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WEAPON SKINS RELEASED! - Region Lock Added - PUBG News

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PUBG has finally released weapon skins on the LIVE servers, along with a region lock. You can still play with friends from other regions however. Get more Chicken Dinners with the #1 Rated Ultimate Utility Companion App for PUBG: Ultimate Utility App on iOS: http://www.brassmonkeighapps.com/link?a=65 Ultimate Utility App on Android: http://www.brassmonkeighapps.com/link?a=66 Want to find people to play Battlegrounds with? Join my discord server with over 30,000 members. It's focused on connecting people for duo's, squads, or to discuss strategy in any game mode with. Also available is a trading section if you prefer more direct trading. Find A Team on PUBG Discord: https://discord.gg/pubg Find A Team on Siege Discord: https://discord.gg/BK5ch4n Escape From Tarkov is a game best played in a group. Discord servers are incredibly helpful for that as well, connecting players for raids and building friendships. Join my Tarkov server as we continue to build it the same as we did with PUBG. Find A Team on Tarkov Discord: https://discord.gg/Gz8zDJ4 Here are some social media links, as well as my Patreon. Please visit that page for information on different perks you can get if you decide to support me on there. Everything helps and I can't thank you guys enough. Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/thevaultdude Twitter: https://twitter.com/TheVaultDude Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/vaultdude/ Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/vaultdudelive Background music: https://soundcloud.com/plexus_music
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Vault Dude (6 months ago)
As I said in the video, I run a few Discord servers for helping people find teams on different games. The Siege one is new, so if you play Siege, try it out! https://discord.gg/BK5ch4n
LukaPlay (6 months ago)
Uhh, the fuck, I launched my PC, booted up PUBG, no update, not even downloading or anything, the hell is going on
Hatti Wattti69 (6 months ago)
Ocean1c its not that expensive thesedays :)
mmogo com PUBG Skins (6 months ago)
Good game
Graczowy Gracz (6 months ago)
I play with www.csgobubble.com -great page !
Jubsa 11 (6 months ago)
What if im moving from asia to europe? Will I still be able to play?
M3AnD-Gre7 (6 months ago)
Am from Saudi Arabia does that mean am stuck with Asians now???
Guiovani Whoopp (6 months ago)
I’m so fucking happy no more Chinese fuckers. Also VPN in banner in China ;))))
Jay Kal (6 months ago)
What does this mean for South African players?
_KiddyPlayz_ (6 months ago)
vetalm (6 months ago)
Massive stuttering after this update, it never ran this bad. Do you guys experience the same?
Kaizen (6 months ago)
Do we still need to fucking buy keys? Still no free fucking skins?
l3gacy (6 months ago)
too bad that now it takes wayy to long to get into an fpp game.
Alex (6 months ago)
the skins on weapons will kill the game like how it did with csgo so gj bluehole dont follow what people say do whatever you like
Rola Maluca Jogos (6 months ago)
Ok but activate windows plz
Frenchy Gaming (6 months ago)
Noticed while watching that unfortunately, they didn't add individual world models for each paint job for each weapon that would show differently and individually for each player. lol
Stoner Jack (6 months ago)
Why wont they fucking do anything with the xbox they just keep goving the pc new shit and but they cant even give xbox a 2nd map before they start a 3rd on pc
Darren Watt (6 months ago)
This was useful for people who can't read updates.
Nemesi (6 months ago)
I JUST realised that region lock wont work. Listen here xD if VPN can make your fake internet bad and you're lagging in game. That's fine, you just have one Chinese cheater use a VPN residing in the EU, and the rest can connect then, he'll be lagging but not as bad as the rest who are cheating
ThirstyGambler (6 months ago)
do you know if flare guns are in normal matchmaking now?
_L30_n__ (6 months ago)
Activate Windows lol
Isaiah Kurasz (6 months ago)
Who the fuck wants a bright orange gun
EleganT // MoDz (6 months ago)
Activate your Windows.
F15E Strike Eagle (6 months ago)
Buying stupid skins to make your guns look like Nerf guns,lol
Player (6 months ago)
good thing the s ame day as the update im banned for a week for team killing
KRNG Capino (6 months ago)
WOW! The CS:GO update looks flashy!!
