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PUBG Weapon Skins Are Here!

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Hey guys, today we're going to take a look at the new gun skin system in Player Unknown's Battlegrounds. For More Gaming Tips and Tricks, Subscribe ► http://bit.ly/1lumAKr LevelCap's Lego Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrhb3SP2lZBgguLHIWWuHOQ Discord: http://discord.gg/levelcap Streaming: http://twitch.tv/levelcap Twitter: http://twitter.com/levelcapgaming Facebook: http://facebook.com/levelcapgaming Youtube: http://youtube.com/levelcapgaming OriginPC: http://originPC.com Weapon Stats: http://Symthic.com Computer Hardware: Mouse: http://amzn.to/2jvkBxe Keyboard: http://amzn.to/2kzr3VD Mousepad: http://amzn.to/1mwQDXU Acer Monitor: http://amzn.to/1mwQKCK Headphones ATH-700X: http://amzn.to/1B3tmi2 #PUBG
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Text Comments (979)
BigStinky 11 (3 days ago)
Bluehole more like gay
I love it but i'm gonna agree with everybody wanting bug fixes, today i was driving a car and i hit a tree and then my car was slingshot-ed into space.
Tbh I like the emotes, sure I never use them but they're cool but I didn't want this....not this
Zacho Switch (11 days ago)
That wouldn't make sense to find a weapon part and it switches to skin color so no @pubg dont. This guy is comparing pubg to other games lmao the whole point of pubg is to keep it real.
BLEACH PEPE (11 days ago)
Why didn't they just do basic camouflage for now and add in more expiramental weapon skins later not only do the ones we have now make you stick out like a sore thumb but they ruin the realism. They should have worked on more clothing items and new haircuts or even a consistent frame rate.
ShadowJammers (17 days ago)
Xbox.... I play on Xbox..... call me dumb.... but if you do buy me a pc that can play pubg
Nop Nop (17 days ago)
There dont want to du the call of duty
hahagager (18 days ago)
Who even plays PUBG anymore??
s1ko (19 days ago)
New valve.
Laughing Madman (21 days ago)
I can only imagine the talks in the Blue Hole offices... "So we will take the emotes from Fortnite and the weapon skin monopoly from CS:GO, that'll help our games PR right?" -"Yeah but what about this new silent walking and invincibility glitch?" "But if we work on that we can't work on this event mode and small map that fortnite already beat us to!" -"Yeah but all those skins and emotes broke half the players names and stats." "Don't worry- we'll spend two weeks on it and say we are working on a solution instead of spending extra cash to actually back up our player info in the first place."
alexis D (21 days ago)
This Skins are so Bad... they just paint the weapons in Orange?
Tommy Mack (21 days ago)
And so the money milking begins...
Dollar Menu Master (21 days ago)
who cares
Kaldes Football (21 days ago)
LevelCapGaming the PUGB just started with the skins more skins are coming!
Ali PC (21 days ago)
:P lvl forgot about nice csgo skins r
Ali PC (21 days ago)
lukas dugas (22 days ago)
I think some of the skins in the game fuck up the realistic part of it
Samet KABA (22 days ago)
31kills from ARMUTTV https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PqrFQ9TxxHY
Simon Gunstone (22 days ago)
Who gives a flying fuck the game needs sorting
ikillHD (22 days ago)
Bro go say to pubg to sleep (die)
SN0WMaN (22 days ago)
Level you not saying they are copying CS are you?
Ben (22 days ago)
dead game, dead servers
Xno Dragon (22 days ago)
nope this game sucks too many hackers
Bane (22 days ago)
I Stick to Character Customizing. Weapon skins see too Expensive and looks ugly right now.
I remember when siege came out the weapon skins were awful, way worse then then PUBG's skins, but over time they improved and got pretty good at make them. PUBG may or may not follow the same course, well just have to wait and see.
kc mac (23 days ago)
Skins don't belong in pubg
Ademus5 (23 days ago)
is it true that all tts players got 20 keys and crates?
Kacazi x (23 days ago)
This game is absolute abysmal trash on xbox and is dying on pc due to the success of fortnite battle royale, come on bluehole, your emotes are shit and you know damn well you can’t compete with fortnite in that aspect, no one wanted these garbage ass unrealistic skins in a realistic video game, we have H1Z1 for that, how about you get off your ass and region lock china, fix the xbox version of the game and get rid of hackers entirely? But ok keep your game as shitty as it is and just milk money out of everyone that brought it already, better to loot a dying city than work to keep it afloat amirite?
