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PewDiePie Hej Monika Remix by Party In Backyard

796921 ratings | 20036584 views
SUB TO PARTY IN BACKYARD: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIaIVpEocfuQ9fhBT1rsKrQ NEW MERCH: https://represent.com/zerodeaths/pewdiepie-limited-edition-zero-deaths-shirt-and-hat Headphones:: http://rzr.to/edgar Chair:: USA & Asia: https://usa.clutchchairz.com/product/pewdiepie-edition-throttle-series/ Europe: https://europe.clutchchairz.com/en/product/throttle-series-pewdiepie-edition/ Canada: https://canada.clutchchairz.com/product/throttle-series-pewdiepie-edition/ ‎
Category: Музыка
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Text Comments (121045)
Thomas Johansen (39 minutes ago)
Hey pulay monica
Max Manuel (2 hours ago)
Got you! you belived me it was just a Prank!
Max Manuel (2 hours ago)
i hate 2 things about this and love 1 thing
Max Manuel (2 hours ago)
Midship Mantis (2 hours ago)
I love this btw from sweden,helsinborg
Dracula (2 hours ago)
Atleast now you have a decent song to sing when you are on stage....
Dracula (2 hours ago)
Syaaban Yunos (2 hours ago)
What the duck is he saying 😂 but i still love it
Deadpool 43071 (2 hours ago)
Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww I cringed so bad 😲
LemoNea Gaming (3 hours ago)
Hej alla som ser det här och förstår vad jag säger. Jaja hoppas alla har en bra dag och att ni vill prenumerera på min fett nariga kanal xDD BYEEEE
LemoNea Gaming (3 hours ago)
Hi, hi Monika Hello Monika Hi Monika Hello Monika Hi Monika Hello Monika Hi Monika Hello Monika ... To every swedish that Reading this, i write ”hello” instad off ”hi on you” because hello sounds much better..!
Gabriel Labina (2 hours ago)
You forgot the känns som vår part :D
NicoDaMaster (3 hours ago)
10000000000% BEST song ever like if you like the song
Jacob cano (3 hours ago)
I loved it 😛
Owh Damnnn (3 hours ago)
I remember months ago I sang to this and listened it on a daily basis for 2 weeks. Still no regrets.
X-Noobiusgamer- X (3 hours ago)
This is why Swedish people are proud of being swedish
ShrexualOgrelord69_420 (3 hours ago)
So guys we did it we reached 20 mil views
maroo (3 hours ago)
Swedish Disco Polo
Tsp Tsp (4 hours ago)
I looked at this 6 minuets ago and it had 19 mil views and now it has 20 mil..........wow
Nicolas Pellegrini (4 hours ago)
Still listening to that song!The best of the best hahahaha!
KeRiTFG LiVe (4 hours ago)
I always think if he English
Tsp Tsp (4 hours ago)
I wonder what the real Monika things about this
Leila Hajiasadollah (4 hours ago)
Team swedish
F0x_H0und (4 hours ago)
Can we get a 10hr version?
OkayAlyssa (4 hours ago)
Hej på dig Monika
Alkino (5 hours ago)
so good
roboman 1764 (5 hours ago)
*When an ad pops up in the middle of the song* NOOOOOO
Deniz Taskiran (5 hours ago)
Fan va bra
Pikaboy_07 (5 hours ago)
bästa låten någonsin
Dark Necroninja (5 hours ago)
Hej Monika for the Grammy
Elia s (6 hours ago)
Hej hej Månika
Elia s (6 hours ago)
Carola Lerchb (6 hours ago)
Wer ist alles deutscher
This is so lit my eyes got burnt.
Logane_gaming Logane (6 hours ago)
Hej hej monika hej pâ dig monika 😄😄😄😄😄😄
Ecstasy (6 hours ago)
Alexa play Hej Monika
phúcảm phạm (6 hours ago)
I watch this video 10 time a day. No bored
Soux (7 hours ago)
better love story than twillight
Axel Daniel SG (7 hours ago)
I don't speak PewDiePie
Berry Gillis (7 hours ago)
1 million hour version
L. Lawliet (7 hours ago)
I'm crying missing those old days ;( Having depression listening to this everytime and watching pewdiepie
Bryan Lim (7 hours ago)
Better than Shawn Mendes
Tan Choon Wei (7 hours ago)
National anthem of sweden. and us too.
