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Hot Breach Podcast Ep. 8: Major Siege bug fixes incoming!

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Welcome to episode 8 of the Hot Breach Podcast! This week, the team get together to discuss matchmaking in Siege as well as the latest test server changes, the new Shaiiko debacle, Assassin's Creed Odyssey, Shadow of the Tomb Raider and more! If you have topics for us to discuss, leave a comment below! The Podcast rotates between channels so be sure to subscribed to all of the creators: Rogue 9 - https://www.youtube.com/Rogue9 Get Flanked - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnOuZzay70AVqiV_fnTGjqw Prodigio Pete - https://www.youtube.com/ProdigioPete You can also Listen to an audio version on Google Play, iTunes, SoundCloud, Stitcher, TuneIn and maybe even Spotify! RSS URL: http://feeds.soundcloud.com/users/soundcloud:users:486396213/sounds.rss #HotBreachPodcast #RainbowSixSiege
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Zeshi (17 days ago)
Hot Breach Podcast 0:00:00 Intro 0:01:00 Rainbow Six: Siege News 0:33:03 Rainbow Six: Siege - Operator discussion Clash 0:55:58 Games this week 0:55:58 Rainbow Six: Siege solo queue 1:23:14 Shadow of the Tomb Raider 1:36:42 Assassin's Creed Odyssey 1:51:15 Q&A 2:10:25 Outro
Der Vernichter 1.0 (17 days ago)
Omg thank you!
MrKirby (5 days ago)
For the ranking problem, make it half the elo at the end of the season (above gold). Everyone drops elo (above gold), and everyone has a goal again. But it doesn't make it a disaster every time
[[InMusicWeTrust]] (7 days ago)
Just thought i should let others know this: If a shield is blocking a window, it makes vaulting through it hard, not impossible. There are many angles that you can look at the shield from, where you'll get a vault prompt, and that aside, no matter whether its blocking the window or not, you can always rappel and enter. Nothing except clash stops that.
Soul Can (7 days ago)
C75 is thè best smg atm but at least thats my console opinion
Emmanuel Garza (9 days ago)
On the subject of flash grenades, I feel like they're balanced at the moment. When you look at other offensive secondary gadgets that attackers have. -A claymore, has lasers to indicate it's location and can usually be shot without exposing yourself to it. -A frag, has a small area of effect and can also be negated by being behind certain smaller objects. I would be very frustrated in this game if a stun grenade became a gadget that gives someone a drastic advantage if I have the wherewithal to turn/run from it. If someone knows where I'm at and can bounce it into my location to 100% blind me, congrats you earned that kill. However, I don't want to be in games where flash grenades just get spammed into my room or general area and hurt my ability to retaliate to what is a secondary gadget. DISclaimer: I know that frags in some cases are "free kill" but if anyone thinks cooking a frag correctly and doing the mental gymnastics of it going off as soon as it reaches a target under gameplay stress is easy, you're wrong.
Emmanuel Garza (9 days ago)
I do agree there's consistency issues but much like the individual operator's balance I would rather have it be underpowered rather than overpowered. Not every gadget and operator is going to be viable in pro-league and I think that's okay.
Rogue-9 (9 days ago)
fair arguments I think
Yfr28 (10 days ago)
As for the part about eu plats playing against na silvers - isn't it possible that they were plat on eu due to playing in a 5stack?
Gabriel Ramos (11 days ago)
I know it has been a few days, but have you guys seen Clash Royale's ranking reset system? Now - changed a few seasons ago - you don't get reset to 4k trofies, it's the half of what you got last season... So if you got 4300, you'll be put at 4150, 5000 = 4500 and so on... That would be really good for r6
Irving Pereira (11 days ago)
quick solution to the flash+concusion. make the concusion penalty on flashbangs lower than ela/zofia's gadget. minor buff for flashbangs but it won't be as effective as the gadgets. another workaround is a smaller radius for the concusion effect.
