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triny ko mag iba ng image for a day..
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Kinly Gutierrez (4 hours ago)
kamukha mo talaga cong si leo. HAHHAHAHAHAHAHA kakamiss leche. 😂
Gena Unabia (3 days ago)
Wala pa ba yung billboard ng Stylex with Cong Tv?
precious jewel sigue (3 days ago)
Eujin Sace (5 days ago)
Taena ni yow pota hahahahaah "oh my God"
Jercy Hora (6 days ago)
Ano yung background music mo Lodi?
Sky Tan (6 days ago)
Leah Speaks (6 days ago)
Hi new youtuber here...! Im subbing everyone lets help eachother! and ill sub back..thanks! :)
Vemvem Zubiano (10 days ago)
Whahahahahaha hype ka cong hahahah
sai Obito (11 days ago)
Lodi talaga kita pa shotOut naman
Lilet Banguiz (11 days ago)
Payaman😃 more POWER cong☝☝☝
arvie cabria (11 days ago)
Putok ang benta ng stylex lalo na kung putok din ang tama ni boss cong hahaha🤣 paweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer
Efren Jaloro (13 days ago)
Roselle Roldan (13 days ago)
Yun nman pala eh😂😂😂👌👌👌 Attorny no case.😂
Nichol Paulino (15 days ago)
Idol cong anu pamagat ng background music mo?
hanif dirogogongan (17 days ago)
mark eugene guinto (18 days ago)
😂😂😂😂😂 pawer
Nepthalie Red (19 days ago)
Lulu 98 (19 days ago)
Payaman. 😂
Wilson Lagbas (19 days ago)
Sayang dapat maka suklay ka kaso dumating yung security hahahahaha LT
Bert Nah Aht (20 days ago)
Angas ng lakad! HAHAHA GAGOO!
Bert Nah Aht (20 days ago)
Prince Basco (23 days ago)
ray cua (23 days ago)
ito pala ang video ng stylex hahaha
Rhenz Omac (24 days ago)
putcha pag nakita kita gago... hahaha...
Maryknoll Carcueva (24 days ago)
utas nnaman katatawa!
Rene Valleramos (24 days ago)
masaya me.. cuz ur LEGEND man! ahahaha
ieshua cabal (25 days ago)
Hahaha miss ko vlog mo cong
Just In (25 days ago)
Laughtrip parin talaga to 😂
shelwyn mangubat (27 days ago)
shelwyn mangubat (27 days ago)
Nico Jan Pallera (27 days ago)
Tangina May stylex nako dito conggg
Steven Harry Nieto (28 days ago)
Ano title ng backround music? urgent.
Sherry Daliva (29 days ago)
Grabeh..kakatanggal k tlaga ng stress
Rhaffy Ian Nablo (1 month ago)
dito pla nanggaling ung stylex
Rhaffy Ian Nablo (1 month ago)
Gerard pelayo (1 month ago)
Dito talaga nagsimula ang lahat ehhh😂 #STYLEX
Angie Lica (1 month ago)
Galing naman p0 kuya😇
Ramer Sailog (1 month ago)
hahhahaha angas ni cong ha naka amerikano tapos naka jersey pang baba ah
as noodLe (1 month ago)
isko diver (1 month ago)
Ang bangis hahaha tlaga
Brandel Calipes (1 month ago)
Pilardo Sebastian (1 month ago)
Daivin Gopez (1 month ago)
Rodem Concepcion (1 month ago)
Ang tinde mo! #CongSemiFormal
Henry Nelmida (1 month ago)
shroud (1 month ago)
LT talaga tong vid na to lalo na pagnakikita yung short ni cong 😂
Sebastian Manuel (1 month ago)
Pwede ka po mag vlog sa school namin sa NSDGA po
egoyski (1 month ago)
ngayon ko lang napanood pero lintek! Panalo! haha! PAWER! :)
Raven Dumadigo (1 month ago)
Hahahahaha wilab hahaha
Fincky Feaster (1 month ago)
Putok ang benta nyoo.
