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Why Loot Boxes Are Ruining Video Games

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Loot boxes are destroying video games as we speak. ➥Subscribe: http://Youtube.com/downwardthrust ➥Donate: http://Patreon.com/downwardthrust ➥Twitter: https://twitter.com/DownwardThrust 📬 [email protected] (Send your questions for Q&A videos here) Thanks for watching! --------------------------------- Downward Thrust is graciously supported by our top Patreon donor: Yamzu - https://yamzu.com/a-toneloke Video Credits: McAwesomeCrazyness https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yWgNNiUZFQg WccftechTV https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IvztJXFPUzQ Westie https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d0uQ9zfi1n4 JohnnyDFox https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oZi51btPzbE Chaos https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qHdRSgMoZys Max Stratopoulos https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VVcI1RWQpEU
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Downward Thrust (9 months ago)
Hi! Thanks for taking the time to watch my video: This is a survey video, i.e. a discussion starter. If you have ideas, comments or feedback regarding the topic of loot boxes please feel free to share it with us so we can continue the conversation! A special thank you to my patrons for helping make this video possible. Interesting in supporting this channel? Join us below! https://www.patreon.com/downwardthrust
Night Star (3 months ago)
Good Idea, Downward Thrust. Loot Boxes & similar type of things Must be removed from all games. Don't forget the Shark Cards of GTA Online. That's also like Pay to win and Loot Box.
Alexandre de Souza (7 months ago)
While I despise Lootboxes, I don't believe your solution considers the other half of the motivation. Most of the games that use Lootboxes like Systems like CS:GO, TF2, OW, Shadow of Mordor seem to want to be long term games. In the sense that Team Fortress used that revenue to continue it's lifespan past a decade. I don't see these games wanting a sequel. Maybe, the devs implement these systems so they can keep working on what they've made without making a new product completely. So, if your conclusion is to make good games, how would a developer, who wants to work on the same game, not others, proceed?
Rashid Tabassum (8 months ago)
Absolutely, 100% agree with your viewpoint here Tone. It's absolutely ridiculous what they are doing! I'm from England and there was a piece on the news lately about students getting into financial trouble because of the money they had gambled online in order to get better skins on CS GO! We're talking around £1000-£2000 pounds Sterling!
karim bem (9 months ago)
devs need loot boxes to keep servers and long term services running
Akash Van Eerten (9 days ago)
EA is evil, selling gambeling to kids
Fruit Cat (19 days ago)
Also just force all of these games to have unlimited trading on ALL items with and watch the fun.
Fruit Cat (19 days ago)
When I was playing TF2 I used keys to trade as the boxes rarely gave you what you wanted.
Felipe B. R. Paes (26 days ago)
Why does EA do lootboxes... its sad, i played as a kid the older EA classics, no lootboxes, just a game, its sad to see EA making their games full of DLCs im so sad.
Aakash Rohila (1 month ago)
Nowadays it's useless to gain experience in game cause most of the gamers pay2win it makes our efforts useless.
G Money (1 month ago)
Great video. Thank you Naughty Dog, CD project Red, and Santa Monica studios for focusing on great stories and not $$$. Honestly these companies have literally taken the fun out of games.
Evan Hizon (2 months ago)
Back in the days, the only loot boxes we had were those toy capsule machines. You kept putting in a quarter, hoping to get a item you wanted. LOL
NoctisApparatus (3 months ago)
I don't think that lootbox defenders understand that loot boxes stop being optional when a game revolves around it for progression. Cosmetic items can be just as bad depending on the game.
Sebastian Michaelis (3 months ago)
They should call it Pandora's box instead of a loot box.Cause it basically contains all of the evil in the gaming world lol😂
Fiery Nugget (3 months ago)
Games used to be fun and simple, now they’re a service. Might as well add monthly subscriptions
Teh Loaf (3 months ago)
remember xbox live gold?
