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Telltale's Walking Dead Saved by Series Creator's Company, Will Work With Original Team Members

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YongYea (13 days ago)
EDIT: This doesn't come close to fixing the mess Telltale left behind and tons of employees will continue to struggle, but at least some laid off devs may be offered a few months of employment and fans may see the season pass they purchased and the story they've been invested in fulfilled. Show your support on Patreon.com/YongYea or PayPal.me/YongYea! It's completely optional, but even $1 a month contribution will go a long way. Also, follow me on Twitter.com/YongYea for the latest updates. TOP PATRONS [CIPHER] - Thelionsam - Shawn Duane Cottrell [BIG BOSS] - SolidJake - Alex Moretti - Vin Giorgio - Casual Ninja [BOSS] - Matthew Szalkiewicz - Peter - Zander Rose - Joel Wesley Salyer - John A Perez - justconst - comfyHat - Jonathan Ball - Michael Redmond [LEGENDARY] - oh2one2 - Ryan Daniel Brown - SweGabe - David Doty - Michael P. Reid - Mark Taylor - Christopher Davis Kildahl - Jade Rose - Prismat Dragoon - Darien Cunningham - Teemu Hattukangas - Princess Stabbity
Jquan2020 (8 days ago)
Just subbed, great video, thnx for the info. 🙂
aDg 2k18 (12 days ago)
+Rehtael Per https://www.shrm.org/resourcesandtools/tools-and-samples/hr-qa/pages/californiawarnnotices.aspx: "California's Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification (WARN) Act expands on the requirements of the federal WARN Act and provides protection to employees, their families and communities by requiring employers to give affected employees and other state and local representatives notice 60 days in advance of a plant closing or mass layoff. Employers covered under California WARN Act are those with 75 or more full-time or part-time employees. As under federal WARN, employees must have been employed for at least six of the 12 months preceding the date of required notice to be counted. A plant closing, layoff or relocation of 50 or more employees within a 30-day period, regardless of percentage of workforce, requires notice. Relocation is defined as a move to a different location more than 100 miles away" That's strike 1, 2 *AND* 3 for TTG so I hope they're ready to pay up.
Rehtael (13 days ago)
+Bryan Runyan to my understanding, and I'm not a lawyer especially not in California, so don't take this as guaranteed truth, but to my understanding, it acts as a loophole that circumvents WARN.
Alfonso Padilla (13 days ago)
I hope they save The Wolf Among Us season 2 as well. It would such a shame if they leave the story in that awesome cliffhanger.
SeventyFive (13 days ago)
+Bryan Runyan but obviously the chance of getting a bailout funding was very reasonable, since they did just get such funding. You can't use hindsight to say that they should've done something a year ago, they correctly believed that they could get funding if they'll crunch it, timing was off by a few weeks. I still believe we need to see any ill intent, before we can say that mgmt acted wrong.
irving acevedo (2 days ago)
Does anybody know what will come to be regarding season 2 and 3 coming to the switch
Bill Strang (3 days ago)
Why wasn’t the game completed before it was released?
Bookid 15 (5 days ago)
Good thing it will be finished
Stephen Y (6 days ago)
I'm not sure that the general public understands that an unhealthy number of people work as contractors for companies. Contractors are not employees. Employees are entitled to unemployment and other benefits, potentially but may not include severance pay. Contractors can be terminated at anytime for any reason and are not entitled to severance pay. In fact, i've never heard of contractors getting severance pay. According to the published reports, most folks at TellTale were contractors which means that whatever compensation that they earned was written in their contracts. As someone who works with a lot of contractors, the contractors make more than me, a lot more, because the company does not pay them benefits. It's the trade off. Contractors make more, have less security, less benefits. Employees make less, have equally less security, but more benefits. Such is life when working for a company. So remember, if you want out of this, step 1 - underpants, step 3 - profit.
fake name (6 days ago)
I want the game to be finished but I’d rather let the original workers being paid, if the workers and game and in turn players Benefit, I’ll be happy, then again members not working on the walking dead that got laid off won’t get paid, and that leaves a sour taste in my mouth. Get everyone paid first.
