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Awful PC Games: Car Simulator Review

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Support the reviews, become a patron: https://www.patreon.com/stanburdman?ty=h Driving in complete darkness to hide crappy textures, moon physics, and the earth literally disappearing from under your feet. Making a game in 2 minutes simulator. The Game: http://www.y8.com/games/car_simulator Other Awful games I've reviewed: Woodland, Animal Hunter 3D, The Curse of Plum Mountain, Sword of Sodan, Taz-Mania, Air Control, Plastic Surgery Simulator, Hong Kong 97, Circuit Chung, Crimelife 2, The Mummy (PSX), City Racing, Facade, Pizza Dude, A Small Car, Mary-Kate & Ashley Magical Mystery Mall, The Restaurant (PC), Bungee Jumping Simulator, Barbie Explorer (PS1), Virtual Part (Genesis), Hotdog King, Iceberg Explorer, Superman 64, Mission Runway, Barbie Super Sports (PS1), Zombie Slap, Pickup Racing, Baby Boomer (NES), Extreme Drive, Tarzan Guardian of Earth, Back Alley Brawl, 18 Wheels of Steel American Long Haul, Bubsy 3D, Silent Assault (NES), Toilet Tycoon, Trucker 2, The Simpsons Wrestling (PS1), In the Dark (PC), Time Lord (NES), CSI: NY (PC), MegaRace 3, Garbage Truck Simulator, Planet of the Apes (PS1), Another (PC), Frankestein (Genesis), Packy and Marlon (SNES), Rex Ronan (SNES), Blaster Simulator, The Grinch (PS1), Deathknell, The Forge, Battle Los Angeles (PC), Evil Dead (PS1), Desert Bus, batman: Gotham City Racer (PS1), Chicks Gone Wild, Swamp Thing (NES), Independence Day (Playstation), Ride! Carnival Tycoon (PC), Gods (Genesis), Hooters Road Trip (PS1), Singles Flirt Up Your Life (PC), Mad Truckers, 2Xtreme (PS1), and many MANY more. Other Simulations I've reviewed: Turtle Simulator, Sim taxi 3D, 3D American Truck, House Living Simulator 2013, Plastic Surgery Simulator, Snowman Simulator, Rock Petting Simulator, Watching TV Simulator, Party Drinker Simulator, Whale Petting Simulator 2014, Sitting Simulator 2014, Waiting for the Bus Simulator 2014, Traffic Simulator 2014, Swimming Simulator, Duck Sim 2008/2013, Room Simulator 2014, Tree Simulator 2013, Plant Simulator 2013, Soda Drinker Pro (Soda Drinking Simulation), Goat Petting Simulator, Fly Simulator 2014, Rail Cargo Simulator, Airport Control Simulator, Road Works Simulator, Bungee Jumping Simulator, Blasted Simulator, Boyfriend Training Simulator, VirtualBus, Heavy Weight Transport Simulator, Advanced Lawnmower Simulator, Watch Paint Dry (paint watching simulator), and many more. Why listen to me over better night time drivers like IGN, Gamespot, Gamespy, Giant Bomb, Destructoid, or GameTrailers? Well, I don't just review games from the eyes of a technical, professional game journalist. I also review games from the perspective of an actual Corey Hart.
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Text Comments (79)
Reminds me of big rigs
Jakob Holgersson (1 year ago)
Why are you reviewing these non-retail games? They're made by some amateur who just got Unity and are probably trying to learn.
miksa (3 years ago)
Chowdit1 / Kerrick (3 years ago)
Peridiotic (3 years ago)
Big rigs: car edition
Hipster Black Metal (3 years ago)
Big Riggs sports car expansion pack
Gargie396 (3 years ago)
oh so that car probably has BFG Vert terrains.
Lancedabomb (3 years ago)
wow this game is as realistic as euro truck simulator
hernani pereira (3 years ago)
physics pfffff who needs them :P
James Nation (3 years ago)
keep this energy in all your videos! This is what Im talking about =)
sosage (3 years ago)
I'd rather play GTA, It's better and a real open world
Jansen P12 (3 years ago)
LOL slender car
Ed Kolis (3 years ago)
Mike Cronis (3 years ago)
This is actually a COMPLETE "Land of the Lost" simulator with a closed-loop universe from the 1970's.  Watch out for invisible Sleestaks!
PhoneTech313 (4 years ago)
A waste of your time simulator lmao
Cheater Thug (4 years ago)
Your my favorite YOUTUBER now
Cheater Thug (4 years ago)
STAN your I was watching your awful pc games episodes and their awesome you just got yourself a new sub I hope you make the GTA 5 game review
Lord Sandwich (4 years ago)
I think these people are making games now just for you to review! :D
Phelyx (4 years ago)
Car Simulator? That's the worst title for a game ive ever heard
Majin Wamu (4 years ago)
Hey Stan, whatever happened to your Where's Waldo awful NES games review? The one where you say "hey kids do you want to play picture?" Why did you take it down?
Félix L (4 years ago)
[still mad about that atomic runner review]
Cheater Thug (4 years ago)
I'm not going to be able to get my money
HagenFlachmann (4 years ago)
Drive Club and The Crew have nothing on this. Next Gen racing is finally here guys!
