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THIS GUY IS THE BEST SNIPER IN PUBG | BEST OF CHOCOTACO Best of ChocoTaco the Sniper King ►Win now PUBG Skins: https://padlock.link/PanPUBG ►◆$100 Fortnite Channel Giveaway◆ ► https://youtu.be/ELXiTEShADk --------------------------- ►If you are one of the players in the video and don’t want to appear in such montage videos or are unhappy concerning other copyright matters please contact us at: [email protected] ►Business: [email protected] ►Twitter: https://twitter.com/PancakePUBG --------------------------- Credits: chocoTaco: https://go.twitch.tv/chocotaco https://twitter.com/chocoTacogames https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSri6c58uWro3kLTlcuFlVA Missed you? Just leave a comment or write us a E-mail to [email protected] & you will be added instantly! --------------------------- Send us your replay or record with a high quality program. Only Youtube Links / Plays.TV Links. Send us your Play to: [email protected] --------------------------- Hope you enjoy! :)
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Pan PUBG (6 months ago)
Make sure to follow him! :) https://go.twitch.tv/chocotaco
ledellphw (12 days ago)
Pan PUBG he's using aimbot like shit in one of his clips u can see the green laser on the revolver he uses as it follow the enemy head running away, about 12yard away, it looks like a hack
Vlogging Christian (3 months ago)
Pan PUBG ii
Christina Porter (6 months ago)
Def following him - and geeks who replied.. none of these titles are 100% its all about getn ppl to click the video- and SO GLAD I DID xd Thanks Pan!
petra Bianca (6 months ago)
Im pretty sure he isnt the best sniper, he isnt actually in the top 10 of the best snipers..-....
Theis Nielsen (6 months ago)
Pan PUBG o
DNDRRLL CST (4 hours ago)
Shroud or this guy lol
Nomekop 777 (8 days ago)
4:20 Mexican space program lol
mohi tech (9 days ago)
Red zone is coming lol
NeverLess (10 days ago)
I almost disliked the video because 11:54
jo90 jo11 (12 days ago)
Not 1 snipe
Mallu Gamer (12 days ago)
ledellphw (12 days ago)
Chocotaco have aimbot on u can see it in the best sniper video of his, the when he uses the revolver
Bayu Andrian (12 days ago)
Fun Crew4 (15 days ago)
On the low he is not all that
Nazrie Babayega (16 days ago)
Like boogeyman..
Ronald Parsons (17 days ago)
What level are you?
Alex Calliste (18 days ago)
How's it that the game doesn't show where the shots a coming from
Napatt Crawford (20 days ago)
I sniped someone who was at the other end of the safezone or playzone
Alex Belho (21 days ago)
Wtf... That was a hacker.. N u just kill him in one shot.. Awesomeee
Jacob Adams (22 days ago)
this dude is ugly af and thinks he needs to count the meeters
Kalidas Gami (22 days ago)
1:13 the sound is 😍😍
UNDEFINED CHANEL (22 days ago)
i like your style bro you are also like me little bit crazy
Aditya Singh (25 days ago)
What no 60fps
DANIEL GALLARDO (26 days ago)
Ahem, have you heard of shroud?
Jiro Grg (28 days ago)
He is playing dirty how can you hit from back of van? You must be money user
Aldrich Lava (29 days ago)
He is not the best sniper my i am ad my cousin
hardworkingtaxpayer (1 month ago)
Didn't see much sniping 🤔
OriHenryCraft (1 month ago)
Top ten 200 IQ Players PUBG 5:00
vhika alfa (1 month ago)
ada yang mau memberiku link download gratisnya PUBG untuk pc tanpa emulator tanpa key atau crak, os saya windows
vhika alfa (1 month ago)
ada yang mau memberiku link download gratisnya PUBG untuk pc tanpa emulator tanpa key atau crak, os saya windows
Akshay Gawli (1 month ago)
how just you seen him ? really ??
vince Andrew Indig (1 month ago)
1:08 best part of the video like if you agree
72VirginExpress (1 month ago)
no recoil?
Shaun McGranaghan (1 month ago)
1:00 proves he the best
Ernesto Jr Nogalez (1 month ago)
He didn't even use his scope 1:19
Brandon Inc (1 month ago)
Guess what? It’s not real
Toper Taylor (1 month ago)
What a fucking tool this arsehole is. Seriously, wearing fucking sunnies while playing a fucking video game? Massively fucking wanker
Yasir Shaikh (1 month ago)
Which gun use mostly
ThisFoo Mikey (1 month ago)
Wasted my time with this bs
Andrew (1 month ago)
Holy shit quick scooping on pugb that’s crazy lmao
bee soul (1 month ago)
How does he do that?
Grandest Master (1 month ago)
Wow. You can hide, camp, and shoot. Being called the best sniper is like being the biggest pussy. Congrats.
Garegh62 (1 month ago)
Get a life
Vile Säteraas (1 month ago)
Fu*k fortnite
allan young (1 month ago)
You say this guy? Really?? chocotaco everyone knows who is!!!
