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Playing an unintentional game of king of the hill with Tom on Sanhok. This video is in partnership with Asus RoG. Merchandise can be found here! ►https://aculite.fanfiber.com/en You can connect with me here: (I only use Twitter. Facebook is for upload notifications.) ►Twitter - https://twitter.com/TheAculite ►Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/TheAculite ►Livestream - https://www.twitch.tv/Aculite ►Discord - https://discord.gg/aculite Who I'm playing with: ►Tom - http://bit.ly/tomographic Music used is courtesy of Epidemic Sound: http://www.epidemicsound.com https://www.youtube.com/WeAreEpidemicSound Glowing In The Dark (Instrumental Version) - Loving Caliber Looking for a YouTube partnership? (referral link) http://bit.ly/2mEacP0 Settings and Equipment: http://bit.ly/2nHTspq Please report any hate speech/spam comments.
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Text Comments (239)
Josh Currie (7 days ago)
Which video did choco kill tom?
MrKrzysiek13 (8 days ago)
Aculite need the t shirt with "I don't know where his teammate is" on it 😂😂😂😂
Chinmoy Barman (8 days ago)
Jolordav (11 days ago)
Do Islands of Nyne it releases in a few days
PM (11 days ago)
Great vid. I totally thought Tom said "Chuckles" instead of "Choco's" so I was thinking "Who?" too.
Michael Romo (11 days ago)
Bro i was looking at shroud play pubg and he is garbage compared to you! I love ur videos brother keep em going
GAURAV XD (11 days ago)
I subscribed 🔥
D and S Gaming (12 days ago)
Watch my booty while I looty.
Pak Talks (12 days ago)
Good stuff man.
Meteorite inferno (12 days ago)
Korean ad beauty cream😂
Brady Vincent (12 days ago)
3:12 shadow on the tree looks like a character model
Evan Edinger (12 days ago)
VertixUH _ (12 days ago)
you left an extended mag for sniper
WhyteDem0n (12 days ago)
Tom never even got downed the entire video? Madness.
Average Bandit main (13 days ago)
Play with choco he is so calm like you
Noah Rozinskas (13 days ago)
Tom and Aculite are like a slightly less skilled version of Shroud and J9
klenzgaming (13 days ago)
@4:26 mmmmmm
N0w4y (13 days ago)
tecnosh is this ur american version?
SiaoZabor918 (13 days ago)
Velozity Zero (13 days ago)
I love you guys, but sometimes I wonder how on pc you run into people who can’t hit you while your sitting still and just easily let you headshot them. Smh keep up the vids Connor
Rogan (13 days ago)
How is the world do u spot these ppl?? You spin right to them and there they are...
DemonClaw (13 days ago)
Tom's not down at start of the video, wha? Also making it look easy.. specially if people are just coming to you :P Thanks for the vid
Aleš Cesnak (13 days ago)
Please use more slr or sks
Paul-Sebastian Manole (13 days ago)
@Aculite What about a real seek and destroy mission?! This game felt like it. :)
Paul-Sebastian Manole (13 days ago)
@4:20 - 4:30 that's a nice clip! ¿ⓧ_ⓧﮌ
Markisit sure (13 days ago)
It is funny that almost every time that you are Slaying in this game, you comment that your hands are cold. Hmm something to think about. Or not.
steven sales (13 days ago)
put me on your game
Potato Salad (13 days ago)
You sound like Lt. Eddy
Gus J. (13 days ago)
Way to go, AcuGraphic! Another awesome video by my favorite PUBG players!
Polis (13 days ago)
What happend to the quality? Its like 360p, can barely make out what the names are in the killfeed.
TimB4305 (13 days ago)
Tom's on fire and not literally!
Harshal (13 days ago)
Thanks a lot man.....for teaching me how to play this game I used to suck at this game....Now getting better day by day
ALIF RHAMDANI (13 days ago)
KappaSaurusRex (13 days ago)
fun vid! A gamemode like this would be so fun
Josh VanOstran (13 days ago)
It warms my heart to see Tom doing so well lol! Go Tom!!!!!
Claus O'Polo Wy (13 days ago)
Yess! Tom flawless like always... wait what?
Gorillsman (13 days ago)
oh ya baby
Arkady (13 days ago)
Anyone know how to remove these RoS advertisements? It's annoying as hell, I'd rather watch an unskippable 30sec ad than the RoS ad
Gusti Aldie Rahman (13 days ago)
tom survived, damn sir you must be practice a LOT !!
Ivo KREŠO (13 days ago)
whats wrong with those pubg gamers, they miss so much things when they loot
Zapps Basra (13 days ago)
The best team ever, it's not even about Kilimanjaros, but the fun you guys bring to the game.
Sam Baker (13 days ago)
"that was a good warm up game"
thelitlewiseowl (13 days ago)
11:40 <3 awesome call outs from tom
garreswe (13 days ago)
Tom is so positive now, what happened? He used to be so grumpy.
Oliver Madden (7 days ago)
garreswe it might be that he just plays better now, or it could be that he's just playing with aculite. Seems he was only grumpy when he had to share lol
Chukwu (13 days ago)
why is there so much de sync in this game god
ludovic rener (13 days ago)
bit.ly/_Free_Battle_Points << bit.ly/_Free_Battle_Points < < < bit.ly/_Free_Battle_Points << bit.ly/_Free_Battle_Points < < <
Deputy Dan (13 days ago)
So how much did 50 likes cost?