NPC#1911-EGUK (11 days ago)
He should have had a Permanent ban. Not a 2 year ban. Once a cheater, always a cheater.
NPC#1911-EGUK (11 days ago)
Flash bang buff? NOOOOOOOO
LazyGameBros (12 days ago)
I find it hard at bronze and copper as people come in and loose to get lower and leave. Do you think you should be able to pick if you want to do rank as a party and singles or just party's or just singles?
Fotus_227 (12 days ago)
Hey rouge 9 can u make a new pistols video ranking them and breaking them down
Isaiah Lin (12 days ago)
Can we please get a toggle for Kapkan. Dumping clips into door frames is not fun.
Slytiger (12 days ago)
Let’s see some more RB6 content
Aki Nova (13 days ago)
Re. Ranked solo queue, what R6 should have imo is a split ranked system: 1. Team Ranked (ranked, as is, players can queue solo or in squads) 2. Solo Ranked (players can only queue solo, it is impossible to queue with a squad) MMR/Rank between the two are totally separate, as if it was different accounts. Other games like Rocket League use this system as well and it helps to eliminate the frustration of queueing solo vs. a 5-stack. Only reason for Ubi to not do this: they won't make money off secondary accounts, that players often seem to buy for solo queue actually, just like Get_Flanked. Only reason for players to not want this would be increased matchmaking times, because of a divide in the player base amongst different modes. PS.: If the game would support multiple rank systems in parallel this way, a bonus could be a third ranked mode: 3. Competitive (only squads of 5 can queue, rules and map pool are same as used in ESL Pro League) I would love having all three modes. What do you guys think?
SuperTartine 592 (13 days ago)
I hope they will fix the acog the shield and hitbox registration
Eagleclaws17 (13 days ago)
I would like some fun modes, for example a Secure Area Gamemode, where you only can play recruit, and both sides will only have a great bunch of impact-grenades to fight with, or another fun-mode where more than one player can chosse the same operator, so you would have 5 monty's for example
Aki Nova (13 days ago)
Very nice idea, makes me think of Hearthstone, which has a new "weird, fun rules mode" every week for a week. Would seem fun in R6 as an alternative for some casual play even.
Chris (13 days ago)
Can we just get a fix for the console sound glitch?
Misfit Massacre (14 days ago)
Don’t give the tts to people who don’t own the game. They don’t understand how to play at all and it’ll fuck up the data completely
Misfit Massacre (14 days ago)
I feel like if you were given the stuff you got in alpha packs on the tts in the actual game, people would also enjoy the tts a lot more
TheTwuh (14 days ago)
It's always interesting watching the convos that are around rank and stuff. You can see Flanked REALLY cares about ranked and you can see Pete and Rogue care and all but not on like the same level as he does lol
Rogue-9 (14 days ago)
Yeah, if they improved casual so that you can pick sites, I would see no reason to go to ranked at all. I just want fun and balanced games and ranked sadly brings a number of negatives with it that I can’t be bothered with
Christopher Lane (14 days ago)
I feel like with Ying and her Candela’s, keeping them without a stun effect where it affects a defenders speed would be perfect. If the normal flash bang would be a flash and a slow, and a candela is only the flash, it would keep defenders on their toes. A Russian roulette of blindness
Christopher Lane (14 days ago)
Ying should also, on a side note, should be immune to all flash effects but not the concussion of the proposed change
Corby Robinson (14 days ago)
at about 1:18:00 you guys talk about increased competition through increased play by players. what do you think about adding ranks beyond diamond to help negate increased competition in the silver / gold ranks?
Xclusive (13 days ago)
Corby Robinson I would love for there to be a top 500 rank
CodYaMaster (14 days ago)
I dont get the point with the derank system. Why do people care if someone has a rank legitimatly or not, when you even say that its not supposed to be a reward system? When they stop playing ranked after they got carried, youre never gonna encounter them, so why do you care what rank they achieved? This game is competetive in a sense where you define the competition when playing against people, and not comparing stats and ranks on a website.
