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Text Comments (359)
Alexander 057 (7 months ago)
I sold my copy for 10$
Dukkiegamer (1 year ago)
Hello Games is NEVER gonna make profit of any games. The people tske thet money earned with this scam, the company will fall and everyone will try to find a job elsewhere. Except for Sean, he wont be accepted anywhere bc he will make a negative impression for any company he works for. His dream of getting a career a basicly gone, I think
Brandon Sizemore (1 year ago)
honestly No Man's Sky was exactly what i expected, and i feel like the people overhyped the game and was making it out to be better than it was going to be, and honestly i don't blame him for releasing the game how it is and disappearing. Why? because people sent him death threats for delaying it already. i would do what they did too if i was getting death threats from people who expect to get the amazing game they all expected. So while so many people are angry at Hello Games i have the unpopular opinion of the game is what i expected, and maybe one day it will be the game everyone overhyped about (idk if they are still working on the game or not)
Cosmo Dookie (1 year ago)
THAT GAME? ..is the biggest BITCHMOVE in gaming history!
Raven _ (1 year ago)
fuck your lies and fuck your game sean
cyrixblack (1 year ago)
hopefully this will teach you all a lesson, NEVER pre-order anything. don't throw your money at unfinished games without knowing what it will be like in hope lol. every game company is like a bloody kick-starter project now, don't be a sucker!
alsum kerbal gamer (1 year ago)
give me ps4
alsum kerbal gamer (1 year ago)
Dot 2375 (1 year ago)
funny af
xXHamatoYoshiXx (1 year ago)
It's false advertising point blank and he should be sued for it.
MJdaKING (1 year ago)
they should make it for free because of all the lies.
602 (1 year ago)
kids that grew up on minecraft bukkit servers can't enjoy games without multiplay and that is what is sad not that no man's sky doesn't have it, shaun murray said that you shouldn't buy this game if you're only going to buy it for multiplayer I do agree that no man's sky doesn't have some things they promised but multiplayer isn't one of them multiplayer shoudln't make a game better or worse
Raging DebbieCackes (1 year ago)
WAIT WHAT?! your cat is named LYNX?! My cat is Lynx... he pops ups in my streams from time to time. BTW coming form ONE_shot_GURL channel :)
SenpaiMan (1 year ago)
panda (1 year ago)
Look guys no man sky is one of the best game just cuz one person does not like it does not mean u have to copy them
Steve Cheney (1 year ago)
have you played NMS since the foundation patch?
Feastalisk (1 year ago)
I'm sorry but it's reallllllllyyyyy hard to pay attention to what you were saying when you're holding that adorable fuzzy creature!
YexaC (1 year ago)
It should be illegal to offer benefits for pre-ordering a product. If you buy a full product the company selling should be required by law to give you the same experience as everyone else who paid for the full product.
Sleepybunny Norbun (1 year ago)
As someone who bought is and played it for fun without knowing anything about what it advertised, I got what I wanted. I explore and have fun shooting stupid robots :p But I get why people are anoyed about the whole thing of not getting what was actually advertised is understandable. And I wouldnt be upset or surprised if someone shot the creator in the knee XD
DirtyDishes (1 year ago)
Ubisoft does the same thing on a lighter scale, just look at all their downgrades from the trailers and previews compared to the actual released game.
GonnSolo (1 year ago)
No man's sky, more like ONE MAN'S LIE
Yash Veer (1 year ago)
i feel sad for the people who made this game it has amazing graphics many types of monsters and planets and many undiscovered things imagine how much time it took to make a game like that it is just sad
Craig Moran (1 year ago)
I couldn't give 2 shits about the multi-player missing, it was the other 8-10 lies, and the "fuck you" ending!
The Lone Wanderer (1 year ago)
I think the gaming community will learn from this. Look at what happened after assassins creed unity. Syndicate suffered as a result.
Beejor (1 year ago)
It would be funny if Hello Games' entire strategy from day one was to say "the universe is so big, you may never see all the features that are definitely there". And then if people ever called them on it, they would secretly add the features in "bug fix" patches. Saying the features were there all along, as players started to find them.
JMPeRager (1 year ago)
If Hello Games doesn't have to pay back every penny and doesn't get shut down, then the judge is corrupt AF. Sean Murray wasn't being mysterious when he said what was going to be in the game, he said it out right, with yeses and noes. He literally confirmed the features! It doesn't matter for what reason someone bought the game, it doesn't matter what so ever. They blatantly false advertised, that should be enough for them to get shut down. I don't care if we who purchased get the money, I don't care, what I care about is THEM losing ALL of the money. It's not about us wanting a refund, we want Hello Games and everyone who works there, especially Sean Murray to get punished as hard as possible and lose everything they own.
