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PUBG: Funny Moments Ep. 27

7073 ratings | 554912 views
► Submit Clips Here: https://goo.gl/xYCFra ◄ Clip 1: chocoTaco (https://twitch.tv/chocotaco/) Clip 2: IRANpower (https://youtube.com/user/sa3adman) Clip 3: SLxKB (https://twitch.tv/slxkb) Clip 4: ErNol Clip 5: LoonE (https://reddit.com/user/millerwa4) Clip 6: Caleb Cross (https://youtube.com/channel/UC8c61J7eew3KzL6p5ZWTh5Ahttps://youtube.com/channel/UC8c61J7eew3KzL6p5ZWTh5A) Clip 7: Kuniv (https://twitch.tv/Kuniv) Clip 8: alypopp (https://twitch.tv/alypopp) Clip 9: BonChance123 (https://Twitch.tv/BonChance123) Clip 10: JakeyBoyPro (https://.twitch.tv/jakeyboypro) Clip 11: shroud (https://twitch.tv/shroud) Clip 12: GrecoGaming (https://twitch.tv/grecogaming) Clip 13: Super Smash (https://youtube.com/channel/UCQ8u9wyLHozyE6nAXxnh_zg) Clip 14: PGL_PUBG (https://twitch.tv/pgl_pubg) Clip 15: OviResonate (https://twitch.tv/oviresonate) Clip 16: Papa Foles Gaming Clip 17: TekThunder (https://twitch.tv/tekthunder) Clip 18: rressaZ (https://twitch.tv/rressaz) Clip 19: albarex (https://youtube.com/channel/UCezFjEBAwE3NpLO3V3I-qmA) Clip 20: hugepwnr (https://twitch.tv/hugepwnr) Clip 21: Wizzi Clip 22: McGurk316 (https://reddit.com/user/NoMooreMercy) Clip 23: Walmart_Valet (https://reddit.com/user/Walmart_Valet) Clip 24: Speedy_Parkus (https://.youtube.com/channel/UCwbi6G_tt0eDP9JRqX8X6AA) Clip 25: TOMCROOSE (https://reddit.com/user/Eric2416) Clip 26: Spr1ggz (https://plays.tv/u/Spr1ggz) Clip 27: Planetesimal Clip 28: Ben9096 Clip 29: forkus Clip 30: KnifeBladeNinja (https://reddit.com/user/kcoppock) Clip 31: KilzaNiko (https://youtube.com/channel/UC7M59vjEUb2DWhnNVV8LpPA) Editing by Dream & HoHoJoe Twitter: https://goo.gl/nj3oh6 Youtube: https://goo.gl/9syvwY
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Text Comments (214)
白嘉禾 (18 days ago)
0:15 the music LMAO
Act Kid (19 days ago)
Minecrafts better
6:48 0
Mr.Slytherin 200 (1 month ago)
Great teamwork
Free Fire (2 months ago)
اشتركو بقناتي ❤
bottle pepsi (2 months ago)
i got fortnite ad for pubg
Doc's Gaming (4 months ago)
Shroud has no mercy
ArlyN Vlogs (5 months ago)
Ur so bad. He gave u ur weapon and u kill him. Ur so unfriendly..
Undertaker guy (5 months ago)
Shroud was a dick killing him
Ayang Jihu (5 months ago)
how to play without china player? i never encounter american
Gameplay master (5 months ago)
Gaming Guys (5 months ago)
Call of duty is the best and the first ever first person shooter.
Hoggers (5 months ago)
That's nice.
SoarinUpHigh (5 months ago)
Gets shot by a shotgun. "Ah!" Lol
Dankd00d69 (5 months ago)
Ima go take a shit
ChubbyTheEwok (5 months ago)
Shroud cheating again i see. Getting 'fans' to give him stuff and then killing them. Cheater
Hoggers (5 months ago)
He doesn't ask for this, fans throw themselves at him
Zerozone Zz (5 months ago)
ChubbyTheEwok shroud didnt tell em to do stuff like that , they wanted to do it themselves
Usheer (5 months ago)
We all want more salty deaths
Yusuf Emre Uzer (5 months ago)
Abi bana pubg verir misin
Tylor Reed-fuenger (5 months ago)
I’m subscribing to everyone that subscribes to me. Comments below saying DONE ✅. THANKS!!!
