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Top 5 PS2 Racing Drifting Games Of All Time Part 2

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Best of the best PS2 race drifting games have to offer
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Text Comments (135)
Samuka G4mer (5 months ago)
Xbox 360 ??
Luno (2 months ago)
Samuka G4mer it's ps2 They're exclusively for playstation 2
Durian Music (1 year ago)
I'd have put Enthusia instead of GT4
Jonathan L (1 year ago)
Initial D Special Stage???? pufff
taitoimpact (1 year ago)
C1 is good with a pad perhaps. Its a power steering only game with the dfp wheel. I give it to Kaido racer 2.
Stephen Cox (1 year ago)
are these games all the japanese versions on the tokyo xtreme racer series? i see genki and everything and they look to be the same style. i really enjoyed zero, 3 and drift 2
Drifter816 (1 year ago)
i really wanna buy a ps2 after this vudeo
Carlosh (2 years ago)
This dumbfuck didn't put the title on the 2nd game
AceRay 24 (1 year ago)
Watch the video closely
Carlosh (1 year ago)
KutreeZ (1 year ago)
Pretty sure it was you who's the " dumb fuck " for not looking properly...
gt4 hardest game to drift out of all
+Sonic Ace 24 yeah it's a real bitch the nurb one haha GL. just practice more on that track, doing races you'll get the hang of it and the key turns, then when you're good enough you can revisit the licence. You need lots of practice for that one. took me at least 10 attempts just to get a bronze there. Probably more
AceRay 24 (1 year ago)
+Dread Simulator 2k16 i cant get s license because of that nurgburing time trial
+Tokio Miller To this day I still haven't golded all of them nor the Special missions(i think thats the name) only got 64% game completion with around 500 cars
Tokio Miller (2 years ago)
+Dread Simulator 2k16 Right?
dlloveRyy (4 years ago)
it s only 2 games
AceRay 24 (1 year ago)
William Parrilla (4 years ago)
Thats why is called part 2 of 2 duh! Idiot
dlloveRyy (4 years ago)
what a f*ck song
KubikS (5 years ago)
where can i get racing battle c1 grand prix looks so awesome hwere can i downlaod it?
Pleb Number 84 (1 year ago)
KubikS it's a PS2 game a old console you buy it
Jorge Alexandre M.Reis (5 years ago)
Gran turismo??
Pleb Number 84 (1 year ago)
Jorge Alexandre M.Reis GT4
Solvalou (5 years ago)
The same way Brits, Aussies, Ruskis, Poles, etc. isn't racist. However if you was to state Japanese as "Nits" then that would probably be considered offensive.
superracer5556 (5 years ago)
Gran turismo4 drift game
bluSPAWN (5 years ago)
unfortunately not. it has only been released in Japan
TheManMiscellaneous (5 years ago)
You guys use the e-brake to drift? dang still a beginner. Use the front brake man, get a little more advance. I use front brakes to drive drift and grip, My driving style in racing games. Especially Grand Turismo series.
Cameron Stratton (5 years ago)
FunIsForHaving (5 years ago)
At 6:00, HICAS is bad for drifting. Everyone I know brings an R32 or an S13 to the track either doesn't have HICAS or has a HICAS lock-out bar. Rear-steer=no bueno.
Meno (5 years ago)
Forza 4 damage modelling is awful too though. Both those games would be better with no damage at all as it seems they cannot make a decent one.
Mikael Gustafsson (5 years ago)
What's the game at 07:30?
AceRay 24 (1 year ago)
c1 battle grand prix
Kevin Segura (5 years ago)
I've put over 50 hours each on gt5 and forza 4, forza 4 takes the cake in so many ways, the tuning alone was what won me over in forza, plus there's more car customization and online is a blast, gt5 was amazing too but nothing like forza 4
AceRay 24 (1 year ago)
keep telling that to yourself that forza is better
AceRay 24 (1 year ago)
keep telling that to yourself that forza is better
MrDigitizedGaming (5 years ago)
I NEVER said they were worse. I said GT5 physics are more realistic. Damn how hard is it to understand?
MrDigitizedGaming (5 years ago)
What? It's FACT that GT5 has more cars. GT5 has 1,000 cars and Forza has 500. The damage models are bad too, but it has realistic physics. What don't you understand? I like Forza better but it's less realistic in terms of PHYSICS. -_-
MrDigitizedGaming (5 years ago)
Well that explains that you never played GT5. GT5 has about 4x the amount of cars FM4 has. Like I said Forza is better, but GT5 is more realistic.