Raymond Curcio (1 year ago)
honestly, NMS is the reason why I will never buy another indie game ever again until a year after its release.
Porter Sherman (1 year ago)
lol your kitteh just got you a sub
Wandering Recluse (1 year ago)
Glad I didn't fall for it. There was just way to much hype before even seeing anything concrete.
Staniel Petrov (1 year ago)
Hahahaahahahahahahahahahaahahahah! :D Fucking awesome editing :D
Daft Clash (1 year ago)
Buy a fucking tshirt douche!
statichour (1 year ago)
Tightly edited dude. You get to the point without rambling for 10 minutes like most youtubers.
Eder Rebernisek (1 year ago)
It is false advertising. Sean Murray straight up lied about some features of the game before it was released.
mokats11 (1 year ago)
I don't care as long as I can get my money back in the near future
Justin Waters (1 year ago)
Just.. The glasses, man. They make me cringe. They scream, "Yeah, I post on Reddit about how huge corps are going to take over the world while I sit in Starbucks using my Mac laptop and sift around on my new iPhone, and yes, I live in San Francisco." tl;dr, you need to get rid of the retro tryhard glasses. Just. I had to say it. I'm sorry it had to come out this way.
Kax56 (1 year ago)
never pre order games
Martin Crackhorn (1 year ago)
I like that cat :)
max luind (1 year ago)
I feel like even though Sean and Hello Games might have gotten away with murder with No Man's Sky, they (and especially Sean) did the most damage to themselves. After this, both Hello Games and Murray will be blacklisted within the gaming community. Which basically means that they won't sell another copy of No Man Sky or anything else developed in the future (in a broad sense). If they had made the No Man's Sky that was promised and promoted they could have been a force to be reckoned with within the gaming industry - and they'd also make a lot more money.
SneakZ (1 year ago)
don't pre-order games, pirate games to test them before you buy if no refund system is in place. only way to protect yourself as a consumer in the industry.
Joshua Merrill (1 year ago)
When in the main trailer, it shows 4 or 5 ships flying into a planet together, then landing at the same trade station... that gives the false impression of multiplayer in my opinion. It's honestly upsetting because people want a game like this... where they can explore and do whatever they want, but with their friends.
Dante Davis (1 year ago)
Project Genome looks better and Osiris is better than No Man's Sky
mysticx0 (1 year ago)
just by looking at this guy i can tell he votes democrat, uses words like "triggered" and makes sure to use the word racist against someone at least once a day probably while drinking starbucks and smoking a clove.
Carispice (1 year ago)
All u suckers who bought the game. lolz.
Tristen Whitlock (1 year ago)
Nothing new honestly. This happens with every early access game and is now invading even the big companies like EA and Bethesda. I mean really how hard is it to hype up a game, have hundreds of thousands if not millions of people pre-order it and then throw them a piece of shit rip off? The gaming industry has turned into every other industry on the planet. Being destroyed from the inside out by dickheads who are only looking for money.
Pleading Insanity (1 year ago)
Awh! That adorable cat though! :D
Adrian A (1 year ago)
As I was saying still amazed so many people thought this trash game would become something good... all it took for me was 1 sh1tty screenshot to keep distance. Purple planets... my ass.
Obi-Wan Kenobi (1 year ago)
+Adrian A Whatever buddy. You're going to believe what you want, no matter how wrong you are, so I won't bother any further.
Adrian A (1 year ago)
+Scuba Steve Diamond planet still far from queer planet. Not to mention there is almost no diversity in the purple or weird blue nuances, its like all planet looks the same even if its a planet thats not all of diamond and even sustains life... lol. P.s. Even a diamond planet would not be just 1 nuance or just 1 matterial , dont imagine a diamond planet would look like a spheric diamond suspended in orbit by star gravity.
Obi-Wan Kenobi (1 year ago)
So purple planets are too weird, even though there are actual planets out there made of diamond? lol
Novanak (2 years ago)
Hahaha, my cat does that all the time. Also has a fascination with keyboards for some reason. I had to get him his own keyboard so he stopped sleeping on mine :D Anyway, subbed.
Rosemary Hofstedt (2 years ago)
i like your cat
Crz Show (2 years ago)
i though it was good mythical morning at first.
Steneste Lee (2 years ago)
Aww its like he can rip a guys arm off in a fight, but hes to busy with his cat. lol But touch his cat, and he will rip you in two.