Tonio Non (13 days ago)
AdimasCrow (13 days ago)
I make a point of every time I watch one of your videos, I watch one of Toms if he has anything new up. Keep up the great content.
Putturin (13 days ago)
I really love your videos. They help me tremendously getting better Keep up the work 💪❤
Phenom GR (13 days ago)
fahriza andi (13 days ago)
Did Tom get killed by choco?? Anyone has the link?? I'm curious 😮
uncle bergie (14 days ago)
Tell Tom dying is [email protected]
Paul Nicusor (14 days ago)
Caleb Abbott (14 days ago)
I really enjoy watching your uploads! Your strategies have made me a better player for sure! If you ever feel so inclined, I'd enjoy seeing what you think about the mobile version of PUBG. That's where I play almost every day. On average, how many games do you play before you get a win? Thanks again for the upload!
Shank (14 days ago)
Tom just made a glitch in the matrix and I love it. Aculite your still an anomaly. Love u guys
Xia Vue (14 days ago)
SonoSingleSonoDuo (14 days ago)
Man, i love your sense of humor
Seth Bryant (14 days ago)
no 1440p? :(
The Lionhearted (14 days ago)
Tom has improved a lot
Tanisha Kudale (14 days ago)
I love aculite!
Renz Jervis San Andres (14 days ago)
Do you hold to ADS?
Sampan Basu (14 days ago)
What are ur specs??
Brett Little (14 days ago)
man ur vids are always so much fun... tom and u together is by far my fav pubg gameplay to watch... u guys have a great vibe.. thanks for the uploads
ANAS 7RB (14 days ago)
10:12 oh no tom don't do this again pls
Campbell Davy (14 days ago)
oh an M24 and SLR? good loadout man, i would have probably gone for an AR or smg instead of the M24, but im a try this out now
VeZNa C (14 days ago)
Do u still play R6?
JustOneAsbesto (14 days ago)
Fadil Nugroho Hugo (14 days ago)
Castle on the hill - Ed Sheeran
Dirk Dwipple (14 days ago)
Is this where the line begins for being shot by Aculite? Yes, Tom and Aculite are playing king of the hill.
João Pedro (14 days ago)
Upload something other than pubg, please. It can be even minecraft or fortnite xD
João Pedro (9 days ago)
that's just to change up a little haha I was joking. don't mind pubg becuase I like it too, but it's a little repetitive
Tasty Views (11 days ago)
no that's even worse
rifi anggriawan (14 days ago)
What is this?? Aculite's down instead of tom at the early game? It's unwatchable
Clumsy Pickle (14 days ago)
Another excellent video. Love your style. Very simple, smooth, and honestly elegant. It's just so relaxing to watch your gameplay. Keep up the good work man. I truly hope your channel and stream grow tremendously. You make excellent content.
Freak Gamer (14 days ago)
my fav youtuber aculite and fugglet ☺☺☺
Javi Chavez (14 days ago)
Great game for both you guys! Tomo went beastmode in this match lol
Ass taste ok (14 days ago)
Damn Tom is getting better... the meme is dying Acculite bring it back xD
Ehtesham Shaheed (14 days ago)
I know you love PUBG but season 4 is about to end. How can you not play FORRNITE ?
Eliminaator (14 days ago)
Its like watching married couple play the game=) They are so sync and even thinks ahead what other is going to say=)
Robert Allen jr (14 days ago)
Wow Tom actually lived through a whole match
Ori War (14 days ago)
You may not be the best team-mate or have the best aim comparing with pros but you honestly have one of the best streaming personalities available. Keep up the good work and don't worry about uploading videos that are "lower quality" than what you believe. We love your work always.
Kyouhei (14 days ago)
Great video. You're playing with Tom for all this time really shows! Tom is now so much better, keep up the good work!
Kyle (14 days ago)
It's nice to see Tom being the opposite of dead.
Apple Juice (14 days ago)
3:57 tom was like *Stay Dead Guy!* 1 sec later *Ahh! Uhh! Ahh!*
SullySadface (14 days ago)
Just getting this in while Tom is still alive
Global Garage (14 days ago)
The Pan at 6:10 was golden! Love your work sir.
Clint Joshua Orilla (14 days ago)
Othmane Nabaoui (14 days ago)
dude we want more of this, u re amazing :3
ThaNiNjA (14 days ago)
Yet another quality video love it.
Sam Valladares (14 days ago)
Not bad.
Arnold Schwartz (14 days ago)
His hands are cold meanwhile in CA- US 116 degrees F. Little does he know XD
Hungeyy (14 days ago)
Should do a video where you’re playing PUBG on Xbox. Would be interesting to see how well you do aha
Hungeyy (14 days ago)
Should do a video where you’re playing PUBG on Xbox. Would be interesting to see how well you do aha
Viperspider (14 days ago)
Damn, Tom killed it this game. He must be hacking.
Jerold Rojas (14 days ago)
accidentally owning part 2 lol
Manny GamingTv (14 days ago)
Hey aculite do you have a vid with your settings the game looks great
Famous Rich (14 days ago)
Tom got more than 4 kills wow 😮
Joey Bazan (14 days ago)
3:56 to 4:01 hahaha best death noise EVER
Jarrod Rainsford (14 days ago)
Playing with Tom instant like. Excelent match
Ray Clemenes (14 days ago)
Do games with Choco, he reminds me of you!
Alex Williams (14 days ago)
How is aculite always cold
Nate R (14 days ago)
Love a happy Tom!
I am sorry don't do the mobile version

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