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Text Comments (24267)
Bubba Von shekelhausen (2 hours ago)
RoboRat (6 hours ago)
I don't even care if soy raises estrogen or not. It's a great term and I'm getting tired of the term "beta male".
me and you (9 hours ago)
I don't know how people can drink soy milk it tastes disgusting.
Vikki N (11 hours ago)
9:01 John /would/ be a soy boy
Conner F (12 hours ago)
"Soyboy is causing the destruction of western civilization." Pewds, if you only knew how correct a statement that actually is.
Xaoki Lee (12 hours ago)
song in the beginning ? :)
cedric vintero (19 hours ago)
*-Soy Boy-* *SOY MAN*
Vinicius _ (21 hours ago)
Soy boys are basically leftist guys who tend to be homosexual
Neonpixel (1 day ago)
I salute you.
GizmoRazaar (1 day ago)
I just don't drink soy cuz it tastes fuckin gross, why this has become a thing I don't know.
Kotarian (1 day ago)
you joke but soy boys are real, basically just beta males who accepted themselves
Rene (1 day ago)
I wanted to be more femenine man
Rene (1 day ago)
X2 speed he hasnt said anything important
Prince Fabulous (2 days ago)
You better be careful; the king of soy himself, Harry Brewis, might come by and start shedding his childish, soy-like tears in protest of this video! ;)
Larry Lee (2 days ago)
i salute you
Relax Cobra (2 days ago)
Paul Watson?
Daniel Jones (2 days ago)
That one guy had one tiny head relative to his size lol
Paul S (2 days ago)
Not that it matters with your 64 billion subs...but I subbed.
Jakob Stubbs (2 days ago)
If someone calls you a dog boy, I just call them a dairy fairy back.
Void light (3 days ago)
I got a soylent ad
KikiInuyoshyy (3 days ago)
Wait Casanova hosted the bully thing??? No way! She's the ex girlfriend of SlyFoxHound from YEARS ago. ZombieUnicorn always has her hair purple/pink. She's always being sponsored by stuff though. I think it's just a coincidence they look similar..... right? xD
TotalerWiderstand (4 days ago)
P e w D i e P i e k n o w s t h e e n e m y !
Rogelio Loya (4 days ago)
Pewdiepie is a soy-boy
Calle Svensson (4 days ago)
pdp is a true beta souboy
Falling Crane (4 days ago)
0:27 That’s the exact one heard in Marzia’s vid omg
Sausage Skeleton (4 days ago)
Ill have the Red pill
Derek Lasee (4 days ago)
Paul Joseph Watson much
woohoo2491 (4 days ago)
Did the guys who make Soylent realize that Soylent Green was a thing already? Wouldn't you think that kinda ruins your brand, or does no one know/care what that movie was about
Zaphod Beeblebrox (4 days ago)
soy turns you gay, sorry soy boys, it's true.
NurturingTalents (4 days ago)
But soy isn’t paleo.
Evan Gallion (4 days ago)
There's plenty of data in support of soy causing or at least being correlated with increased estrogen.
Evan Gallion (4 days ago)
The big dudes are on juice. Don't take nutrition advice from dudes on juice.
Nilsson David (4 days ago)
We need more Mellanmjölk for the world! or we all are domed!
Antonia Gurule (5 days ago)
1:12 Is that the mumkey Jones laugh?
Adders Dewinter (5 days ago)
Hey I am veggie but not a Beta male 😀
ThatCanadianGamer (5 days ago)
He looks like a soy boy lmao
Thomas Wolf (5 days ago)
Aren't you a soyboy pewdiepie?
Earl Valentine (5 days ago)
Think about it , soy-lent-green???
Hellknight505 (5 days ago)
But (((Who))) is behind this?
Joseph Johnson (5 days ago)
Wasn’t this kid doing game streams?
This is too funny 😂
Rebecca White (5 days ago)
You can still be a soyboy and gain some muscles from the steroids you take. But you shouldn't be taking steroids because you will get cancer. So just quit the soy. Look at this guy in the video, he may have built some muscles, but he doesn't have broad shoulders. He's very narrow at the shoulders, although the muscles in the arms can hide that, but I see it. Soy gives you too much estrogen. It's not good for males and not even good for females.
King Of Tech (6 days ago)
SOY is GMO get rid !! Ice your balls for testosterone be a man ahhah
palabrajot505 (6 days ago)
Resting Cuck Face
Joseph Stalin (6 days ago)
So much soyyy
Jolly Roger (6 days ago)
so does soymilk just attract those with speech impediments, or is it an effect of drinking the soymilk?
Abd. T Juliano (6 days ago)
I eat raw meat and drink raw milk
Abd. T Juliano (6 days ago)
Im so manly my smile looks like iam angry
Lord Buckethead (6 days ago)
good goyim, drink your soyim
Monica Wallis (7 days ago)
PDP... YOU ARE MY NEW FAVORITE YOUTUBER!! I LOVE YOU! You're so funny I can't EVEN!!😂 Thanks for your hard work!! Much appreciated! RESPECT WAHMAN! 😂😂💜💜
Samim (7 days ago)
PewDiePie a little bit facial defined structure doesn't mean that you have more testosterone or that you are an alpha. You don't even have 1 single hair on your body except for your face and head and that also means that your testosterone levels are low. And your hands are tiny and female looking and that also means that your testosterone levels are low. You are a good guy and I like many of your other videos, but please always say the truth. And that person in that picture of "testosterone face" has beard and because of that even his facial structure is not visible, so we don't know if he even has a "defined facial structure", every man can have a beard and say that he has high testosterone levels while he does not have high testosterone levels. And to not be misunderstood, I don't drink soya, it doesn't sound very tasty haha. Bye.
