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PewDiePie Hej Monika Remix by Party In Backyard

735186 ratings | 17811951 views
SUB TO PARTY IN BACKYARD: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIaIVpEocfuQ9fhBT1rsKrQ NEW MERCH: https://represent.com/zerodeaths/pewdiepie-limited-edition-zero-deaths-shirt-and-hat Headphones:: http://rzr.to/edgar Chair:: USA & Asia: https://usa.clutchchairz.com/product/pewdiepie-edition-throttle-series/ Europe: https://europe.clutchchairz.com/en/product/throttle-series-pewdiepie-edition/ Canada: https://canada.clutchchairz.com/product/throttle-series-pewdiepie-edition/ ‎
Category: Музыка
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Text Comments (113218)
Vance Biondo (31 minutes ago)
Top-notch (31 minutes ago)
My iq is now over 9000 🙌
h i (1 hour ago)
Hej på dig också Felix (: Älskar verkligen dock din kanal... Tror inte du kommer se denna kommentaren ): MEN JAG ÄLSKAR DENNA VIDEON (:
Mc.Salchicho (1 hour ago)
Imagine a gigantic stage, thousands of people jumping, and this song is playing n those enormus speakers. I would buy that.
Super Troller (1 hour ago)
felis herlambang (2 hours ago)
I dont know the meaning, but i still love this song
CR. MASTER (2 hours ago)
dhunter stop motion (2 hours ago)
This must be in the real game
Prerana_ BGP (2 hours ago)
Monika's (DDLC) new favourite song 👍
WhiteWeebWolf (2 hours ago)
Im still watching, and im still loving <3
Just Your Average Cat. (2 hours ago)
how about hej hej sayori
sup lynx (3 hours ago)
i downloaded this
Aarush Thakur (3 hours ago)
Wtf he doing at 0:09
Casper Sandvik (3 hours ago)
hej monika
Estephania Nieto (3 hours ago)
I can't hahaha 😂 lol
temp87 (4 hours ago)
Felix ār boss
MrHackerStudio (4 hours ago)
hej hej Monika
GOI 03 (4 hours ago)
Hej hej mo*NI66A*
DrAli Rashid (4 hours ago)
need part 2
olivieraniten FUCK BOI (4 hours ago)
THEFIREKING j (5 hours ago)
Akakkihito (5 hours ago)
This is actually a good song wtf '-'
Murvid (5 hours ago)
Turn this shit up to max in the club!!
hello m8 (6 hours ago)
Rocket Jump (6 hours ago)
0:39 dat moves ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Leet Guy (6 hours ago)
Why r u here when despacito 2 is out?
DerJulian2 (7 hours ago)
Wow so many IKEA names
2:16 groans / moans
Dan PlayZ (7 hours ago)
this is hot
AmiKnight (7 hours ago)
Ringtone set :3
Hey moinka hey moinka Hey moinka hey moinka hey moinka From:DDlC-Just Moinka :3
Aixa Ashcat (8 hours ago)
monika bhatt (8 hours ago)
Hey hey u
monika bhatt (7 hours ago)
goat bro hahahah
goat bro (7 hours ago)
Chris corbett (8 hours ago)
Yes yes yes hahaha like song gday s
Elin Eriksson (8 hours ago)
Så bra låt 👌🏻
Alvin Thulin (8 hours ago)
AlternateRacoon (8 hours ago)
get this to 1M likes
Frank Heljebrandt (8 hours ago)
Bara jag som är svensk?/ Is it only me that are swedish?
Svea S (9 hours ago)
Fallen Angel (9 hours ago)
That's why PewDiePie is a Best youtuber! HEY MONIKA
Kishhann (9 hours ago)
Guys say "Monika" slowly...
Beli Momak (10 hours ago)
ShorolBalokRaju (10 hours ago)
so much emotions on eyes
mercie! (10 hours ago)
If Hej Monika is so good, why there's no Hej Monika 2??