Mr.Aptronym (3 months ago)
Even cosmetic only lootboxes are a problem. In a lot of games, MMOs especially, cosmetics are a huge part of the game. A lot of people care way more about having an awesome skin than they do having a 2% increase in damage, cosmetics resonate with players. Tying them to real money and especially to gambling is destroying an aspect of game design that people love, even if that part isn't mechanically important to winning or losing.
The Truth Hurts (4 months ago)
Loot boxes have will soon be classified as a form of electronic gambling. As such will fall under all legal regulations regarding gambling. Chances are that Loot boxes will be banned from gaming all together. Furthermore all funds raised by this gaming system will be taxed retroactively. Many of these game publishers may have to claim bankruptcy.
RogueAgent GamingX (4 months ago)
well lootboxs n skin selling sooon to b band =D
Adrián Vergara (4 months ago)
Cosmetic loot boxes are still gambling. They employ the same manipulative tactics that the pay-to-win ones. Cosmetic loot boxes are not OK. Plain and simple.
SwFt Curse (5 months ago)
I'm surprised advanced warfare wasn't mentioned XD
Sparky Barth (5 months ago)
Mass Effect 3 has loot boxes? I can't recall. Can someone jog my memory.
Loot boxes Loot crates Ladies and gentlemen, may I present: THE LOOT HEXAGON!
-mechant eduard- (5 months ago)
Cracking games -> No need for lootboxes
John I (5 months ago)
I'm all for the RNG, but I'm not going to gamble.
polleke M (5 months ago)
I hate the way some casual gamers Condone these lootboxes. I have a job and do not have the time to spend hours and hours on this game to get decent gear and progression. Now at least I can buy that progression and gear. What they fail to see is that lootboxes are exactly the cause why it takes hours and hours of frustrating gameplay. There is no good reason for lootboxes to be in games other than making game publishers rich
UncleVampy (5 months ago)
I have decided to boycott any company / game that uses loot boxes or predatory MTX's (EA are you listening)
W5 Chu (6 months ago)
I like the games with skin loot boxes that has no advantages or disadvantages and their at least somewhat easy to get
Shayne McCory (6 months ago)
EA forced it's employee's to hit the dislike button
bassage13 (6 months ago)
Can any game be released in 2018 with loot boxes? The whole idea is so poisoned, will anyone dare to still put this garbage in a game?
marcus hedström (6 months ago)
I fear that gaming more and more (AAA) is becoming a hobby for the relative few that can afford to pay for "the complete experience". Rather than how it shold be, art/entertainment for the masses, just like movies, tv-shows, comic books, novels, music and maby some sports should be.
Rafael 82 (6 months ago)
100000% with you! Kids born this century are thought to believe that what you need to play a good game are just to things: broadband connection and access to momy's credit card. And this is changing the entire gaming world!
flow repins666 (6 months ago)
Loot box is just like dlc, both ruin gaming and both wouldnt exist if no dumbs bought it
Jerrod Shack (6 months ago)
I hope they get illegalized so nobody can even attempt to implement them.
Zach Privett (6 months ago)
If only the mass population wasnt stupid and didn't hand these greedy company's money
Cav L (7 months ago)
I like skins and costumes and people only buy crates for that and instead get crappy emblems and pistol grips that nobody sees, everyone likes cool outfits in games but it BS that people buy it.
James Matthews (7 months ago)
I've been saying this for a few years. Since how it was being used in Borderlands. Forcing the player to become obesessed with trying to find the next loot box or crate rather focusing on the gameplay.
Yerv (7 months ago)
i heartily disagree, i laid $500 on a parlay of lootboxes and ended up putting my kids through second life college
thesansicalsam (7 months ago)
I think loot boxes are a smart business strategy, to be honest. And they're essentially just virtual baseball cards or, if not just cosmetic, Pokemon cards. Besides, would you pay more than $60 for a game, or have the decision to get cooler stuff? Seriously, without loot boxes, we would have games that start off as low as about $90. Maybe even more.
