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Shroud Plays - Ring of Elysium (April 17, 2018)

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Text Comments (1475)
Arctic Lion (3 days ago)
I regret so much having listened to Shroud's opinion at that time! - That kept me from playing this game for a time. Then I gave it a shot... and man, I simply don't want to go back to PUBG anymore. Now RoE is in closed beta and I can't wait for it to go back. - I don't think this game is perfect, but I don't think PUBG is as good as Shroud thinks or says it is.
Slyone Monsema (4 days ago)
Shroud sometimes seems like a Tool, judging a game in early access that had only been out for a month at the time. (He just doesn't see the bigger picture) ROE in just 1 month caught up to PUBGs standards. Shroud should be thinking (1. No NA servers. (2. Not a lot of advertisement for the game = not a lot of players. (3. ROE isn't a continuous lag, inconsistent, crashing, desync rage inducing infested game like that other (Unknown) game... Justin talks like a brain dead 9yo girl who has never had an original thought, so when he talks rainbows an sh!t follow. He's like a leech on shroud.
hiro gutz (7 days ago)
Sem Ideia (9 days ago)
Can't wait for this game to come out, I really need something that's similar to pubg but fresh at the same time.
Timi Timothy (15 days ago)
RoE does look promising, even more promising than RoS and Knives Out. Still, I prefer PUBG and its mobile ver. because PUBG has this more... serious feel to it. PUBG in overall gives off this serious survival feel because the buildings and vehicles in the game have this abandoned feel, makes the game feel like "you win you get to live another day". On the other hand, RoE has the impression of a TV show. Characters' outfits look almost pristine clean, vehicles look shiny brand new, and even the types of vehicles themselves aren't something that the "previous inhabitants of the island" would own. Feels like it's set up. Or maybe it's just me and my sick preferences, but I still prefer PUBG and PUBG Mobile.
JAX Dude (16 days ago)
Why doesnt he pick up lvl 2 helmet man when he sees it, holly fuck
Rome Reyes (16 days ago)
Don’t even know shroud anymore, this game is in it’s early stages man! Remember pubg? May patches but still in early alpha. I’m a pubg player myself but I think the possibilities of this game could be endless like the 2 optic scopes in one firearm? Now that’s a plus
NewbiexYoutuber VAL (20 days ago)
Lol this game is way better than pubg Play with ur friends Go squad with them let's see if u see a damn robot
Craqster (21 days ago)
Lol no one can accept that this game is ass cheeks
Craqster (21 days ago)
Lol, there are more ROE dickriding bots in the chat than the game, lul
SneakY (21 days ago)
Its CBT.... And your first game is bots.
Rob Johnson (23 days ago)
Not as much character as PUBG but we play it instead because it’s not broken most of the time. If it gets even half as popular as PUBG it will be interesting to see if they can keep it running smooth though. Not sure if it will take off.
Rajesh Rajee (28 days ago)
i dont get why he is salty abt 3rd person . Pubg was 3rd person only when it first came.
Corey Rooney (28 days ago)
Shroud is clearly repping bluehole. And if you don’t think so, then why does he have his own gun skin in PUBG? Exactly. Go watch videos of other streamers like grimmz playing this game. Guys who have no incentive from bluehole and they’ll tell you this game is better than PUBG. They have no reason to lie. Shroud is lying through his teeth and he knows it. If he didn’t actually like the game, he wouldn’t have played more than one round.
Corey Rooney (20 days ago)
Craqster why, because I know shroud is lying? Ok
Craqster (21 days ago)
Corey Rooney you are literally a troll
Was this supposed to be Europa
Steven Randall (1 month ago)
Shroud loves pubg but pubg is so full of bugs and shit loot balance it's unreal. I've been playing pubg since day dot and loved it but still got peed off with the bugs and rubbish updates. R.o.e is a brilliant game and yes has bugs but nowhere near as bad as pubg actually still is. R.o.e is a good fast paced smaller version of pubg that has more chance if loot, looks nicer, smoother and more variety of background assets. Now the may the 1st update came out it's even better for smoothness and vehicle handling
Tú Hòang (1 month ago)
Thằng shround lol. Nhìn mặt gét vcc
AdikMusic OfficialTM (1 month ago)
Shroud Gets Killed By Bot! 37:46
Норм забава, лучше ПАБГА
Don X (1 month ago)
That's because SHROUD, not all people can have a rig that can handle pubG you dense motherfucker. What kind of dumbass question is that WHY ARE THEY MAKING ANOTHER PUBG LIKE GAME? Dumbass
vini784 (1 month ago)
wtf are those things on the video ?
