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It's Everyday Bro... FIST! #comedy.
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Melanie Bee!!! (10 minutes ago)
7:11 😂😂
INSANELY Satisfying (56 minutes ago)
PewDiePie is SO funny!
ninjiarolexproyp (1 hour ago)
24 (2 hours ago)
ImAlpost (3 hours ago)
What if Jake Paul runs T-Series and thats why he said he passed everyone else and pewdiepie is next?
Kawaii Beetroot (5 hours ago)
why does jake p look like a frog ahahaahhh
Nyssa Correia (5 hours ago)
I’m pretty sure you can copyright strike him
Mia Thompson (6 hours ago)
‘Not J P!’ 😂
ArseFont (6 hours ago)
Who is the caption author?!
Joceana Ferreira (8 hours ago)
Felipe Neto 2.0
Cheryl Wort (9 hours ago)
I wanna die more than I ever died before
all in tv (10 hours ago)
I gotta be honest this is the best pewdiepie video ever in my opinion
Oliver Lindberg (11 hours ago)
He is talking shit about Alissa violet 😀
Leon K (13 hours ago)
Ksi and pwede Pie king
Leon K (13 hours ago)
Fack You jake
Brittany T (14 hours ago)
love you pewds!
Lil Girls (14 hours ago)
8:38 let me educate ya' and we ain't talkin BOOK!
Makayla Cameron (15 hours ago)
I hope that illness kills u so u cant post stupid af videos
Makayla Cameron (15 hours ago)
Stop bullying people especially people who r better than u way better
Makayla Cameron (15 hours ago)
I hate poopypie and love team10
VISHAL NISHAD (15 hours ago)
sorry but ............... T-Series is next
legofan 456 (17 hours ago)
Jake pink
Amina Kosovac (18 hours ago)
what if im i jake polur
Amina Kosovac (18 hours ago)
you need to die
Amina Kosovac (18 hours ago)
yessssss die
Amina Kosovac (18 hours ago)
Amina Kosovac (18 hours ago)
ure rap suks
Amina Kosovac (18 hours ago)
it was me not jake poul
Amina Kosovac (18 hours ago)
u suke
Amina Kosovac (18 hours ago)
u suke
Amina Kosovac (18 hours ago)
u suke
Amina Kosovac (18 hours ago)
you suke
Amina Kosovac (18 hours ago)
you suke
Skylar Sigma (19 hours ago)
“I wanna die, more than I’ve ever died before.” Yes! I relate so much
Ryley Ashford (19 hours ago)
I wonder what would happen if pewdiepie and Jake met in reel life?
College Football Dojo (20 hours ago)
1:14 the best insult in this lol
Jesus Christ (20 hours ago)
Pinnacle of pewdiepie
download2watch nepali (21 hours ago)
2017 worrying about Paul brothers and 2018 about t series 🔥😂
NinjqBoy _ (21 hours ago)
*casually steals pyros thumbnail*
Eliene Sampaio (22 hours ago)
Hi, l'm from Brasil and l loved the channel ,very fucking
Yousif Hanna (23 hours ago)
Like the comment.
Val Sahota (23 hours ago)
*yes Jake P*
shubham chaturvedi (1 day ago)
4:49 . Showing who's the best
Brad McCool (1 day ago)
I actually enjoyed this Pewdiepie video
Zai Ali (1 day ago)
5:30 - 5:40 lol 😂😂😂
Classic Girl (1 day ago)
Mayor Puffly (1 day ago)
Jake Paul will never pass pewds
Merlin Traphagan (1 day ago)
SSsniperwolf loves u
Ümmiye Oe (1 day ago)
Funniest video on yt
Mark SAVAGE (1 day ago)
Who the fuck is Jake Paul? Wait.......... That's a weird name too
thechuckman5000 (1 day ago)
soooo.. TOXIC
Egg Morp (1 day ago)
Team10 = ino shikamaru choji
Bunnigaming YT (1 day ago)
I used to think Jake Paul was funny No.
