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VR FPS Against A Lobby Of Pacifists - PAVLOV

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Text Comments (245)
Cole Kelton (13 hours ago)
Node please someone respond is this a custom map or what i would love to play the old halo 3 the pit omfg <3
Charlie Hopkins (2 days ago)
i think ive meet you guys once in a game. name is WhiteClaw and im pretty sure ive played with u guys
Shingita :3 (4 days ago)
1:05 B E T R A Y A L
CIA#15546 Classified (4 days ago)
He's big bc he's on a chair
DriftingTheater (4 days ago)
you should do some more trouble in terrorist on this game or you should do some like cops and robbers type game
Eqcy Bread (5 days ago)
"Let's do not revolvers, 'cause revolvers are ff- *lame.* "
Unseen (5 days ago)
"The internet hose sprung a leak" - Sam
Mr.reese_ Bae (6 days ago)
Play onward
Tyr The Dog (6 days ago)
I wanna see one of them stand on a chair and see how tall they are
Sunrise Spartan (6 days ago)
The only way to stop wars
handsinthefire (6 days ago)
Uh...isn't that a Halo 3 map? Liek i'm i'm 1000% 900IQ sure that is a halo 3 map.
Moortuse (6 days ago)
This makes me think, imagine GMod DarkRP in VR....... Shit second thought, nevermind, horrible idea.
ClaspingWalnut (6 days ago)
Halo 3 Pit
weiyannweiyann (6 days ago)
You guys should try a VR horror shooting game called Empty Town ,it's based on true story and map .
Paladin Leopard4 (6 days ago)
"Hug hug hug" lmao 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Big Boi (6 days ago)
Niko had to do it to 'em.
Philakio Begay (6 days ago)
Hey Guys can you accept my friend request on PUBG mobile. My name is Spartan Asshole
Zebrazilla (6 days ago)
You guys should try Gun Game mode on the map Stalingrad. It's so intense and beautiful.
zed1122 (6 days ago)
oculus rift players are rendered bigger in the game, that's why he looks so huge.
james green (7 days ago)
NEW VR GAME "Seeking Dawn" looks pretty sweet.
l NotTooShabby l (7 days ago)
Hey, guys, you can play TTT in Pavlov just look up TTT in steam workshop.
MaD707MaN (7 days ago)
4:27..im tired... Hahaha
Kristiyeyn Sawit (7 days ago)
I just think of saying this word.....I'm just gonna say it.....Ocelot:"This the greatest handgun ever made"
Tristan Louis (8 days ago)
mean bright entertainment appropriate universe place extension habitat winter old russian.
EVIL morty (8 days ago)
There is a TTT map in pavlov now. village TTT
Devious Toaster (9 days ago)
We've all seen their "Peace Summits" in TTT.... we all know how this was going to end.
The Robeast13 (9 days ago)
I guess the idea of fighting with feelings really paced over your head
Racer Boy (9 days ago)
D has aimbot
115_Doctor (9 days ago)
Would you guys ever consider playing Fortnite or uploading milsim
True_ Tanktech (9 days ago)
You know me
True_ Tanktech (9 days ago)
Are you going to text back
fingertipsthedrummer (9 days ago)
This is like watching a social experiment in progress, i think this might be deeper then just a funny video
Apacheman37 (9 days ago)
Play war of rights
Nuke Lmf (9 days ago)
My feelings are made of bullets
TraceurArok (9 days ago)
Is this what real human contact looks like? Asking for a friend.
TACO LORD (9 days ago)
Is this a map from Halo?
Jack Berg (9 days ago)
great vid easy 10/10 also play more wolf quest
nerf brother (9 days ago)
Can you play pubg mobile
Jaylen Norman (9 days ago)
Just.... what?
Elzie Umstattd (9 days ago)
The first map is a ripoff from a map from halo 3
Kyle Caouette (9 days ago)
can you guy's play crawl??????
ChaoticFajita (9 days ago)
What happened to Escape from Tarkov? :(
Master_head_shot (9 days ago)
How do I play with you guys on steam and when is your next pubg war mode
Deception (9 days ago)
What kind of blade is that above the TV in Sams camera
JamesraionAS (9 days ago)
This Episode should be named SNAKE! -Pavlov
Slayer11 #slay (9 days ago)
I wish this game gets balanced enough to be Esports ready , I'd love to see some Esports for VR in the future
Slayer11 #slay (5 days ago)
Ainrehtea Dal'nalirtu That's a good sign
Ainrehtea Dal'nalirtu (5 days ago)
I think Onward has hit underground leagues or something.
DeathM10 (9 days ago)
Simulate a shooting, 1 gunner and the rest all enemies. Enemy teams using knife only. Close quarter map.
Bottle O' Gatorade (9 days ago)
6:24 John Wicking (verb)-When you throat punch someone with a gun, then unload 3 bullets in their head for good measure.
Dylan Ryu (10 days ago)
vr chat with guns
Jon Carter (10 days ago)
Оце він обіймається, а испаринаім відстрілює голову, жесть.
krongusgaming (10 days ago)
I would just mow everyone down at the peace talk
g0lddenpanda (10 days ago)
The pit ftom h3. Fun
TheDrMilkman (10 days ago)
VR Game, Halo 3 map, Call of Duty music.... Seems Legit.
