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Airsoft Con 2014 Evike - MAN Party

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Big thanks to Evike.com for being the best. They're our #1 source for all our Airsoft needs so check them out. http://www.evike.com/ https://www.youtube.com/user/evikecom Jet Desert Fox Airsoft https://www.youtube.com/user/DesertFo... Spartan Leah - Airsoft Unicorn https://www.youtube.com/user/theairso... Don't forget to like/follow us on Facebook & Twitter! http://facebook.com/node http://twitter.com/nodestudios http://twitter.com/cerberusarms http://twitter.com/corridordigital http://facebook.com/corridordigital http://twitter.com/fwong http://twitter.com/brandonjla http://facebook.com/freddiewspage
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Text Comments (369)
KingStevo1 (9 months ago)
😂 the best part is when Sam say that he’s too tired to fight Niko so Niko will fight a child
What Went Wrong? (1 year ago)
60 rounds per second. Am I hearing that right.
jacktheawesome10 (2 years ago)
Nice racing flats sam
Okabe Lintahlo (2 years ago)
4:21 Did he say "The king of the North" or "The king of the hill"?
Deadloxo (2 years ago)
hay do a water slide day I think you would have fun
Ma360 Plays (2 years ago)
at 4:21 did someone say, "The King In The North!"
Catrix (2 years ago)
2:30 That's the gun Kirby used in Mario Warfare!
andrew mcknight (3 years ago)
o they give out some free guns and accessories there ?????????? cuz I cant afford to buy it myself
andrew mcknight (3 years ago)
+andrew mcknight do***** sorry
Valkyrie (3 years ago)
5:41 That Real Madrid fan also.
Valkyrie (3 years ago)
2:56 That flanger..
Turdburglar (3 years ago)
dat scrub horde
2GA RFR SGT Stalker (3 years ago)
I want to Come next year :c
The Hatch (3 years ago)
I've always wondered why brandon doesnt play airsoft with you guys.
MARs 14 (3 years ago)
this was honestly my first experience being around airsoft and airsoft players, my friend had dragged me out to camp out, i didnt know anybody or anything at all to be honest when i was there. i really wish i would have known more about airsoft than i did at the time, i would have been way more excited, i look back and hate that i wasted so many opportunities to meet some famous airsofters and ask about airsoft more. Evike Matte came out the day before handing out shirts, at the time i was like "meh...." now i realized how popular and cool of a guy he is and regret not taking time to talk to the guy and ask questions about airsoft. Long story short, i wont be making the same mistakes again and will make sure to have a ton of fun next Airsoftcon. oh i was also #28 in line, (had to sleep there two nights in a row) i was also the guy behind my friend who waved at the camera at the beginning of the video.
MARs 14 (3 years ago)
scratch that last part, i think i might have been #27, i honestly cant remember :P
Edopie (3 years ago)
1:26 Because trigger discipline. Seriously though.
Astrobe Games (3 years ago)
Okay im 11 im just wondering what kind of Airsoft gun that i can maintain my age no Small SMGS
Sea Tomato (1 year ago)
if anything id recommend the MP5K for its rate of fire, easy maintenance and very light weight
Povilas Kaciusis (2 years ago)
+TheSuperScorpionKing In the US? HELL NO. You can ONLY BUY from 18, go to fields from much younger.
TheSuperScorpionKing (3 years ago)
No gun. It's only for older than 18 years old.
Matt Lennon (3 years ago)
Asian prick doesnt even seem grateful of winnin a 3k gun ....prick
Delta_62 (4 years ago)
I remember going to the first one. I got my go-to gun from that place. It was amazing.
ElChiposorus (4 years ago)
I understand people take airsoft supper seriously...but spending $2,800 on an airsoft AR-15 when you could buy an amazing real AR-15 for that much makes no sense to me. 
Jako3076 (4 years ago)
holy crap look at 5:40 cristiano ronaldo is there!!
tony hoang (4 years ago)
ethanol the airsoft guns hurt shoot yourself
petertnicholls (4 years ago)
What shoes is Sam wearing?
Incognito_Blazer (4 years ago)
What song at 4:00? I looked for it but can't find it... And it's not Sandstorm since they used Sandstorm in another video and it sounds nothing like it
sharki9876 (4 years ago)
nice brainfog shirt niko
Danial Hassan (4 years ago)
so as me have air soft guns
josh Strunk (4 years ago)
me in Airsoft... the guy that runs around with pistols, and dies first. 
MegaHitsGaming (4 years ago)
"The Walmart Gun from Hell..." *Sheds tear*
TechnoNinjaAlex (4 years ago)
Could build a real AR15 mk12 clone for the price of that airsoft gun. So is that gun registered as a real gun? Because the lower receiver is considered a "gun" to the government. 
MadMan (4 years ago)
they should call it Aircon
Robin Kalkemyr (4 years ago)
haha that big guy in the back 5:35 "pssh"
Keith Lewis (4 years ago)
Where did Sam get that Maliwan Shirt?
Derek Jackson (4 years ago)
Man I love these guys, the raddest people.