Snowy Silverclaw (7 days ago)
if the guy had the beginning had more of a lisp and wore a mesh wifebeater he'd be perfect replacement for that dude from 50 first dates
SW Network (7 days ago)
This is a call for help!! I'm falling quick into the soy and nintendo!! Pewds😢
SW Network (7 days ago)
Oh I just have to buy a shirt... Done.
Brendan (7 days ago)
You gotta watch out for the Karltural Marksism, maaan. It's causing the downfall of muh western civilization through soy!
The Teachur (7 days ago)
The Soy Boy starter pack: - Bottle of soy milk - Reddit account - Nintendo Switch
TheYoo2b (7 days ago)
if soy feminizes you because it has estrogen in it, shouldn't milk also feminize you, seeing as dairy also has estrogen in it?
McScrotie (8 days ago)
I think we lost PewDie Pie, hes a truly soy boy with that hair
Coyote Lightning (8 days ago)
8:07, we go a level deeper, this is gold
khi coolblast (8 days ago)
Goy soy boy who sucks out the joy in life
김민건 (8 days ago)
제목이 한글이라서 깜짝 놀랐네
45-70 Henry (8 days ago)
I drink almond milk
1234Daan4321 (8 days ago)
I eat 7 raw onions a day. Try beat that you little triggered soy boy.
Grenadiadrian (8 days ago)
"I bench 350 and I CANNOT OPEN A GODDAMN BOTTLE OF SOYLENT" Clearly that poster is lying his ass off. He probably sprained his wrist lifting the Soylent bottle.
zachary fillmore (8 days ago)
You look like a soyboy, hit the gym
Austin J. Trevathan (8 days ago)
Soylent Grin
Gam Jam (9 days ago)
I ain't no soyboy
Matt Holt (9 days ago)
Soylent Green is PEOPLE!!
Matt Holt (9 days ago)
Japalloo (9 days ago)
Guys I agree that soy boys are the worst beta males on earth, but soy is not the reason soyboys are the way they are. Ogm soy is pure POISON. Organic soy contains phitoestrogen which is not bad for you. And that is why vegans are so fit and healthy. They eat mainly organic food which is not unhealthy. Yes, soy boys are a huge problem in this world but guys, you must get your fact straights. Have a nice day
Japalloo (9 days ago)
As pewdie said in the video
Callsign Frosty (9 days ago)
techno leonard (9 days ago)
amazing video
Derf Senoj (9 days ago)
sinGULar (10 days ago)
WW3 will be like S O Y B O Y S vs. T S O Y B O Y S
/fit/ is dead (10 days ago)
Sadistic TopHat (10 days ago)
Pewds soyboy
Nilly (10 days ago)
Alison Garcia (10 days ago)
So, you're finally giving up?
Marluxia Gorgon (11 days ago)
Soy makes me more feminine? Time to become a Trap!
Davkine (11 days ago)
Лайк кто российский)
giveagoodsong (11 days ago)
Why then is liberal women usually very masculine and not feminine at all? Aren't they also eating tons of soy? Shouldn't they become super feminine women for eating soy? Well?
Henry (11 days ago)
Dude, as long as you are wearing hat silly fucking beard, that literally every other copy paste guy is wearing these days...you know where I'm getting at right? How much independent thought do you have? I'd say your Alpha level is way below 8000, but perhaps I'm not dealing with the average Soyan Warrior anymore.
you need to consume oNioNs
CurryKingWurst (11 days ago)
Yes, there may be soy in normal soylent. But soylent green? It's people! Back in the day made from real people, nowadays Charlton Heston would probably scream "Soylent Green is soy boys!".
Katie Vinson (11 days ago)
I like soy but I’m a girl so I guess that’s ok
Artem Sergeev (11 days ago)
I eat a fresh onion almost everyday =) So, that's why I 'perform' so well! It's true, It's work!
John Stamatiadis (12 days ago)
Wanna be a beta male drink SOY
Justin T (12 days ago)
Pewds...... Im bald dammit. It wasnt from soy but bad genes. Its a terrible affliction. It hit me very young too. I hate baldness too. Love your channel.
Jackalack313 M (11 days ago)
Justin T Uhm....Going bald is a sign of high testosterone buddy 😂😂😂😂😂
BrokeSpade57 (13 days ago)
Benji (13 days ago)
pewdiepie shaved his beard for this video
CarlTheCuck (13 days ago)
Soy sounds good with goy.
Josh Lawrence (13 days ago)
stuart burrows (13 days ago)
Rise of Pride.
stuart burrows (13 days ago)
Joe rogan brought me here. Respect.
Cristián Droguett (13 days ago)
Ahahaha soooooyyyyyyybooooooooooooooyyyyyyss
RiffCantrell Satan (13 days ago)
Soyentific facts!
João Bertoncini (14 days ago)
The most funny thing is that even exaggerating those things are true. Soy changes behavior and onions are men's food.
Hobarth McShane (14 days ago)
A product called "Soylent...?" No one sees the problem here...? Does no one get it???
MainsOnTheOhmsRange (14 days ago)
I only drink whole cows.
GetYour Fix (14 days ago)
Soy actually does increase estrogen levels... This is fine in adults, but when people give infants or children loads of soy, it messes with their thyroid. In men particularly, it's linked to mood problems and depression. Soy is like sugar... It's pretty new in the European/white people diet. We have to be a little more careful. 😥
The Patriot Duck (14 days ago)

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