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How To Download PUBG Mobile English From Play Store!! (Any Country)

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How To Download PUBG Mobile English From Play Store!! (Any Country) PUBG Mobile English Version is officially available on Play Store. But right now the game is available for download only in Canada Play Store. And in this video we will show you how to install PUBG Mobile English version from Play store in any region. For Full Instructions visit this Link :- https://goo.gl/ksesJ5 Checkout The Best Survival Games:- https://youtu.be/mSjqoCgoOh4 Download Turbo VPN :- https://goo.gl/38wvf7 Wants To Play PUBG Mobile in a Live stream. Add me ANUJDHINGRA in the game and we will play PUBG Mobile Live with you guys. If you like this video Please🔔 Subscribe , Like & Comment! Stay tuned guys for more Gaming videos. If you have any questions or queries drop them in comments section below. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Subscribe GadgetGig English: https://goo.gl/Nm2cgi Subscribe GadgetGig Hindi : https://goo.gl/BGJvoy Our Website :- https://gadgetgig.com/ -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Accounts ---------------------------------- Twitter : https://twitter.com/gadget_gig Instagram : https://instagram.com/gadgetgig Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/gadgetgig.official Music :- LAKEY INSPIRED - Doing Just Fine https://soundcloud.com/lakeyinspired/doing-just-fine Hope You Like this PUBG Mobile Video. Enjoy!!!
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Gadget Gig (2 months ago)
HURRAY!!! PUBG MOBILE is Officially available in India and Some other countries. Download it from Here https://goo.gl/ovdYDa And for others if it is still not available just Follow the steps in the video. Enjoy!!! Wants to Play PUBG with us in a Live Stream. Add me AnujDhingra in the game. And Also Please 🔔 Subscribe , Like & Comment!
COC JENIOUS (16 days ago)
Pubg was d not work in my phone 😢😢
Laurentiu Tinca (29 days ago)
But if normally my phone says isnt compatible it still works?
Paras Shan (1 month ago)
Gadget Gig Plz
Paras Shan (1 month ago)
Gadget Gig
clash king clasher (1 month ago)
Gadget Gig i have installed it but this is showing error xapk
Shubhanshu J (7 hours ago)
i am satisfied with free fire
Avijit Raju (1 day ago)
es lie meain extract nahi kar paya ap koi solution di jie
Avijit Raju (1 day ago)
ek archive password charaha hai toh main kya karun
Hi Hello (2 days ago)
:'( its says your device is not compatible
jay shah (2 days ago)
Can we use freedom app to change VPN
funny videos (2 days ago)
Your mobile
Funny for u (3 days ago)
Give link to download pubg game plizz.. fast
Funny for u (3 days ago)
Can i play pubg in Samsung Galaxy j2 pro
EXCLUSIVE (4 days ago)
when i open my play store...my mobile auyomatic restart...plzzzz help me plzzz plzzzz
Shivam Karpe (6 days ago)
would you like to enable downloading over
M Abubakar (6 days ago)
Sir is this game play in 2gb ram mobile??
M Abubakar (6 days ago)
Sir agar ap hindi bol sakty ho tou hindi bola karo
shivani tiwari (7 days ago)
bro tale mai ites working on may mobil in 2gb ram
K.G. Mehra (7 days ago)
What is the name of your browser
K-pop X Bollywood (7 days ago)
Bahi leka ah Raha hai you can't download try again
khirma gautam (7 days ago)
s.s. R.R. (8 days ago)
Itz shows an error while everytime i download it
all in 1 youtuber (8 days ago)
Will it work on j2 pro ??
Zero Gaming (9 days ago)
Thanks now i can download pubg on my tablet
Parthiv Jayesh (9 days ago)
pls put the link of pubg
Mikasa GAMING (9 days ago)
Im sad i dont have pubg on playstore
is this a onlinr game
Divyesh Panchal (9 days ago)
Total fake...not working for me this procedure!
Jeet Thapa (11 days ago)
now this in play store only
ll_Zoomed Out (12 days ago)
Why do the PUBG mobile is TenCent Games on the Thumbnail..
Rubin R.k (13 days ago)
download toptap
Seems Like Interesting (13 days ago)
bhai nhi hua yar
Shashidhar Shashi (14 days ago)
Tq bro....
we are infinite (15 days ago)
Every time it says installing and it didn't installed
Jonathan Vansuilala (18 days ago)
It is working
Jitendra Datla (18 days ago)
thanking you bro
Manish Garola (19 days ago)
Sir when I open my game it shows me downloading recourses and I let it download it take years and the end game still downloading
Aditya keni (20 days ago)
chup re
Rahul Zone (21 days ago)
Bhai tumhare pass galaxy s8 hai !!!🤤🤤🤤
Jig Saw (21 days ago)
How many size pubg mobile ?
Mincens TheCat (22 days ago)
i have nokia
Tanishq Sharma (24 days ago)
Bro my device is not compitable with the version so can I download it from APK pure
Dibyajyoti Borpatra (24 days ago)
Is apk pure is safe?
Booyah Gaming (26 days ago)
Time waste
Samrick's CH (27 days ago)
Is this available in android 7.0 nougat?