Michael Waide (6 months ago)
get those shitty ass skins out of pubg, wouldnt be a problem if they were client side but nope, now if i kill a guy i have to pick up his orange rifle..
Jed Joshua Agustin (6 months ago)
Looks like i'm stuck playing with Chinese cancers -_-
DeZinc (6 months ago)
This is the day that PUBG died.
James Williams (6 months ago)
Blue hole has bent the knee and instituted region lock just like everyone suggested months ago lol!
Ashlin Jose (6 months ago)
What about the problem with hackers?
Max Juwil Calderon (6 months ago)
I actually got to play with a chinese earlier on the NA server, he was saying "are there any Chinese players here? They said we've been region locked"
YESCAFRESCA (6 months ago)
Absolutely despite the weapon cosmetics being implemented they make no sense to me. They make you easier to spot and take away from the realism vibe that this game is supposed to be known for, I know they want to compete with other games that do have this feature but it goes against the idea of what PUBG is supposed to be. If you like this feature this is not an attack to any of you, it just isnt my preference at all.
Corn Person (6 months ago)
I hate this guys voice, he sounds like he constantly has water in his mouth while talking, learn to fucking talk
milchKarton (6 months ago)
How big is this update? Please tell me!
Samuil B. (6 months ago)
Activate your Windows 😁
marcus cheung (6 months ago)
CHINA NUMBA WAN will never disappear, we all have a VPN
MArko Ziomal (6 months ago)
How the fuck adding sking is improving player environment and gameplay fix =_= ?
Thraxelon (6 months ago)
Good bye guys we can't play together again from another region sad update
Salty Lemon (6 months ago)
I seriously hope that this game doesn’t become csgo with their skin trading s**tstorm...
Alfred Hitkopp (6 months ago)
First i really liked the devs of the game but right now i hate the way they go fuck emotes fuck skins who cares give us real new content...
Reece Potts (6 months ago)
So now I'm stuck in European servers where majority of people speak broken English. Fuck me in the fuckin dickhole. Europe servers make no sense it comprises of so many fucking languages.
EggMcMuffin (6 months ago)
Bro.. Please take the monitization form this video and my sub and my like and activate windows! PLS
CriepZy (6 months ago)
Game ruened
icy capybridge (6 months ago)
I'm from SEA (INDIA) and we are fucked
icy capybridge (6 months ago)
Everyone got a scar-l skin right ?? I got mine
Pope Francis (6 months ago)
Why the doc voice became so faggit
Dante Son (6 months ago)
https://youtu.be/C84US5jvTF0 Thus guys is insane Im following him
Dante Son (6 months ago)
https://youtu.be/C84US5jvTF0 Thus guys is insane Im following him
Dexylicious (6 months ago)
Thanks China .. u just had to ruin the fun once again.
Zak The Ghost (6 months ago)
When will skins come to Xbox version
Rezzo (6 months ago)
of course, shithole are trying to get us to give them more money fir skins, this time weapon skins, while they continue to ignore the many, possibly hundreds, of game breaking bugs........Crates should all be free to open, we paid for an early access game, and the game, despite its 1.0 release, is still very much in early access and always will be. Fix the game before trying to make us pay more money for your trash.
pepsiTV (6 months ago)
do other players see the skins?
PrayFF (6 months ago)
Marcel Kessler (6 months ago)
So ein scheiss. Wer braucht schon farbige Waffen....kann man ja gleich wieder cs:go zocken...schade
Lewis Cain-McAliece (6 months ago)
I love how the title emphasises more micro-transactions and minimises what the community has been looking for since forever.
AmaMarki (6 months ago)
I hope they make it to where if your friend doesn't have any skins the skin you have shows for them or your skin stays on that gun after you die
Ankush Pal (6 months ago)
I live near SEA but they don't have FPP in those servers. Hence, I used to play on Asian servers(It's the next closest one). Let's hope I can queue in FPP. Wish me luck.
Pureified Agony (6 months ago)
So when does xb get it? And the new map?
ThomerTD (6 months ago)
I just got 6 crates this morning before those were released Feels bad man
Please activate your Windows
Smurf Tearz (6 months ago)
another solid video, we appetite you.
Brian Mack (6 months ago)
Skins are gay.