Little Big Person (15 days ago)
Until I was at about lvl 50 i didn’t know you had to the button to keep up Monty’s shield and always wondered why I could shoot
The Regret Man (15 days ago)
The washing machine glitch is where you manage to get inside the washing machine.
Jared De Los Santos (15 days ago)
Dude rouge and Pete have to be like flipping their audio or sum. I swear the voices don’t match up
Rogue-9 (15 days ago)
Yup, we both learnt ventriloquism and then we lip sync each other.
Kani Russell-winika (15 days ago)
Growing dragon
Trey Mendoza (15 days ago)
How about no Fuze penetration on the castle barricade? And sledge takes two hits to break a castle barricade too.
Trey Mendoza (15 days ago)
+Rogue-9 Thanks for the reply! Love your work.
Rogue-9 (15 days ago)
Now that there are so many new breachers added since launch, it makes sense to change sledge's interaction with the barricades up a bit
Lee McLaren (15 days ago)
For the flash grenade point. They are normally always called flashbangs, there is no effect of the bang. I think a better idea of making them better or more reliable would be to enhance the bang effect. Keep the flash as it is, or like you say extend the range of the flash if need be but what about also causing the defending operator to loose sound for a few seconds if they are in the area of effect of the flashbang. This would allow attackers to throw a flash into a room and they know at worst the defender can't hear anything and they have a few seconds to make their move, wether it be breach the room, throw in a grenade/drone or even begin a defuse plant... I wouldn't ever want to introduce a sound effect like ringing ears or something though. That would be hell for headset wearers.
Lee McLaren (15 days ago)
The washing machine glitch is as bad as you think. I have seen it once and the players were inside the washing machine, not too sure how it's done, I think it's a vault exploit or something. It's similar to when you were able to get inside the wooden stairs when skyscraper was first released.
Rumbore (15 days ago)
11:40 put captions on
Rumbore (13 days ago)
+Rogue-9 I also think the overall length of the video might deter some of your more casual viewers, have you thought about breaking up the video and posting it in different segments?
Rogue-9 (15 days ago)
Urgh.... that may also explain why the video is bombing this week. The idiot algorithm thinks it's a controversial discussion. GG YT
Killer Keane (15 days ago)
BF4, BF1 and PUBG have Test Servers on console. So personally, as a console scrub, I do feel like Ubisoft should do more for console.
StraightWhite Male (14 days ago)
Hell yeah brother
Life With Cam (15 days ago)
why not just make is so console has its own tts separate from pc
Seth Connelly (15 days ago)
For some reason every time you guys go live with the podcast it shows it to me two or three days later but says you just started at 8 minutes ago.
Seth Connelly (4 days ago)
I thought it might be because I didn't eat my Wheaties.
Alexander Kroon (4 days ago)
Seth Connelly it’s prob becuase you have a bad gaming chair
Tobias Mantel (15 days ago)
I really like the podcast, but please give talking about Pro League priority over talking about another game. Maybe only do one other game per week but please don't cut time on the Pro League discussion. thx a lot.
Rogue-9 (15 days ago)
Thanks for the feedback. we got held up a lot longer than planned on the earlier discussions and that led to the time crunch at the end. We'll keep this in mind going forward
That KK Guy (16 days ago)
Perhaps a simple improvement for flash grenades would be an on screen indicator which, when an opponent is actually flashed, a '+5 Enemy Flashed' indicator comes up, if it doesn't you know they ain't flashed.
J Deem (5 days ago)
I wouldn't like this because it would turn into attackers flashing rooms just to learn if there's somebody in there. It's basically a hitmarker, a long-range radar check. You're on Archives balcony on Border, know there's someone top floor, not sure which room they're in and you have no drones left? Flash over the bookshelf, flash into lockers, and a flash into fountain. You get the points off of the flash into lockers? Now you know where the enemy is.