Jarno Gerads (23 days ago)
next update we can build a fort with wood, stone or steel. confirmed yesterday
Rael Reflux (23 days ago)
Yo lvlcap please don’t remove this I’m just trying to help my friend no spam no not https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8A40o0kBhcfPZs0qREvKOQ just check the channel for some funny pubg videos everyone’s gotta start somewhere I’m sorry for this comment spam
Giuliani Reynoso (23 days ago)
Vehicle, parachute, and melee weapon skins soon.
Giuliani Reynoso (23 days ago)
I keep getting the stupid white camo pants on the crates.
pinoycrzs (23 days ago)
Worst thing about playing in tpp is telling your parents you're homosexual
Lots_Of_Random_Clips (23 days ago)
Remember when Levelcap actually had enjoyable videos?
Mason Klabunde (23 days ago)
Support for xbox one skins?
Tankron (23 days ago)
Just saying, game companies tend to start off weapon skins with simplistic skins and gradually build on them, for example R6 Siege only had bold colours at the start
BunnyRaptor (23 days ago)
Her arms look pretty weak.
TechMaven (23 days ago)
The crates are ripoff and filled with nothing but duplicates. I bought 20 crates and I only received beiges skins with 18 duplicates. Don’t buy them.
Hallreaver (23 days ago)
It is so absolutely unnecessary... Weapon skins is not needed in PUBG..!
OriginalClam (24 days ago)
but is it eleague ready
saeed atenzi (24 days ago)
You know this game is dying when they are already milking it instead of fixing it... Trash devs ruined a good start.
jamie Dee (24 days ago)
Even payday 2 did a better job of skins than this!
אורי אילוק (24 days ago)
you can switch your skin mid game using alt shift and left mouse click on the wepon on you inventory
Zincas (24 days ago)
Lvl cap loves to push crappy game like pubg and fortnite. The most played games are broken. And he fuckiing defends crates. I mean he wasnt like this in the begging. Fuck you lvl. We dont need flair we need a working game.
dubst3pboii (24 days ago)
But can’t fix bugs okay
titos2k (24 days ago)
BlazingSkrub (24 days ago)
Looks like shit
Kordikk696 (24 days ago)
Actually, the mag, stock etc, not being covered in paint from your skin is something realistic, because when you switch mags, the new one will be without the paint, or if you find / steal some mags, they won't be painted the way you want right. also check out irl skins for weapons, you'll see that additions are not painted
tictack king69 (24 days ago)
Honestly you need to quit bitching so much
Dildo Swaggins (24 days ago)
The whole custom in this game suck
Legendary Erebus (24 days ago)
I forgot pubg had TPP lol I play to much of the FPP on there.
Ali Norman (24 days ago)
Why? Just why?
Artom Kharitonov (24 days ago)
hey, man cool video. one thing bothers me though, I think it would add a ton to this comparison video (since you're comparing a few games there), if you put a tiny clip of the other game to show what you talk about, that would add a ton. (like the frost skin form Siege or showing off your weapon in SC. just thought i`d share my thoughts about it. loved the video though , left a like ;)
DaBear04yt (24 days ago)
To bad not on mobile
malicalik 13 (24 days ago)
Pubg, aka H1Z2
scott68691 (24 days ago)
What now skins for armor and backpacks. Making this look like division 😂
BroodingFox000 (24 days ago)
and why would you make a video on something and not actually research all of the questions you answer
BroodingFox000 (24 days ago)
how the fuck do you have 180000 bp
r14nicolau (24 days ago)
weapon skins...!!!>??? are you friggin' kidding me..!!!??? they need to Fix the bugs (on xbox)... slow upload of buildings at beginning of the game, etc...
Pyro Caveman (24 days ago)
Fuck the skins.. Get rid of the hackers.
DuckLord (24 days ago)
I'm pretty happy they added skins, though a little disappointed at how shitty they look
NForceOne005 (24 days ago)
Fucking copy CS GO
antongamerHD (24 days ago)
Hopefully they add vehicle skins also, can't wait to drive around in a bus with a pedo van skin.
WazheadBoci (24 days ago)
good now fix the game :D
vasilije94 (24 days ago)
The are greedy as fuck. At least battlefront gave us working game before trying to fuck us. Pubg is nowhere near fixed and we get microtransactions. Great. Nice effort bluehole . More like shithole.