Colonel Teehee (2 years ago)
Wait? why is everyone pissed about this game. But destiny was a true fraud. You literally could do nothing they claimed you could do.
Vinsu Karma (2 years ago)
sean murray is out of business and dont expect him back
Alex Alex (2 years ago)
what happends if you pick on an autistic guy?...he retracts in his shell. now u know why sean murray is nowhere to be found
Gabero Bustos (2 years ago)
stop ignoring your cat OMG!!!! give him some love! lol! (THANK YOU!!!!!)
weakpig (2 years ago)
Here's a thought: Maybe Hello Games is forced to confess that all the activities shown on the promotional screenshots shown are REAL. Only caveat is all these activities only exists in worlds after you pass through the portal... which nobody has figured out how to use yet... mind blown. That'll be the way to bring back tons of users.
John Harrison (2 years ago)
So, in conclusion we can say all of you who bought this POS game have now learned their lesson, not to pre-order?
You can't even do anything in this game really. You just find technologies to upgrade pre-existing things. They should of made it so you can find new weapons for your ship and upgrade those weapons and paint the ship or even be able to sell your ship. The fact that you spend 30 million on a ship and can't even sell it is bullshit. This game is only entertaining for the first few hours then it's nothing but barren wastelands and repetitive spider/crab enemies. You stop landing on planets because they all contain the same elements Plutonium, carbon and iron the combinations are so limited that there are really only several different planet types.
Johannes Dolch (2 years ago)
Every single one of you who want their money back needs to take a hard look in the mirror. Why the hell did you buy a game before even waiting for a single review ? Because you fcked up, that's why. Not protecting this shitfaced company but if you make it so easy to scam you, guess what, you're gonna get scammed. So stop bitching, write it of as payment for a life lesson and be glad you got away cheap. Lots of naive, gullible people pay a lot more for that lesson.
Johannes Dolch (2 years ago)
+Follower of Aleksism I promise you, if you keep talking to me for another 2-3 month i will suddenly agree with everything you say and you will finally feel validated. Just hang in there.
Cool beans (2 years ago)
+Johannes Dolch YOU NEED TO STOP *IMMEDIATELY*, you just look really cringy... But as I told you before, I never fell for their trick. I simply understand where this complaining is coming from. But idk why I'm still wasting my time on you, you obviously have nothing to say besides embarrassing yourself, it was clear from the start who won.
Johannes Dolch (2 years ago)
+Follower of Aleksism Waaaaaaah, waaaaaaah, the bad man isn't understanding our struggle, waaaaaah, waaaaah. If we can't complain, we're worthless, waaaaaaaah waaaaaaaah.
Cool beans (2 years ago)
+Posen411 Look, I'd stop now. I completely agree with you but there's no reasoning with this ignorant, stubborn imbecile.
Karl Marx (2 years ago)
+Johannes Dolch i guess we're at an impasse, since you're to stubborn to realise that you're playing the devils advocate. how is false advertising ever the consumers fault? if i sold you a car, telling you it will run 100 mph, but only runs 80, i just sold you a car under false pretense. how would that be your fault? it's pretty simple logic.
hans kanns (2 years ago)
holly....... at the Point sean jumps in, i couldnt hold me back. i almost spit my coffe on the Monitor. :P
TheProdigalSaint (2 years ago)
I literally can't with these clips of Sean. XD
Jason K (2 years ago)
Just wait for the dlc's guys, you 'll get what you were promised ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
A and G (2 years ago)
This game looked like a piece of shit way before when it came out. Thank god, i never picked this gayshit.
ninja2kernow (2 years ago)
I finished the game and also enjoyed it.Bf1 next.
ِRedMustard (2 years ago)
Okay guys stop spamming that guy in all your videos, it makes it annoying, truly, you are responsible for buying the game so deal with it, if you were smart like the rest of the gamers out there who use youtube you would have let few reviewers take a look at it and then buy it instead of full on pre-orders. Never pre-order, thats the only and one true thing I know about new video games from un-popular developers.
Erin Brown (2 years ago)
This HAD to be a scam. They keep it pretty fresh for the first couple hours.
BronzeJourney (2 years ago)
So? You dont get what you want, is that developers fault? Why they should give your money back? I mean you played the game right?
Old Man (2 years ago)
Steam gave me my $ back, no problem.
CP (2 years ago)
This guy looks like Blackbeard for rainbow six siege
Galimah (2 years ago)
demanding refunds??!! how dare ppl? you bought a crappy game....LIVE WITH IT.
