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It's Everyday Bro... FIST! #comedy.
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Benson Davis (19 minutes ago)
Team10 is EMB !!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
the fun jarvis family (23 minutes ago)
I love jake pule not you I hat you
Benson Davis (25 minutes ago)
Why do these YouTubers rap?!?!?
Benson Davis (25 minutes ago)
LOL they couldn't even afford the beat hahahahahahahah prolly cost about 100 bucks maybe
TeamCosmosUFO (1 hour ago)
141K dislikes from Jakes fans
Tanner2004 Tozar (1 hour ago)
Ali Mithani (1 hour ago)
Lmao pewds be savage af
shooketh 1134 (1 hour ago)
I love how it says comedy in the title
This Bad God (2 hours ago)
He just skipped the martinez part😂
Zoey Franklin (2 hours ago)
I lik how ur ssooo old ur hair is gray
Gamer PlayZ (2 hours ago)
Israel Trevino (2 hours ago)
Israel Trevino (2 hours ago)
omg that jAkE PAul music I neeeed more bleachhhh
Lina Jaafar (2 hours ago)
"Ooooh england is ur city... OH NOOOO... Ur retardedddd" AHAHHAHAHAH PEWDS U KILLED ME
Gyula (2 hours ago)
*Budapest is my universe?*
MuOo MiTo (2 hours ago)
Hy ain brazilian like you
Atsushicchi kun (2 hours ago)
Dope Shit (3 hours ago)
Jake Paul is literally cancer
proplayer boy (3 hours ago)
Rost him back
ML DiscipleGaming (3 hours ago)
AmazonGallery (4 hours ago)
And the district is my country...
daxdoge does stuff (4 hours ago)
Fuck Jake Paul LOGANG 4 life
Ash Biz (4 hours ago)
“What I like about jake paul is that despite all his success he remains humble”💀💀💀💀💀💀💀
Ivan Martinez-Kay (4 hours ago)
Nobody will ever surpass PewDiePie.
Ivan Martinez-Kay (4 hours ago)
Nobody will ever surpass PewDiePie.
id Tube (4 hours ago)
i love it
Lem (5 hours ago)
the omniverse is my garage
Shakes Adam (5 hours ago)
Everything about this video is fucking hillerious
Godnox Pro (5 hours ago)
Fleur Bishton (6 hours ago)
I love his comments!
•Anya Senjuu• (6 hours ago)
I love when he just makes fun of people like that
jenny styles (7 hours ago)
7:19 I died 😂😂😂
adel walid (7 hours ago)
its obivous who jp is hes gankplank from leagur of legends...are u dum pewds
ProPant (7 hours ago)
M_16 _ (8 hours ago)
Couldn’t he think of something better? Like “I just dropped some new merch Just go online and search” That’s way better.
Maciej Mucha (8 hours ago)
I admit this song is bearable but fucking calling out kendrick lamar with it is just retarded. Kendrick makes way better songs than this. 90% of the population make better songs this. Compare it to pink guy songs or even to the the classic hey monika and everyone sees its not that good. The beat is ok but if you're going to be a rapper maybe don't use someone else's beat and then rape it with those trash lyrics. Also maybe don't be a fucking Disney Channel faggot. In his place i would try to fucking lose that before doing anything else. And comparing yourself to pewdiepie or kendrick lamar whitch are classic artists is so arrogant. Seriously fuck jake paul. Thanks for reading my rant.
Chic Vlogs (9 hours ago)
4:07 best rap ever
GD GameTime2 (9 hours ago)
32 million views wtf?
Marc Braspenning (9 hours ago)
amaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing viiiiiiiideo
Magda (9 hours ago)
What if he loose all his money? He’s gonna loose all his “real friends” and fans lmfao
Noob Tube (9 hours ago)
Fuck England
The sun is my city
Erichj Sanders (10 hours ago)
Best video ever 😂😂 watched it 4 times
nia xx (10 hours ago)
Okay the sad part is that in dat song he got 203 million views...
Zesty Mammal (10 hours ago)
OMG 32 million views pewdiepie got some views bcuzz of jp
KookyPandaz (10 hours ago)
I think Nick may have failed geography at school.
Fatima Khan (10 hours ago)
Starting of the video: It's a Disney Channel boy video, it can't be that bad. By the end of the video: Kill me, just kill me now.
Robika Is here (11 hours ago)
The qween is watching you on youtube 😂
Skaberchlyn Mendes (12 hours ago)
EaRth iS my CouNTry
Iceplayz gamez (12 hours ago)
Jessica Rivera (14 hours ago)
How is “5 mil on yt in 6 mouths never done before past all the copintison man pewdiepie is next” a rost also come at nick u come at me!
