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PUBG XBOX - Aiming & Gunfighting Tips!

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Text Comments (878)
Minimumheart910 (3 days ago)
Love your channel bro!
jeremyscott (9 days ago)
Came for the PUBG video, stayed because of your awesome fucking circa survive poster.
mikey konks (11 days ago)
my setting looks totally different
ADP2 (17 days ago)
That was an epic finish!
mack g (20 days ago)
Proximitty CX do you play with fans I'm decent I used your tips when I first started pubg on console and I have about 50 wins rn
Violent Immortal (20 days ago)
I would recommend practising in solo because you can see the progression much more when you don't have to take out an entire team
Violent Immortal (20 days ago)
It's so creepy how little his mouth moves when he talks it really freaks me out
Itsjake565 (21 days ago)
Dang dude 2 sensitivity I have like 6-7 everything and I’m fine
King Bourassa (24 days ago)
I just subbed good shit dude getting smoked by car sucks always happens to me when I do someone dirty
george limon (27 days ago)
Lmao epic ending! Great video
diggy dice (1 month ago)
There's quite a bit to be said for Not Fighting every gunfight!? Since the object is to be in the Circle & then Fight, I frequently reserve my ammo & health for that arena.....Meaning I rarely blindly shoot at a far off person or just shoot to shoot. It alerts everyone to you & blows your best secret, Your Stealth. Using your Stealth & Map to be in that final Circle IS what this game gets down to.... see you there peace
notoriousbills (1 month ago)
Diesel_Random_ 23 (1 month ago)
Xbox one s?
Triple Six Clique TM (1 month ago)
If we could get an actual tip, that would be nice
Chodaboy566 XBOX (1 month ago)
Wow, thanks for the tips. You have a really attitude and I appreciate you taking your time for this. I would love to play sometime with ya... I am a semi-noob lol. Do you have a twitch?
Patrick Judge (1 month ago)
How do I use my scopes?
T'airn'KA (1 month ago)
Don't worry, "you're going to die, get over it" ;-)
AmcSTROKE58 (1 month ago)
the thing that helped me the most was turning aim acceleration to 0 and turning the sensitivity up to 8
Scooterdad Yo (1 month ago)
Best finale, HYPE HYPE. Must watch to the end.
Dyllan McCoy (1 month ago)
How do you change zero distance?
DumDumDeathStar _ (1 month ago)
I love how you dropped the Glock even though it’s a fully auto pistol
purplepotato (1 month ago)
U think that wwas the real xcodeh at the beginning
officer cockins (1 month ago)
first five kills were all easy kills and didn't really need much skill, most of these tips are btec, just watch how shroud etc play
Kody Soles (1 month ago)
Aim acceleration?
JBV 3737 (1 month ago)
best tip, dont play on xbox as its a potato lolz.
Kevin Ballard (1 month ago)
Great tips for this newb.
Joshua Koontz (1 month ago)
Is the game always that choppy and laggy and horrible in general?? Dear Lord, the landing, couldn’t pick up guns, the graphics don’t render in, pick up a helmet and it shows up on your guy 5 seconds later.....I was about to go buy an Xbox One S just for PubG but now I think I might be better off sticking to Pubg Mobile......Opinions???
Mango Slices (2 months ago)
I reckon ygm
Mango Slices (2 months ago)
I reckon th
I Whisper A Lot (2 months ago)
How do you zoom in and hold your breath when fully ads’d
Jeffrey McNeil (2 months ago)
Good video, learned a lot. Thanks
Cole S (2 months ago)
Got a win with the crouch thing helps recoil with the akm
TheRailGunner (2 months ago)
Wait what's this guy's GT? I didn't even know Str8 Rippin was still an active team..
Lorenzo Boccabella (2 months ago)
How do you hold your breath like yhat
chingy flips (2 months ago)
How do you lean
Untamed1ion (2 months ago)
Getting run over pisses me off so bad because there is little you can do to avoid it😂😂
Mr. SlippyFist (2 months ago)
Runs fine on Xbox one S, but I can't stand it on the original Xbox one.
Crypttion (2 months ago)
Hey? A little late, but thank you for the good tips! Much appreciated, bro!
Elye Sierra (2 months ago)
It’s 2:00am and I literally laughed my ass off at your facial expression after getting killed 😂 thanks for the tips!
Hump (2 months ago)
Nice proper tips video. Not stuff like 1. pick up guns. 2. reload. etc... GG
Vincent (2 months ago)
3pp mode it's for the kids
Proximitty (2 months ago)
Popyette is back it was the only thing available at the time of recording this video
Bacon Boy (2 months ago)
Lol well the end was hilarious
Shotzy (2 months ago)
is this Xbox one or Xbox one x
kevin tumey (2 months ago)
Classic ending... The look on your face was priceless! Thanks for the tips! Good vid
avoca dude (2 months ago)
11:31 oh face confirmed.
WiiZ4RD (2 months ago)
Watched the whole vid. Dude that was a bitter sweet finish lol, because the content was great for ne being new to the game, but your face after the car hit was funny as hell
SkyDav1s (2 months ago)
Sick Juturna poster, man!