NickStone68 (5 months ago)
fuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuck FUCK YOU!!!!
Dark Project (5 months ago)
low audio
Stefanica Adrian (5 months ago)
Those are shitty moments.
Jake Weimer (5 months ago)
KELLO (5 months ago)
Jake Weimer i shou u da wey broda
《Ace》 0 (5 months ago)
Give me attention please
Vamli Guiv (5 months ago)
Come back I didn't even get that tip bb :'(
Vamli Guiv (5 months ago)
xyhad hadelli (5 months ago)
shroud is such a bstrd
Jaku (5 months ago)
0:6 how to do that style Plz tell!!
FairNut (5 months ago)
Every video says about shroud is trash.
Yaw (5 months ago)
Who tf plays third person
Hoggers (5 months ago)
*Cough* lies *cough* stop trying
Yaw (5 months ago)
Umbreotic keep trying to be a youtuber you broke fucker lol
Yaw (5 months ago)
The Lord Tachanka good players play first person, just a fact. Sorry
Hoggers (5 months ago)
You make it sound like First person users are like gods in skill compare to third person users when it's not just the same
Yaw (5 months ago)
All people do is camera in third person and lay in grass. No skill.
youtt131 (5 months ago)
bikes are brokein
Fendi Juara (5 months ago)
Wow. Shroud act just like a dick
Abey Jr (5 months ago)
Lmao 1.29
Shroud is such a dick lol
CriepZy (5 months ago)
those world record kill shroud games dont count he pays only hes server and everyone there is idiots and lets him kill them
Embrio (5 months ago)
Kenpie - Mobile Games (5 months ago)
im wathing PUBG But the ads Is Rule Of Survival😂😂😂😂
Gage Benson (5 months ago)
Mine are RoS too
Kenpie - Mobile Games (5 months ago)
Young Sauce Man Add Me In PUBG Mobile Kenpie
Young Sauce Man (5 months ago)
Kenpie - Mobile Games ok but mine is pubg mobile
Kenpie - Mobile Games (5 months ago)
Young Sauce Man thats great but mined is ROS
Young Sauce Man (5 months ago)
Kenpie - Mobile Games the only ad I'm getting now is pubg mobile on every video
Abisheik Sekar (5 months ago)
The last one nearly choked me to death when eating 😂
Delay of Upload (5 months ago)
PUBG: People Laugh Excessively When Not Necessary Episode 27
Pedro Pedo (5 months ago)
Free Vbucks Oh, sorry wrong channel.
hugepwnr (5 months ago)
Oh hey that’s my naked man challenge stream! Thanks for featuring it.
Ash Pantheron (5 months ago)
Kinda tired of seeing Shroud clips...they are all the same...one of his kid followers running up and giving him free stuff and then him shooting them. He isn't even trying to hide that he is letting his stream cheat for him now.
ArlyN Vlogs (5 months ago)
Its so bad. Im not subscribing to this youtuber. I feel bad for that guy really.
_baKa_ (5 months ago)
Oh wait after you insulted me =]. So you're one of them dumb bitches then who has no fucking idea what she's on about, right!
_baKa_ (5 months ago)
Okay . . . when did I insult you then?
Kailey Lulamoon (5 months ago)
Oh okay, you're one of those types of kids. It's perfectly fine to insult me yet get pissy when somepony talks back.
_baKa_ (5 months ago)
Calls me a kid yet she's so unhappy with her life that she feels the need to insult me out of nowhere with something a 12 year old would say . . . . h'okay mommy
19.999.999.99 1.9999 (5 months ago)
Ravenous Crow (5 months ago)
Would anyone be interested in an IRL replica of the ballistic mask? My brother has an etsy shop and makes them. Im trying to help him get a bit of exposure so hopefully anyone who sees this actually is interested in getting a mask. ^~^ (He also has other stuff like a flashbang replica and plague doctor masks, but my favourite is the ballistic mask. His store is called Rooker's Replicas if anyone wants to visit)
Mr. McEdgeLord (5 months ago)
Oh that poor guy.