MrDigitizedGaming (5 years ago)
It's fact. I love Forza, but it's true. Ask any non-fanboy type of person. I'm not simple minded and look at all aspects of every possible thing. In this case, GT has better physics, but the sounds, gameplay, community, and some car models are worse. I game on my pc with my g27 and sim racers now. Unless I have buddies over that want to play some halo on occasions.
MrDigitizedGaming (5 years ago)
Most of the games he went through, including Tokyo Xtreme Racer, was not made with drifting in mind. But it's possible because the physics allowed it. It might be harder because GT physics are much more realistic than Forza, but Forza is better in every other way.
MrDigitizedGaming (5 years ago)
You can drift in any GT game. You just have to set your car up for it.
Jesus Garcia (5 years ago)
Dam, youre really having a bad day arent you :(
Jesus Garcia (5 years ago)
Like said, 4wd or 2WD If ou drive muscle cars or exotic cars on manual you can countersteer drift just by engine breaking, but not on tuners, thats when you actually "drift" without countersteer P.S. You really have to try the drifting on most wanted and carbon
Jesus Garcia (5 years ago)
i use the e brake while tapping the accelator on a 4wd car wich goes faster on corners, and what you just said is actually just powerslides And actually theres no right or wrong drifting, is just youre type of drifting style try it sometime in NFS most wanted (the original ps2 version) and NFS carbon, then you will have to use brake P.S. i said have a good day not a bad day :(
Jesus Garcia (5 years ago)
Actually you do need to brake so you could drift, wich i do to get more drifting points, and it probably sucks drifting because you get a 2wd car (2 wheel drive) instead of a 4wd (4 Wheel drive) so do youre research a little ok Have a good day sir :)
ADevilNeverCry (5 years ago)
Since when NFSU was a horrible drift game? thafuck.
Beuge Master420 (5 years ago)
I'm saying its not racist.
Beuge Master420 (5 years ago)
hahahahaha a common slang you call racist. its people like you that don't let it become a joke. only when it is a joke will people get over it.
jerry armany (5 years ago)
where is need for speed :O?
jerry armany (5 years ago)
crazy games, but only gt4 is good :)
SG (6 years ago)
Control one - gotta move it
xba222 (6 years ago)
You talking to ImSunDown?
Aziz Tab (6 years ago)
What is the name of the song
RAGER113 Gaming (6 years ago)
Because the Japs make most of the Drifting games. And the reason why those games are better is because drifting originated in Japan.
Jonathan Simpson (6 years ago)
ps3 needs more Driftings games,like d1gp from ps2,was a amazing drift game.
Simon Attard (6 years ago)
get a good drift car like the AE86 and turn off driving aids like tracktion control etc... ;) u will see the car drift but u need a lot of practice to master it! Good Luck! :)
ndnameless (6 years ago)
how can i get these games in spain???spanish or english don't mind
Saito Hiraga (6 years ago)
to those who want ps3 like this comment and subscribe to my channel and i might give 2 dirt 3
Saito Hiraga (6 years ago)
my ps2 is wrecked because of the ribbon and we will not use it. i miss playing nfs undercover on ps2
Hamisxa (6 years ago)
Does anybody have Racing Battle C1 Grand Prix to sell???
Hamisxa (6 years ago)
:( well try to buy the console back because it's the best console ever!!!
LoL its not that we suck at drifting its that this guy its bad ass hell picking up games,, wtf did any of you here played battle gear , c1 racing battle or any of the games on the previoust video withow hacking your ps2?
Alderus1 (6 years ago)
Wow! I have Gran Turismo 4 and I didn't know that I could drift like this on the asphalt! I got used to do some drifting at the rally courses (except the snow courses, I have no patience for them). I'll give a try! ^_^
Aaron Thai (6 years ago)
dang i want C1 so very badly
William Parrilla (6 years ago)
@DagenMuzic Gotta Move It (Long Club Mix)"
Gh0st (6 years ago)
@ReasonablyRealistic but you can drift ;)
Jonathan Schores (6 years ago)
gran turismo 4 is a simulator not a drift game.....
Sam (7 years ago)
@sintstinkt95 gotta have skill and right setup
HUE Master (7 years ago)
lmfao? where is d1 grand prix? i'd take off tokyo xtreme racer 3 off and make d1 first, or FnF tokyo drift top.