Terence Djtee (7 months ago)
wwe2k18 is also have loot boxies
Terence Djtee (7 months ago)
I wrote to EA about loot boxes and they defend the games who has loot boxies , , and now activation is folling.... its in the wwe2k18 ... .. really Hello Terry, Thank you for contacting 2K Support. I'm sorry to hear you are upset about the implication of loot boxes in the game and your view of it being gambling. Please know that we’ve gathered your suggestion and will be forwarding them to the development team! Though we can’t promise these changes will appear in game, we really appreciate you sending them in. Thanks to dedicated and passionate players like you, we’re able to keep improving our game with each passing year. If you’d like to send us any other notes on your experience, please do not hesitate to contact us again as it would be our pleasure to hear from you! Cheers, David S. 2K Support
Goff Cool (7 months ago)
But The Loot Box system was created in 2009 by EA. TF2 was not the first Loot Box oriented game.
Alan Serrano (7 months ago)
I think I bought one pack in FIFA Ultimate team and felt slighted yet it stirred in me a desire to buy several packs to see if I can get something worthwhile. By principle I won't allow myself to go to a slot machine yet I discovered in me a tendency to develop an addiction to gambling through these packs. If it's possible to develop unhealthy behavior it should be scrutiniz
uglyduckling81 (7 months ago)
Soon as a game has advantageous loot box for cash system I don't look at it. League of Legends is a great example of a game doing it right. Free to Play with cosmetic only purchases. They are huge from that alone. I no longer play league but I always thought it was a fair system.
Adam Terry (7 months ago)
I like the new cod but it is a blatant artificial grind to sell loot crates. Remember when you could buy any item and most importantly the items you actually want with in game money from a bearded seller well those days are long gone. Now devs are just greedy
whitefeather (8 months ago)
Lootboxes also make people not buy older games, because who wants to get their butt kicked over and over until you grind or pay to be on equal ground. The skill in gaming is gone with lootboxes and cheaters running rampant.
nigelyam38 (8 months ago)
More like loot box is RUNNING video games
Mini-Rift (8 months ago)
People just need to stop buying these sought of games all together, vote with your wallet!
Compatriot (8 months ago)
All it took was a little game called Overwatch to make it into every AAA game
DownForwardPunch (8 months ago)
8:20 - with all due respect, saying that loot boxes are bad because a small percent of the population have a gambling addiction is a weak arguement. A majority of players should not be punished because a select few can't control their additive tendencies when it comes to gambling. Personal responsibility is a real thing and people must be accountable for their own actions.
John Butler (8 months ago)
Spent some time reading CoDWW2 terms and conditions basic summery: •Micro transactions offer no rights, ownership or value •Points to redeem boxes are non refundable immediately •your account, your progress is property of the company, you have no rights •the entire system can be changed removed or suspend anyone at any time for no reason •we need regulation and consumer rights
Goburin Sureiyā (8 months ago)
The simple fix is for the ESRB to start labelling any game with lootboxes as Ao. No need for government intervention, no need for legal BS, no need for taking away player freedom when they might want to actually play a game with lootbox progression (yes theres are some out there who enjoy the lootbox system). Simply put it in line with the gambling it mimics
God Blacksun (8 months ago)
More people need to watch your videos!
Pro Toss (8 months ago)
Gaming is still fun...play games that are great. There are tons of old, indie and kickstart games. Its worse on consoles...if you lack or sold one ones...
Josephine Wagner (8 months ago)
It's funny to think that free to play games like League of Legends has less intrusive in-game shops than triple A games which you pay (at least) 60$ to play.
Richard Morgan (8 months ago)
Show your support to stop this. Sign the uk petition https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/201300
Tamed Delirium (8 months ago)
well said... well said, my friend.