JO JO (1 month ago)
You think this is bad? Try RoS
Kylar Stern (1 month ago)
Jesus man, you support pubg through its early phase but don't give this a chance? I played Pubg when the tommy was still a crate drop, and it hasnt gotten much better. RoE at the time, yes, the driving was horrible, but little after, with a small patch it was fixed. It's far more optimised than Pubg by far, the only thing Pubg actually has on it is.... Leaning (you can peek from cover on RoE anyway) and first person mode, which is coming out soon. And all of this, is before final release. Pubg is STILL broken as fuck. I've left pubg after over 700 hours played on it, and I won't turn back. Doesnt help that OC servers are dead now.
Lama1e (1 month ago)
23:37 ni**a
Dejan Todorovic (1 month ago)
roe je najvernija kopija pubga i besplatna je...dok ne kupim pubg roe je zakon :)
Dejan Todorovic (1 month ago)
to sto je besplatna ne znaci da je losa... nemaju svi para da kupe pubg
Atomic (1 month ago)
Well, i'm glad i dont have to worry about shroud whooping my ass in RoE ;) See you all in the Ring. ;)
Lando Fortericho (1 month ago)
Can't say this one's better than PUBG. But I can definitely say it is better than Rules of Skins LUL
AGRUME6213 (1 month ago)
Je s'appelle shroud
Rafael Pedro (1 month ago)
Play on Thailand server its lot a human
Andreas Jaug (1 month ago)
54:35 what is this? thats the best sniper in the game
ALG- halim (1 month ago)
TheTruNibber (1 month ago)
It's the 2056 ROS update
Mikkel246able (1 month ago)
Tencent own this game and pubg, so of course it sound and play the same
Kirito Kirigaya (1 month ago)
*Shrouds says it's bad* but took him 23+ mins to finish one game Mk, reasons.
Kirito Kirigaya (1 month ago)
This game is better than PUBG, it changes to different weathers and each one has a purpose/affects your gameplay. Like if it's windy, the bullet changes directions to where the wind is. If it's stormy, you can't really hear gunshots or footsteps, etc.
Kirito Kirigaya (1 month ago)
Actually, there's a lot of bots when you play solo.
Kirito Kirigaya (1 month ago)
This was on April 17th, but now there's actually tons of players and no bots
Just A Little Player (1 month ago)
Hmmm this game have bots and Rules of Survival have hackers, which is a better rip off?
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Craqster (1 month ago)
Look at all the butthurt dickriders
Craqster (1 month ago)
This game is ass
Lann (1 month ago)
Its amazing that this game has little bit of fan boys in this comment section LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL
Lann (1 month ago)
how the fuck someone likes this game... i mean they literally copied EVERYTHING LUL
Lann (1 month ago)
Lann (1 month ago)
LOL this is just strait clone.
Daniel Scott (1 month ago)
It’s a Chinese game of course it sucks
CubanMafia (1 month ago)
pubg look more realistic but this game look really bad
Felix Jr Turpias (1 month ago)
did shroud know that when its your first time to play. your still in the bracket of beginners? so its either his enemies were bots (fillers to speed up matching) or beginners. im just wondering if he knows that.
RandomGuy WithNoName (1 month ago)
fuckoff pubgtard
Craqster (1 month ago)
RandomGuy WithNoName fag
Eric (1 month ago)
This game is still in alpha test.... compare to pubg (when alpha), this is way better
Craqster (1 month ago)
Eric not at all, keep dreaming
Corduroyninja (1 month ago)
I play both pubg and roe. I enjoy both. I am in the US, even with a high ping while connecting to Thai servers ROE has never disconnected on me or lagged out. I can't say the same for PUBG.
Craqster (1 month ago)
Corduroyninja stop playing on a toaster kid
Trevor Bronkema (1 month ago)
So you remember when Abercrombie came out and everyone loved it. It was damn expensive though, so American Eagle, and holister came out. If you wore there clothes you were ok. This game is holister at best.
Craqster (1 month ago)
Trevor Bronkema major L
Michael Dopeman (1 month ago)
this game is still closed beta
Wolf*Men alaakrou (1 month ago)
i want see your skill on warface game
than pap (1 month ago)
PUBG fanboy spotted
Craqster (1 month ago)
than pap not at all
Jason (1 month ago)
Shroud's friends there are fucking obnoxious. I can't stand them.