enpperador (7 years ago)
i dont like gt4.. everyone wanted something better
what name song!!!!!!!~
Mr Catto (7 years ago)
@bow7891 i mean gt 4 lol not gta 4
Mr Catto (7 years ago)
@sintstinkt95 yeah it took me 2 years to learn it i played gta 4 on ps2 for 3 years and ive been drifting for 3 years in my ps2 still even if i have ps3 :P .. well to be truthful i sometimes play more on ps2 since "Its Older has more games and games are still cheap in our country Ps2 games are 2 dollars each" but sometimes when im bored i play ps3 difference: Ps2 games : 82 games Ps3 games: 5 games favorite thing to drift Mitsubishi Lancer *any* No Driving aids Soft Tires Pow: max Wgt:Max
Michael Hancock (7 years ago)
Drifting in GT4 isn't that hard. Turn all driving assists off, use a steering wheel controller with the settings on realistic, tune and setup your suspension and lsd properly and most importantly, put on the realistic tyres! Of course now there's GT5 :)
Aivariuze (7 years ago)
@noobinsnipe There isn't Grid because Grid wasn't released on PS2,he is on PS3
Pavlin Ivanov (7 years ago)
@sintstinkt95 if u got the proper setting and a little practice its not so hard ;)
Luiz gonçalves (7 years ago)
que tranza com migo
CDRaptor189 (7 years ago)
no need for speed most wanted is the best
An66Fro (7 years ago)
lol i could never drift in gt4
my GT4 is history... :'(
RaketeN (7 years ago)
@Aminazinas not really its too easy i where on the top 5 world rank list in juiced 2 drifting
dash94 (7 years ago)
In the 5 games, is there one with BMW e30 ?
lafreak291 (7 years ago)
the intro little before 2:47 looks a lot like gt3's intro exept with diffrent cars
lafreak291 (7 years ago)
@darknesswolf7 its his opinion
jm96mx (7 years ago)
@sintstinkt95 It depends on your car and it's settings.
gokuhatake (7 years ago)
@darknesswolf7 nfs sucks nuts...flatout is like for arcade babies..
@sintstinkt95 u just ned to do some tuning.....n yes its hard....to much grip
Yakka (7 years ago)
cool song tell the name of song pls
Ikotatsu Fukui (7 years ago)
Auto Modellista? :D
William Parrilla (7 years ago)
@Munqq1 no it is not srry.
Travis Cameron (7 years ago)
i miss my ps2
sk8s4aliving (7 years ago)
@olliekill i just came from gamestop they have forza 3 for ps2 lol
Abbdulrahman Shehadah (7 years ago)
wtf the half of the video on the stubid gt4
Ollie (7 years ago)
@olliekill hey im not a grampa i have a xbox 360 arcade a xbox 360 slim a ps3 a ps3 slim and 1 ps2 slim dick i hav only 1 ancient game console oh and i hav a psp go
david12080 (7 years ago)
@olliekill yea i know ps2 is old go with your time grandpa :p
Ollie (7 years ago)
hey what about test drive unlimited?
Ollie (7 years ago)
@david12080 hey cant get it 4 ps2 u noob
Ollie (7 years ago)
@sintstinkt95 true!!
david12080 (7 years ago)
buy forza 3 awesome for drifting ;D
Martin Hinson (8 years ago)
I have all of these games and they are all great. Racing Battle is amazing, pity it was never released in the west.
Thomas John Solidum (8 years ago)
@MindlessMiles Agreed. And I also find Gran Turismo more appealing to detail than its american rivals.
YU1SRT (8 years ago)
@sintstinkt95 yes but when u learn to drift its came alone simple... just first time is hard hehe...
LFT.FT.BRKN. (8 years ago)
@Munqq1 no
Paulo silva (8 years ago)
perfect video thanks
Thomas John Solidum (8 years ago)
Japanese racing games rock! Other racing games are too cheesy and to destructive and also unrealistic like Full Auto Battlelines and other american racing games. Japanese games stick to there real life experiences in Illegal mountain street racing and realistic physics engine racing now thats a racing game.
Thomas John Solidum (8 years ago)
@zydang2 Fun game but the physics are kinda stupid.
Harry (8 years ago)
@lucirz that's because drifting started in japan so they made drifting games!
Harry (8 years ago)
have u heard of Midnight Club 3 Dub Edition Remix? It's a pretty good game u can street race and drift! great combo
Kurucz László (8 years ago)
i top 6 ps2 car game:nfs prostreet,,nfs most wanted,,wsc rally evolved,,gran turismo 4,,nfs underground2,,test drive unlimited ;p
mprasetya (8 years ago)
My best drifting games on PS2 is only TXRD (Kaido Battle) series. Haven;t tried drift in GT4..but seems fun.
sugepoola (8 years ago)
where do you get c1 battle?
lucirz (8 years ago)
man why are the great racing games in japanese damn... i wished they had an english patch for these games, i hate read translations
Mino (8 years ago)
SONG NAME?!?! : D Sick!
hellopixies (8 years ago)
good steering setup (suspension wise) really solid rear suspension

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