Destin Kane (6 months ago)
Fuck it im just fixing to kill and steal all my guns 😊
KixongGaming (6 months ago)
The invisible servers could be a problem for the OC server, most of the time I can't even find a match in OC FPP, now with the region lock I doubt that I'll be able to play FPP.
Stan TheJungleTroll (6 months ago)
so this crates are added to the test server?
TetraTetris (6 months ago)
The region lock means that I can’t play with my boy in New Zealand.....time to move I guess
GenSul (6 months ago)
I just deleted the game for good today. I live in Africa and I was unable to join a single game today, I'm not complaining, I've been meaning to finally delete the game cus I got sick of all the hackers. Far cry 5 unlocks in a couple hours! Woohoo!
Meme Supreme (6 months ago)
This seems like a waste of effort. They could have added something useful, not another loot box, can't wait to unlock stupid nerfgun skins.
Kim Junk Moon (6 months ago)
"Activate Windows"
Arath Coronado (6 months ago)
In the description and in the vid you said the skins are released in the live servers but its only test servers right now
Calvin Olivier (6 months ago)
Best pubg news youtuber 💕
Ryan628jpn (6 months ago)
#ItsAllTooLateBluehole #YouDismissedJapan? #WeDismissedYouAhole
One with many Fingers (6 months ago)
Didn’t blueballs call us all racist for asking for a regional lock?? Wtf
PUN DUN (6 months ago)
is this shit out already?
Super Squirtle. (6 months ago)
Is this on the open game rn or only tts
htzoOCE (6 months ago)
Uzi skin looks dope.
Amar Original (6 months ago)
Bruh skins will ruin the game
burnt f1ames (6 months ago)
moe kh (6 months ago)
We need midl east swrver there is more then 4or 5 m playing from there and they are playing in eu
Miko (6 months ago)
Activate Windows
Coat FoZZy (6 months ago)
Man, idon't like this region lock, that interrupt me, I'm asian, and I have a friend in many region, in NA AND EU, a lot my friends was from there, so what I gonna do?
Honda Ryda (6 months ago)
Wait r u taking this video from drdisrespect or are you trying to use his name on test servers ?
Isaih Wilson (6 months ago)
You earned that subscribe
James Lee (6 months ago)
Bluehole stop focusing on skins, focus on making your game run smooth. That's one of the reason why people move to fortnite
Lucho Pichi (6 months ago)
When in the oficial server Bro?
Cosmic Gaming (6 months ago)
Hey Vault Dude would you consider making a find a team for mobile pubg?
ZzMR_STRETCHzZ (6 months ago)
People really saying skins make this unrealistic one who the fuck said pubg was meant to be and two it’s realistic more than no camos look at all the real guns out there modified with parts skins camos and crazy shit it’s more realistic than bone stock weapons guns have become like cars crazy modifications
Rick Asttley (6 months ago)
Don't let people make skins!!!!! That would look awful it's not COD 3!! It's Pubg, not fortnite or a colorful game
Solarwolf13 (6 months ago)
US servers wont work for me, the match and server never load so I can only play on asian servers, and I live in the US
Drew Peacock (6 months ago)
So I can play a Pc server n not hear asians all day
godofgaming 77 (6 months ago)
Can enemy's see the skin you have or they have or neither
Jotz1337 (6 months ago)
Is this bs? Where can you get the skins for your weapons?? I dont get it...
Lil Nippy (6 months ago)
Keys for cases and now weapon skins? Starting to sound like another shit game lol
J Michaels (6 months ago)
Eh tbh the wood and gold skins don't look good on anything but the shotguns.
Snap_92 (6 months ago)
Welcome to Europe server now noobs !
LukiWarss (6 months ago)
I wanted to ask are those orange weapons skins for free?
TheBloatedChap (6 months ago)
Good vid. Glad I subbed
T_E_P 1991 (6 months ago)
43k subs but yet you cant afford a copy of windows! lol ;)
superguyps3 (6 months ago)
Hopefully i can play on EU servers because i live in the middle east in the best ping is EU for me
Fogozo Apature (6 months ago)
Nice Video! You should be a develepor for blue hole!
Becker289 (6 months ago)
Voice chat in peace
nags (6 months ago)
Here comes the money MONEY MONEY MONEY! DOLLA DOLLAR!!

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