Shoaib Gazi (2 years ago)
wow our comments have been deleted. looks like a moderator who is sean murray fan didn't like our post against him
paristmo (2 years ago)
It doesn't have a lot of things that people WERE TOLD it would have. :o
Miguel Perez (2 years ago)
that video url tho
César Guevara (2 years ago)
your cat, lynx, like in chrono cross?
Nipzie (2 years ago)
Under investigation...how about people investigate things that matter as opposed to "This game should have a few more things! WTF???"
ArchAngel Knights (2 years ago)
God this video was so stupid. the guy straight up lied and you're saying well, it's too late. you're what's wrong with the fucking game community and world in fact. Jesus. tired of people defending these lies
NoesisAndNoema (1 year ago)
:P (Am I the only one who finds this comment ironic?) "God... Jesus... Tired of people defending these lies." Pick your poison... Both consume money, time and play off hopes and dreams. Welcome to the "world" you are funding/creating. Hypocrite. xD
Spiro Dra (1 year ago)
Hello there Jim fan :D Im too his fan btw.
Mazokki (2 years ago)
At what point was he defending them? He is just telling how it is. Dont hate the messenger.
Raven 4096 (2 years ago)
that cats trolling for some love thats all
Karlpilks (2 years ago)
Fuck... Jake Gyllenhall's put on some weight ent he?
Chris (2 years ago)
When will folks learn not to pre-order? Mass Effect 3? Aliens? No Man's Sky? Never?!
M Stormzo (1 year ago)
i pre-ordered dark and in scarrd me i will never do it again
Chris (1 year ago)
musacan atlı the initial release was bad with the lack luster ending just broke it... it was a great game but people shouldn't be consolidate by having to repeat to themselves "it was about the journey" over and over.
Dertli Saz (1 year ago)
IWillTubeYou07 wtf mass effect 3 was really good
Marco (1 year ago)
And Cod with the suplly drop money pay to win scam
Lazarus Long (2 years ago)
NEVER! Human stupidity is utterly endless! :D
Flynn Vijfschaft (2 years ago)
when i was looking in my galactic map i found a system that was discoverd by another player
TopMadHatTV (2 years ago)
sean murray is worse then donald trump. Steam is like "fuck you we have locked your account due to "charge back fraud" me I am like fuck you "false advertising" This game is worse then ET and to clear things up a game is a objective based and objectives in a video game are always changing there not one stationary aspect. No mans sky is basically a walking simulator and they should of cleared that up from the get go because their is no objective and their is no end goal since everything is clearly not ending. This is Just T.T: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CtgWdO_UkAAKLiq.jpg:large Worst thing is that valve promotes developers using false advertising on their client vs trusting their consumer and yes it clearly is false advertising if you promise a product to come out being a full fledged product and you fuck up on your dead line you have to let your consumers know thats just being a bad business. No one has done anything because no "consumer" has taken the legal actions to do so against steam / valve, hello games. Clearly as a company they are being skiddish and they could get hit with a huge ass fine for international advertising fraud and be sued up the ass.
pkpgpk (2 years ago)
I'm enjoying your commentary but the editing you do is just hilarious, def got a sub from me for it :)
Foulmoure Council (2 years ago)
I waited for this game for 4 years and i didn't stop talking about it. I was so happy when I finally got it but I was so upset that it didn't have what they said it would have. Although I enjoyed it the first few weeks, it got repetitive and I was upset. I then sold it 2 weeks ago. Dreams and time wasted. I was apart of that hype and I had high hopes for it but it flopped.
UK mincenko (2 years ago)
Thumb up for LYNX!!!!
Han Lockhart (2 years ago)
You checked the reviews on Steam? - *OVERWHELMINGLY NEGATIVE.* A lot of people obviously think it`s false advertising. I don`t usually go by what people think, but you can`t ignore that. Seriously, man this game is dead.
John Scott (2 years ago)
I like No Man's Sky too....I've played around 67 hours so far, I can't play all the time but it's nice :). I may never make it to the center, I haven't even gotten to Po :)
John Scott (2 years ago)
I think his lawyers may have told him to be quiet.
Icon of Sin (2 years ago)
Is this what happens when hipsters discover roids?
Clvrkz (2 years ago)
Icon of Sin nah it's what happens when a judgemental cunt comments on a video
LSmallCatL (2 years ago)
They didn't even model whatever you are, you can't see yourself anywhere, you can't see you whenever the camera looks directly at you during some of the interaction. You can see drones shoot and some point where there is nothing.... so how are you supposed to see something that is not there to start with?
metatechnocrat (2 years ago)
Shaun hung himself in a closet at the office weeks ago and they're keeping his body in the freezer. Just like they did with L.Ron Hubbard!