Movie Man Reviews (8 months ago)
That's why ppl who think not paying MTX and loot boxes means it doesn't affect them are wrong. Publishers WILL and already have changed the gameplay for the worse; increasing the grind; making it harder or more boring; all just to make ppl buy loot boxes. So not buying them does nothing but ensure that our games will just get worse...
Marcello_109 (8 months ago)
Titanfall 2 Best
Henrey Eraser (8 months ago)
First off it's a bad idea to call loot boxes gambling, maybe​ they are but you give those that would ruin our hobby more power by doing so, after all if games lead to gambling than they must also lead to violence. Second the problem is micro transactions not loot boxes Third card game booster packs are the real life version of the loot box and if we consider loot boxes as gambling than all those Pokemon card packs are also now gambling Loot boxes can be good and have been done well but their for only a few games and modern micro transactions are the problem
Randomnes2Honor. (8 months ago)
@Downward Thrust Do you believe that there is a possibility that a Paying Component might be last added to an already done just grinding system of a game's progression. Making it just an add-on ?
Yuuji Lee (8 months ago)
Just stay away the games with loot boxes, they are traps! 100% trap! repetition is suck! stop if the lootboxes affect ur game progression or joy! Warframe is the best i could play free and not affect any game play. I willing to give them support by buying prime access for few times
Pharah's Rockets (8 months ago)
Well, at least overwatch gave the loot boxes for free...Right? RIGHT???
darkhorse0404 (8 months ago)
Overwatch is the perfect balance between microtransactions and challenge
Mikael Simpson (8 months ago)
Loot boxes ( tombola progression ) Out dated Physics ( name games as good as Halflife 2 then realise this is a 13 year old game ) More cutscenes less substance ( if they made Soul Reaver today it would have taken 3 dlcs to find out Kain threw him in the pit) Played Wolfenstein ][ a little bit the other day, it plays well and looks well , but the bit I played was making such a big deal about chopping off some allies characters head off, if they would have passed me the axe I would have done it to save me the hassle of sitting through the otherwise pointless cut scene, bare in mind this was shortly after the let's make a big deal about killing a virtual dog I've seen for about 12 seconds. Was I supposed to have some kind of attachment to it??????
jacob avila (8 months ago)
I miss my GameCube 😢😢
LipTL (8 months ago)
I just don't know why list Halo 5 on the list, cause after all, the loot boxes are just for the Warzone mode and don't affect the gameplay at all, besides that, they released a ton of free content after the game released, no DLC or Season Pass required.
Signs (9 months ago)
The people that support loot boxes.... Can we put them in Concentration Camp ?
Martell Tha Cool (9 months ago)
I hate buying video games nowadays
KLYS (9 months ago)
"Engravings give you no tactical advantage whatsoever" ~ Revolver Ocelot in MGSV.
wolf wing (9 months ago)
Nothing turns me off from spending money on games, then the feeling I NEED too.
wolf wing (9 months ago)
or dificulty in obtaining would be part of the fun challenge such as games like dark souls, or monster hunter.
Yung Anime God (9 months ago)
we need another video games market crash
Tregeta (9 months ago)
One thing that is overlooked by all this, is it's not just about the money grabbing and people over-paying for content. What's also just as sad to me, are the steadfast people who refuse to or can't buy the boosts and instead grind tirelessly for weeks only to earn what many others just forked out the money for. It has turned games into grind fests of stress and repetition. There is no enjoyment anymore. I would love to run around GTA Online and have fun with the multitude of vehicles out there, but no, I have to grind and grind away entire days of my life to earn up enough cash to buy cool stuff. It's designed this way, so that I'll buy shark cards. Am I happy playing this game? Is this game bringing enjoyment to me? These are questions we REALLY need to ask ourselves as gamers before we buy the next big title and grind or pay hundreds more on boosts.
the8u9 (9 months ago)
So what are the solutions? I mean your channel has a ton of these videos saying the exact same thing about microtransactions. I come in hoping there's something new and it's just another rant about it. So what are the game creators supposed to do? "Just make better games?" LOL Cuz that's SO easy right. Maybe it's time to admit that, users fight to pay as little as possible for games and companies fight to get as much from the users as possible. You make it sound like it's something new, but every other industry does the same thing and have been doing it for a long time. Heck, LIFE is pay to win and maybe it's asking a bit too much to not pay anything but time and hope that you'd be at the same level as the guy who spends as much time as you but also spends his lifeblood.