I still don’t understand why they shutdown to begin with. 😥
The Nosey Artist (7 days ago)
mozilon (7 days ago)
I guess telltale is telling off there Employe...Ill stop
Nugget (7 days ago)
This makes me so happy 😁
Jedi MB (7 days ago)
Damn, I just want my The Wolf Among Us. Feelz bad man....
Problem Gamer (7 days ago)
K soooooooo a couple more weeks and episode 3 will come out? I actually hurt me to hear telltale shutting down, as soon as season 4 started
Swaggering4 Eternity (7 days ago)
The Walking Dead came back to life! Get it?... I’ll leave now...
Gamerboi Wayne (7 days ago)
To bad they didnt save Stranger Things project they were working on
NEOsent mX (8 days ago)
Outro is pure cringe, but news are spot on
All I can say is Hell yeah, dude.
BookMilla (8 days ago)
I really feel for the employees, I hope they find another job soon. On the other hand, I’m also so extremely happy that they’re finishing the game
Problem Gamer (8 days ago)
If clementine dies without violet im turning to my noose
Selenator93 (8 days ago)
I’m so happy to hear this! I wish they could do this with The Wolf Among Us 2 but the way the first game ended, I can accept an open end.... I only care about these two. Batman was pretty cool but I don’t need that story.....
lil wizkid. (8 days ago)
I’m happy, but still sad that TWAU Season 2 will never be.
Hanz Merci (8 days ago)
Abby Adams (8 days ago)
I want the wolf among us :(
Tue Vang (8 days ago)
Dude Telltale is saved yay
Karsonator123 219 (8 days ago)
Is there somewhere we can donate without buying the game
ItsBackPacker (8 days ago)
Great now work for season 5
Tokeh Brokeh (9 days ago)
For all the people struggling to understand basic concepts: to pay employees, a company needs money. To make money, company has to have a product to sell. THIS ISN'T MAKE GAME/PAY SEVERANCE they need one to do the other
Ego Death (9 days ago)
The Walking Sweatshop
Emman'sTV (9 days ago)
There will be never Wolf Among Us Season 2. ☹️
Debra Johns (9 days ago)
They are taking back VERY few of the original Telltale team and it’s still a crappy deal
]-〉ΣΔ†]-[ (9 days ago)
Maybe some other company should buy Telltale, the owner of the company can then distribute that money to it's employees and all telltale rights belong to Sky bound or whoever other company. Then whatever sales they make off season 4 should be distributed fairly after that. That should work, but if only Telltale would agree to that.
TheJuiceGoose (10 days ago)
April Sunshine (10 days ago)
Anyone know where his accent is from? He sounds like Reversal.
Strand of hair (10 days ago)
I dont think severance pay is needed. They dont work there anymore so.
The Thoro Network (10 days ago)
What the hell is happening to the gaming industry?
Tyga VEVO (10 days ago)
Good The Walking Dead is a great series keep making seasons with Clem its a interesting story
Molly Avakin (10 days ago)
I don't give a fuck about the devs. I just want TwD
BluFish15 (10 days ago)
Im really glad that The Walking Dead will be finished but Im still immensely disappointed that The Wolf Among Us season 2 wont ever come out, I love that game so much and the character of Bigby wolf is so awesome
Karnage Fails (10 days ago)
Never got into this series but when I seen the thumbnail, my eyes lit up. I've been following the collapse of the company but I'm excited that fans who love this will be able to get another game to complete the series. Pretty cool.
Mi Ke (10 days ago)
Today, for the first time in my life, I played a telltale game, that I got for free on GOG.com. Tales of Borderlands. Playing half an hour it made me stop the game, finding it very lacking in the story department, telling me in Fianas Story about the overall scam, removing the need to play another minute of the game as Rhys. The only need it awakened in me was to play the superior borderlands 2 game again. So I stopped playing this game and played borderlands 2 again. I am very glad I did not pay money for this game. Very glad. Maybe this kind of games were not made for me. I prefer RPG's and shooters with a story. But I know know, why they went bankrupt. And it's not a great loss for gaming at all.
LockeRobster (10 days ago)
"Work with the members of the original Telltale team" In other words they'll email the developers and hound them to provide input on a project they won't be paid for.
Laura Efron-Carter (10 days ago)
I'm so happy it is going to be finished!