Rogue-9 (15 days ago)
that would be very useful for attackers. I like the idea
M (16 days ago)
TTS is so broken lol
Bahaddin Souf (15 days ago)
When monty and pulse are on their gadgets, Do you have to hit the gadget key again to start ads-ing? or just hitting the Aim and shoot keys? the origon glitch.. you put a shield right next to the washer... and jump over the shield, you stay inside it. Speaking of glitching and hacking in pro league.... Why space station player wasn't banned? playing against EG two months ago on bank... on last round SSG defending Valk camera was placed by SSG in a glitchy spot, and it wasn't a mistake, he shot the glitchy spot and later on he got a C4 kill from there... Why nothing was done to him? or his team? or the match results?
Bahaddin Souf (15 days ago)
+Rogue-9 go over the glitchy camera and there is a youtube video showing how to get the same camera spot and how to land that c4... and the youtuber actually refer to the match and the glitchy cam and showing how to get that c4 kill on skylight double door 2f from all the way down stairs in archives. And hey thanks for caring about the game and people who play it, and trying to help fixing it.
Rogue-9 (15 days ago)
hmm, interesting question. I didn't even notice that the camera placement at the time, so I would have to go back and check before I could voice an opinion
rlgriffis (16 days ago)
Love the podcast. Not so crazy about the non-Siege content. Maybe separate podcasts?
Zaysaki (16 days ago)
Flashes feel too inconsistent. Even when they're directly looking into it they might just not get effected by it. Maybe increase the range of the point blank effect to 4-5m and maybe let us cook the flashes? Concussion + flash seems op though.
Joe Tay (15 days ago)
4-5m is fking big dude. A standard room size is 11m from door to door :/ 2.5m would be good enough
ease (15 days ago)
Zaysaki concussion+flash makes ying and zofia completely redundant
Aaron Smith (16 days ago)
Bikini bohdi turtle clash baby, hell yeah.
Rogue-9 (15 days ago)
And Serenity made a video doing the same thing in high ranked games. It really does seem to work
Tobi Areje (16 days ago)
The RSS link doesn't seem to be working
Rogue-9 (16 days ago)
What app did you enter it into?
Strafe09 (16 days ago)
First time I watch the podcast. ROGUE-9 never shave that beard.
Ruslan Aiman (11 days ago)
EnigmaNET like a Lion? More like Blackbeard😅
NPC#1911-EGUK (11 days ago)
Majestic like a Lion. Makes my beard look like bumfluff and I've actually got a full beard.
Rogue-9 (15 days ago)
TheMrpink000 (16 days ago)
Castle barricades should be fire proof and be able to place over reinforcements mav hard counter sorted
Colin Gooding (16 days ago)
Just 2 cents from some random internet guy that mains Clash: I haven't watched the ESL games in question, but are the games where they are doing "mediocre" on Clash games that they ultimately win??? Based on my experience of playing Clash in Ranked, my teammates frequently encourage me to play Clash after Round 1, and I'll be sitting on 0 kills. Clash has the ability to occupy multiple players, which relieves pressure on the rest of the team. I've played games on Border where 4 out of the opposing 6 players are holding up around CCTV just staring at my shield, burning flash grenades and time, and accomplishing nothing. Clash's job isn't to get kills or even facilitate them (honestly), it's to run area denial and harry the enemy on the way into objective. A patient Clash is WAY more dangerous than a gun-fighting Clash. Also, on getting shot in the feet. Shock them on the way in, backpedal, and if you still get hit, spin left to maintain max coverage from the shield. TLDR: Clash is super dangerous if used properly, but not for the same reasons that other ops are dangerous.
Soul Can (7 days ago)
There is to much teamwork for clash to be good. With the current stategies that we have. The most succesfull one in the ESL is a anchoring clash used as a mira but thats the els. With her being discovered more over time she will defently be broken
The Regret Man (15 days ago)
In pro league teams have found it hard to use Clash successfully. In a season when teams know more on how to use clash it could be a different story.
Rogue-9 (16 days ago)
Fair points. I wonder how the newly proposed nerfs are going to change this.