Muhammad Azraei (5 months ago)
Title of the outro song captain?
Xamor 101st (5 months ago)
Really wish they wouldn't include those who cheat in these, but it is what it is.
_baKa_ (5 months ago)
You really are sad
alex shannon (5 months ago)
Really... 4 ads in a 10 min video
Ravioli RaiderZZ (5 months ago)
I love your vid
raymantisful (5 months ago)
Stop repeating clips
Rekt (5 months ago)
Dear Bonchance123: You didn't Stun them and your shotgun did zero damage at that range.
Hoggers (5 months ago)
Holy fuck the cancer coming from this thread
cameljoe999 (5 months ago)
wherewehide497 (5 months ago)
Aryiez Drink bleach, kid. Please. For everyone in this thread.
wut duh (5 months ago)
Aryiez Nah son, none of those people are your friends. Here I'll screenshot all them for you and make a cute little video that you can watch. And don't talk shit to randoms if you can't take someone talking it back you fucking CRINGEY LITTLE BITCH.
Rekt (5 months ago)
wutduh123 Wait, this dipshit Aryiez plays on fucking XBOX and is here talking shit about "wrecking" me???!!! HAESLFJLFK;ASDJFA;LJS hOLY SHIT this is a whole new level of stupid. Fucking console peasant. Fits right in with xbox live and the rest of the squeakers.
AlyPop (5 months ago)
Love the video xD
pinchi gato (5 months ago)
upload vids from PUBG mobile to PLZ
Zal777Zero (5 months ago)
pinchi gato off, why? Most of the kills we get are bots.
Frost (5 months ago)
Shrouds such a dick
Christian Haag (5 months ago)
Does someone know in which Game the situation with tsm Viss in shelter was ? Maybe Even a link
SchnackAttack (5 months ago)
I remember when there used to be actual funny moments in these
TheRedRaph (5 months ago)
That wasn't funny by Shroud
toxic sebi (5 months ago)
I'm the only one on this earth that loves pubg and fortnite
Owen N. (5 months ago)
Yeah, I mean if you ignore the millions of other people who play or follow both
Ivan (5 months ago)
YESCAFRESCA (5 months ago)
Cor sebi I do too
Luciano Peralta (5 months ago)
Que onda con los numeros? Me confunden la concha de su hermana
Ден Коден (5 months ago)
Смеющаяся гиена возвратилась!
Shanu kashyap (5 months ago)
Shroud chutiya
Shanu kashyap (5 months ago)
Chup saala
Getta Bhora (5 months ago)
Shanu kashyap tu bhosdika
Sadiq Yusuf (5 months ago)
Need minecraft server
truck kinda person (5 months ago)
hsoj (5 months ago)
So much bridge camping trash, it's sad
Denis BTS (5 months ago)
KNP (5 months ago)
Why are you posting popular streamers to the funny moments vidoes? These clips aren't even laughable...
KNP (5 months ago)
E.g. Shroud
Fabio pinto (5 months ago)
Like il im Last viwer
SwagNugget (5 months ago)
Top 10 PUBG youtubers who have swore!
N2O (5 months ago)
it's everyone!
Andy Searle (5 months ago)
Yes, you heard me (5 months ago)
Twitch streamers*
Master (5 months ago)
I already know Top #1
baielite (5 months ago)
How often do you guys check your submissions?
arthur doyle (5 months ago)
Jack comeback
PUBG TV (5 months ago)
Pls leave a like if minecraft hunger games is best battle royale
super smash (5 months ago)
PUBG TV thank you guys for finding my clip I’ll upload more soon thank you again guys 👍👍
Manuel (5 months ago)
How can I use the emojis?
