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When a Pubg Gamer thinks Fortnite is easy | Gemo Sapiens

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Thanks for watching...Like comment and share. Gameplays Provided by No Copyright Gaemplay-https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXCbD5VLRf-yqRp7xIb9osg Game used- Fortnite PUBG
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Text Comments (14797)
Gemo Sapiens (3 months ago)
Lel It was mistake guys..I disliked the trailer when I was a Pubg fan. Now I love both games..Please understand..All make mistakes.
Endo (4 days ago)
Gaming Legend (4 days ago)
Omg you played with rmgamers
Nithila Pichumani (6 days ago)
Fortnite is the worst game i seen in my life sucks🙅
Brinkster Nation 0-5 (7 days ago)
Fortnite is actually pretty easy. I made it to top 5 by literally doing doing. I just sat in this house.
Fortnite is gay
Geprüft Modding (2 minutes ago)
Fortnite is easier than pubg
TheGingerWolf _Gaming (45 minutes ago)
COME AT ME BITCHES fortnite is garbage and for retarded 22 year olds that dress up like Kevin heart in an anime jumpsuit, FIGHT ME HATERS
TheUnknownYoutubeGuy (3 hours ago)
How dare you!?
Andy R (4 hours ago)
Pubg 10 game = 1 win Fornite 10 game = 4 win
Mark Johnson (4 hours ago)
I love how it's his first time playing fortnite and he has the paper parisol which you only get from winning your first game in season 3
Herospider (4 hours ago)
This is literally just Leo-kun 3.0
Joshua Johnson (4 hours ago)
Maddie donated 5$ “PUBG SUCKS”
David Lambino (5 hours ago)
U copied Axzyte>:(
David Lambino (5 hours ago)
PubG is brutal.... And........ Fortnite is kid friendly
mohammed alabdullatif (5 hours ago)
It is solid gold mode
ZapdosIsHere87 GAMING (5 hours ago)
PUBG is actually winning vs Fortniite right now, so...
Luân Nguyễn (6 hours ago)
Ez game
el gato prax (9 hours ago)
Oviamente fortnite es mas facil y pubg es el dificil foertnite us the kids
el gato prax (9 hours ago)
epicgamer 261 (16 hours ago)
He had paper parasol he won before but he trash
Masacre 008 (20 hours ago)
I think is the other way
Ćosa (21 hours ago)
What if he has a daughter?
Gamers Bone (21 hours ago)
Great video. Thanks for sharing your video.
in pubg you have 90 fps in fortnite 30 fps nice :)
Женя Иванов (22 hours ago)
Далбаёб ты резаться нихуя не умееш
SANDRO322 * (22 hours ago)
pubg is based on luck. i mean when you are going to the zone random player is going to kill you from the rock or bush or when you are looting house someone is going to kill you from bathroom. in fortnite if someone is going to shoot you or if you are going to shoot someone both of you are going to build walls and than skilled player always win (sorry for bad english i dont even know hot to spell)
Albert Wiranata (1 day ago)
you run fortnite with 30fps, how can you run pubg on that pc 😂
Jose Arias (1 day ago)
He learned that dont mess with fortnite
Meme_Eater (1 day ago)
The thing is that he’s a default but he has a good glider
DrArhemblox (1 day ago)
PUBG Gamer: Fortnite is a rip-off! *Dislikes*
Skye Playz (1 day ago)
how does he have an umbrella if thats his first game
Clash With Jake (1 day ago)
Pubg players coming to fortnite well get shit all over by me
Mr. nekotin (1 day ago)
30 fps really?
Yo me ise 11 kills
Marky gordine (1 day ago)
Hmm hes playing golden mayhem ( what i like to call it) so it'd be easy to get kills
SnejQQ (1 day ago)
I play pubg and fortnite... Fortnite is easier than pubg lol
Deividas Nadolskis (1 day ago)
Its said haaaaahaaah look at the graphips, but its only 30 fps :D
Śmieszkin Szyszkin (1 day ago)
That's so fuckin' good!!!!
Aiden Davidson (2 days ago)
rage quiter
Nef playz (2 days ago)
Pubg sucks
MogiduYT - MS (2 days ago)
No PUBG gamer would get down on the level of a fortnite gamer.
Miguel Bejarano (2 days ago)
Fortnite is more easy than Pubg
shark card (2 days ago)
Dislikes are all fortnite fans wD
This is why pubs is for nubs
Queen Bee (2 days ago)
Pff i can do better than that pubg gamer i reached 26 kills
Lester Bharath (2 days ago)
Ha he's ah noooooooooooooooooooooob
TheYouTuberFan 742 (2 days ago)
Freaking PUBG
اغاني مدهشة (2 days ago)
(the best game is assassins creed (iam pc gamer
neil felgate (2 days ago)
Shut up and stop saying fortnite is for kids
Elias Elazzi (2 days ago)
Lol that was the best!