Daniel Bilobrk (7 hours ago)
20 mil. let's go!!!
Samuel Mellesmo (7 hours ago)
Svensk klassiker
JoJo Siwa Fan (8 hours ago)
Who’s this Monica?
Leisurous (8 hours ago)
If this was on iTunes I would so buy this
Simon Karlström (8 hours ago)
hej pewdiepie
rose ann blanco (8 hours ago)
pewdiepie:Brofist👊 t-series: idk???
E. A. (8 hours ago)
For the years to come this video will be a treasure of mankind.
Bralis (9 hours ago)
T-Diepie or Pew-Series?
ahmet özkan (9 hours ago)
Fuck me monika deki doki
Bestus Grimm (9 hours ago)
Pickle Rick (9 hours ago)
Tazu Bawa (9 hours ago)
If u want both win like here
Red Kim (9 hours ago)
i think this is his response to kizuna ai video..
Kasa Shizuoka (4 hours ago)
this was released 8 months ago and kizuna copied pewds video but it's ok cuz kizuna is best girl
thinzombie (10 hours ago)
Does anyone else think that 0:25 sounds like you’re eighteen
Tee ser ies (10 hours ago)
Gaming Falcon (10 hours ago)
Im from norway
Laser Edge (10 hours ago)
Would you be a DJ ! FELIX X
Laser Edge (10 hours ago)
20M reach 500 M ?
Hikaru FER (10 hours ago)
Can someone tell me where the clips are taken? i cannot find the original video where he sings
Lotus (11 hours ago)
He's singing about a 14 year old called Monika... 😎 😂
Capten Of Justice (11 hours ago)
I like this song. even though I don't understand the lyrics
roboman 1764 (11 hours ago)
RayPGF (11 hours ago)
Alv soy no creo q sea el unico q no tenga ni puta idea de lo q dice pero tpy aqui
Space Team (11 hours ago)
Monika: hey Pewd!
Mijart games (11 hours ago)
f t series xD long live pewds
G6 fuck you (11 hours ago)
hey hey monika :)
EXTRAKINATOR X (11 hours ago)
This song is stuck in my brain
Princeblue 01 (12 hours ago)
oh shit,i can't stop listen to this
Solo_Skyxfighter (12 hours ago)
Anyone watching it 2054 from a spaceship
Nor Liza (12 hours ago)
Make your speed 2x...It cool? Maybe...
Dwayne 0425d (13 hours ago)
Alex The GameCat (13 hours ago)
20 mill views 🔥🔥🔥
ぶぼ (14 hours ago)
Bat Man (14 hours ago)
My life is complete
phúcảm phạm (15 hours ago)
Excuse me, who is monica? Molisa?
ton tv (15 hours ago)
Done sub sub bck
Psyche_ (15 hours ago)
I miss his beard oml.
Hugh Mann (16 hours ago)
Hej monika > Despacito
Raza Khan (16 hours ago)
World's best song ever.
RisingSkai (16 hours ago)
Is this on spotify?
RisingSkai (16 hours ago)
Makes me want to change my name to Monika
Tak Sokhey (17 hours ago)
plz sub me too
RITH KONKHME PUBS (17 hours ago)
Bro sub
raghu mahi (17 hours ago)
Hej monikant'
Shauna Hiatt (17 hours ago)
5 years on YouTube. Fuck yeah
LOLI gaming (18 hours ago)
Did pewds sang this because of kizuna ai??
Tuna Casserole (18 hours ago)
i dont smoke i succ (18 hours ago)
how to make alarm sound?
Shobhit Pachauri (19 hours ago)
Still the best song ever. In your face T-series.
Mystery (19 hours ago)
Tiduso (19 hours ago)
This is really a gem
[Content Deleted] (19 hours ago)
The one time something actually sounds good with autotune
Dewi Maulida Azwir (20 hours ago)
I love it
StaroaX (20 hours ago)
this shit just reached 20mil views and i feel proud lol XDDDDDDDDD
DeaTH KaMi (20 hours ago)
This 13k people's are the one who faps while listening to penpineapplepen
Chibi Thắng (21 hours ago)
bảng nhạc vàng của làng youtuber
Cat Gaming (21 hours ago)
My friend: I hate Swedish music Pewdiepie: hold my beer
DxTrinity Gaming (21 hours ago)
Just Monika!
wizrdvic (22 hours ago)
Who is still listening to this in 2018?

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