Lestat Stakkor (10 days ago)
Hey have any of you played Neverwinter?
xXJacob RulezXx (10 days ago)
"fight with feelings" well anger is a feeling so
Dan Van (10 days ago)
TTT in VR would be awesome
XMaesstrom X (10 days ago)
Play paint the town red pls
Dragonslayor987 (10 days ago)
Is this the pit from halo 3? I swear it is. if so, im buying this game!
Nicolas Northouse (4 days ago)
Dragonslayor987 it is
Dovahkiin Septim (10 days ago)
H2 Proxy (10 days ago)
Anyone else remember this map from Halo 3?!
MethosOhio (10 days ago)
This got creepy real quick.
NightIIJester (10 days ago)
D is like a Siren luring poor gamers into his hug then BOOM! Sam's like are we hugging or fighting? I feel the same way when I watch 2 grapplers in mma sometimes :P
Soontobederpy YT (10 days ago)
Node... you can take out enemies and teammates mags and other things.. knives, nades, etc... it’s pretty funny too
Paul (10 days ago)
Bring back jurassic park!
Modemus Saverenaght (10 days ago)
OMFG 1:05..... D, you rock!
Franky R. (10 days ago)
Kevin Ordoñez (10 days ago)
THE HAVE THE PIT IN PAVLOV?!?!? I need it now
Mike Marino (10 days ago)
Could you guys do more D&D.
John Jones (10 days ago)
you guys should try the game dungeons and treasure vr, its a co-op roguelike dungeon crawler that can be played with up to 4 players
Mr. Plague (10 days ago)
The guy was standing on a chair. Thats why he was so tall.
XMT lego (10 days ago)
Lots of people are asking for ttt, but I don’t think they’ll have enough headsets for it to be fun.
Ghost Delta (10 days ago)
I hope you guys see this, they've updated the piss outta DayZ, pls consider giving it a try again, i loved those videos ;)
stludachris (10 days ago)
I love those organic moments that the game developers, nor the players, never would have thought of happening.
Zynergy Games (10 days ago)
I think you can play TTT with this ..
Artrysa (10 days ago)
Hey, what is that sword you guys have hanging up there? It looks cool.
Unreal (10 days ago)
Should i get the kwa akg 74su GBB?
kitchenmaiden81 (10 days ago)
Am I wrong in thinking that a pistol is defined by only handguns with in line magazines?
Loganator (10 days ago)
Be ttt Just saying
Loganator (10 days ago)
Sorry VR
Iancreed8592 (10 days ago)
calibrate your vive height a foot lower than you actually are. When you play a game you will be taller and have a heigher perspective.
joshjooh (10 days ago)
Music reminds me of when CSGO music glitches and wont stop playing over and over.
Jose Cruz (10 days ago)
I just love when the guys interact with other players online, because it always turns out amazingly funny 😂
Basically Brian (10 days ago)
I feel so bad for Niko lmao couldn’t get in first game and then disconnected from second
matty9460 (10 days ago)
If you get shot in gun game you should be put back one, that way you can't just get one kill, die and keep going
Connor Kelley (10 days ago)
I wonder what I would look like in vr. I’m 6’6”
Preston Owens (10 days ago)
Does anyone else think that map looks like one of the maps from Halo 3?
TehNariek (10 days ago)
It's The Pit!
dr- deuce (10 days ago)
Y'all's playing on a Halo3 map
CheeseMunchy (10 days ago)
I'm tired haaaaaaaa
Broken Snowball (10 days ago)
"i'm tired" *BLAP*
Damstraight68 (10 days ago)
Are we not talking about how the map is an exact copy from Halo?
Andrew G (9 days ago)
It is a copy of halo. It's a modded map in the steam workshop. It doesnt come with the game it's a mod.
Mr. Plague (10 days ago)
Who cares?
Fresh Water (10 days ago)
arryan2016 (10 days ago)
I just realized they could totally do TTT and Murder in VR.
Alex Mollison (10 days ago)
God dnag it, Sam is always the one to ruin the funny moments b shooting everyone. Stawp
VR Trapman (10 days ago)
wrong game guys, this is pavlov, not vrchat xD
ChrisScout17 (6 days ago)
You guys are obviously not intellectuals like me, it's obviously roblox phantom forces. Duh!
Kyler Buendia (7 days ago)
Lmao I saw your pavlov video as well. Can't believe you watch Node !
Ixpqd (9 days ago)
Foot Fungi even better, Ugandan knuckles
Foot Fungi (9 days ago)
VR Trapman imagine playing pavlov with anime girls player model
Jacob Piner (10 days ago)
play some more of brandons game please
paintballmonkey666 (10 days ago)
1:05 that has got to be the darkest thing i have seen D do
Markallen Befeld (10 days ago)
cops and robbers in pavlov would be great!
Wilhelm Stenvall (10 days ago)
Pacifist there! Pacifist here! THEY ARE EVERYWHERE!
scorched (10 days ago)
Suggestion: Get everyone you know with a VR headset into a private lobby and play Search & Destroy among yourselves. I think that would make an excellent video.
Carson Baldwin (10 days ago)
Leave a like for The Pit!!!!!
scorched (10 days ago)
Interesting sound effects... Good video.

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