Hakan zia72 (2 days ago)
Joel 1311 (3 days ago)
It's a looser.
Alexandra Durano (3 days ago)
TheLord360 OMG (3 days ago)
Pubg is for noobs :v
Ismail Nisar (3 days ago)
Shooting isn’t easy because of Bloom, no matter how much skill you have in aiming, bloom depends on luck only. I’m not hating on the game, i love it but bloom really bugs me
ULTRA GAMES (3 days ago)
Glider he used means he's already won
Jonathan Martinez (3 days ago)
He only tried it one time and raged
Alejandra Almanzar (3 days ago)
fortnite is easy
LetsGALICHToday (3 days ago)
Pubg sucking my penisss
Ari Diva (4 days ago)
Fortnite came out first and now people are coping fortnite just to get popular like them but i will always hate PUBG
Omegacat (4 days ago)
If its his first time playing, how come he has winning umbrella?
Iru Gaming (4 days ago)
Lol rage quitting 101
Endo (4 days ago)
PubG is quit easy and the players suck, so winning is easy.
Fake Age (4 days ago)
4:40 Alright you know what. Im calling FBI on you. GET THIS MOTHAFUKA TO THE GROUND HE THINK HE GOD BUT HE JUST KNOWS COD. DIS MAN IS A DISGRACE This comment was not mad to harass the content creator instead for whoever filmed the clip
SaYUG A (4 days ago)
Aim skill PUBG: 1000 Fortnite: 9 HOW Why won't you just use skills from pubg??
Autistic sex offender (4 days ago)
when fortnite players think they're too good
LetsBenz (4 days ago)
Fuck Pugb !
Sayian Art (4 days ago)
I could easily beat him at fortnite he’s such a noob
The instinct Slasher (4 days ago)
Lol he was going to the circle he was already in it😂😂😂
Goomie Bags (4 days ago)
The fact that he get orange weapon like that
Dark Gaming (4 days ago)
Pubg is harder than fortnite you idiot
Elmo Cookie (5 days ago)
Zakki Warsika (5 days ago)
No matter what. Both is easy. Only if you have skills
zstrike sanchez (5 days ago)
Where I got fortnite it wasn't free weird
Markman Pubg (5 days ago)
Well am a ninja hyper pro at Pubg and Pubg is Easy
Eyeballian (5 days ago)
Where you get that bad anglash
Ibrahem Bahaa (5 days ago)
He rage quit
SuperYT (5 days ago)
Well, you don’t expect the best of everything.
Yoshi guy 4792 (5 days ago)
That Guy is a asshole
HAHAHarry potter (5 days ago)
Kill Youssef or het humor
Joshua Delos santos (5 days ago)
So we just gonna ignore the fact that this guy has 4 gold items at the start of him playing fortnite?
nadir45 (5 days ago)
i will murder him if he click
your mom 101 (5 days ago)
Oh wow I just got a ad about pubg
22fps? You play in Mac? Xdd
Daniel Derpinson (5 days ago)
Fortnite is easy, took me literally 4 games to win my first game.
Siad Roble (5 days ago)
jennifer klinger (5 days ago)
Thot Patrol (6 days ago)
Fortnite is too E Z
mr gamer (6 days ago)
paragon 4ever (6 days ago)
In my opinion...this is not a good video :/
SnejQQ (1 day ago)
UltraErick /ErickPlays go and play roblox
apple roblox (6 days ago)
I good pubg but in fornite dah so easy
Fiji Kondo (6 days ago)
Cringy af
Kid 05 (6 days ago)
Christian Baez (6 days ago)
Tbh it’s kinda the exact opposite cuz I have 2 friends that play these games one plays fortnite and one plays PUBG they both played each other’s games the fortnite one uninstalled the game cuz “everyone is a noob and a hacker” and the PUBG one got #1 victory Royale on his first 3 times
Basser (6 days ago)
Why do people hate fortnite for its graphics, even though other game have cartoonish graphics?
James Caldwell (6 days ago)
He was using solid go,d XD
The sound is Jiegamingstudio or is it just me
Hel Curt (6 days ago)
The music used in this videi makes me cringe
Beagle master Hull (6 days ago)
DarkBlaze (6 days ago)
Normal EU4 player (1 day ago)
Xx_ReshiramKid535_xX Yeah except I stoped playing minecraft 4 years ago
Your Minecraft Girlfriend would be Ashamed of you.
Normal EU4 player (2 days ago)
Xx_ReshiramKid535_xX Go back to roblox community
Xx_ReshiramKid535_xX (3 days ago)
Lolololololooooolololol no
z tops (6 days ago)
24 fps
Julio Chacon no Pro (6 days ago)
OOFgoesTheNoob (6 days ago)
Who has a 4x1 foot monitor lol

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