Yiamduan Chenchantuek (10 hours ago)
Is my chanall I'm forn sweden
Vilgot Vargstedt (10 hours ago)
Hej jag är svensk
Mattia gordon (10 hours ago)
This Remix is acctually good
lil sad boy (11 hours ago)
This song give me chills
Jonte (11 hours ago)
Im from sweden i know What everything means
We lla (11 hours ago)
haha bara så du vet så går denna på musical.ly
roy kid (11 hours ago)
Baby Shark (12 hours ago)
Hej hej monika love hihi
Ian Soede (12 hours ago)
Unironically, I really like this song and version!
Ghervan Diones (12 hours ago)
just monika
Fortnite Pro (12 hours ago)
I love This song
Rainbow Girl YT (13 hours ago)
Rana Nahid (13 hours ago)
Now it goes to my phone ringtone........ Damn you Monika......
Fuyiji Plays (13 hours ago)
A song to surpass metal gear.
Asif Miles (13 hours ago)
Who still listens to this everyday
AgLost (8 hours ago)
Asif Miles me
Jackson Fuller (14 hours ago)
Only Monika
DanSanus (14 hours ago)
I only listen to real music.
Mèo Đen (15 hours ago)
Penguino375 o (15 hours ago)
This was on my birthday don't know what to say
Whaka Yea (15 hours ago)
Best music video and song from a YouTuber!
Ace Blitz (16 hours ago)
Now available in Spotify Nah its too good to be in Spotify
InstaSound (16 hours ago)
People keep asking for Despacito 2, but don't realise it's right in front of their eyes :c This is so sad can we hit 1 likes
RealPeterTDM (16 hours ago)
top 10 anime endings (updated)
NERVAgent (16 hours ago)
Faaaaaarrrrrrk. How did i end up here!? WHY DO I KEEP LISTENING TO THIS!?!? ... fug it *clicks replay again*
Dorothy Uranga (16 hours ago)
I love this guy. Has always made me smile.
Its me Dee (17 hours ago)
0.75 slower makes a good drama ost
emperoralex (18 hours ago)
Hej Monika 2 lyrics leaked by jackspedicy 3
Jane Cheng (18 hours ago)
Hey monika their is a song about you!
DIS IS BRAZIL!!!!! (19 hours ago)
0:21 did i heard TOMMY GUN?
ursula ada (19 hours ago)
Hej monika
Armaan Panda (19 hours ago)
*Ends with Pewdie-orgasm*
Armaan Panda (19 hours ago)
00:56 best Reaction😂😂😂😂
Twitch_ Hj4111510 (19 hours ago)
Bra video!!!!
Shandeisal1000 (20 hours ago)
IM 18, AND YOUR 11
isabel kwon (20 hours ago)
i still listen to this everyday. a banger
Maciej Mucha (20 hours ago)
Category music? Category masterpiece.
OtakuGamer87 (20 hours ago)
Pewdz should be in GTA VI
Callum Jones (20 hours ago)
Callum Jones (20 hours ago)
Callum Jones (20 hours ago)
Callum Jones (20 hours ago)
[LuisTheRapper] (21 hours ago)
Monika :v
Marton Mathe (21 hours ago)
Marton Mathe (21 hours ago)
I i i love this shittttt
Marton Mathe (21 hours ago)
Set speed to 0,25 it becomes terrifying
Marton Mathe (21 hours ago)
I can listen to this 10000x time (probably have)
Marton Mathe (21 hours ago)
This never gets old
Celine Beser (21 hours ago)
I was sad😥my life had no mining😢but den😯haj haj månika haj på dej månika😃and now i cry of lafter🤣
Celine Beser (3 hours ago)
Raikohru - (21 hours ago)
I love this
Gurkbert Gaffel (21 hours ago)
This makes no sense if you can't understand it...But i do so i wont complain :)))
CrystaL WitcH (21 hours ago)
my fav song of all time
indra Linnå (21 hours ago)
Justin Y. Jr. (21 hours ago)
The manga was better...
Mr. Snuffleupagus (19 hours ago)
Justin Y. Jr. The manga didn't have as much emotion as this
Anton Antonson (22 hours ago)
The psychological depths of this song....
Kajsa Eklund (22 hours ago)
Hello monika
Blue Bird (22 hours ago)

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