Ewerboweski (16 days ago)
I am a mid plat and my friends play once in a while at low gold and we lose all the time hahahah.
Kenleigh Friesen (16 days ago)
so what happens if a person playing on console with mouse and keyboard parties up with "true" console players? (see Fortnite mm)
Timmy_ Tim3 (17 days ago)
nah you can I set my Logitech g405 , 1050 and 3400 for dpi on the dpi switch and lock it so I switch to higher with Ela mines stun and switch it back when im fine. my friend does the same thing, so yeah on default there is a dpi range but u can lock the range to certain set like only 2 and you can reliably switch in a situation when need be.
Timmy_ Tim3 (13 days ago)
+Xclusive 1000-1200 dpi and 3400 dpi for goo mines , rest is 1000-1200 and 400-500 when I use a scoped rifle to snipe
Xclusive (13 days ago)
Timmy_ Tim3 I know but like what is your sens multiplier and sensitivity
Timmy_ Tim3 (13 days ago)
+Xclusivemost people use 1000 XD, then there is those freak who use 4000-5000 dpi XD
Xclusive (13 days ago)
Timmy_ Tim3 1050 dpi damn I use 400
Jonathon Eller (17 days ago)
I know rocket league has a soft reset for some of their seasons where your placement matches are based on how you did last season. If you got plat last season your placements are based on the higher MMR such as the high gold low plat rank. If siege did something like that it might make things a bit more balanced especially during the first few weeks of a new season.
Rojigami (17 days ago)
Two things I want to see implemented in the game. 1. Let us cook flash bangs like how we can cook a frag. These things share the same trigger mechanism in real life anyway. 2. Please enable the option to turn Monty's shield ability into a "toggle" ability instead of "hold" to activate.
rail gun (1 day ago)
Imagine if people "cooked" grenades irl
Xclusive (13 days ago)
Cooking flashes no the Monty thing is coming tho
Lil cuck (16 days ago)
Cook a flash bang? Wtf I don't want to get insta flashed by some rushing Ash main
Kenleigh Friesen (17 days ago)
i just had the invisibility glitch in a ranked match tonight
Ewerboweski (17 days ago)
Maybe ubisoft should stop hiring for "diversity" and hire dev's under a merit based system and they could have a high quality game in no time.
薔薇 (3 days ago)
Itis Whatnow my question is, is it right to hire people based on their skin colour and genitals?
Itis Whatnow (13 days ago)
My question is, do you work in game development?
imasterzx (17 days ago)
loving this podcast guys, definitely fills a much needed void for podcasts focused around fps
Alex Goldstein (17 days ago)
Hey it’s not up on apple podcasts
Micheal Sloan (17 days ago)
Why not shorten the fuse timer for flashbangs and the counter play would be jager or hearing the pin pulled.
Alexander Denison (17 days ago)
The Oregon glitch was literally people getting inside of the washing machine, a glitch involving the use of the deployable shield, and you could actually shoot out at other players through a small crack, it was huge problem for me on Xbox awhile back, almost every game on Oregon I'd see it happen. I ended up tk'ing quite a few teammates for trying to do it in the prep phase actually, because it's a totally game breaking glitch.
Brian Arevalo (17 days ago)
Good video man hate to see you guys crunched with time let it go on hahah
Brodie bradley (17 days ago)
If they had a rolling continual rank over seasons, they need to also include a decay system. You shouldn’t show the same rank across multiple seasons by playing no games that season.
Rogue-9 (17 days ago)
That's a very fair point. Maybe a hybrid system where you have long term matchmaking in the background and still get to work towards a goal each season would be the solution. Although they would need to figure out a completely new system for that
Brodie bradley (17 days ago)
Flashbangs do not need a buff in my opinion. That doesn’t mean that they can’t get significant changes whereby they become more consistent however. A good start would be lowering the amount to 2 but increasing the range to 5m
byStalin (9 days ago)
Flashbangs are very weird. Sometimes I look away from them and I do not get flashed, and sometimes I look away and still get flashed :|
The Regret Man (15 days ago)
They are consistent, problem is player behaviour isn't. You never know how far a player is, where he is looking at, is he on drone, looking into a wall. You need to throw flashes like grenades and maybe they willfeel consistent. But yeah that's tough.