Boomcake (4 years ago)
OH MY GOD why the mailwan t shirt :P wear something else :P i saw that on like 3 other samandniko vids haha
NightCaster (4 years ago)
I love Sam's shirt :D Borderlands 2 is the shit
ratboys (4 years ago)
that ptw is a beast gg henry
Door (4 years ago)
No comments? Wtf?
Kon Jamo (4 years ago)
Pedriasr Psn gameplay (4 years ago)
Sterling Boykin (4 years ago)
You guys should DO A AIRSOFT 2014 HAUL of what you got PLS PLS 
steven Universe (4 years ago)
Guys you know what would be awsome? If yall did one of those zombie apocalypse things with airsoft.
thejanusproject32 (4 years ago)
Only in America. THE lucky country I say
Akkuzi (4 years ago)
The Wal-Mart gun from hell xD
Zach B. (4 years ago)
The song at 3:50-4:39, is that Omnipony - Chrome Saddle?
lumpiia (4 years ago)
Wins one of the most expensive M4 Airsoft guns and can't even keep his finger off the trigger
Doggo (3 years ago)
+Jed _123 Even though it does shoot plastic pellets the common rule of thumb is treat every airsoft gun as if it were the real thing. it is like one of the most important rule of handling and owning one.
Jed _123 (3 years ago)
It shoots fucking plastic balls not real ammo.
samuel grace (3 years ago)
The gun safety would have been on.
Sad_Faic (4 years ago)
I cringed when I saw that ;-;
Kirk Clay (4 years ago)
Bro jet(desert fox) was in there lol
Peter Real last name (4 years ago)
Collin McLaren (4 years ago)
I really hate reading all those comments with people and their "opinions" about Airsoft and it's stupidity. In most places they've cracked down on real firearms ownership so this is a close, safer counterpart. Also, there's nothing different between this and laser-tag (other then you're shooting BB's and not light beams); they're running around, getting exercise, and developing team work strategies. It's better then sitting on a couch playing FPS games all day. And with the topic of dressing up like military specialists; what is it people do at comic con that is any different from this?
Rabid Wolf (4 years ago)
when are you going to upload another attack on titan video
hungryzombies64 (4 years ago)
I saw myself in this video like 5 times xD it was really nice meeting Sam! I obviously saw Niko and D but it seemed as though they were busy running around. Still had a great time!
Watchthisjump Wow (4 years ago)
ok their is a tan hk416 at 2:24 is it going to be limited edition one or some thing
Hella Hello (4 years ago)
I had that same wingun revolver.
CapTn_ (4 years ago)
The pink gun is the teapot from borderlands 2
DeAd (4 years ago)
really wish airsoft is legal in my country...
Dylan Beliveau (4 years ago)
Ronaldo caught on tape 5:40
matthew walsh (4 years ago)
airsofts version on paintballs world cup
Awd222 (4 years ago)
Airsoft guns that look like real gyns are just boring and stupid. Make somrthing cool lime Borderlands guns or something!
reinier dash (4 years ago)
hey guys is there airsoft  in south africa? i never looked or found anything its only paint ball...
[Myst]iC (4 years ago)
I doubt it's in your area. Airsoft fields are a lot rarer, plus you need friends who play airsoft as well at most places. A lot of paintball places do airsoft too.
HKgunner (4 years ago)
John Lu (Operation Lion Claws) cameo at 4:26
Eren Jager (4 years ago)
Incognito_Blazer (4 years ago)
NEVER put a phone number on the Internet! EVER!
DrunkenGun 52 (4 years ago)
Dear Node It is my 12th brithday in December and I want a bb gun, where is the most cheapest bb gun store in the UK and what is the right one for me?
DrunkenGun 52 (4 years ago)
DenNation (4 years ago)
airsoft con was a blast!
Medievalmars (4 years ago)
i love sams shirt!
BumbleBeat21 (4 years ago)
Airsoft seems extremely fun. But a part of me thinks it kinda gay, posing as soldiers with toy guns. Like we wanna look like badass US elite soldiers without all the actual hard work. But hey, it's all in the name of fun and I love it anyways. :P
Killer Queen (4 years ago)
The reason people in airsoft use military gear is the same reason the military use military gear.... Carry more mags, keep tools on you, maybe first aid kits. Carry hydration, extra gas or bb's, cammo to try and blend better, helmets to not die when you bash your head on a rock, kneepads to not bust your knees on shard rocks or roots, boots to not twist your ankle, optics for quicker and more accurate shots, grips to handle your weapon more comfortabley, lights to light shit up. Get what I'm fucking saying?
i Xulu (4 years ago)
That's why paintball's better, the guy in the sweatpants always rapes
Incognito_Blazer (4 years ago)
Those aren't toys... And again, Airsoft has no orientation... Airsoft guns can be considered weapons in some places...
Wabaanimkii (4 years ago)
I'm not so sure your generalization is correct. I've airsofted for over ten years and I don't try to emulate soldiers. If anything were emulating guerrillas; But thats assuming your basing it off of looks alone. Tactics wise its a combination of police, military and pure recklessness. 
