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When a Pubg Gamer thinks Fortnite is easy | Gemo Sapiens

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Text Comments (15879)
Gemo Sapiens (5 months ago)
Lel It was mistake guys..I disliked the trailer when I was a Pubg fan. Now I love both games..Please understand..All make mistakes.
mega3 z (1 day ago)
pokemon legend hub (1 day ago)
Pubg is. A shit
Kain Everett lmao can't even spell
Diamond FanKing (3 hours ago)
He just started how does he have paper parasol????
Tamal Mahato (5 hours ago)
pubg is easy my god.what in the fucking world you live in
Kiilns Fire (8 hours ago)
Pubg gamer : Fortnite is easy FBI OPEN UP
HARLY BOY (9 hours ago)
When I think that fortnite was easy my assignment was tear
TheSecretBat (9 hours ago)
only kids play this cartoonish game fortnight sry fortnite
Zxuan Official Channel (9 hours ago)
This guy is supid why you hate fort nite
Roshi (10 hours ago)
Typicial pubg gamer
Jorge Soria (23 hours ago)
Stop this is just two freaking games Jk fortnite better
Fortnıte is easy (i m pubg player)
SnowOwlX (1 day ago)
you know the trailer music is copyrighted xD
Venyaliza Pascual (1 day ago)
He is a noob he is not building and he thinks he is pro now in fortnite
Suttings nicht (1 day ago)
You give the video a dislike 😂😂😂
Mr. Animator (1 day ago)
fortnite is good but PUBG is the best
misterpolar sito (1 day ago)
Philipoo (1 day ago)
you have 30 fps
FAM (1 day ago)
Lol I'm copystriking you for copying Axzyte
FAM (1 day ago)
Lol your a fucking idiot your implying that PUBG is easy and Fortnite is hard by the way you copied Axzyte's channel.
Conner Adams (1 day ago)
Alex Alexandru (1 day ago)
clash HD KING 2 (1 day ago)
My highest kills in lung is 15
Supa Dude (1 day ago)
LOL. Just played my first round of PUBG... EVER.... And got 8 killz XD
KK Creations (2 days ago)
PUBG the best
Just A NOOB (2 days ago)
Shop ting is....EASYSHARE But..i still like ur vide ;)
Harley Bowers (2 days ago)
Bro why does he have the noon parachutes and he was licking that he found two golden scars
Harley Bowers (2 days ago)
Pubj is easy I got I win on my first game but that was on punk mobile
LEON wedel (2 days ago)
Why did you dislike the fornite video 😕
Tt Tt (2 days ago)
Never ever judge a game just by its cover #Gamer4Life# :-)
Hood Gamer (2 days ago)
Wait how did he get the Umbrella eithout winning
SHANE SHAW (2 days ago)
king owen (2 days ago)
Je speelt niet eens fortnite
Effendy Udin (2 days ago)
That Fortnite trailer is so lit!
JML Castaneda (2 days ago)
Wow what a noob
Syamsu Grogot (2 days ago)
No pubg
SuperCrafterYT Gamer (2 days ago)
This guy is meen at fortnite
Alex Beats_01_0 (2 days ago)
Tameron Ford (2 days ago)
Trash Fortnite is so hard you have to play at least umm 15 times
briana hernandez (2 days ago)
Is this making fun of fortnite
Ninja (2 days ago)
Fortnite is best! Pubg for all noobs on fortnite is so easy kill all of pubg for kids
Vanamees (2 days ago)
Why do u dislike that trailer?
D4rk Games (3 days ago)
2:41 dont make sense in his firts partid he haves that parachtuce(i dont write very fine because im portugues)
I’m THE OMAGA (3 days ago)
Gab Espinosa (3 days ago)
Gerrard lim (3 days ago)
3:25 HAHAHAHA take a car. He doesnt even know the buggy is the only drivable thing in the game haha
Gerrard lim (3 days ago)
3:16 no shit PUBG bullets goes straight Fortnite bullets spray A LOT
disbelief player (3 days ago)
I'm a pubg pro I win in solo and I think that fortnite is easy
ghost boy (3 days ago)
If you don't put bad language so then I will subscribe you and like your videos and tell my friends also to subscribe you and like your videos
shwapno mitra (4 days ago)
I think, PUBG & Fornite these both games are better. I love PUBG & Fornite.