Pasquale DeGregorio (17 days ago)
PUBG on Xbox has a PTS. I don’t know how different that is from Siege’s TTS, but Siege should be able to do it on console as well
Pasquale DeGregorio (17 days ago)
How do you guys think they’ll handle the 10 years, 100 operators thing? I know it’s not much of a problem on PC, but on console it is. Once the new consoles come out people won’t play an older generation game like they normally would. Do you think they’ll just port Siege to the new consoles(whenever they come out) and if so, how?
Alexander Kroon (4 days ago)
Crossplay between Xbox and PS4 might come as they are testing it on fortnite so the player base would be double
Pasquale DeGregorio (17 days ago)
Rogue-9 Appreciate it Rogue! Keep up the great work guys
Rogue-9 (17 days ago)
They recently switched the entire game over to a new version of the game engine. So far, nobody really knows what the purpose for this was but maybe this is something that goes towards future proofing the game. I think when the new consoles come out, they should be able to port the game (maybe even with some graphical improvements). Everyone who owns the existing version should then be able to play the update on the new console. Those are my initial thoughts but I'll mark this down as a topic to suggest to the others!
TDTGAMING22 (17 days ago)
Maybe R6 should independently support keyboards on console like fortnite now so later wen they get cross platform play there is not a big skill gap.Just a thought open to criticism. P.s love the vids
rail gun (1 day ago)
Siege cross platform? You have to have a major dent in your head to think that'll happen. I hope tho, everyone just running circles around console kids would be hilarious
NuclearNacho89 ___ (15 days ago)
I think you are entirely correct, but on PC, you can look very slowly or very quickly with the Mouse DPI, but console has a fixed look speed
mark feeer21 (17 days ago)
The flash grenades maybe should have a better effects like fist its white for a moment than black as it would be in real life and slowly coming up to normal plus maybe some field of view restiction, or also some random white pacthes on the screen
Bonnie Laret (17 days ago)
Very minor but why do other flash grenades flash Ying? Really doesn't make any sense.
Drahgehn - (13 minutes ago)
She only puts her shades on when using the Candella. It's kinda stupid.
Luke (15 days ago)
I think it has to do with the color. She has a very blue filter over her glasses and her candelas flash blue. In reality her filter should be more orange/brown than blue, as orange reduces the effect of blue light
Echo lazy boy (15 days ago)
+Andrei Valdez *ass
Andrei Valdez (17 days ago)
Bonnie Laret Balance maybe? I dunno; it's just a game where you can whip out a wall-sized barricade out of your back pocket.
Justin Reid (17 days ago)
This sounds harsh but I believe it to be true. If you pay someone money that had to be earned in real life to carry you to ranked higher than you deserve; you are a pathetic waste of oxygen that other people could use to do better things. We're over populated. Maybe you should just stop wasting oxygen. I'm not a high rank at all. It doesn't matter. If this is what you tie to your life s far as meaning, you are a waste. Go do something useful and meaningful in any way other than this. P.s. I just looked up a boosting service using skilled players and not cheats. To go from gold 4 to diamond, it costs 282 us dollars unless you want to play with the booster which costs 424 dollars. If you want to go from bottom of copper to diamond, it is 324 dollars or 482 to play with them. That's idiotically pathetic.
Justin Reid (13 days ago)
+Itis Whatnow you don't get it. It's not about the game as much a lack of intelligent life on this planet. These types of people have kids raised in stupidity who only keep it going. That's a problem. It also means scumbags get to make money being more scumbags.
