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https://twitch.tv/kshoo https://twitch.tv/therealfenox Sent in their own clips today, so go check out their channels! You can send in your own clips to > [email protected]
kachigga boi (2 months ago)
BigFatClips SMH didn't even credit them..
CooganBear (1 month ago)
Muamar K (2 months ago)
Hogwarts but in asia
kachigga boi (2 months ago)
SMH didn't even credit them
JGolfer (2 months ago)
In the city of stars, where there's flying cars
Jason Hong (2 months ago)
Shroud should really stop playing pubg. You wanna know the facts? Pubg won't ban China streamer even if they openly use hack on stream. It's true because they are more popular than Shroud and they have viewers over 100k. They even show linked on where to get the hack and who to buy it from. Everyone in China know that is why it's very common for China people to hack, however these players who bought and use will definitely get ban because they're not protected and the whole point is for them to buy the game again. Everyone in China knows. It's well known all over sites. Now Shroud gets ban cause he got bored of the game and just wanna have some fun? Glad I quit pubg. Edited (More info here) If you guys want to know more regarding bluehole and they disgusting act, you guys can try to use baidu, one of the china open site for info, however if u have vpn u can acquire more with their (in nation only sites) The best part about these big time streamer is because of their viewership counts, they never gets ban. Viewers who tried the exact same hack will always get ban. Small time streamer who tried will get banned (To serve as a warning to players that bluehole doesnt tolerate cheaters, OH REALLY?!) Ugly truth but that is bluehole. The following video shows clearly that his partner is hacking and he fed him with every single informationincluding enemies position, distance, and weapons. https://tieba.baidu.com/p/5748211432?red_tag=1775765031 Some guy made a post exposing that the company only ban small fry streamer as a warning and they don't ban those who make them tons of money.. Viewership on Shroud's twitch daily IS NOTHING compare to those big shot in China using hack. http://k.sina.com.cn/article_6479836025_1823a737900100chzj.html?from=game
Frowning Rhino (2 months ago)
Coudnt of said it better. New battle Royales out really soon anyway this game is about to Die
OMGBigBossTv (2 months ago)
wadu fuck
Francesco Frattini (2 months ago)
In the end they banned his ass.
Darkson 19 (2 months ago)
WADU HEK Let's talk about how Wadu is the best streamer ever
Darkson 19 (2 months ago)
Arya Pramudya I only have a xbox with no Internet and use a Garbage hotspot to play 😂😂 I can hope hope I get a decent job to buy a PC
Arya Pramudya (2 months ago)
New pubg update m8
Darkson 19 (2 months ago)
Also how do you even fly in the car
dblock dave (2 months ago)
He should get permo ban for that but cuz it shroud he won't this is why I stopped playing pubg
Im Here Flash (2 months ago)
dblock dave lol retarted as fuck
kachigga boi (2 months ago)
dblock dave I'm glad you stopped playing. The game needs a lot less whiny bitches,
Frowning Rhino (2 months ago)
just a hater all hes doing is being a passenger who the fk cares. whiney bitches like you.
gillysuit2 (2 months ago)
dblock dave I don’t think he cares anymore because pubg is a shitty mess.
Underpants Mr (2 months ago)
ill go educate myself
Underpants Mr (2 months ago)
BigFatClips no i mean the noise MEME m8
ENTER THE GIVEAWAY HERE ► https://gleam.io/YSmvK/20-giftcard-giveaway-steam-amazon-psn-or-xbox FOR THE CHANCE AT WINNING A $20 GIFT CARD OF YOUR CHOICE!
Fastpacer - Games (2 months ago)
Thanks for watching, don't forget to like & subscribe if you enjoyed! :)
Lawrence Onella (2 months ago)
Welcome to Sanhok we have flying cars in these islands.
welcome to sanwarts
Mohsin Shafiq (2 months ago)
Hello love you video
thanks dude

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