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SECRET JUMP-SPOT - PUBG (PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds)

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Tom showing me a secret jump-spot on Erangel. Also, some highlights from off-stream because my internet is currently unsteady... Hope you enjoy! This video is in partnership with Asus RoG. Merchandise can be found here! ►https://aculite.fanfiber.com/en You can connect with me here: (I only use Twitter. Facebook is for upload notifications.) ►Twitter - https://twitter.com/TheAculite ►Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/TheAculite ►Livestream - https://www.twitch.tv/Aculite ►Discord - https://discord.gg/aculite Who I'm playing with: ►Tom - http://bit.ly/tomographic Music used is courtesy of Epidemic Sound: http://www.epidemicsound.com https://www.youtube.com/WeAreEpidemicSound Glowing In The Dark (Instrumental Version) - Loving Caliber Looking for a YouTube partnership? (referral link) http://bit.ly/2mEacP0 Settings and Equipment: http://bit.ly/2nHTspq Please report any hate speech/spam comments.
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Text Comments (356)
MrChessy Puffs (5 days ago)
Yo love when you use the crossbow... everyone's sleep
benentertainment (2 months ago)
10:47 was a great itskylol impression
TheStuffz (3 months ago)
8:28 you Indiana Jones'ed him :D :D :D
DeadLock (3 months ago)
I love when Connor uses the crossbow he just goes "shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" XDDDDDDDDD
Kyle Willis (3 months ago)
Thanks for Cross-bowing my teammate and I at the 6:45 timestamp... im PuR3Kiwii and my buddy TTwitch_ I remember that day too cuz we were both so fucking confused where u were and how u got us :D lmfao keep it up man youre killing it right now!!
sean bradburn (3 months ago)
You're a god, I love your vids
Mr the mr (3 months ago)
I just got an xbox one does anyone know what games i should play on it?
123krompir (3 months ago)
Only Aculite can defeat Chuck Norris.
Clayton (3 months ago)
10:45 it looks like none of the shots were headshots and you got screwed by the arm shot multiplier . Also I think he has a lvl 3 vest
Brendan Crays (3 months ago)
Literally such great entertainment 😂😂😂 tea nap went down for a little snooze 😂😂😂
Brendan Crays (3 months ago)
Best spot!!
TLP Dinner (3 months ago)
Erangel still have so many secrets...
PUBG Mu Tv (3 months ago)
AdimasCrow (3 months ago)
Some rock solid content with Tom, love it.
Christopher Doll (3 months ago)
I love the crossbow trolling. My god that's hilarious
Tryinglittleleg (3 months ago)
Why don’t you use the M416 anymore?
Bad Snek (3 months ago)
The quality of your videos continues to improve, and I continue to be impressed! I was inspired to create my own channel and learn. Thanks for entertaining us with your content, keep up the great work. I look forward to watching what creative stuff you come up with next.
Niels vdvegt (3 months ago)
Why we watch aculite? We all know he is really good at almost every battle royale, but actually we just watch him because of the random talks in the video
Mark Mccormic (3 months ago)
You have mad skill
Gveesh G (3 months ago)
His voice is like vanoss and he said keep er going just like vanoss VANOSS CONFIRMED
Holden Kajfasz (3 months ago)
Get the shroud ghosted crate
swift dudexx (3 months ago)
I enjoy seeing the videos that include your deaths. It adds suspense on whether or not you’ll survive rather than having only wins 24/7.
Talha Umer (3 months ago)
"im touching you" 😂
Isaac Miller (3 months ago)
Devin Delgatti (3 months ago)
need more aculite vector game play
Connor Crase (3 months ago)
They should add a pan only 50v50 Event Mode for PUBG
Alex Garcia (3 months ago)
Aculite do you know how to swim?🤔
Corey Wheatley (3 months ago)
Aculite is so much fun to watch!
FredWood (3 months ago)
You copied this from Benjoi
Mustfa Majed (3 months ago)
Play with fuglet man we want to watch that
Domathy (3 months ago)
Card Hazard (3 months ago)
Hey aculite which team are you supporting in the WC?
simply_will_ (3 months ago)
You know you can put the half grip on the vector, right? Was screaming at the screen 13:30
srgt hawkeye (3 months ago)
did this remind anyone of that guy who baited with an awm under it and sat at the very spot
Ding (3 months ago)
I am loving these videos of just short funny clips
Better Than You (3 months ago)
Would like to see a full game. Would be cool (Just edit the boring bits) :)
GGPlays (3 months ago)
anyone else reckon they could beat aculite in a 1 v 1....?
6:18 lmao tom sounds like filthy frank
Pooqua (3 months ago)
Chicken with potato salad? Was it fried chicken?
Priyanshu Dubey (3 months ago)
Crossbow hunter is back 💀
___ ___ (3 months ago)
yea i knew about this ages ago :P
PipSaSqeak (3 months ago)
This video has more moaning then any porn I've watched
praveen cp (3 months ago)
Nitto Hawj17 (3 months ago)
That sawed off double barrel at 8:29 was hella fuuuunnny to me lol
RossDaBoss707 (3 months ago)
5:10 "this is quite the conundrum"
Pembe Parisa (3 months ago)
Yaaas pubg montage
Nonya Bidness (3 months ago)
That nade!