Killer Queen (4 years ago)
Stop playing video games, wanting to play like US elite soliders without the hard work.
JJ Heine (4 years ago)
it would be nice to live in a community like this ;-;
レイン (4 years ago)
Kechi (4 years ago)
Umbrella was at AirsoftCon? Didn't know they got much attention. :D
Orbit Night (4 years ago)
I whole love to play air soft with the node team jest I don't have a gun😢😢😢😢😢😢
LordRedcloak (4 years ago)
You guys should try out five nights at Freddy's , if you're MAN enough
TheRealAirBlade (4 years ago)
0:35 TheDesertFox spoted
Super sonic Jelani (4 years ago)
syril (4 years ago)
Whhooaa nice mega64 shirt niko.
infinitesorrows21 (4 years ago)
God all those airsoft guns look so sexy
Ethan (4 years ago)
Airsoft is gay (gonna get loads of hate now!) everyone dresses up like they have just come back from afghan but are really just going to shoot bits of plastic at each other, why not shoot real guns!
Tyler Lehl (3 years ago)
+Ethanol its not wrong doing something you like look everyone has their hobbies for example your a brony and i am a furry. sure i dislike airsoft because i am a paintballer. But airsoft has bigger maps then most paintball arenas and airsoft has more realistic looking guns.
Guy Garcia (3 years ago)
Oh its a brony. False alarm guys! He's as pathetic and low as his comment!
Anthony Nguyen (3 years ago)
Why not shoot real guns? Because nobody wants to die.
arnoldingo01 (3 years ago)
Because it's illegal to shoot at people. Simple as that.
Guy Garcia (3 years ago)
+Giltine your right, since when is rolaplaying homosexual... So rp with a girl is gay too? I tell u these dumb asses
yman de guzman (4 years ago)
Adam Leach (4 years ago)
Whats the song at 0:35 ?
Shady Salesman (4 years ago)
I wonder if someone has made a standing dual chaingun turret for airsoft yet, put like a shield on it too
BLaCkKsHeEp (4 years ago)
Shady Salesman (4 years ago)
Thanks <3
BLaCkKsHeEp (4 years ago)
ahhh u bastard...
Shady Salesman (4 years ago)
I never really played borderlands, so i wouldn't know
BLaCkKsHeEp (4 years ago)
Kinda like the commando from Borderlands?
Charlie N (4 years ago)
Is it me or is Sam fat not trying to be mean
J P (4 years ago)
Wish we had something like this in Australia
+Jaxen Piccoli Paintball is better
carn109 (4 years ago)
Aus is so depressing
Nix6p (4 years ago)
Friendly reminder that airsoft is completely banned in Australia - which makes it far more regulated than real guns. That is all.
Curious Space (4 years ago)
D's duck though
FireBurn935 (4 years ago)
Wish I could go but tough luck
Domen Logar (4 years ago)
Now I wish I lived in America. Oh well, we dont get the orange tubes here so I've got that going for me, which is nice.
MrTbird (4 years ago)
i still want to see a halo magnum out there i think it would sell really well 
XMR Films (4 years ago)
Did somebody shout "The King In The North" during the Sam/D fight?
Vasco (4 years ago)
I can finally officially say I'm in a Node video. 
Hobo Joe (4 years ago)
The one with the orange case is my bro, I tried to meet you guys but I was stuck in the building.
Darkplasm919 (4 years ago)
loveaubie (4 years ago)
You guys are welcome to come to battalion airsoft arena at Halloween if you would like we really want you guys to come battlion out
DragMeh9100 (4 years ago)
The old TAGGED theme. Anyone else hear it?
Greg Chan (4 years ago)
Adam West (4 years ago)
wow Niko u dick knocking the kid over XD lol
Jon Oa (4 years ago)
Goodness gracious, D fucking get a fucking haircut, you are making us Asians look like shit bruh
Tyler (4 years ago)
Where was my precious Brandon?
J D (4 years ago)
I was there...when did they arrive?
J D (4 years ago)
+TheScaredZombie damn.
Vasco (4 years ago)
They arrived about an hour after the raffles started I think
Senor Fabulous (4 years ago)
did anyone else notice the "Tagged" music in the backround?
Pork Huntt (4 years ago)
need this in straya
Jim Corrigan (4 years ago)
*Playing COD* "Dude, we should go airsofting dressed up like Ghosts."                              "Yeah?"   *_Shows up with bedsheets and scissors_*
Victor Beaudet (4 years ago)
And now.. for a parody of the "hardcore" people in the depths of the comment section below... Airsoft sucks, it doesn't even pain. Real fools use Glock 42's. Yu guise get wrekd scr00b. This has been a parody.
Bum Nanner (4 years ago)
Alright, that guy who gave the gun needs to learn some damn muzzle control.
Bum Nanner (4 years ago)
+Peter Newman His trigger discipline was fine, I'm talking about the guy who gave the gun, not the guy who won it. As he went to hand it to him, he had it pointed straight at the crowd.
Pete Newman (4 years ago)
The muzzle wasn't the problem. His stupid booger hook was groping the kill lever!

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