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7 Things You Didnt Know About PUBG (Player Unknown's Battle Grounds)

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Text Comments (283)
danklin da rapper (1 day ago)
I play pubg mobile. Fuk
Miguel Martinez (4 days ago)
-how do you cross your words-
Bad Poker Face (4 days ago)
Actually being bare foot doesn’t made you quieter, they all make the same sound, but the cool part is that every shoe has a different sound but they aren’t quieter
TECHNO DEV (4 days ago)
How to download pubg for pc plz plz plz plz plz plz tell me plz replay me comment plz,🙄🙄
Divya Ashish (6 days ago)
the first one is a lie it barely decreases your sound
Shadab Demon (7 days ago)
PUB-G NOT PUBG pronounce (pee ,you ,bee, jee) dont pronounce (pub-g) please tell to every one please
DELWIN_DZ (9 days ago)
*_"Using shoes in player unknowns battlegrounds is probably the worst thing you can do!" Idk, shooting at nothing, rolling with nothing as the game progresses, screaming with the mic on, holding a grenade for six seconds, staying outside the playzone, hopping out of a moving vehicle._* *┐( ̄ヮ ̄)┌*
Jake Guitar Guy (10 days ago)
Actually there is such a small difference of noise that its is impossible to tell the difference with the human ear, it has been tested multiple times with a decimeter to read the decibels and there is like .00001 or something along those lines of a diffence
Nefff (10 days ago)
I just had to say this... who didn’t know this.
zaijian Armas (12 days ago)
I wasted 7mins & 16sec of my life.
Taryn Taylor (12 days ago)
Dude we know this already 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Aiden Duryba (13 days ago)
Retitled: “Annoying guy tells you 7 things that he just found out on his 3rd hour of playing pubg and now thinks he’s a cutting edge player with all the secrets and knowledge”
kinuz gaming (16 days ago)
Enderglower 98 (16 days ago)
Arcade cloud I found a avm in a supply crate and a ghillie suit
St ephen (19 days ago)
Tips & Tricks right out the the tutorial.
St ephen (19 days ago)
Just wasted 7minutes of my life with your dumb basic knowledge half this bs you can find in your SETTINGS
The Endieman (19 days ago)
Does anyone play Fortnite
Technical Hacker (20 days ago)
My pc specs ---- Cpu i7 8700k Gpu gtx 1080ti Ram corsair 24 gb ddr4 Monitor Lg IPS 1080p
What was new.. ? 😒
Star Wolf (22 days ago)
You forgot number 8 Fortnite is better
Qwayz (22 days ago)
Dude my sister knows these and she doesn’t even play
Darth Vader (23 days ago)
yeah... but than Fortnite came and crush PUBG :D
Ton Villarama (23 days ago)
I already mastered the bike
scottie 5 (24 days ago)
Please stop spoon feeding noobs information...
Oliver Tiga (25 days ago)
Kinda late?
omer omee (26 days ago)
All thing i know about PUBG is here ahhh waste of time
Johan Graf (27 days ago)
3:45 or just press X
Slasher LILA (27 days ago)
The developer seriously need to make a third button to cancel bomb that are an accident because I died many time just because I accidentally touch the bomb....button and i would just do a 360° and go a little bit left if there is enemy behind me... 😂
Potato Fan (28 days ago)
Dude the attention to detail especially no shoes is quiet wow...
Foxy The pirate fox (28 days ago)
I liked and subscribed and turned on the notifications
Mamta Jain (29 days ago)
You forget adot underground
Coolboi420n0s (29 days ago)
Does the shoes work on mobile
pakno gomez (1 month ago)
Did you know that the more expensive your hardware is the better you will be at PUBG?
Enchanted AJ (1 month ago)
Targeted people of this video: noobs and beginners
Migom Doley (1 month ago)
Please delete the video as it's useless
Louis Henrich (1 month ago)
Dude I always lean on grass and It works people walk over me.
Kjetil Balstad (1 month ago)
Barefoot is not allways more silent... And, as far as I can tell, the render distance of foilage is the same regardless of settings, and have been for some time now. Far far away trees might not render on low, but that should be really really far out, and not a very good shooting range.
light shifter (1 month ago)
I already knew that
GAMER INSANE (1 month ago)
Sub me
Night Gaming (1 month ago)
Good job man thanks I just got pubg so this is gonna help thank you
Matthew Doherty (1 month ago)
#7, well sorta. its quieter inside but louder outside. #6 yes but only far away as stated #5 I knew that #4 didnt know how to do that #3 not only space and control but you can control side to side with Q and E. So you didnt know that lol #2 knew that #1 seriously?
raza khan (1 month ago)
Hate to break it to u but ur first point is somewhat correct cause yes barefoot is quieter but the difference is so little that it doesn't help u in anyway.