MrAndrewrock (4 years ago)
More like Car Afterlife Experience Simulator
Kyros the Wolf (4 years ago)
1:25 Do a barrel roll!
Blaze The Movie Fan (4 years ago)
I wouldn't wanna play a simulator of driving with nothing else to do. I wanna play a game where I can do fun things while driving like Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, I love that game.
Old PC Gaming (4 years ago)
Good God, let this piece of shit be free... just the taught of someone paying even 1$ for this seems so degrading
Bobfish Almighty (4 years ago)
Best game ever
Fat Dickenson (4 years ago)
Fuck Grand Theft Auto this is the real shit
culwin (4 years ago)
I'm thinking this is what The Dude does in his leisure time when he's not hauling loads or racing big rigs.
Alan Bareiro (4 years ago)
Ploishing seems mandatory for any Unity game.
Joe Gomes (4 years ago)
Stan enjoys partaking in ploishing as well now and then. I seriously thought this was a renamed version of that Lockout game, where the driver can break legs walking and be fine.
alupihan (4 years ago)
Its already legions better than Forza and Driveclub.
TedKennedyX (4 years ago)
Still better physics than the Mako in Mass Effect.
Cheater Thug (4 years ago)
stanburdman (4 years ago)
That's a good idea, it's high time someone made a video about GTA V.
Cheater Thug (4 years ago)
Booster Alharthy (4 years ago)
Best sarcasm ever man lol xD .. glade I found your channel lol
Red Destroyer (4 years ago)
Love your singing Stan, you should make a album. Q'nowledge The Educational Rapper would be the highlight of it.
Thomas Stodghill (4 years ago)
Why is this game so dark?
bloodrunsclear (4 years ago)
Check the description ;)
sniperduells (4 years ago)
Nothing to diss such a great game like this, it actually looks like Big Riggs 2.
unrealmark360 (2 years ago)
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Smonk (3 years ago)
James Heesterman (4 years ago)
+stanburdman Reminds me a lot of mx vs atv... same physics and everything
stanburdman (4 years ago)
Big Rigs II: 2 Big 2 Furious.
Ramiro 1992 - Mr_x (4 years ago)
Moon Driving simulator 2014 1/100 xD
WeShall4ttack (4 years ago)
"A game without objectives" is, for as far as I know, no game =3
Michael Hayden (3 years ago)
The only game that come to mind is Day Z, but then again the objective is survive
Edward Barber (4 years ago)
I guess the game is so bad that you have the option to drive off of the terrain and kill yourself, but they were too lazy to add the part where you kill yourself.
Isaak (4 years ago)
The creator of this game should sue everyone who has made a car simulator game too.
BiggerR10 (4 years ago)
I have created a crew for gta for stanburdman.if you Wanna join its called stanburdmancrew
Maddie C (4 years ago)
God forgot to snap for the trees. XD
gnarkillguch (4 years ago)
I heard the Xbox One version is going to have microtransactions.
If Else (3 years ago)
Goddamn microsoft ruining great games D:<
HagenFlachmann (4 years ago)
Cant wait to get my hands on the WiiU version. The map on the tablet will surely help a lot if you get lost in the blue void.
xXxMartin96xXx (4 years ago)
i heard the PC port will get day one DLC and DRM and the PS4 has no games
KoolAid (4 years ago)
Would you like to get fuel for 5 dollars?
Highretrogamelord (4 years ago)
Well, it says "Development Build". So it might be an early alpha....
stanburdman (4 years ago)
+JammyGuyStudios So what if it's the free version of Unity, Michelangelo never had to pay for a paintbrush and paper. If he was alive today the Sistine Chapel would have a water mark.
Highretrogamelord (4 years ago)
+JammyGuyStudios Okay, I really thought it was from the game.   XD
VenlaMusic (4 years ago)
That's the Unity Pro 30-day trail watermark :D
adj789 (4 years ago)
why so dark
i'm THAT guy (4 years ago)
driving on moon simulator. 10000000000/10
Pleasecheckusernameh (4 years ago)
This is how driving high is like.
B. (4 years ago)
Fuck physics man 
MnMLRadu (4 years ago)
Another gr8 review to a gr8 game m8
:P (4 years ago)
+reviewality dam gt rkd m8 XD
reviewality (4 years ago)
I r8 8 out of 8 when I masurb8 m8.
Glam Stachee (4 years ago)
"Small rigs:Over the Hills driving"-The better name for this game.
dexter1673138 (4 years ago)
5 STAR GAME  haha I love this guy <3 he finds the craziest games to talk about  
Geek Gamer Gui (4 years ago)
This is dark... Yup.
Micronuub1 (4 years ago)
This is all I needed in my life, I am going to be a car now. Thank you Stan!
TheDAWinz (4 years ago)
this game stil >> >> > >Big rigs
TheDAWinz (4 years ago)
best game 2014
tamenga88 (4 years ago)
This aint no car simulator. This is a Big Rigs Over The Road Racing simulator. It posses all attributes of Big Rigs. Phasing through solid objects, driving on 90 degree hill faces and bumblefucking off the map. The only thing missing is breaking the lightspeed barrier by going in REVERSE.
MultiDarkZen (4 years ago)
But this time... the cars are actual TRUCKS... because you know big rigs referred trucks to being a car
Cancerous Tumor (4 years ago)
+16 Simulator
BGM Live! (4 years ago)

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