Tyler Bester (11 days ago)
Tbh people saying that “Hopefully skybound uses the money made on the game to pay the employees” newsflash for people who don’t understand money... skybound bought the rights to TWD final season to finish it for the players. They have no obligation to those employees. They paid for the rights to finish the game. End of story.
Timothy Warren (11 days ago)
Shit scum bags tried to take good people money and run even from there own employees
Apple Cider (11 days ago)
This is probably the absolute best way it could have gone down, post everyone getting canned. Wishing the entire staff the best. I hope Skybound does em' right.
Ryan Stewart (11 days ago)
I sooooooo so so so so want to tell you to STOP whining. But, Id hope you are TRULY complaining on behalf of those poor employees........AND NOT because you enjoy sitting around and bitching so damn much. lol.
Brock Schowalter (11 days ago)
What if after all this the ending to the game isn’t even good?
Blackman Whitesuit (11 days ago)
When choosing between keeping TWD alive or Minecraft alive, Telltale chose Minecraft. If that's not telling of how far Telltale has fallen, I don't know what is. Good the TWD comic guys stepped in to keep everyone's preferred series alive.
Blackman Whitesuit (11 days ago)
It's like when your dad steps in to fix your child's mess, even though your child had so much potential.
Aron108 (11 days ago)
I got bored of The Walking Dead so i really don’t care lol
Aron108 (11 days ago)
Hopefully they will get paid.
Yasmien Yacapin (11 days ago)
This is great and all, but if the choices still don’t matter, then I’m better off watching it on YouTube
Isaac Paul (11 days ago)
the fact that bear mccreary is following this is great!
henrymac77 (11 days ago)
I'm happy for the people that bought the game and will now not get ripped off, but if a series can't sell enough to continue, I don't really see how outside intervention does anything to help, it really only helps the people who were willing to pay for it and protects the brand. by this point, I'm convinced that everything Telltale was doing wrong is the reason the game didn't sell, I hated what they did to Batman... generally I am a reflex buyer for anything related to the franchise... but after the way they treated Bruce's parents, and all the other political narratives they shoved into the game, I had decided I would not buy another title from them.
Jeffrey Farmer (11 days ago)
The people who should pay greatly is Kevin Bruner. He’s a trash person and basically single handedly destroyed telltale. He sold some of his stock off and later sued telltale for millions basically because he wasn’t getting his way. Even ran off some of the greatest people there who had been there since the beginning because of how toxic he was to the other who worked there. So yeah if anyone gets stuffed it should certainly be Kevin Bruner.
Luke McNamara (11 days ago)
*The staff will remember that*
TheBrownTown007 (12 days ago)
I absolutely loved Oxenfree, that game was very Telltale like, so I'm sure Skybound will make sure we get a good ending. It's obviously still a massive shame Telltale has screwed so many staff members, I'm really hoping they find work. Who knows, Skybound doesn't do much in terms of the gaming side of things so maybe they'll try and hire more of the old staff and continue on with a FEW (not all) of the more successful Telltale games (I know it's a long shot, mostly just wishful thinking here).
wargamesmaster (12 days ago)
That's awesome but will this include the physical release of the game?
bryan joiner (12 days ago)
Didn't finish the first episode. Was kinda boring. I wouldn't even torrent this shit.
Gears Soldier (12 days ago)
I can see the Warframe / Walking dead jokes now.
cloveraby (12 days ago)
So does this mean Kirkman has a direct say to how Clementine's story would end? I hope so
Somebody should go to prison or something.
Swagical Swag (12 days ago)
*Fortnite Season 6 Battle Pass Revealed*
VenomKpp (12 days ago)
"In some form." Guarantee you it's going to be Episode 3, then a flash forward to tie all loose ends montage bullshit. Just let Clementine die, I don't want to see what the fuck they're going to do to basterdize her to get it out before they run out of cash.
Well, that's good.
LemmyKilmister (12 days ago)
Daddy Kirman comes in to save the day.
FoxDream (12 days ago)
I wonder how @YongYea will feel about Jason Schreier's recent tweet...especially since he's a fan
Call me KENNETH! (12 days ago)
Always be dubious of anything Kotaku posts
Daniel Jack Davis (12 days ago)
Given high living cost, I think Southern California in general isn't a very smart place to set up a games studio.