BigBenguin (5 months ago)
The ~ button. It's the one under esc
Manuel (5 months ago)
amber rebirth xD no I mean in pubG
amber rebirth (5 months ago)
Manuel like this: 🤧🙄🐤😷🔫😭😷🔣⏳🎡💊🔫😭👾🐣👾🎡😜💊😷🐥😛🤓🤑🤣😀😝🤑😄🤓😛🤣😎👿☠️👽👩🏿‍💻👩🏿‍💼👩🏿‍💼
Johnas Garcia (5 months ago)
carlos lopez (5 months ago)
Shit game that never adds anything new 😂
Hoggers (5 months ago)
Looks like another petty comment crying for attention
Miner [GD] (5 months ago)
Ans your defense against Fortnite?
Pats Paws (5 months ago)
How they do the animarions??😍😍
Donce Gaming (5 months ago)
*Throws granade* HAH! *Shows middle finger at him* *explodes self* WTF HAXCKER
Bena C (5 months ago)
One of the best
Isis Foreign (5 months ago)
What ever happened to the voice chat moments 😭👌
Isis Foreign (5 months ago)
PUBG TV (5 months ago)
New episode should be out in like 2 weeks :/
Why do we people watch shroud? He has no personality, even his subscribers are funnier than him, what gives why is he so popular?
KingMeeqs (5 months ago)
What streamers do you watch that have a "personality", solid snake?
moona5454 (5 months ago)
triggered pussiboi
Harley Allured (5 months ago)
People say he cheats with aim bot wall bangs and that thing when every one lights up
jaren lamb (5 months ago)
Cause hes the fucking terminator in pub
Julio Sontay (5 months ago)
funnier than fortnites funny moments
Jomell Aguon (5 months ago)
RecipeBubble (5 months ago)
RytyGDK don't ask, buy it yourself.
Julio Sontay (5 months ago)
jaren lamb yea the glitches are funny and funny mic also but fortnite characters using emotes doesnt make me laugh
jaren lamb (5 months ago)
Julio Sontay more bugs and fun glitches😂
Louuweegee (5 months ago)
The clip of that guy moving seats as soon as the opponent shoots and knocks down his teammate is pure gold.
Rekt (5 months ago)
The best one in this montage by far
Jake Ridgeway (5 months ago)
what time?
Axel Montini (5 months ago)
That was beautiful
Master Jurassic (5 months ago)
Uchiha - Zone (5 months ago)
Pubg mobile plz (funny moments) just one video
Andy Searle (5 months ago)
Legendary Uchiha funniest thing is the frames I get. Shame really.
ventiqx. (5 months ago)
Legendary Uchiha Why its so bad only hype kiddos play on mobile
Chú Chó Cộng Sản (5 months ago)
I'm Sandia There are just not at the moment
I'm Sandia (5 months ago)
There are no funny things in pubg mobile
raceing prodojy (5 months ago)
Legendary Uchiha i play pubg mibile
Verzed (5 months ago)
Best complation channel!
Leo (5 months ago)
AlexM2K (5 months ago)
This channel is amazing. Keep it up dude(s)!
Stitch (5 months ago)
Woah... *starts sweating* why am I so early? This isn’t normal
Chandler York (5 months ago)
Stitch woah. its almost like i dont give a fuck
Ross Cassidy (5 months ago)
like if PUBG is better than fortnite
SHook - (5 months ago)
Both good
Jake Randolf (5 months ago)
+Martin M. kill yourself I will kill you for not liking minecraft
SeanRPS (5 months ago)
Apex Slone the funny part is on fortnite videos (my game of choice but choose what you like) the same gets posted in reverse
Toqeer Khan dd (5 months ago)
gollden bullet me too
David's A pro bro (5 months ago)
David's A pro bro (5 months ago)
Kitaru Konode (5 months ago)
Eric Briggs (5 months ago)
I’ve never been this early. What do I do?
Master Jurassic (5 months ago)
Eric Briggs die
David's A pro bro (5 months ago)
Eric Briggs gay
Thelittle beast (5 months ago)
Michał Nowak (5 months ago)
Thelittle beast (5 months ago)
Cijay Garner (5 months ago)
Brandon Giles (5 months ago)
EE&DV VIDEOS (5 months ago)
JIMorZu (5 months ago)

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