Dashing1 Ninja (4 days ago)
Is he playing solid gold
koit tamme (5 days ago)
Fortnite is poop pubg is very good
ulter king (5 days ago)
pubg=ugly people fortnite=cool people/epic/awsome/gods/pros
Notdaflyking (4 hours ago)
Shut up you fanboy
NOD (5 days ago)
Free Fire gamers vs PUBG gamers
HERO GAMING Yt (5 days ago)
Frotnite is difficult
Fakhrul Radzlan (5 days ago)
Pubg so cool fortnite sucks
Chicken Micknuggets (5 days ago)
Poor grammer
Froinja Pw (6 days ago)
Lol 25 fps fortnite
Joylynn Angelica (6 days ago)
lol you dislike the trailer for this video
lighting red dragon (6 days ago)
And i say its easy fortnite why i am pubg player Friend no its hard I say pets play Friend ok I play and i dead first
Rashid Ali (6 days ago)
Pub G is the boss
bro ham (6 days ago)
Guys you do know that the game came from fortnite
MÖzil 99 (6 days ago)
But they have golf carts now
Faiz Drago (7 days ago)
I think pubg is easy then fortnite
Silent Hitman (7 days ago)
you play with malaysian player😂
lol i got a fortinite commercial
Yathu Extreme (7 days ago)
You got two golden scars and you died
Mr. Nope (7 days ago)
Please just remove the flickering lights at the end of the videos so nobody’s eyes is hurting
Hy Shapera (7 days ago)
Pubg player who havent tried fortnite will think the game suck . But once u hv spend some time playing it and master the build, its not fun to not being able to build once u get back with pubg.
aritro sen (7 days ago)
Wow so fcking idiots talking trash that fortnite is easier compared to pubg u should know that fortnite requires skills not just camping and shooting u should play the game first then type your fcking comments....
BadGamer 3617 (8 days ago)
Please ask me name of the song at the beginning
ma7teo m (8 days ago)
Forza foetnite schifo pubg
FREDERIK MAGI (8 days ago)
So i can kills so easy
Diddly Doo (8 days ago)
Which is he making funny of it
Paan Skyfire (8 days ago)
This make sence
Ted JKW (8 days ago)
Just like me but I stayed in fortnite
Barnus Szabó (8 days ago)
Pubg boss? With 4 kills 😂😂
Ocha Genki (8 days ago)
Yeah thats what you get for think fortnite is easy karma!!!
Ethan Xeroxaa (8 days ago)
Everyone knows Minecraft Hunger Games is the original battle royale
Kori (9 days ago)
Fortnite is actually easy.
JuanBrook DC (9 days ago)
I am pro ros gamer but i cant win in fortnite in solo mode
Ameen Khan (9 days ago)
I am unistall too this shit....now iam relax😊
Thorsten Hahn (9 days ago)
He is a noob
Mayang Saguin (9 days ago)
:( not god me
Roman sixnine (9 days ago)
How about we say Star Wars battlefront 2 is better :)
Adele Keavney (9 days ago)
I am way better than that dude in fortnite
Random Stick Nodes (10 days ago)
Your a rip off of another youtuber
Muqri Mahfud (10 days ago)
Im delete Fortnite cuz ..... THE GRAPHICS IM CANT PLAY PUBG TOO
Unknown (10 days ago)
Who else watch videos without full screen
Pranav is Cool (10 days ago)
I like both the games.......now
efe köse (10 days ago)
Pubg playing bots İ play pubg for 24 kill but İ play fortnite 5 kill
Samub (10 days ago)
Roni Back intro music
ArthurCool Game (10 days ago)
Pubg is easy I win in first time playing
Toast 2 (10 days ago)
Fortnite is legit Pubg. It's just cartoony.
OMEGA OMX (10 days ago)
Pubg sucks
Novembri Kapisa (10 days ago)
Hah daging kambinh adalah orang indonesia
Placek Jacek (10 days ago)
Pubg is much better
zymer suan (10 days ago)
Fucking Fortshit I will never play a game something like this I mean just look at the graphics its for babies
Pheaahh Maris (10 days ago)
This is like a fucking asshole
all is good (11 days ago)
Pubg is 💩 Because its not free 😞😞😁😁
all is good (10 days ago)
Καλαμάρης πλοκάμιας no hhhh
all is good you say pubg is poop because you are poor?

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