RAGman (12 days ago)
To be honest, I just wish the best to those folks. Telltale put them through an awful situation, and they deserved better than the shitty upper "management" they had to deal with. I'm not a big fan of these games, but I wouldn't put the game before the livelihood of the people behind it, regardless of how enthusiastic I may be about it.
ConceptBro (12 days ago)
Great news, too bad it doesn't help all of those uprooted people, but it's good that at least a few of them can finish the project.
TheMaggot64 (12 days ago)
dtester (12 days ago)
I feel like this is one of those situations where you need to at least take in the bright side. A few months of intrim employment can be a life saver when looking for new employment.
Daniel Alexandru (12 days ago)
So we will get episode 3 in november like is stated in game ? Or was postponed ? Was supposed to get last episode in december
Bruno Czech (12 days ago)
Walking Dead - just one more step
Nahimi (12 days ago)
This is a good ending, which is something extremely rare these days.
Et Malleo Semper Vicit (12 days ago)
That dead horse is still getting beat, I see. They don't deserve this. Neither did all those people they screwed over.
Phoenix Bradwick (12 days ago)
It's a start
Nonexistanthuman (12 days ago)
Hopefully this is the last gaming company to close down like this :/
Ethan Edwards (12 days ago)
*Internet: ^* *Disliked*
Lip (12 days ago)
Meta Realm (12 days ago)
Could you please do a video about Xcom2' new dlc being exclusive to PC. We need to get the word out.
subjectbigy (12 days ago)
https://youtu.be/TH-3Cf3zbT0 This guy recreated metal gear solid in Lego form, I think you did a video a year ago. It looks pretty good.
Kirkman is a good guy. Don't question him.
Togi Poo (12 days ago)
I could care less about whats going on as long as the season is finishing
That Guy (12 days ago)
But anybody else wanted the wolf among us season 2?
SpecialCalebs V3 (12 days ago)
So are Skybound games willing to resurrect The Wolf Among us Season 2?
Enough of saying the same shit like 5 times in a row in this video. It's not fucking Skybound's fault, this video is about Skybound saving the day, not repeating the previous videos...
Aleksa Kovacevic (12 days ago)
When I saw your first vid on this topic, I was like wow clickbait f u. And than I saw the vid and that you werent lieing
gore (12 days ago)
I feel like they should just raise money for the employees and release the script or whatever unfinished stuff they have as a movie instead
Aisar87 (12 days ago)
Hey that's awesome! Now can we stop talking about this garbage company and their garbage game? Woo.
noodlery (12 days ago)
*D E B A C L E*
Literary Landslide (12 days ago)
There was so much reiteration in this episode...so many words towards the end to say the same things over & over :/ Thanks for covering the news tho. Business will forever be a thorn on the side of art, every industry suffers because of it.
Exploring Jenkins (12 days ago)
Shame, i foolishly held hope for more Tales From the Borderlands.
HazzyFcrazy (12 days ago)
What about Tale of the Borderlands?
andrew evolution (12 days ago)
Why i would play a game that's just made of cinematic scenes? ...don't get the point of this type of game... must to be for lazy fans that are not gamers...
Celldweller Fangirl (11 days ago)
Nice ignorant statement. Comments like these must be from ignorant fuckwits with micropenises. See? See how I was ignorant? You're not the only one who can do it.
* * (11 days ago)
Are you dense? Jesus fucking Christ. It's an interactive media with many instances of UNSCRIPTED COMBAT and is extremely story based. That's like invalidating RPGs, rhythm games, sports games, etc. They're all games for God sake, just of a different nature.
Simone Tessaro (12 days ago)
F*ck the game and pay the devs first!
The Coker (12 days ago)
I am not sure if you could see anything as positive at all. I truly think that you see the absolute darkness in everything. I like how you update us on gaming news, yet your relentless negativity is tiresome and I am not sure I want to continue to listen. I am not saying this to get you to change or even with the thought that you will read this. I did not see this trend in the first few videos I watched when I first found your channel and I am surprised to see that this seems to be who you are.
Jack Johnson (12 days ago)
Don't care about the developers as long as I can play the game.
Zachary Brannon (12 days ago)
MyLittleDiscolite (12 days ago)
I just want it to end with Big Boss coming in on a Blackhawk blasting Gloria and saving Clementine

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