Juan Ruesga (1 month ago)
Yeah your awesome, grown ass man that is great a video games.. worthless pos
Alchemist (1 month ago)
China hacker can do better with above 1000meter
Jason Grimes (1 month ago)
These fuck faces are using a aimbot.
HIGH NATION (1 month ago)
Erick Gouw (1 month ago)
anyone have More account for me Play PUBG ? please :(
RoyaleGaming (1 month ago)
Pretty sure I’m pubg’s best sniper js.
Paul James Currie (1 month ago)
Aimbot fag
cloudeviant (1 month ago)
Hacker. He’s got no recoil lol
Özden Tunca (1 month ago)
4:23 mexican space program lmaoooooo
Cerberus (1 month ago)
that outro cracked me up
Photo Finish (1 month ago)
i dont know man, think something fishy is up here.
Animesh Chaturvedi (1 month ago)
That noscope aroun 1:15 was insane
James Bigica (1 month ago)
Michelle Seva (1 month ago)
he's cute especially when he laughs
rai tjandra (1 month ago)
Michelle Seva you have aye issues.
pendejito 321 (1 month ago)
Were 4 fucking ads really necessary you stupid son a bitch?
Jordan Chen (1 month ago)
9:36 fak u 😂😂😂
Pro LoOser (1 month ago)
Watch my videos and subscribe if u like my stuff pubg
Abir Debnath (1 month ago)
Oh my god granade zone lol...
iPhone 5s gamer (1 month ago)
hi guys please watch my video
Cristian Zumba (1 month ago)
Thing is I was sniped once by him and I was actually happy he was the one that killed me😅
Keyboard Krazy (1 month ago)
nice aerial bombardment @ 7:57!! NICE use of the pan @9:37
Final_Boss (2 months ago)
He is the Lord of war but Choco taco is God of war kratos#2
Augustine Cervantes (2 months ago)
NO FUCKING WAY. I played a squad match with you and had no idea you were some huge YouTuber. What the fuck lol
EnoxAG Gaming (2 months ago)
Now i know why the redzone started
Tyler Toomes (2 months ago)
Barely sniped any
Quito (2 months ago)
why fortnite giveaway on pubg video?
HaCkErS cLuB (2 months ago)
3:55 When a bike tries to fck a Jeep.
Wacky Raboy (2 months ago)
Just wow
jakeman0x0 (2 months ago)
Fking hacker...another garbage aimbot
Info n Tech (2 months ago)
Bro please please tell me what is that music in the intro .. I just loved it .. please tell me I really appreciate that.
Ahmad Ryda (2 months ago)
I really would like to see chocotaco Vs ninja
Andreas Retzius (2 months ago)
That haircut tho
Balaji Talekar (2 months ago)
You have good net speed
inchekwa 0509 (2 months ago)
Anyone here knows what sensitivity he uses?
Anonymous Goat (2 months ago)
Mexican space program LOL!
Felipe Sousa (2 months ago)
Best Sniper BS...
Gamer Nitish (2 months ago)
DILLAN Kadri (2 months ago)
Give credit were it's due he's good!! End of no it's or buts
x NverEnd (2 months ago)
the first one how he saw the enemy wtf,
the mobile team (2 months ago)
I got killed by him in pubg mobile
Battery Charger (2 months ago)
Without scope..😥
South América meme (2 months ago)
Tecnosh sends a hug:)
Eduardo Silva (20 days ago)
Jaycee Gwapo He play FPP too, motherfucker
Jaycee Gwapo (1 month ago)
South América meme Technosh is in tpp so stfu kid
Lekhraj Singh (2 months ago)
I am better than him
MyNameIsPhill (2 months ago)
4:24 "Mexican space program" "Isn't that racist??"
harman singh (2 months ago)
LOGANG FOR LIFE (2 months ago)
Why did I get an ad about pest control? I thought ads were targeted
em1_ Reece (2 months ago)
1 actual shot with a sniper isn’t the ‘best sniper’ in pubg... nice click bait
My fav yt!
mryayks (2 months ago)
should be the worst streamer on this game. Not talking about the skills....
Nazar Khan (2 months ago)
Nope im the best sniper
Kabus Senja (2 months ago)
Can u show me how to be a pro like u...
sathish mohan (2 months ago)
In 8.55 you killed me
Raine Petersen (2 months ago)
How do you zero in your scope?
SiCCloud (2 months ago)
Everyone have their own skill lol. No need to compare with other player. No need to compare shroud is better or technos is better. They all better. Dont be NOOB
Hermamn nimo (2 months ago)
Lol guy is trash and most shots seems aim assisted. I seen a granpa on here doing better.
Hermamn nimo (2 months ago)
Not even close
kiro katsura (2 months ago)
Woah like a blink of an eye
Programmers Arena (2 months ago)
Who the fuck are u making fool, how can one estimate position by map.. cheater😒
Oren Filth (2 months ago)
i wana challenge em

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