Steven Kuhn (9 months ago)
My brother is 17. He is hardcore gamer. He got a job last year and now blows everyrhing on games. Paid 5 bucks for a "charm" in r6s. What happened to games being games? I'm sick of getting excited for a game and seeing some lootbox bullshit. Let's go back to the single days. You pay for map packs if they come out. No premium, no season pass. Just pay for it if you want it. Release games that arw complete with complex and fun progression as well as small amounts of personalization. Focus on that instead of what items will be in lootboxes. We would get games that are complete rather than buggy garbage. Greed will kill the industry.
ace142 (9 months ago)
Do we want to give goverment controll games, and if we do whose side would they take consumer or publishers? If gamers we're responsible consumers and voted with their wallets they industry might have not gone this way that it has. But sadly most gamers are on avarage just drooling barainlets, who get hyped by iconic brands and bullshit marketings. They don't want to be the one who "miss out" from popular thing, and so we are here where lootboxes and season passes are standards for AAA games and these same brainelts who drove industry to this point now advocate that we should give goverments and politicians authority over art. GG
Virck (9 months ago)
I probably spent around 300$ in Warframe to speed up getting weapons and frames, just to spend playing the game 600 hours to grind other things. Genius.
Luna Jeanette Gil (9 months ago)
So you waste time grinding/spending money for something that you can not touch nor does exist in our plane, why would anyone do that? Why are gamers compelled to do such a thing? I understand they're used to rewards and such, but.. WHY?
Andrew Cullen (9 months ago)
Developers should just go back to making expansion packs to make additional money. That way, if you don’t buy it, it doesn’t affect you.
Andrew Cullen (9 months ago)
This is one of the main reasons I don’t really play GTA 5 anymore. Progression in the online game is purposely made hard to encourage to pay actual money for in game money. I could grind for an entire day and barely progress my characters wealth. But the first and only time I payed for in game money I was able to instantly get to where two whole days of grinding would have got me
Why Why (9 months ago)
Andrew Cullen just play the single player, every game I’ve played from FIFA to GTA 5, I was never that interested in the online aspect. However, I would be more interested in the online aspect of gaming if XP (gained from single player modes) was used to purchase add ons, rewards, bonus content etc....
Mike Nolan (9 months ago)
Seriously who actually wants this? If anyone has any SERIOUS arguments for loot boxes then please, let her rip.
TeamRecktEm (9 months ago)
I don't know if loot boxes will be classified as gambling. Loot boxes are basically what buying a pack of cards is into software. Would you call buying a pack of Magic the gathering gambling?
N M (9 months ago)
Bless Nintendo for not falling to this
Matt Razor (9 months ago)
I simply cannot believe that you have a single downvote on this video. This is basically a rallying cry by a gamer who loves games and detest being scammed by greedy fucks, how can someone click the thumbs down is beyond me. I would understand if this was a matter of opinions but it's not, it's objectively killing what would be great titles.
Sam Fhisher (9 months ago)
The same boxes u get in Battlefield 4 for weapon upgrades. Gold, bronze boxes.