Itis Whatnow (13 days ago)
It’s a video game, yo. No need to be this desperate :)))
SolidSneakNinja (17 days ago)
Test server has and is free to PS4 players. I hop on to try it before each new season....however it runs at 5fps as I don't have a machine to run it. It's totally free without owning the PC game...because it grants it to you based off your uplay account. Since I've PS4 Siege linked on uplay, I get siege pc test server free. That is how it works. Not trying to be ranty but wanted to clear it up.
Rogue-9 (17 days ago)
Thanks for letting us know! I was sure that was the case, based off of CoreRoss playing with us in the past without having the PC version but I was just confused by the UBI FAQ that only came out a few days ago, contradicting this
David Savitskiy (17 days ago)
I remember I killed someone for being invisible, didn't know it was a glitch, thought he was hacking
Lil cuck (16 days ago)
I accidentally picked at 0.0 seconds and if u get a sheild op and click the op u want at the same time ur character model will be invisible because ur missing the sheild Edit: clarify it thinks it picked for u a sheild operator but in reality u were quick enough to pick ur operator of choice
Noah Calder (17 days ago)
For all shields except for clash they should remove the ability to switch to pistol only because no one is going to use it and sometimes when I am blitz charging I try to flash with mouse wheel but accidentally put my shield on my back and die.
Toby Grandy (16 days ago)
What about the turtle strategy or blocking fire from the back and shooting in front of you
Rogue-9 (17 days ago)
Yeah, that's exactly why I moved the gadget away from the mouse wheel
Hunter Fossum (17 days ago)
Edit2:do a TTS like BF1 where its a seperate game. With only the Multiplayer
Hunter Fossum (15 days ago)
Yes on console you can download a 2nd BF1 that was the TTs
The Regret Man (15 days ago)
Tts is a separate game that you need to download separately. Are you talking about consoles?
Dennis Reilly (17 days ago)
You guys rock! I'm glad I could participate in the discussion regarding the flashbang idea Flanked had. Didn't even think of Ying when I brought up Zofia and Ela. Made me think though, what about a new utility that acts like a hornet's nest; i.e. a grenade that shoots out pellets, can disorient characters and even knock them prone. As a reference, see the Adam Sandler movie 'Longest Yard' and the cafeteria scene.
Justin Reid (17 days ago)
My problem with the tts not being used is that there are so many players that bitch moan and groan about balancing and issues. They want it changed and fixed but they don't go in and test them. They just want it done but don't want to do their part. Internal testing isnt as successful due to player count and the mentality of trying to break the game is not something they do. Players break games. Either help with the tools given or quit bitching about problems.
Justin Reid (10 days ago)
+hellomasterchief1 I didn't say they did. I'm talking about those that do and bitch about the problems in the game. But those same people won't test the tts changes unless there's something cool to try out.
hellomasterchief1 (11 days ago)
Not everyone plays on pc
Justin Reid (13 days ago)
+Xclusive I'm sorry but if that's true, the makes you incredibly retarded. These players have to own the game to play. If you're so good, maybe you should be more inviting of new players instead of a dick about it. Everyone is new at some point and needs to learn. This was an idiotic response and an equally idiotic sentiment.
Xclusive (13 days ago)
Justin Reid I don’t like the tts cause i have to play with noobs
Laurynas Krivickas (17 days ago)
Played one game vs a team of asshats who were abusing the invisible glitch with twitch drones and other equipment and other models
Jacob Silberhorn (17 days ago)
The TS is really nice, but us console peeps have no access to it, and if we have a PC that can run the TS, why would we be playing on console in the first place. I also feel like the whole benefit of the TS misses two thirds of potential bugs and glitches. Plus, what team would take shaiko after his ban is up? He is the one guy who got caught cheating in pro league. That's his reputation. What org is going to touch that?
Rogue-9 (17 days ago)
yup, I was confused by that as well and have seen several comments already confirming that console players can access the TS (but only on PC of course)
Jacob Silberhorn (17 days ago)
+SolidSneakNinja Thanks, not sure why ubi cant get their own press release right
SolidSneakNinja (17 days ago)
+Jacob Silberhorn Only correcting you for "us console peeps have no access to it"
SolidSneakNinja (17 days ago)
+Jacob Silberhorn The Ubi statement is wrong.