Toaster Apple (1 month ago)
The shoes make less noise on sand
Seb Hale (1 month ago)
1. What if you want shoes so people *can* hear you then you can kick their ass? 2. Nobody goes prone when getting sniped (except bots😜)- you get behind something. 3. I wasn’t listening for this one 4. Ok. Never gunna use that ever. 5. Yeah. *We knoww* 6. You can move a little, and it’s good that you can’t move while medding because itd be wayy to easy 7. I KNOWWWWW
destini lucy-jane (1 month ago)
Already found the under ground level when I started playing so yea
Bina Vanani (1 month ago)
I know only one
LiamPUBG Gaming (1 month ago)
It's more like tips & tricks to me...
hoodini 868 (1 month ago)
I wish pub g was on ps4
Toaster Apple (1 month ago)
hoodini 868 it gonna kill the thing
IlluminatiNine (1 month ago)
I’m slippery Sam the Sniper.
Umbrian Requis (1 month ago)
I agree but what 7things do I not know about PUBG Mobile
Adam Smoley (1 month ago)
Not only are these very common knowledge that everyone knows, but the first one is wrong. it’s been proven that taking off your shoes makes no difference.
DEBAYAN BAGCHI (1 month ago)
make a new video on pubg mobile
Shama Morshed (1 month ago)
Shama Morshed (1 month ago)
Shama Morshed (1 month ago)
Atomous (1 month ago)
being barefoot is actually louder in the sand and if you're on a floor above someone, also Q and E help you lean in the air on the bike.
Valintine Zvhal (1 month ago)
I got a bike in a house
Rue Bob The Cat (1 month ago)
Great vid no shoes is the way BUTT jumping with out boots or high tops from high place almost all ways is death the louder you are the higher jump with little or no damage I CHOOSE NO SHOES for reasons stated in video
James Rivera (1 month ago)
Fact number 3: I already found that one out on mobile
gustav bögson (1 month ago)
this is basically a noob guide
scientist100 (1 month ago)
#4, grenade throwing and active cancellation works by just pressing the #1, for main weapon selection. I do this all the time.
Dwight Gutierrez (1 month ago)
I'd just like to say that walking on SAND is actually louder
Akshat Jain (1 month ago)
I know about these things useless video
Clidy Ruru Puruolte (1 month ago)
Did u know where to find ninja in pubg
Tudi PYM (1 month ago)
everybody knowns the Alt thing
Oh man 1 minute into the video and I m already getting annoyed... He says the same thing 1000 times 😧
Cyrox k. (2 months ago)
lol you didnt even tried
Fuze Main (2 months ago)
Once I drove a UAZ into bunkers and then came out on the other side
Hariom Sharma (2 months ago)
From all not at least one is cleared with example
Matthew Altenhoff (2 months ago)
Just got to game and be able to tell if you have changes. I k ow they have built in abilities and have said nothing to us to find the true gamers
Matthew Altenhoff (2 months ago)
Absolutely wrong about the shoes. I found that several pieces of gear has special attributes. The micro Uzi makes u silent if sprinting while crouching. So does the shoes you get with glorious labor medals. Saving up for camo pants.
k0ded (2 months ago)
"A bunch of different effects happen" 2 different, zoom in or stability ffs...
Clumsy Pickle (2 months ago)
If you didn't know any of these tips you are playing the wrong game. If you check your settings like a normal person when first playing a new game every single one of these are listed save for the rendering issues, but that is just common sense in any game. People that rely on others to post videos so they don't have to take 60 seconds to look through the controls should go back to Minecraft. Just saying...
Melon Tasty (2 months ago)
<u> yolo </u>
Mr Roblox (2 months ago)
I like using boots because I want to be spotted so I can sprai sum led
aryan gupta (2 months ago)
Shelter I know 5 entries
HDMightyMc - Est (2 months ago)
U forgot that in a game every REAL person who doesn't join is replaced with a bot...
Jeanz__ (2 months ago)
Knew all of them
Pubg Pro (2 months ago)
Thanks for the shoes one i really love it
Lapiz Wolf (2 months ago)
Sub to me plz
cdn v-logger (2 months ago)
Hay the first mach I played I won 😎
Mark Quibuyen (2 months ago)
if you drive straight you can heal or use an item
David Bunting (2 months ago)
who DOESNT know these?
South Wales 2018 (2 months ago)
Is this real, your just explaining how to play the game , nothing new lol
Caeser Vialpando (2 months ago)
Play with me as a friend- "ceasarvilpando"
Vixsul (2 months ago)
shroody roody
dan_dapotato (2 months ago)
-_- I already know that
Patrick Lange (2 months ago)
I know one thing you don‘t know. And that‘s how to pronounce the game‘s name correctly.
Roblox Playz And More (2 months ago)
Dylan Bensi (2 months ago)
I already knew this cause I play mobile pubg
Mtndewgang (2 months ago)
These are just noobie tips.
Samy Nm (2 months ago)
Hey ty for this video . Its really helpful ..... if you have only 2 hours played on pubg ....
Ancilot Playz (2 months ago)
1000th Like!
Sam Bergman (2 months ago)
this is all common knowledge
Owen Davis (2 months ago)
but shoes give you capacity....
Nathan Playz (2 months ago)
In pubg mobile there is seriously a button to cancel the grenade throw. xD
Kingchris195 (2 months ago)
Ive only played pubg on mobile and I knew all of these lol
For fashion we do everything!
Liam 2 Bosse (2 months ago)
Why did you show the Underground now everyone is there😭

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