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Forza Horizon 4 - E3 2018 Gameplay Demo!

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Text Comments (99)
Lyden (3 months ago)
i bought the ultimate edition on microsoft store but Why i can play the demo ?
UnitedHawk Gaming (3 months ago)
I would love to see more of this game it looks amazing
What is the car of the spring?
LT. Tang (4 months ago)
Yes full playthrough plz
•cheese• (4 months ago)
All Gas No Brakes (4 months ago)
This game looks amazing. I was hoping for a japan based game but the map looks pretty good. Lets hope you can change exhaust tips and small customization is added but ill be getting it on release day as usual... also bring back the Supra!!!!
qpasas (4 months ago)
wath kind of need for speed its that game ?
Rene Grondzi (4 months ago)
I love this but it's always the same nothing realy changes
Trash Compactor (4 months ago)
RIP sheep
Fausto Silva (4 months ago)
*_1:29_**_ R.I.P Animals_*
Michael MrBull (4 months ago)
I'll take any videos on forza at all!! It would be awesome
Ruman Dhaliwal (4 months ago)
Forza horizon 3 has co-op career, racing and party games such as flag rush, infected and king!
J. Daniels (4 months ago)
Can u play more gta plz. Ik it been out for like 4 years but i really like the gameplay. XP
J. Daniels (4 months ago)
Btw new to emojis. Not sure if that's the right one
Tailem (4 months ago)
fuck i dident even get my horizon 3 done yet, no the dlcs.
JCrowe98 (4 months ago)
This game looking fuckin sweet, a series on this would be unreal hova!
Prestonisswag (4 months ago)
I would love to see some races and fun times with you and speedy in this game.
Luuk Wouters (4 months ago)
I have been watching your videos for years now and I've been playing Forza horizon/motorsport since the beginning I can assure you this game is something you and the crew should try out! This game will have a Coop mode that you can play with your friends it will include races, bucket list, challenges and some more fun gamemodes. You will unlock new gamemodes by playing these races, challenges and other activities. So you could do a coop series, race challanges or for example bucket list challanges with the crew because you can create your own races and bucket list and there will be 72 men multyplayer lobbies so you should definitely try this game out
Dylan Zrim (4 months ago)
Where is it set this time? It was australia last time right?
The Angry Van Rider (4 months ago)
Horizon 3 was set in Australia, Horizon 4 is set in the UK
USAF170 (4 months ago)
As a hardcore forza fan, I can't tell you how excited I am for this game! And I'm SUPER excited that your looking into playing this on your channel!
ViagraOverdose (4 months ago)
Walkthrough Hova!!!
Jacob Klobucar (4 months ago)
I’m excited for this one
DEAD Shot (4 months ago)
The sang in the back ground at 8:19 what is it plz help me I love it 😢😢😢😢
OG Cookie Monster (4 months ago)
R.I.P. to the sheep who died in the line of duty
BenSkiv98 (4 months ago)
Would absolutely love to see Forza on your channel dude!
cj cj (4 months ago)
Honestly the horizon series has gotten boring to me. The setting in this one jsnt enticing either im definitely waiting to buy or possibly not even buying.
cj cj (4 months ago)
All Gas No Brakes exactly man!
All Gas No Brakes (4 months ago)
cj cj yeah a japan map would have been refreshinf. Tounge runs and lots of highway with a big city enviornment would have been awesome. That offroad shit really hurts the game for enthusiests
Extra Wishes (4 months ago)
Hova if you ever read up on what they do with this game, its amazing... they actually hire people full time, just to take pictures of the skys, the development behind this game is amazing
Mathieu Doherty (4 months ago)
Play any Forza horizon and I think it should be successful
Extra Wishes (4 months ago)
Play this with speedy, they have a COOP career mode, the Previous Forza Horizon (3) also has coop career
Matt w (4 months ago)
Burnout come back 😭😭😭
Nick Arias (4 months ago)
Seven Storms (4 months ago)
This game looks beautiful wish I had an Xbox
theLowLiphe (4 months ago)
I’d really go nuts if Hova and Speedy put out some Forza videos
STR4WZ (4 months ago)
RIP that sheep
b1g_Shm0 (4 months ago)
this looks like copy paste horizon 3 with seasons. kinda bummed
All Gas No Brakes (4 months ago)
Why do you say that?
TypicEightt (4 months ago)
b1g_Shm0 then your dumb
Jude Springer (4 months ago)
All the stupid xbox vs playstation shit aside, they should honestly just have all games on all consoles
Michael N (4 months ago)
Is there are Prius in this game? Asking for Side. They're his favorite.
MiLLENi (4 months ago)
Is dubstep still cool? 😂
Birdman-12 (4 months ago)
yes Papa Hova and Speedy please<33
Trent Addicott (4 months ago)
What’s the date on this game? Only games I’m looking forward to are red dead redemption 2 spider man and this game ugh
Mr Froggy Man (4 months ago)
Trent Addicott not even fallout 76?
Inferno (4 months ago)
this game looks amazing. would love to see some forza videos on the channel
ark13700 (4 months ago)
Even if its just a few episodes of online racing, especially some playground modes like CTF or car tag, that would be cool. Forza Horizon's mostly great just to play solo for car lovers, it'll likely not become a regular series, but it would be cool to see on Hova's channel.
TeeterTuckin (4 months ago)
Put 100% into the 2nd and 3rd. Will do the same with this. If you have the disposable income I’d honestly recommend a racing wheel w/pedals, it’s a blast.
Scissortongue (4 months ago)
Hova you going to play this on PC or Sexbox?