Craqster (1 month ago)
Jason no one cares
Aaron Adarlo (1 month ago)
cant actually change the fact that PUBG and Fortnite are the gods of battle royale
MatthewJackson 265 (1 month ago)
he was paid to said negative about this game. i know he love this game. i have played this game and what i can say this knockoff pubg is better that the broken real pubg which you have to paid to play
Ryan Pietroski (1 month ago)
On my very first solo play, I got 2nd place. I didn't notice any bot-like activity but wasn't really looking. My buddy got a chicken dinner on his first solo. I admit it seemed easy. However - I have now played 60+ 4-player squad matches (after watching Shroud's claims of bots, sucky game, all that) and I can say for sure there are PLENTY of real players. Very obviously real-life people, working together with a high level of teamwork. Thailand is 12 hours ahead of central US time, so morning time and around 10pm you get some amazing games that are almost full 100 players. If it had bots, why wouldn't it always be 100 players? At about 3 - 5 pm central time (which is 3 - 5 am in that area) you get squad matches with about 30 people. Once this releases in the US and around the world, it will have the pop base for full games, every time. It will be the end of Pubg because it IS Pubg, it's just FIXED. It's Pubg 2 - made by Tencent (makers of Pubg Mobile) and the rumor is it's a partnership with Bluehole to make a true competitor to Fortnite, that's F2P! I don't play a lot of solos (only 3 games so far) but I have played a LOT of duo and squad and I can say this is Pubg2. It's everything Pubg should have been if Bluehole spent their money fixing all the issues instead of losing lawsuits. Shroud - you played this game over a month ago. It's been updated since and I hope you try it again! It's even easier to install, update etc. You can switch to English in-game now. All monitor resolutions work - simply minimize with game running and use your video card settings to set it back to your preferred resolution. This game is absolutely fantastic. You can share out your team, so rather than get teamed up with 3 randos through auto-matchmaking like Pubg, I have been sharing out my team as "English Plz" and getting 3 English speakers as teammates if my buddies aren't around. This has gotten me some amazing team-mates wherein Pubg if I try to play in duo or squad without friends I get idiots. THIS.GAME.ROCKS! :) Please try it again in Squad or Duo! While it's possible there may be a few bots in the game while they test the game in one region (and has a tiny player base) I can confirm there are A LOT of real players. In one weekend I have 100+ new friends from Thailand / Philippines and other areas in that region that speak English, are quality players and extremely nice and fun to play with. Get with Grimmmz or the two time and give it a real go... play a bunch of games and then let us know what you think. I also think your recording software was causing you issues. I'm near Chicago and I get 0 lag (while in a firefight, or doing simple things, like picking up multiple items via E), damn near perfect hit detection, have found 0 bugs, the cars drive very well, etc. I just dont see how you had such a negative experience... srsly!
Robert Fisher (1 month ago)
yes it does run better than pubg. pubg is horrid . everything about roe is better than pubg.
Weed Advocate (1 month ago)
Shroud is a hater
Jordan Kortsinoglou (1 month ago)
its better having bots than having hackers
SAMET GÜMÜŞ (1 month ago)
Oyun cok guzel ya yeni güncelleme ile drop geldi adam oyunu beta da oynamış
Sammy Zhang (1 month ago)
So many cheater if free...
GreenGamer BR (1 month ago)
shroud is not normal, at all.
Tú's Béo'f chanel (1 month ago)
31:56 god aim
kenhimura10 (1 month ago)
this game was helped by tencent and tencent is partnered with bluehole
yodabolt (1 month ago)
Shroud doesn't understand he is likely playing with 300ms or higher ping.
J4YV33 (1 month ago)
ROE is basically ROS on pc
sama (1 month ago)
this game needs to be updated as fuk then i would play it
Thierry Lasserre (1 month ago)
How did you get it in English?
Eclipse GamingPH (1 month ago)
It's made by gerena, they copy lots of games
I did like this game, i think, it is a better game than PUBG, at least as it is now, not months before this date... i really like this game, the dynamic weather, rain, fog so much better then pubg..it may need improvements on the movement, the body doesn't have inertia and all of that, i hope they add that later as long with other improvements....but yes, i do thing is better than PUBG could ever be, the way it looks, is WAY better already, PUBG on max settings sucks, no weather effects, no dynamics, eh not rain it has as far as i know(unless they put it back in) i'm away from games lately, surgery does that apparently hahaha
Matt Doyle (1 month ago)
This game is epic I played for the first time last night beats pubg by a mile for the gun play and hit registration alone
Matt Doyle (1 month ago)
Also sad truth they are not bots there are Taiwanese and for what ever reason they don't play well met quite a few I guess just not much competitive gamers there
Christian Borres (1 month ago)
This game currently has already speed hackers and experienced once. Someone was shooting at me when I peeked outside the building the player was running so fast and shooting at the same time. I've played this game hundred times already and all I can say that this game got the potentials but we can all agree that Pubg will always be the first in our hearts and also this is so much better than Rules of Survivval. Lol
