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PUBG vs Ring of Elysium - Gameplay Comparison

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After h1z1, PUBG, Fortnite; another battle royale was born : Ring of Elysium. And it's a serious competitor to be the best battle royale. So in this video, I will compare it and PUBG. Don't forget to like, share with your friends and tell me what you think in the comments section. Credits : Ring of Elysium's video : iShawshanks PUBG's video : CultOfMush Enjoy !
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Saiyanjin Gam3r (5 months ago)
Fortnite vs Radical Height Gameplay Comparison : https://youtu.be/E80lqDlmdDo
Rekcer Gamer (11 days ago)
Kayınço Bacanak (16 days ago)
what a suck song...
TanosSD YT (27 days ago)
Ring of Elysium
TanosSD YT (27 days ago)
Ring of Elysium good
Winston S. (28 days ago)
I just played ROE for the first time 10 minutes ago. I spent about 20 minutes in the game. Immediately, I could tell it is a better game than PUBG. I have spent many hours in PUBG, and I've hated every minute of it. I only bought it in the first place because my friends hounded me about it. But I never enjoyed it--everything in the game felt like shit. I guess I just have higher standards than them. Nothing in PUBG feels right. The shooting. The movement. The maps. The buildings. All of it feels like the product of a bunch of hodgepodge elements that never quite come together to form a cohesive whole. It feels that way, because that's exactly what it is. Bland. And despite the BR nature of it, there's nothing good about it. Also, ROE runs better. PUBG runs like shit on my rig. It's not even a great rig--it's old. I admit it. But PUBG runs like shit. Even when I watch other people play--it looks like it runs like shit. Basically, ROE runs as smooth and feels as fluid as Fortnite (at least to what I could tell) except it doesn't have all the bullshit Fortnite has in it like building and all that kiddy, ADHD crap I'm too old to put up with. ROE has a fixed resolution at the moment, and that might be a turn-off to some folks. I can see how that could be a negative to folks who are interested in 4k resolutions and all that jazz. It doesn't bother me much, however, as it is fixed at 1920x1080 res, which is what I would run it at anyway. At any rate, I'm sure that will change in the future. Graphically speaking, I don't really know what to say about it. It's pleasantly functional. Some folks, I guess, really need some high-end, top of the line, never seen before graphics in a game. Maybe it can do that now, I don't know. I ran it on Medium settings and was satisfied with that, so I didn't tinker with it much. I'm somewhat of a forgiving person on this facet. I like a balance in style and performance with decent resolutions in the textures and shaders. ROE meets my standards on this end, so I'm happy with it. In the end, RoE felt like I was playing a shooter the way a shooter ought to feel when I'm playing. PUBG never felt like I was playing an actual game. It always felt like I was playing something which might be a game in the future, maybe, if it ever made it out of ALPHA Testing, and someone with some actual Design Sense and a clear vision for a future direction took over.
F3d Gaming (4 months ago)
i rather ROE its free and better graphics
Reshiel H Manuel blog (4 months ago)
compare the game in same developer's 😂 lol Roe is Basic game
H Train (3 months ago)
Couple Vlog garena isint tencent
Maga Skill (5 months ago)
Roe More Guns and stuff And hitmarker xd Optima is good what pubg dont have since 2 years and Roe still in beta and its already in many aspects better
Jaydee Libiran (5 months ago)
the graphics in ROE looks the upgraded version of ROS not gonna lie pubg is better in all aspect but i like the ROE no hate
Junaidi Adrian (5 months ago)
I like roe
Ryu Ken (5 months ago)
so silly compare between ROE & PUBG, if anyelse say ROE better than PUBG... thats something wrong in ur head...
brady prpich (5 months ago)
Pubg plays like its still in beta.. Its sad because i love pubg but i wanna find somthing better because the developers are more focused on weapon skins and emotes rather then fixing bugs in the game. The driving mechanics in pubg is awful...
Aggelos Malaxianakis (5 months ago)
This pubg gameplay is so old you are putting old clips vs new clips man really
REY_GAMING (5 months ago)
pubg real is good:)
Vincent van gogh (5 months ago)
GAMING BOY (5 months ago)
Gờ Róse (6 months ago)
Pubg thực hơn
Burdigo Weg (6 months ago)
Your opening is cancer. Same with the music.
FABULOSO * (6 months ago)
ring of elysion e melhor
Oba Gamer (17 days ago)
Não, pq é grátis
jhønes gäbriël (22 days ago)
pleasefeedtheanimal (6 months ago)
Gameplay aside, PuBg is hideous in comparison. They need to change that color palette or something. 😁
Borodaty (1 month ago)
пишет дерьмо играющие в дерьмовый пабг
Vincent van gogh (5 months ago)
ROE graphics are shit
Star Bane (6 months ago)
The pubg color palette looks like vomit. And on top of that you need to play on low graphics to get a good frame rate.
Vincent van gogh (6 months ago)
Whoa you like roe colors better than pubg you are retarded
Rekt bro (6 months ago)
ROE win
Marksman mobile (6 months ago)
But really I prefer pubg
John Sean (2 months ago)
marksman330 because you never play ROE Lol
Marksman mobile (6 months ago)
Aldysuper G Channel (6 months ago)
You play ROE very nice👍👍
Aldysuper G Channel (6 months ago)
Owh😅😅 iam sorry😇😇
Saiyanjin Gam3r (6 months ago)
It's not my gameplay. Credits in the description
BeastedFist YT (6 months ago)
ROE will be the winner if it runs on Unreal Engine 4...
Rekcer Gamer (11 days ago)
Borodaty (1 month ago)
до сих пор пабг не оптимизированный кусочек говна!
H Train (3 months ago)
Theres already tons of die hard pubg players who have tried roe saying its better yall act like nobody can beat pubg incase your really interested theres already several better games knives out is 5 times better now fact
Carbonawk (5 months ago)
An engine alone does nothing, it needs good developers behind it. Pubg runs on unreal engine 4 not?
ANGEL DROID (6 months ago)
Los 2 son buenos
Eduard0 G43l (3 months ago)
ANGEL DROID en mi opinión prefiero el ROE
Saiyanjin Gam3r (6 months ago)

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