Dennis Yt555 (14 hours ago)
The part when Jake Paul we were designer He was wearing his own merch
Brett Fisher (14 hours ago)
Half of the people (by mil) that subed to my boi pewds watched this vid so don't talk about dead subs.
Zenith Astrology (15 hours ago)
It was 4:53 not 4:52
irT hcahT (15 hours ago)
Fuck, I got the shakes again lmao
Paras Singh (15 hours ago)
By the way.. Who's Jake Paul? Rapper? 😈
Anthony Rosinia (15 hours ago)
PewDiePie: We have to appreciate the "YA" You: But its just a - PewDiePie: APRECIATE THE YA!
Chris Monaco (15 hours ago)
Pewds ur so funny 🤣
Nathon Perea (16 hours ago)
You content is shit just kidding (i love u)
Angela Perez (16 hours ago)
Why people say Jake dissed him he didn't he dissed Alissa
Eloise Vinicombe (16 hours ago)
*searches up if England is a city because im dumb and I don't know*
Victor Ochoa (16 hours ago)
He is not talking about you he is just talking about Alissa
Whitney Webb (16 hours ago)
He's distracting to his ex-girlfriend
Mo Mo (16 hours ago)
Jake paul sucks... 15M SUBS?!? Lol 😝.
Yara Bustillos (17 hours ago)
I thought England was dan and Phil's city... 😭❤
de benoist (17 hours ago)
pewds lookin aryan af
No delete this vid pewi pleaseeee
Joseph Estrada (18 hours ago)
Holy shit this is funny
Mochi :D (18 hours ago)
Okay, let me get this straight... Does he mean England(UK) or England(City in Arkansas, USA)?
Maniac Homicidal (18 hours ago)
man pew di pie is a better rapper than jakepual
Vegan Chicken (19 hours ago)
“I wanna die!” Don’t say that around one of the Paul brothers!!
Liam Sterling (19 hours ago)
Just came back to his vid cause one of pewd’s recent videos he was wearing this shirt.
Ahmad Nafrawi (19 hours ago)
I think jp is talking about Kaabah lol but then.....ITS DOESNT MAKE SENSE BUT KAABAH IS A THING IDEK
Leah Jane (20 hours ago)
He abused and was an ass to Alissa Violet and she didn’t deserve it because she is amazing
Leah Jane (20 hours ago)
This is a diss track about Alissa Violet
animal lover (20 hours ago)
All compitition wtf theres youtubers like jacksepticeye with 19m and markiplier with 20m and he says he passed all his competition????
Conrad Andrew (20 hours ago)
9:07 but... *ZERO DEATHS*
Conrad Andrew (20 hours ago)
7:48 LMFAO
Elusive Water (20 hours ago)
I just rewatched this vid now. I REGRET NOTHING
Camila Coelho (20 hours ago)
Vim pelo Felipe Neto. E acabei me inscrevendo tbm. Muito bom
Conrad Andrew (20 hours ago)
SSSpider Wolf (21 hours ago)
Pew your funny :P
Seth Quarry (21 hours ago)
I’m from Ohio and I’m ashamed to be from the state as him.
Trentyn Taylor (21 hours ago)
Jake Paul is extremely cancerous am I right ???
Khang Thai (21 hours ago)
can we just take a second to appreciate whoever made these subtitles cause they made this video even more hilarious xD
ItsMeCommander (21 hours ago)
0:03 Where you sick of Jake Paul
Ajay Sharma (21 hours ago)
My fav Pewdiepie video 😂😂😂😂😂
Blitz tv (22 hours ago)
High school rejects formed a band lol
Sunniva Hov Golas (22 hours ago)
*i wANnA DiE mORe tHeN i'VE eVEr diED bEForE*
8:54, What is he doing, did he wet himself or something lol?
Eddie Cruz (23 hours ago)
I just wanna say. Jake Paul fans will watch this video for a few seconds then dislike. Pewds is right this song SUCKS. He is way off flow he’s saying random words sometimes. and this song is poorly written. This song is directed to kids because most kids don’t know what songs are good. But my favorite part of the song is the “YA” in the beginning. That was funny. And I am still a kid.
i heard of Every Day Bro and this is actually my first time hearing it. I have been thinking for the last hour what to say about it, clearly i need more time. Your reaction to this was so funny. YA
pollo fritto (23 hours ago)
luna tunes (23 hours ago)
This dude is funny as fuck!
Spider Monkey (23 hours ago)
Pewdiepie dosen't even give a shit 😂😂😂
T H (23 hours ago)
7:14 pls help
Normal Shiteu (1 day ago)
You look like you'd be a german DJ
BOOPER DOOPER123 (1 day ago)
youtube is ur city
lisi Lytel (1 day ago)
travis dudley (1 day ago)
He’s rap was better than anything Jake Paul has ever done

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