HS39 786 (9 months ago)
Season pass micro transactions as of cosmetics or payed to win should not be in a triple a cause u are paying a premium price for that quality later down the line dlc is fine but season passes micro transactions and payed means they are telling if u do not own any of those u dont have the complete game
Sam Stedman (9 months ago)
As a gamer I rarely, if ever, play mobile games. I don't find them very fun.
aFLYER1980 (9 months ago)
So god damn true.... Gaming is in a very sad sorry state today
thedeafBoyZ (9 months ago)
Somebody said "if you don't like it, don't buy them." Sorry can't help it but complain about being let behind because who know don't like being let behind
Stephen John (9 months ago)
Step 1 ) Go buy starbound/terraria/cup head for <$20 Step 2) enjoy an honest to goodness game *sidenote I do love overwatch and I think they;'re the exception here with only cosmetics I have freinds with dozens of unopened boxes because they just dont care and think its funny to leave them unopened.
1NinjaSamurai (9 months ago)
Glad I stopped buying games years ago
1NinjaSamurai (9 months ago)
Frommy Funnys You are caring about me 😎
Frommy Funnys (9 months ago)
I'm not aware of what "Dunm" is, unless you are trying to spell "dumb" like a moron. So you have been playing games from years ago, or you play free to play games. Again my point stands no one should care about you.
1NinjaSamurai (9 months ago)
Frommy Funnys Duuuuuunnnnnn!!!! I said I stopped buying not playing. Duuuuunnnnnnmm! You are part of the problem.
Frommy Funnys (9 months ago)
Lol then game developers should seriously not care about you. Also why are you even watching a gaming channel then?
Cuong Nguyen (9 months ago)
An excellent speech! Very excellent one! I'm starting to listen to your videos daily now. What in-deep analytical videos of game industry. Wow! I'm very impressed.
Ndriana (9 months ago)
Huu.. did you guys thought video game industry people do it for the beauty of poetry? Yes of course it’s about making money. Developing games is a job, not a hobby.
Static (9 months ago)
It amazes me people get addicted to gambling, you’re always let down and disappointed.
Static (9 months ago)
No hang on that’s every AAA developer, easy to get them mixed up
Zandaz (9 months ago)
Another issue is it is shitty consumer service. You are charging extortionate amounts of money for a CHANCE at something. When you buy a crate you don't know what you're getting from it. At least in TLOU with their MTAs you knew exactly what you were getting, and there was a way to use all the stuff you could pay real money for for free. I still don't like the way they were in TLOU, but at least Naughty Dog was transparent.
SlayerRaven (9 months ago)
This video earned you a new sub
David K. (9 months ago)
You should've started the video with MMORPG's and microtransactions. That is where all of this began. You can see how a subscription-based MMO balanced grinding versus one with cash shop. Better yet, watch how the parameters are tweaked when a sub game turns F2P.
Dakta (9 months ago)
I disagree on your use or Overwatch gameplay, you said it yourself it is okay because there is no impact on gameplay and also a way to get the skins in game !
Adriaan Pretorius (9 months ago)
I've never heard this much anger, sadness and frustration in your voice. I am with you totally! I remember when I WANTED to play games because they were fun. Now I don't want to start one up because I know I will have to grind...
MrMac1219 (9 months ago)
Id give Skillup's video on Lootboxes a watch.... if the research is correct then to think lootboxes go way back with Andrew Wilson is quite something. watch?v=PTLFNlu2N_M
Shiloh (9 months ago)
What if this how developers make games "hundred of hours of content.... if you don't pay". I mean on top of AAA uncreative designs, trying to sell more open world geared games, they can now artificially pad their games with "content" by making the grind longer...... I think i'm describing a free to play games now. Well look on the bright side, we have tons of high quality indie games that are between 5-40$ that are designed to be fun from the start.
KoopaPlays (9 months ago)
Is anyone even playing the new COD or Star Wars? Can't lootboxes just be completely avoided in Lotr? EA and Ubisoft shouldn't be fooling anyone with bad business practices.
I can agree with you on literally every front except the one that Cosmetic Lootboxes are fine.
Beyond the Horizon (9 months ago)
Here's the truth. AAA publishers don't go after the common gamer. They go after what's called whales, players that can and will spend $1,000's. I haven't seen anyone talking about this topic

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