xd (1 day ago)
Jake Paul:PewDiePie is next T-series:Hold my beer
What’s T-Series
marianna markowska (1 day ago)
you suck at makeing vids
ForzaVoltage 15 (1 day ago)
marianna markowska u swallow. And you know what u swallow? Dick
The Neko Unknown (1 day ago)
Try making better ones fucktard
Pelo do Fonseca (1 day ago)
I m Poppi
tasveer 2 (1 day ago)
Never mess with pews 🎃
Türk olanlar
Eva Mckelvey (1 day ago)
Omg just realized who he was dissing Alisa
Aladdin Khan (1 day ago)
T series is next
*Jp: 17 mill PewDiePie: 66 mill* *pretty hard to beat that yeah*
Alfred Nobel (1 day ago)
Ela Dernovšek (1 day ago)
I watched this like 10 times lol
Amina Kosovac (1 day ago)
if you love jake poul say jake poluers
ForzaVoltage 15 (1 day ago)
The Neko Unknown our generation is sad
The Neko Unknown (1 day ago)
So sad
Amina Kosovac (1 day ago)
you sukc
The Neko Unknown (1 day ago)
You fucked your mom now you have a inbred brother that's smarter than you
Amina Kosovac (1 day ago)
no its i gun
The Neko Unknown (1 day ago)
Lol totally a dick
Amina Kosovac (1 day ago)
TheWoofer 101 (1 day ago)
TheWoofer 101 (1 day ago)
If you hate jake paul like if you hate logan paul comment “YA”
Han 's Factory (1 day ago)
Jake Will never reach 50M Subs Are There 50M kids On Youtube?
Tong Tong Yip (1 day ago)
im a square (1 day ago)
T series is the main threat
Woodlands Vlogger (1 day ago)
Awesome video
Luna Dumbledore (1 day ago)
I want Jake Paul to TRY to roast Pewds and the Pewds absolutely destroys him
lust sans (1 day ago)
Oh no my boi u run u cool sonavabich. U fab as fuck 💪💪💪 👊👊👊
Cryshy gaming (1 day ago)
England is a country
ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ아니 영상 한글자막 누가하짘ㅋㅋ진짜ㅜ너무 웃기넼ㅋ
Kaylen Drumwright (1 day ago)
L. com Gonorreia (1 day ago)
Pewds é tipo um Felipe Neto, mas só que em outro país!
The LennyChannel (2 days ago)
Pewdiepie"s response tho.
Blyat, Blyat, Cyka (2 days ago)
Earth is flat
Floriza Roumie (2 days ago)
What's pewDiePie's real name
The LennyChannel (2 days ago)
David Ardila (2 days ago)
The subtitles are gold
Sonia Ghezali (2 days ago)
Breanna Medlin (2 days ago)
Jag tror att Jake Paul och Logan Paul är brutna kondomer som om du var borta några dagar och det här rumpet kommer Och så kalla "stek" du Jake Paul är bara en gymnasium släpp ut som tar pengar från sina föräldrar bankkonto vad en dumbass
Dakota Vo1d (2 days ago)
Yeah i can kinda see why JP made this so he can get his ex back
Hala Rassas (2 days ago)
+Hala Rassas The problem isn't you, it's the one with the receding hairline, bro 😉😂
ForzaVoltage 15 (4 hours ago)
Hala Rassas wow miss me with those playground insults
Hala Rassas (4 hours ago)
+ForzaVoltage 15 I don't think you should be watching this it's bad for your health
Hala Rassas (4 hours ago)
+The Neko Unknown shut the fuck up bitch go get a life bitch
Hala Rassas (4 hours ago)
+Poppy Is My Goddess And my Savior who the fuck are you bitch to tell me f
The Reason Why (2 days ago)
Izanami Mono (2 days ago)
Im dying and dont call an ambulance just leave me here
DazzleBerry Playz (2 days ago)
The maturity who disliked this video are J.P. fans ;-;
ForzaVoltage 15 (1 day ago)
DazzleBerry Playz straight up fax
Sadly true lol
Pedro Guardado (2 days ago)
hey imma kill jake paul sun of a bitch jake paul is so dumb imma kill jake paul i got you PewDiePie
Ayush Singh (2 days ago)
Tattoo of a dick!!!!
Akari Yamato (2 days ago)
Fuck I love this dude! He’s roasting the shit outta Jake Paul😂
Nafees Kalim (2 days ago)
U have right to roast him like dog's sh*t JP=frigin Sh*t
Tatti Raja (2 days ago)
Who is watching this video after logan paul vs ksi fight??
Sophia Mojkowski (2 days ago)
im drunk af and OMG 7:00 with the blond guy made me clap and laugh lol

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