SVVAP (1 month ago)
funny how he call a game bad that he isnt good in
lraK ErdnA (1 month ago)
here's why i think PUBG is shitting on our heads. i know it all started with arma 3. but how come the PUBG sucks compared to arma 3? hear me out first. you can basically run arma 3 using a gt 730 on low- medium settings. a gt 730 is AN OLD AND UNDER POWERED CARD!! try that on PUBG and your game experience would basically be looking at still, pixelated photos. PUBG didn't really introduce anything new graphics wise. in fact, if you set arma 3 to ultra and pubg to ultra as well and compare them side by side, you cant call arma 3 an uglier game. what were the devs thinking????arma 3 is an open sandbox game. it has solo missions. it had to do voice covers with actors. it had to create a story. the devs even added a map editor (and a good one at that). plus they had multiplayer, and the level of realism introduced in a shooting game to me is basically unparalleled. plus the number of vehicles, weapons, buildings, terrain, AI movement. they had a lot of bases to cover and they made a good game out of all of it!!! PUBG only has multiplayer!!! HOW CAN IT SUCK SO MUCH WHEN IT ONLY HAS MULTIPLAYER!!!! no voice acting to worry about, no AI, no story missions, no map editor, not much realism to deal with (if you call the in game physics real, then you must be crazy. but to be fair, the bullet mechanics is quite good). how can the devs who took inspiration from arma 3, create a game that focuses on only one aspect, and create such an under performing version out of it? look at how many types of houses you see in erangel and miramar. they are basically copies of each other! look at the optimization issues! the game doesn't have THE BEST graphics but requires a MID LEVEL video card to be played. the glitches. the hangs. the cheats. i mean, really...what are we even doing here?? think about it..over 20 million downloads??correct me if i am wrong..multiply that with the price of the game. that's how much resources they have TO FIX the game. plus it is marketed by steam. arguably THE LARGEST gaming platform for creators. and still this is the sh1t we get? I dont like what i see with ROE (its still unfinished and needs refining), but i'd bet my balls that they are moving towards the right direction. if people can't see that a small asian company can make a game that doesn't milk the money out of its customers, then i dont know what kind of eyes they have. we have to commend these guys for trying. in the end, we gamers are the ones who will benefit from their hardwork. if in the future, a game pops up and eventually unseats pubg as the best (???) battle royale shooter game out there, and manages to do it while being free to play, i'd be first to wave pubg goodbye
Senju Tashuka (1 month ago)
Playing for fun is present in both games. However that Free part though, winning me and every other asians who wouldn't want to spend a cent in a game.
KopRalL (2 months ago)
i kinda feel that RoE got less input lag or is it just me? every movement on pubg is kinda slowmo
Andy Kashu (2 months ago)
What are you expecting from such a bootlegger-nation? All they're capable of is copying, even pirate copying other people's stuff, no matter what, their ideas, every single iota of other people's creative work and then executing it in the cheapest and thus worst possible way ever. If there weren't other nations on this planet which in fact invent stuff, this generation of China would die out faster than they could say boo!
Zimxky74 (2 months ago)
Well... he didnt know that he can lean in the game... and the game has lots of realistic effects... maybe you didnt notice cuz some said that the game is in the state of BETA so maybe it not finish yet... there are lot of features that you didnt see for now... just wait for its global release...
Dennis NessiD (2 months ago)
just a bad pubg clone..but people witout money and bad pcs will love it..like fortnite
Internet Positif (2 months ago)
Shroud are to cool at thumbnail
Grant Brody (2 months ago)
lol being salty about a game after 2 min and of course all his fanboys have to agree with him since they are sucking his dick so hard
Shroud (2 months ago)
ouen beecee (2 months ago)
honestly, I'd rather play a free version of PUBG so I know I didn't waste thirty dollars on a bug filled piece of garbage
sa mahabub (2 months ago)
pubg fan boy
VanValdenburg [U4G] (2 months ago)
my guess is that shroud doesn't know who tencent is :D
VanValdenburg [U4G] (2 months ago)
lol games only exist because of "cash grab" :D PUBG is such a clone, too. It is a 1 to 1 copy of DayZ aesthetics :D
levandOffski (2 months ago)
Sucks staging!!
Bálint Kosztolni (2 months ago)
shroud is a fucking retard, he talk shit
miguel le roux (2 months ago)
It irritates me when you say every game that is not pubg is bad i mean really stop moaning its a good game honestly better than pubg, if you are gonna shit on every game thats not pubg, dont play other games then.
FairPlayAlliance (2 months ago)
Wow this dude needs to get some sun he looks like a corpse
Craqster (2 months ago)
The haters in the comments are cancer
Craqster (2 months ago)
This game is ass
Craqster (2 months ago)
Pubg is wayyy better
Hang Su (2 months ago)
at least it's a clean game for now
PrimeFuture 86 (2 months ago)
Shroud is a prick
Brandflakes (2 months ago)
Did Shroud really just ignore most of the donations talking about the game that don't align with his views... smh

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