Extra Wishes (4 months ago)
Scissortongue The footage is probably from the Xbox One X, But this game has CrossPlatform capability (assuming because Horizon 3 had it), PC would have better graphics but probably not by much
Erik Dunkelberger (4 months ago)
Hovie you fucking obliterated that sheep.
Yameanson (4 months ago)
Damn dude I miss you w the crew, dk what happened but def were one of my favorites haha but any game you put up I’ll watch man as long as you actually wanna play it too yanno
Extra Wishes (4 months ago)
Yameanson Different recording times, Hova doesnt want to stay up till 4 in the morning recording videos with the other guys, and plus he has kid(s)
Matt Green (4 months ago)
You gotta play this with The Crew!
Null And Void (4 months ago)
Im still saving up for forza horizon 3
Extra Wishes (4 months ago)
XeNull Just wait for this one, by the time you save up, it will almost be out, and this one will be better than 3
DemonTaco (4 months ago)
MASTER Drifts (4 months ago)
10 likes and the whole crew has to play together
P0GFLIPPER (4 months ago)
Woah those graphics! I've not paid any attention to racing games for years, not since PS1 grand torismo Haha, looks decent ♥
Kae (4 months ago)
I would pre-order this game yet the PC ports of the Forza series so far have been terrible ( Performance wise ) :( Being able to play on PC would be much prefered.
SlidinSkrub (4 months ago)
Tbh I'm getting the game day 1
Extra Wishes (4 months ago)
SlidinSkrub If you preorder i think they said you can get it 4 days early
theLowLiphe (4 months ago)
Yes, Forza horizon 3 has coop campaign
Game.Or.Nah (4 months ago)
As a die hard Forza Horizon 3 fan. You gotta do open lobbies with fans. Do car shows, challenges, drag races, cruises, races with the whole lobby. There's a lot of opportunities to have fun with a bunch of people on these games.
Game.Or.Nah (4 months ago)
Extra Wishes what's your gamertag?
Extra Wishes (4 months ago)
Game.Or.Nah YESS, i love the forza series
MemeTeamAlpha (4 months ago)
Damn this looked amazing Hova. Do you know where this Forza takes place?
Pablo TV (4 months ago)
This game looks lit asf might have to get it
Hayden Pallanich (4 months ago)
Yes Hova there should be co-op racing so you can race with the rest of the crew! They have done that with the previous Forza Horizons. I don’t know for sure everything they are gunna have in FH4 but it is very likely they will have co-op.
Josh Kocher (4 months ago)
I am a Huge Forza fan i am totally pre ordering this
GothBoyDanta (4 months ago)
The game looks so amazing, great job on today's video dad
llJeezusll (4 months ago)
Really wish racing games would add more customization. Like Midnight Club LA customization
ARtroncatbama (4 months ago)
All Gas No Brakes I hope so. Not much is really impressing me at the moment
All Gas No Brakes (4 months ago)
Yeah theyre getting there. Wouldnt be surprised to see more customization in this game!
ARtroncatbama (4 months ago)
llJeezusll yeah sadly the best game now with customization is the crew. Need for speed payback was mediocre :/
llJeezusll (4 months ago)
Muffin punch3r10 Midnight club had all of that as well. You could also do things like make your own vinyls from scratch, change tire size/width, rim size/width, customize seats, add neon lights to the inside, customize the dashboard, etc. There were so many things you could do to make your car unique and you could sell your cars online for in game currency. Alot of the cars online also were modded to have neon rims or neon vinyls so people could be even more creative
MemeTeamAlpha (4 months ago)
llJeezusll More like Need For Speed Payback customization with the exhaust and EVERYTHING
Edwin Bernal (4 months ago)
There’s Co Op campaign!!
Edwin Bernal (4 months ago)
Hova Thanks for replying man! Made my day just now!!
Hova (4 months ago)
omg yus
Josh Kocher (4 months ago)
Hova being a professional behind the wheel of that new McLaren
llJeezusll (4 months ago)
Damn this is beautimus
》DJ FLAKO《 (4 months ago)
This game holy shit 😱😱😱
》DJ FLAKO《 (4 months ago)
Thanks hova
Hova (4 months ago)
This game is so damn beautiful! Speedy and I really want to make videos for you guys from it. What could we do Co Op style?
ARtroncatbama (4 months ago)
Racing (like wreck fest), drifting, online lobbies since they will be HUGE (get subs to come play with y’all), making cool looking cars, making stupid looking cars, challenges (like Top Gear tv show challenges), drifting etc. there’s plenty of car you tuber gamers that you could get inspired from (: .
Cody Rinn (4 months ago)
Top speed, drift score, time attack, and more are all challenges that can be created and shared online via the "bucket list blueprint". Set your best speed, score, or time, challenge Sp33dy, and watch him struggle to beat you lol
Pacer Cardz (4 months ago)
Get the whole crew on here fo some races 🙌
Xslee Xbox (4 months ago)
Hova at 1:30 you killed a sheep 😂you horrible person
Fries21 (3 months ago)
Ryan Rubalcaba (4 months ago)
You and the crew should play this hovie The online has mini games you can play as well as races but I'm not too sure if there's a co-op option towards the career progression
Alex Ivanov (4 months ago)
Crew2 looks better
cbass (4 months ago)
Fucking how lol
OG GAMER vlogs (4 months ago)
Xslee Xbox (4 months ago)
OG GAMER vlogs no one cares bud 😂lonely child.
Josh Kocher (4 months ago)
this game officially comes out on my birthday can't fucking wait!!!
xander (4 months ago)
OG GAMER vlogs (4 months ago)
Hi 1

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