Harvey Nash (24 days ago)
This is the beginning of the end for Pubg...
27drdubs (24 days ago)
stupid....how about they fix not being able to load into a lobby and staring at the black pubg screen as you start to hear the plane flying....lol
Jamess UK (24 days ago)
most successful fps in the world please fuck off most d-sync game in the world i really hope fortnite does better and no i don't play fortnite ...
Flodux (24 days ago)
Community: we want frame rate fixes, new weapons, new items! Pubg G: your feedback is important to us! Here is some skins
Aexirr (24 days ago)
Here’s an idea for people who didn’t want skins... *don’t use them.*
defunx (24 days ago)
garbage game with garbage updates
Cormac Bentley (24 days ago)
Pubg goes for a more realistic game then a frosted one. The skins could have been better but these are the first and only ones.
TheBraindead Ant (24 days ago)
Skins before fixes? No wonder Fortnite is has more concurrents.
Gitara Siema (24 days ago)
2:30 - exactly my thoughts. PUBG developers are either retarded or think that their players are retarded - maybe both ?
dennissteinsland (24 days ago)
Its a nice addition to the game, but most of the skins are awfull exept for the silver plate skins and desert digital looks nice to. People complaining about "they should fix the game before they add more stuff" dont know shit about game development, bluehole's art team is the ones making the skins ect, they have a different team for bugs ect
Daniel Maxfield (24 days ago)
People are actually buying 230 dollar skins ? Wut...
Freestyle Frenzy (24 days ago)
you should play airsoft again dude, it was so entertaining watching you!!
ShadowSlimeYT (24 days ago)
You can Disable the Skin with Alt+Control+Click
TheChoppyBF (24 days ago)
Ooof they should really just focus on improving the game atm.. I really don't feel like more skins are going to satisfy anyone
Sheir0 (24 days ago)
EA's little brother....
LikaV1996 (24 days ago)
Wow U were all over the place bro Medal of Honor Warfighter World of tanks xD
Roman Alexander (24 days ago)
this game, i swear...whoever decided to start putting weapon skins in instead of FIXING their game should be fired
Feral Fanatic (24 days ago)
Wtf is the point in "earning" crates if i have to fucking buy the key for it?
ButtonWalls (24 days ago)
I play at low settings like 99% of players and these skins will look like shit.
gwenevere501 (24 days ago)
I’m always happy when attachments don’t keep the skin lol. It looks sick!
Does anybody read the fucking patch notes ffs
hD KiLLeN (24 days ago)
I didn't catch that Did you say skins?
DeMonHuNter361 (24 days ago)
Bluehole = A bunch of Asshole Devs.
Louis Yang (24 days ago)
That orange skins are terrible.
Dusan Jerinic (24 days ago)
WTF guys you' re complaining about skins and their prices but from that money they can make some new game modes fix some bugs and even new games that is what I call a good buisness!In this world every thing is about money. Money is making new industries and game Industry is starting to be a big thing so, we all want something new right they' re giving us new so shhh... 😂😂
Axel Banzter (24 days ago)
they have made more than enough money ffs, they have sold over 30 million copys in the first year, each for 30 bucks... yes, some basic math and you see that that is a shitton of money enough for paying everyhing they will need
Krongfah Mahankalarp (24 days ago)
Any games with in-game items that can be traded for real money should rot in hell. Yes, that includes CSGO.
ot0m0t0 (24 days ago)
Good job. My friends (that are top 0.5% on EU) swiched to playing Planetside 2.
raptor (24 days ago)
Time to get my black skin for all my guns
TheNaibaf333 (24 days ago)
We dont want these unrealistic skins from r6 and bf.
pie- ninetyever (24 days ago)
Well done bluehole, now, when is this game finally comming to ps4
epic ninja (24 days ago)
Look up ak47 Bloodsport. That puts all these to shame.
Warhammer Actual (24 days ago)
27:20 Battlefield 4 has adaptive weapon and vehicle skins which change based on the map.
TheReal Capitao (24 days ago)
The gun you pick up gets the skin if it didn't have a skin. If you pick up another player's gun his skin remains. So you can choose which you wanna run
Pafrla (24 days ago)
This is shit
Charles (24 days ago)
Cover more fortnite pubg is dead 😂😂👌👌💯💯💯

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