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Text Comments (12915)
Rainbow Elf (9 hours ago)
Subtitles though
Oh, really? (20 hours ago)
de Vague (1 day ago)
I miss this outro music!
Trg2d Crabtree (1 day ago)
Who else found this funny
Oh, really? (20 hours ago)
Trg2d Crabtree who didnt?
Xalem tuber (2 days ago)
Les francais sont présent????????
The sayian king ! (3 days ago)
its stampy cat
im stampy...
Gage Hunter (3 days ago)
It’s great that he mentioned the handshake
Master Wulfgar (4 days ago)
Which headphones is he using in this video?
Master Wulfgar (4 days ago)
I love this pdp
Daniel Navarro (4 days ago)
At 7:16 is the best part because so many things happen at once.
Omega Beta (4 days ago)
I want to see code babes bobs and vegana
RayRexDex (4 days ago)
I Need that teacher
4:30 anyone? XD
Στ Τσ (5 days ago)
The first one is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cringe
I laughed so freakin hard at that sonic video! XD
olivia ruane (6 days ago)
9:25 uuuuuuuuuuuuh
wrestle freak (7 days ago)
Hey, can someone tell the name of the sad song that is being played at the very starting of the video
Nguyễn Hồng Hải (8 days ago)
Pharrel was being so rude
Mr Popcorn (8 days ago)
( ° ,_ ° )
Johanne Haugaard (9 days ago)
Hørte jeg linkin park? O.o
77derya77 (9 days ago)
gotta love onision
Newds Hoop (9 days ago)
He roasted my country
Cosmo The Space Fox (10 days ago)
Cosmo The Space Fox (10 days ago)
Chunckymonkey reee (10 days ago)
Click bait
hotttpockters (10 days ago)
PewDiePies a virgin like if you agree
griffer aka reph (10 days ago)
Silent Knight (11 days ago)
5:17 what song??
Gábor Sándor Papp (11 days ago)
0:32 i am going to suicide
Kruno Saho (11 days ago)
Why does PewDiePie own a sex doll?
Miss Sparkle (11 days ago)
What...the fuck in all Jesus and the world...00:33
Angus Richards (12 days ago)
pepe de frog (12 days ago)
im stampy
My name is Human (13 days ago)
I miss this setup. This hipster boi. The slight fear i feel for his mental health.
MR Anonymous (13 days ago)
I remember watching stampy
Rhiannon Oliver (13 days ago)
6:48 Jake Paul Vlog
keynichtdeintyp x (13 days ago)
2050 anyone?
Plus 5 DMG (13 days ago)
Late 2015/early 2016 pewdiepie saw a very sudden and extreme transformation.
Maybe A Debate (14 days ago)
Once you go Barack you never go back
SAOBAN (14 days ago)
The sonic one 😂
Amin (15 days ago)
he laughed about the handshake, and months later his handshake turned into a meme
Mr PumperKnuckles (15 days ago)
Hillary is a bitch...
Loris Colles (16 days ago)
A very weird phase of the Pewdiepie channel
TheRealKdawg 101 (16 days ago)
What about ur handshake pewds
Julissa F. (17 days ago)
Once u go president , u never go back to resident
Weird Kid (17 days ago)
Did I see high school host club??! I love anime XD (fucken otaku)
jellyboom (17 days ago)
0:00 rainbow six raven shield. Any one?
Rafi Nabil (17 days ago)
He clearly needs friends
Gamingwith SP (17 days ago)
https://youtu.be/addme/jBb1bhE1j-jc9-Iy8AjUMuBBxSiFgg PewDiePie please promote my channel 😊
James Young (18 days ago)
4:48 to 4:58😑😔😐😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Calamity_Kitty 101 (18 days ago)
Somebody call Baldis Basics
Rabbit (18 days ago)
I miss you Gubba
Privet_Ya DIBIL (19 days ago)
Friendable Person (19 days ago)
Gets a girlfriend *immediately begins to feel her spinal cord*
Mariana Ferreira (21 days ago)
8:14 ohhh myhh god i have one of thoseeee 😂😂😂my sweet childwood
Preston Mathew (21 days ago)
8:47 little did he know....
Tom Grant (22 days ago)
It’s mah boi Martin: Oh it’s Gotta be mah fav video game character tails
Evgenios Megas (22 days ago)
Evgenios Megas (22 days ago)
Stuti Jain (22 days ago)
When the Sonic Happy Meal ad is Indian 😂
Franchute Viejo (23 days ago)
0:41 so disturbing
Blkmania emotrash (23 days ago)
The Linkin Park song...
Bogdan Marin (24 days ago)
I miss goubeeee
death slade (24 days ago)
Where did its mouth go?
Callum Woolsey (24 days ago)
adjie Bayu Segg (24 days ago)
Tupac (25 days ago)
*SNAP* this is going in my cringe compilation!
Nikita Shimkus (26 days ago)
This is a masterpiece
Da legendary Smith (26 days ago)
So clickbait
I have that pipe, cost me 60quid -_-
Johnny Lee (27 days ago)
This is how pewds got over 1000 IQ
J loveo music (28 days ago)
What the shit
Debora Zlata Ivanov (28 days ago)
Not only the fact that they objectify women, but they didn't even consider that a woman would learn coding.. I don't think that whoever made the site thought that LGBt would also learn, it must be a coincidence, I guess they only thought straight men would want to see a woman undress.
Manatee The Manny (28 days ago)
When the girls camera flasH WENT OFF I WAS WEAK
Chris Tang (28 days ago)
i am noob (28 days ago)
Pfrrrrrrrrrrr ,😨😨😵😵😰😰😷😷 how he fart!!! Uhhhhhh
ps gamers (29 days ago)
E (29 days ago)
Am I the only one who watches the sonic happy meal ad over and over again?
PauPau Pau (29 days ago)
i m s t a m p y
Kimas LG (29 days ago)
Who clicked for Pewdiepie's face?
yiyosa TV (1 month ago)
Sonic sucker
Miguel Villagracia (1 month ago)
*SNAP* This is going to my cringe compilation
Spy Dub Web (1 month ago)
sonic, skateboarrrrd
Honey Pop (1 month ago)
Dr Beast (1 month ago)
5 years ago i tried to take a pic in school. cause the teachers forced us to do a wierd dance and i had the lightning on
stinky Ass (1 month ago)
No ads??? Wtf utube
I have Shadow's basketball
شيماء مهدى (1 month ago)
😥😥😥😥😥😥 the last part
TYMS0N 10 (1 month ago)
7:38 its hahahqhhhahahahhhagagagaggahagqgahahahahahahahaaha
Autumn秋 (1 month ago)
When you don't have any friends..
Etienne Noel (1 month ago)
I cannot believe he did this in one take. He's a goddamn hero! 4:58
Canada Is Better (1 month ago)
Kyle Hansen (1 month ago)
Whatever happened to Guble?!?
Rico Lorenz (1 month ago)
remember the old pewdiepie that used to swear
Ezio Sky (1 month ago)
bring back gubble
Henry Southworth (1 month ago)
Hella funny
Paul Jackways (1 month ago)
Those sonic games were so fucking cool. I wish I had all of them.
Ted Huber (1 month ago)
What the fuck is Pharrell even doing
Legend (1 month ago)
This is literally the best video on youtube

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