Joey Bettinger (2 months ago)
I suck at pubg so I hope these can help
Malik Colon (2 months ago)
He was pissed he got ran over
Kenny Stenger (2 months ago)
What is your aim sensitivity set at
Iv had this game for just over a day and iv killed about 4 or 5 people it hard
Zesty Mountaineer (2 months ago)
Noooo xcodeh
I'm Sleep (2 months ago)
Your playing third person. Your trash
Rabbit Poop (2 months ago)
*Wait, how did you zoom in on the holographic sight right here?* 5:00
Rabbit Poop (2 months ago)
Holding left bumper does that while tap sighting the Holographic sight?
Mael Desrochers (2 months ago)
have a tip if a car come on you ?
Alec Longo (2 months ago)
Check out my clips on XBOX @MistirMisfit
Donald Whiteman (2 months ago)
Love your videos! Wish u played xbox1 GT<cornbread701>
Ladislav Horvath (2 months ago)
Thank you for advice
Goku Black (2 months ago)
Add me SuperDeath98
Bradford ilsley (2 months ago)
Any Xbox one folks need some more friends to play pubg add me weed420killa
Roman Luna-Goddard (2 months ago)
Coming from Halo I need slow sens :(
ImCinemaArts (2 months ago)
Good shit on PUBG! If anyone else is looking for some outstanding PUBG gameplay go to mixer.com/Yungg_Mutt
Evan Daniels (2 months ago)
Streaming Pubg Xbox One now! twitch.tv/evandaniels1126
Mr Smooth (2 months ago)
Haha awesome ending to the video
GermanNotSee (2 months ago)
"PUBG Aiming and Gunfighting Tips". Are we not gonna talk about 2:10? Lmao
Natalie’s Cupcakes! (2 months ago)
You referred to your viewers as “boys” don’t forget about the ladies here ! Lol
junfangaiden (2 months ago)
That Circa Survive Poster in the back!
Ninja Chk3n (2 months ago)
Def false live commentary
J. C. (2 months ago)
damn I didn't realize these vids popped off for you. nice work!
Zariho Plays (2 months ago)
You actually gave a better explanation then the game does on controls doesn’t help that I could barely find the controls on the menu lol
Donte Jones (3 months ago)
How do I use the scopes?
SPARTAN SIX (3 months ago)
Holding left bumper ? Isn’t it trigger ?
Mos Def (3 months ago)
This strategy video is trash, he tells u tips but he won’t elaborate what exactly it is he is garbage
gavin barker (3 months ago)
I dont know if its just me but it seems like he talkin super fast
Weston Case (3 months ago)
Landing at school is easy when you get an AK real fast
SlappySnake SS (3 months ago)
11:26 this is when he knew, he f*cked up
Mischa Jordacevic (3 months ago)
Good video, just got started and need all the tips I can get haha
louofm1 (3 months ago)
I was able to punch to death someone who dropped in but didn't play. At least I got a kill..lol
ControlPointGaming (3 months ago)
Can you use a scope on Xbox as of now
Evan Poole (3 months ago)
Last tip: don’t be the guy that runs people over
MiggySlayer (3 months ago)
Awesome video man!!! I learn by watching what you are explaining and this video was great! Earned a sub!
Dominic Smith (3 months ago)
dude! Thankyou so much! my brother just got me pubg today, first match i punched a man to death and he had a AKM, then died when his buddy appeared. watched your video an hour later, got in the top 10 next match! I hope you do more tips, tricks and help for noobs man.
Nick Laffy (3 months ago)
Tip: turn the volume up on your voice over.
Natural Born Gamers (3 months ago)
SavagePsychos1s (3 months ago)
Don’t soft aim. Get better at ads and you will win gunfights more
Austin Little (3 months ago)
A good tip you didn't mention, the chicken shit method. Hide in a house with your gun pointed at the door like a scared little girl. Then run to the safe zone whilst having a panic attack every time you get shot at. That's my professional opinion.
Amy Witcher (3 months ago)
Please go watch Grizlyon14 videos!
Blake Lego icon721 (3 months ago)
Crazy you have almost half a million views on this! Congratz cole
Tony Lemont (3 months ago)
Jesus are you a tranny? Hair and girl voice? You’re boring and reiterate common sense everyone else’s posts. Stop.
IT WAS I DIO ALL ALONG (3 months ago)
1: use a keyboard and mouse instead lol
Canaan Banana (3 months ago)
lol console esports.
Frederik MHz (3 months ago)
So much better graphics on pc
Texas Tortoise (3 months ago)
soft aiming is the shit. i changed my sensitivity to yours and thought it was kinda slow but i went from 0 kills and the next game with your settings i got 8. Thanks! edit: later that day i got an 8 kill duo clutch dub. Props to you
Damien Larsen (3 months ago)
Immediately felt for him when he got hit. I had the same face that sucks.
Nick King (3 months ago)
Curt Cassese (3 months ago)
Wow str8 rippin??? Last time I seen that was when I played halo 2!!! Hope he see this comment!!
Jim Fisher (3 months ago)
Bahahahahah!!! The end of this is perfect...
itsmy tube (3 months ago)
"Shout out to that kid for challenging really appreciate it" 😂 5:28
Crow (3 months ago)
I got the game yesterday and it doesn't say when red zone starts or when the play zone is being restricted
Andy demo8 (3 months ago)
Now i know why i get rapped on this game. Players like you. I need my fibre connection to hurry up! 12years in waiting. Online is gunna be transformed for me. Not being behind

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