Larry Flake (2 years ago)
Lynx is looking for some sweet kitty porn to watch....
mario rosel (2 years ago)
Dude people didn't "think" they were get a bunch of features. they were "TOLD" they would get those features, like you said they did advertise those features. Never played the game and happy I didn't fall for it, the ending alone would have made me drive a plane into hello games HQ
BBopX (2 years ago)
i think the devs released the game to early and i hope they will update the game with space battles like they promised
edmundos99 (2 years ago)
"Too" as in, you left school too early if you don't know the difference between 'too' and 'to'.
charles fowler (2 years ago)
i really feel bad for the guy that spent 1600 on an early copy
Singula (2 years ago)
Me neither. Saw this coming from the start.
Ray Yuske (2 years ago)
charles fowler not me
Undead Zerg (2 years ago)
How have people not gone and lynched the developers yet?
MrMatu2t (1 year ago)
+Narred Darr well then....Fuck hello games....They dont deserve the Jail. They deserve a painful death.
MrMatu2t (1 year ago)
what money??? they lost the 90% on refund....then Sony blame hello games and fuck them really hard taking more porcent....they probably live in some desolated and hide place in a shitty wood house with new personalities....
Demiurge13 (1 year ago)
because the devs have dissapeared, they cannot be found. Probably on an island somewhere sipping fruity drinks, counting their money and laughing at all of us. Those bastards need to be tarred and feathered
AlanRedrew (1 year ago)
if you could not tell that this game was bullshit before buying it, it's not the developers fault.
DamageIncM (2 years ago)
"If they can get away with doing that..." - Stop... NOT blaming the consumer.
DamageIncM (2 years ago)
"Let's talk about it." - You're like a buff Rhett McLaughlin...
arcticridge (2 years ago)
Feel so bad for you man, from the look of the streams you were loving this game, I just wish there was a better ending for you to conclude your journey :(
Justin McNeil (2 years ago)
Sean Murray is being held against his will in some angry gamer's basement
J'Hue Casey (1 year ago)
Either that or Sean Murray's basement. We don't know where Sean Murray actually is, but we don't know where 5tat is either.
Donald Trump (1 year ago)
Justin McNeil he's cracking me up though 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Sandwich (1 year ago)
He's probably hungry.
ComeSweetDeath (1 year ago)
You wish, he probably retired from the gaming scene forever with all of your hard earned dollars.
EliosMoonElios (1 year ago)
Where! I will give some good bucks for my turn alone with him.
Strykker666 (2 years ago)
More creative editing FTW! Well done, 5tat! As always.
BrankoP85 (2 years ago)
Lets call this game for what it actually is: A falsly advertised marketing SCAM!!! This "game" is so lackluster it might as well been a free to play title...Seriously, its not even a question of "I like/appreciate the game for what it is, unlike all those haters", but rather more like "Oh look, its a 60$ walking simulator, WITH, possibly, PAID DLC....and since when is that OK???..Nobody should be getting away with scams like this one, especially an indie developer like Hello Games! Sure EVERYBODY does it nowadays, i.e. falsly advertise their game/overhype them, or even straight out lie about either graphics, features, gameplay ect, but heres the thing: NMS lied about alomost EVERY aspect of its game, and that is simply a no go!!!! I mean hell, Hello Games STILL uses the fake ass 2014 E3 trailers, you know the one with the giant sand-worm in that sand planet that doesnt even exist, just so that they can lure some gullible customers in....
BrankoP85 (2 years ago)
Yeah...the they can do whatever they feel like with their game...fuck customer service you know...to me, there doesnt need to be an "investigation" in the first place, cause its clear as day, that they ripped people off. Anybody can see that, as soon as they start to play the game, with the first lie, i.e. the graphics themselfes, being nowhere near as good looking as in all the trailers, screenshots ect!!
Arch Archer (2 years ago)
I agree. It's a scam and they shouldn't get away with this. If they do then that means all the developers can lie to us about everything about their game.
Verum (2 years ago)
I liked the game, but at LEAST... the ending could've been, you know, a real ending, a discovery... etc. And I would've done all the quests to unlock it if it was secret... but there are none. I want to play it again, but only if they add the missing stuff, ore even some.
Avalon (2 years ago)
I'm on the same page as you. I ignored spoilers for the longest time, thinking "well the gameplay is more micromanagement and tedious than fun and the flying mechanics sucks. At least the story is interesting! Uncovering alien knowledge bit by bit." But at the end, they didn't know/didn't have the time to wrap it all together. THAT's what makes this game a complete punch in the face!

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