Ahrrhon Escalona (1 month ago)
Napaka bait ni cong sa personal
Ivanhoe Pura (1 month ago)
Masaya ang pamilya pag lahat vloger
JHAY TV (1 month ago)
Nicos Gliane (1 month ago)
idol kuya cong
JC (1 month ago)
Panalo yung billboard pre!
Eduard Cruzat (1 month ago)
ung rockstar
Eduard Cruzat (1 month ago)
kuya cong anong title ng background music mo???
Unexpected Teammate (1 month ago)
joseph bariso (1 month ago)
lupet mo talaga cong 😂
JAH BLESS (1 month ago)
song title po?
La Agsaullo (1 month ago)
Boss mamalengke ka ng nakaganyan hahaha
Phryxuz Candare (1 month ago)
i got you hahahaua
Phryxuz Candare (1 month ago)
cong kalahate hahaha
Phryxuz Candare (1 month ago)
after ng video. napasaya ka. like comment. at subs na kung hindi pa. power!
Andrew Madrona (1 month ago)
Mark Lim (1 month ago)
hahaha lupet mo talaga chong tv
Philprince Gamit (1 month ago)
Lupet whahahaahahha
J E J (1 month ago)
Story nyo love story nyo ni viy
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Euneil Angelo (1 month ago)
Ahahahahahahaha idol
SYENSYA YT (1 month ago)
Little did he know...
Teki Teki (1 month ago)
Ano po title ng kanta sa 3:43
just JOSHUA (1 month ago)
Suit and tie lang kasi hindi suit, tie and pants. Hahahaha. Pawer! Gago! Hahahaha.
Red Somera (1 month ago)
PUTCHAAAA ETO PALAYON STYLEX HAHAHAHA sakto binalikan ko mga video ni cong
doni bell (1 month ago)
Hamble Gaming (1 month ago)
Isko Diver (1 month ago)
Dito pala un hha taagal ko na hinahanap ung pic eh sa stylex
Hype Beast (1 month ago)
Whoo the fook is that goy
Ice Halili (1 month ago)
pucha 2am na tawang tawa ako sa lakad mo sa mall. taas moral! lmao
Kate Michaela Tiamzon (1 month ago)
Karl Tapic (1 month ago)
꧁goodboy Gaming ꧂ (1 month ago)
mas ok kung daily vlogs master cong na magmmukha kng disente sport casual wear lang like polo shirt khaki shorts or pants (jogger will do) tpos good shoes sir ❤️❤️ good na good hahaha yung video mo boss cong naka like agad hnd pa nagpplay 😂❤️💪
John Reuven Ingco (1 month ago)
Tanong ko lang po ano yung "SUTENTAY?"
Christian Añasco (1 month ago)
tinotoo ni Style X hahaha
Wenzel Martinez (1 month ago)
Renz Quimson (1 month ago)
6:06 ako lang ba? ako lang ba ang hindi natawa don? HAHAH
Janiel Eufemiano (1 month ago)
ang lakas ni bs😅😅
R A Y M O N D (1 month ago)
aton pamintuan (1 month ago)
grabe tawa ko dito hahaha....laugh rampa trip bro.;)
Charlesmarco Latoza (1 month ago)
Semi formal hahaha
Francis john cabal (1 month ago)
Lupet talaga
john cris (1 month ago)
Ahahah parang Gta lng
Seyan punzalan (1 month ago)
Guys sub to sub❤️
Seyan punzalan (1 month ago)
Guys sub to sub❤️
Geraldine Rizaba (1 month ago)
Yun nakaformal suit ka pero parang iba ang lakad niya 😂
Nate Angelo (1 month ago)
6:45 cong nagkatotoo na yung joke mo.. Hahahahahaha Paawer
Abubakar Bagumabayan (1 month ago)
Yung macregore tlga hahhahaha
Mag isa akong tumatawa😂

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