Jacob Silberhorn (17 days ago)
+SolidSneakNinja The ubisoft statement says you need to own a a copy on PC. And the rest of my point stands, if I have a PC that can run the game, why would I play on consol?
Red (17 days ago)
the washing machine glitch is indeed the possibility of being INTO the washing machine
Red (17 days ago)
and there's no "spinning" thing, you can even shoot trhough with a certain angle
Leon O'Grian (17 days ago)
The ranked decay also encourages people to keep playing rather than ranking up and then not playing, not just the boosters.
Leon O'Grian (14 days ago)
Then don't play ranked. Ranked decay is a very common thing in the top tiers of many competitive game, and it doesn't have to be a heavy decay.
CodYaMaster (14 days ago)
+Leon O'Grian wouldnt work for me tho, i play this game when i want to play it, i cant imagine so many people only playing the game so their rank doesnt decay. Maybe youre right and more people keep playing, but honestly, in a community where people play the game so they dont derank instead of having fun playing... Id rather have longer que times than having this kind of community.
Leon O'Grian (14 days ago)
It's not about being a dick to players, its about keeping up the community... If players play then leave then we lose those skilled players, and que times go up. Almost all competitive games require (some) upkeep to stay on top.
CodYaMaster (14 days ago)
But what difference does it make? When someone hit plat the season and thinks to himself: great, now i play a different game till next season, why should he be punished in doing that? Why do you care about the ranks of people you then never going to play against? Why do you care about other peoples ranks at all?! Play your game, when youre diamond, great, when youre plat, great, when youre gold, great... If people would stop being dicks about such things, we could live in a better world
Do you use your green screen for anything I mean i don't see you use a face cam on anything other than the podcast but you don't acually use the green screen
+Rogue-9 ah thanks for the confirmation I was just confused because I seen it there without usage so I was confused as I tend to not hop into streams which I plan on doing
Rogue-9 (17 days ago)
exactly. my last video before this had a brief green screen segment but I predominantly use it for streaming on Twitch
John Mennel (17 days ago)
He uses the green screen while streaming, just not that much in produced videos.
MrAgentGrover (17 days ago)
I enjoy listening to you guys discuss this game and hear different opinions.
Lil cuck (16 days ago)
In my opinion its a game for campers....
ChampnutsOYF Game Play (17 days ago)
So more of get flanked trying to turn the base game into "pro" league, and pete and rogue ignoring him?
Xclusive (13 days ago)
ChampnutsOYF Game Play your right casually yet ranked is casual with colors to show “skill” I would love for the game to add pl pick and ban just so I no longer face mira on Oregon or sometimes to meme ban both hard breaches to make it fun
Xclusive (13 days ago)
Matthew Smith funny cause in that context your shit cause I’m a pc diamond how does that feel
ChampnutsOYF Game Play (17 days ago)
Siege is a difficult game to play casually. If you try to play it that way youre gonna do a lot of camera watching. Its a sweaty game. Either way, some people like "pro" league, i do not, therefore i dont care to hear get flanked constantly wanting the game to reflect "pro" league.
Andrei Valdez (17 days ago)
It seems stressful to want to always play a game just for competition instead of for fun. I come back from school or work and I play games to enjoy myself and unwind; can't imagine having to come home to basically work yourself over a game not being "competitive enough".
Dayrahl (17 days ago)
+SolidSneakNinja but they want to be edge lords let them be
John Mennel (17 days ago)
Joined the live stream 30 minutes late. Love the VOD updates for those who can't make it!
ProAssFace Sexyboss (17 days ago)
Rogue-9 (17 days ago)
But make sure you grab it quickly before John comes back and eats it!
Rogue-9 (17 days ago)
Nice! Here's an ice cream 🍦
John Mennel (17 days ago)
you really were

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