SlaughteR (28 days ago)
"THE BEAST" Nice nickname
RezSyroz (28 days ago)
good luck :>
RezSyroz (28 days ago)
best wishes on this beast everyone i like people who make giveaways they’re kind and we need people like him also good luck on your channel and always do your best till you success remember this “Pain is a sign of progress when you feel pain there’s progress” https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=478090855&token=WLccfitE :3
RezSyroz (28 days ago)
So beautiful
Lord Biznisz (28 days ago)
Good luck for everyone!
Filip Pitak (28 days ago)
I hope i win o.O
eusebius hans (28 days ago)
This skin is so good so i want this skin hahaha , GL Everybody
Vytel (28 days ago)
Keep grinding up those awesome CSGO vids and also PUBG , I know you are working hard on it and just so you know we ( your subs ) will always support you . <3
Rj Nebrja (28 days ago)
My gahd getting good with the vids and the giveaways! Goodluck with the channel i know you will grow! Just stick with it! <3
Katholeaf (28 days ago)
wow man you are so nice i really appreciate you doing this! Hugs from New Jersey :D
Lukáš Grajciar (28 days ago)
Dream skin 😐
Le spy (28 days ago)
Your really nice I respect people who give away expensive items for free
Vincent Schulze (28 days ago)
Best AWP skin :D want it xD
ORION (28 days ago)
Ramirro (28 days ago)
I like your voice,calm and warm 🤗
W4t3r (28 days ago)
nice giveaway
Stràif (28 days ago)
Hey, thanks for the chance!
fortnite sukkeltje (28 days ago)
Maybe try to do Some gameplayz
Daffa Ramadhany (28 days ago)
Nice skin from nice person, hope I win
Pablo 309 (28 days ago)
I like hyberbeast it's my favorites skin
Fictioned (28 days ago)
I hope I win :D
TrainsForLive TV (28 days ago)
Thats a very nice Skin which One of us can win
Portgas.D AcE (28 days ago)
Ilu bro♥️
PRGGepic (28 days ago)
Hyper beast... Always wanted to have one...
Emirhan Baki Doğrul (28 days ago)
This so good like you And hope you get 2k or more subs
Faqyourbae (28 days ago)
It's really great, good luck for your channel
Damascus Steel (28 days ago)
Nice skin
Xraybeta X (28 days ago)
Your a really cool guy been sub for along time and maybe we can play some csgo together
Ivanovic _ (28 days ago)
Awesome, but I won't win because i'm too unlucky in my life (I'm a poor guy, please send me nud...an awp.)
Black Spatter (28 days ago)
I hope i win
Vaibhav Nachare (28 days ago)
You do nice stuff, I hope you get more subscribers in the future!
Eggo Reliev (28 days ago)
Now I rly want to win :D enjoy the vacation!
醉乄瘋子 (28 days ago)
gl all here ppl
1 2 (28 days ago)
Ty for the giveaway
Pukar Shahi (28 days ago)
Best wishes,1k will be quick
I'm Vito (28 days ago)
We have to celebrate your 1K subs becouse you are awesome
Tijs Heuff (28 days ago)
I like my AWP's like i like your new vids, new!! I started playing CS recently and i have been enyoing it a lot, but i do not have cool skins so i hope i win this AWP.😇
Mateusz Skwarek (28 days ago)
Maybe this time :)
Giovannie Dejonghe (28 days ago)
awesome vids man ;) keep it cool
MR nobody (28 days ago)
All done

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