BEING minati (27 days ago)
I downloaded pubg but it is saying that your device is not consider but will be consider afterwards means
Aryan Bandiwadekar (27 days ago)
But what to do when the device is not compitable with this version tell me
lambdaguy101 (28 days ago)
How can I give it 1337 dislikes?
dabbs 420 (28 days ago)
Do a video how to cover your nails
Paras Shan (1 month ago)
Gadget gig I didn't get it on play store even it is officially on play store India
Tinu Singh (1 month ago)
Bro if download it from apkpure.com it will work or not and also i have to download some extra files or what?? Plz reply me i need an urgent help
KILLER GAME (1 month ago)
It never support on my phone
Spencer Williams (1 month ago)
Rahim Rajpoot (1 month ago)
I'm installing it but its 1.29gb will it be successful?BTW followed step by step on same S8+
Funny Game (1 month ago)
Ducati diavel dark <3 <3
arnel gorospe (1 month ago)
thanks bro...you finally solve my problem....thanks again
Subodh Singh (1 month ago)
I downloaded pubg from apkpure it do not start game
dishant Patil (1 month ago)
It not working
Jace Barao (1 month ago)
Canida is for pussis
Valpuia Kawlni (1 month ago)
Please help i can only change their face and hair, i can't go any further
boss powerbank (1 month ago)
All about PUBG Mobile? The ad is PUBG Mobile, Yo Wtf how
Abtahi Ibtesum (1 month ago)
it show this is not compared to my version is there a solution for this answer me plz
Piyush Das (1 month ago)
Ivan Wong (1 month ago)
I am Pro in that game my name is MasterWong526 in that game
Ivan Wong (1 month ago)
Shahzad BadShaH Khan (1 month ago)
Bhai pubg is missing in play store pls ss bro help
I dont want to do this shit only for installing this fckn game
Abtahi Ibtesum (1 month ago)
can it possible in Bangladesh???
Thnx bahi help ho gayii
SHÆK MØIZZ MASRÖÖR (1 month ago)
I tried this but not working
AMIT prasad (1 month ago)
How to download PC version... please reply...
stone age (1 month ago)
I worked 😎
Paresh Sulakshane (1 month ago)
Hey aftr making email i cant find the pubg apk on playstore
clash king clasher (1 month ago)
I have installed it but it is not opening this showing connecting failes xapk
Klehyoun Midnightdawn (1 month ago)
This helped me play Darkness Rises. Thank you man!
Saim Shafi (1 month ago)
it not working
Zineb Talaa (1 month ago)
offline or onligne
Muhammed Nazil (1 month ago)
Thnk u soo much subscribed and liked😊😊😍😘
Sudharson LV (1 month ago)
This game online or offline plz reply
Gadget Gig (1 month ago)
Its online only.
saksham playz (1 month ago)
I have played PUBG ON MY PHONE AND IT WAS SOOO FUN SOO EASY AND I ACCADANTLY Deleted it so i wanted back so i watch this and i have got PUBG AGAIN THX SOOOOOO MUCH
Jes Adlawan (1 month ago)
My friend cant find pubg on playstore please help :((
Meharoof Koppa (1 month ago)
These game can run in Asus zenfone max pro with snap dragon 636 and 4 gb ram and 8.0. Oreo version?
Juan 12 (1 month ago)
It didn't work.😡
Thank you gadget you helped me a lot
Hussein AL-Najdi (1 month ago)
Lakas Ganda (1 month ago)
not working on my device Lenevo tab3 7essential
MANDER 2 LIT (1 month ago)
Im play this game with my brothers and cousins
NUN ZIN TOO (1 month ago)
that phone is look like my phone
Austin Nicolson (1 month ago)
Why am i watching this as a fortnite player??
N.Ghuman 007gaming (1 month ago)
I has downloaded it from apkpure and it 100% download but when I tap to on file it say cannot open file plz tell any solution plz
N.Ghuman 007gaming (1 month ago)
When I search PUBG mobile after doing your method . There was PUBG mobile game not come
Kermany Marshall (1 month ago)
not for my
Gamer Zawad (1 month ago)
Is pubg officially available in bangladesh because I download it without any problem. My username : ZawadAndRage
Haruka SoulCore 热 (2 months ago)
RIP english xD wtf you said dude
Jamerd Tg (2 months ago)
No! No! No!! I didn't work I hate you
Jamerd Tg (2 months ago)
If this works I subscribed if not
GEMES & movies (2 months ago)
SON DEEP SHAKYA (2 months ago)
My friends download pubg but I can't download why
Roshaun Henderson (2 months ago)
Don't work😠😠😠😠😤😤
Robin Singh (2 months ago)
Bhai playstore pe game dikha he nahi raha hai
QUNNEnika P. (2 months ago)
Pewdiepie vs smosh (2 months ago)
Someone noticed the spinner
Husain Motiwala (2 months ago)
Is this legal
Sukh kandola (2 months ago)
I am waiting for When it's release for india
Gadget Gig (2 months ago)
That is because your phone is not supported for this Game.
Sukh kandola (2 months ago)
Gadget Gig But when I search on play store game can't show my mobile is samsung j2
Gadget Gig (2 months ago)
its already released in India on PlayStore
형09/Hyung09유 (2 months ago)
Thank you so much!!!

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