Nazgulth (3 months ago)
"We should use more words like that" "Mmmmmm" -The very best unintentionally hilarious channel, NA.
Azrael (3 months ago)
12:53 what is that sound...
Donot Kadek (3 months ago)
any Chanel tom?
Tomographic (3 months ago)
Donot Kadek yup ;)
Derek Kline (3 months ago)
Keep making awesome content Aculite!
Meshach Hamm (3 months ago)
Crossbow and sawdoff
VHS (3 months ago)
Anybody else burnt out from PUBG/Fortnite?
Reyan Ruzinski (3 months ago)
Secret jump spot! *shows 500k people*
Rinner (3 months ago)
Glad you had potato salad Aculite! Dont wanna go on the sad road of pasta salads =(
CloudGamer (3 months ago)
Great quality content man, please never stop :D
[Dyllpyckyll] (3 months ago)
Still waiting for another fugglet aculite duo
[Dyllpyckyll] (3 months ago)
Did they patch the thing where you can go third floor in that fire area
Austin Page (3 months ago)
Like if you want to see Aculite play iw4x/MW2
myg jethro dela Cruz (3 months ago)
Just waiting to see a Shroud-Aculite duo.
Loot Mule (3 months ago)
Crossbow clutches, Vector clutches, M24.... I love watching you play, but I'd hate to play against you.
JAMEYX Films (3 months ago)
This whole time I thought it was pronounced Acu LIT!
[Dyllpyckyll] (3 months ago)
JAMEYX Films me too!😂
S1lv3rMist (3 months ago)
Uploading game-play content without Tom is like the Aculite cat taking the cream but forgetting how it was originally made..
K-leb Nazareno (3 months ago)
PAINTnPONG (3 months ago)
Love it. No idea how the early headshot crossbow happened, watched again and again and doesn’t even look close to a headshot on my screen
Aris SDN (3 months ago)
If tom play 2000 hours pubg i believe 1500 are spectate
Leon (3 months ago)
I could hear every single thing in this video, every sound. Played like you were in the actual game.❤
cash money (3 months ago)
Do a game mode just revolvers and double barrels shotys
Hey Man (3 months ago)
Does tom ever survive in this game?
harta perdana saputra (3 months ago)
I know that early from BENJOI yt channel 😊
just a random anime guy (3 months ago)
Random guy: I love your videos Aculite: stop yelling at me
Gus J. (3 months ago)
That nade at the begining of the match was pure gold.
SuperHappyTurtle (3 months ago)
whats the hoodie your wearing
Stink Finger (3 months ago)
Aculite is better than shroud
thahoneybadger (3 months ago)
Dammit aculite stop making it look easy, i keep logging on like "yeah im gonna kick ass like aculite" then proceed to get my ass whooped lol
loikiri iri (3 months ago)
Lol i didnt expect the 11:40~ thing hahahahahaha got me
Rohanology Z (3 months ago)
Random Knocked Player: PUT ME IN YOUR YOUTUBE VIDEO!! Aculte: Stop yelling at me! Random Knocked Player: Sorry 11:43 LMAO! Too good!
Adrian Leon (3 months ago)
I wanna see this mans face
CrownDJester (3 months ago)
good thing that we don't see them stream snipers and only Aculite's pure abilities XD
Glen Kim (3 months ago)
quality content
Noe Landeros (3 months ago)
I love seeing the vector destroying chicken dinner dream
COV Gamer (3 months ago)
That bottom window nade was amazing. You sir are an artist.
Starach (3 months ago)
Good guy Aculite has the clip referenced by the thumbnail and title right at the start.
Filip Suciu (3 months ago)
It's like the opposite of clickbaiting.
Remington Leal (3 months ago)
ive been doing this forever lol
Holthuizen oemoet (3 months ago)
one word "Benjoi"
Tocsonya (3 months ago)
People are getting better and better at this game, i tell you. Nowadays hard to win, but the “maniac” did it!! Lovely plays gg man. Keep up the good work!!
Daniel Simonson (3 months ago)
Fucking awesome switch to the sawed off. "you waskally wabbit."
KrY (3 months ago)
4:37 to 4:51
Bluesmachine100 (3 months ago)
I hope the Tom squeal will be your new sub notification on stream :D
Rogan Legg (3 months ago)
Vector op
Cuddlehead (3 months ago)
holy shit nice skills
John Galted (3 months ago)
Love you guys!
wildgrem (3 months ago)
You on TekSaavy? Theyre the worst dude. Or at least Bell/Rogers throttles them at certain times and it makes them look like shit.
TheJesusMother (3 months ago)
seems like a long time since u won a game
Go2stateHeavywieght (3 months ago)
Aculite bringing the spiciest of plays like always
Albin Kälvesten (3 months ago)
The vector play tho
Rogan (3 months ago)
This was you're best video so far, I don't know why it was just hilarious, as a fan from day one.
nurul syazana (3 months ago)
wow ur accuracy...one day i will be like u..luv watching ur video
Salahok 2015 (3 months ago)
hero really u hero
wow youre retarded (3 months ago)
How in the heck do u know where everyone is

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