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TWITCH NERF! Let's look at the numbers - Rainbow Six Siege

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The nerf to Twitch's shock drone during the Mid-season Reinforcements Patch for Rainbow Six Siege has surprised and confused many players. And it is especially the severity of the nerf (taking the number of shock charges down from 30 to only 10) that has caused some frustration. I have to count myself among those, that were taken aback by the drastic change and so I have spent some time looking at what makes Twitch such a strong support operator, to try to understand whether or not the nerf makes sense. Is the nerf too much and how will it affect most players? Let's take a closer look! My giveaway for the Rainbow Six: Year Three Season Pass will end this month! Take part while you still have the chance: https://gleam.io/5DOqP/rainbow-six-siege-year-3-season-pass-giveaway Patch Notes: https://rainbow6.ubisoft.com/siege/en-us/news/152-317056-16/operation-white-noise-mid-season-reinforcements Reddit Post: https://www.reddit.com/r/Rainbow6/comments/7pjc2l/twitch_drone_change/ Join me on Twitter! https://twitter.com/RogueN9 Discord! https://discord.gg/GFbWWhC Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/Rogue.9er More Rogue-9! R6 Gun Guides: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S7b_pqdIu5g&list=PLP2MwDk1r3q1A8z3g9f0OFj2O2sMLMVOa Battlefield 1: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLP2MwDk1r3q3F7Oj-hF0EFFma-l2hy5UD
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Text Comments (1116)
Austin Pennington (12 days ago)
I haven't play siege in like 10 months...holy shit the things I've missed. So can someone tell me why she was nerfed? Before I left siege on console I never had an issue with her drone, even the rare times when I ever played mute I never has issues with the shock drone.
random guy (27 days ago)
It is balanced cuz 30 is too much like 4 shots of the drone and kapot
Loki Henisis (2 months ago)
On console isn't hard to kill drones laser sights help on hip fire but most of all dont have potato aim
josh soul (3 months ago)
Now that I watched this I see why they nerfed it, but i still fell like they should have done maybe a little less like reducing it to 10 shots per drone.
The moistest Cabbage (4 months ago)
What’s the F2’s ads time?
Frank He (4 months ago)
I am a twitch main, but nothing matters as long as I have my FAMAS XD
jervis64ify (4 months ago)
Give it more health
Sinsanatis (5 months ago)
I hate little kids (5 months ago)
My friends always get so mad a t me for using twitch after the nerf. I rub it in by using 417 iron sights and a fooking laser sight, with a p9 suppressed, and have the elite skin but don't even equip it.
XxXMythicGamesXxX Malik (5 months ago)
They nerfed it again it’s now like 5 shots I think
Jeef Jeeferson (5 months ago)
I don't mind having less tazers, I do mind still not being able to jump
Aces of Athens (6 months ago)
It's fine she's too easy to use. The FAMAS is broken AF.
Typowy Laman (6 months ago)
Yeah tell me that. Spawned 4m from door,rode inside and got instantly killed,becouse someone went roaming around and just have saw me. Now i have only 1 drone with 5 charges that can't jump and is a size of fucking small pizza.
Personally i just hate her f2. Always domes me due to its damn recoil...same with ashes r4-c...so thats why they main them..
Joi kax (6 months ago)
sure, and Twitch hasn't been op since release because???? ... by this logic she should have been nerfed a long time ago, so why all the fuss now? Seriously all this is just nitpicking on an OG operator that was perfectly fine in favor of selling season passes and R6 credits to people wanting newer ops with their shinier gadgets. F'king lame
klay 3okka (6 months ago)
From 15 to 5
Arjun Gopinaht (6 months ago)
The only nerf she needed was not to destroy the mira mirrors.
PrinzSander (7 months ago)
Twitch is my best operator in terms of Win/Loss and Kill/Death ratios although she is not my main operator with "only" 27h played while I have played capitao and ash more than 70 hours. But I really do not like the nerf, with the old 15 charges drone I was able to take down atleast 3 gadgets per drone most of the times more and hit the defenders 2 or 3 times and now I have the problem that I dont have enough charges in the drone to destroy all the gadgets I want to...
Caboose 117 (7 months ago)
Honestly, now that I had time to play her since the nerf, I actually like twitch a bit more now. I know that sounds very weird, and it probably is, but I feel like I need to be more conservative with my tasers. If they have a gadget heavy team, then I’ll try to hide and take the gadgets. If not, I’ll harass when I can. I like that.
Gaming TURTLEZz (7 months ago)
They should've given Twitch's drone 8+ shots each and have the ability to jump
Panos p (7 months ago)
F... Ubisoft ! All they do It's just listening to their "proffesional players".
Wilson The Coconut (7 months ago)
Still getting kill assists
Silver Triforce25 (7 months ago)
7 darts/drone would have been good. Up to 10 would be good, yes technically you can kill 2 defenders but with all the counters to twitch drones (mute, shooting it) it's pretty hard to get all 10 shots in a person
Shalveen Sharma (7 months ago)
They need twitch and increase the amount of gadgets in the game ex. Kapkan to 5. Strange logic. Losses me off cause I'm a noob and I enjoy playing as twitch shooting cams and trying to down people now there's no point in playing as twitch.
Shalveen Sharma (7 months ago)
Hunter Lehman (7 months ago)
I still don’t understand the 1.4 gadgets argument. If I’m playing against some combination of lesion, Ela, bandit, valkyrie, mute, kapkan, jager, I can easily destroy 10+ gadgets in a round. Assuming they weren’t lying about the 1.4 number, obviously it’s just the players who don’t know what they’re doing bringing the average way down. Don’t punish the decent players because of the bad ones
Mustafa Ali Dönücü (7 months ago)
Thx UBISOFT every fucking day her fucking the game!
Jose Leiva (7 months ago)
We can still killing a enemy if a autist doc down somebody with the magnum
Justin Tyler (7 months ago)
I can destroy a twitch drone before it can even shock me a second or third time and I play console. So this just annoys the fu*k out of me. I’m also a twitch main.
Some Random furry (7 months ago)
Bump the darts to 8-10 each. have the drone do 4 damage each dart to an op. Perfect.
general Fatboi (7 months ago)
Nerf to 20 not 10
123 (7 months ago)
while the drone have 10km wiring it cant even store electricity now
TIC (7 months ago)
Instead of Nerfing good operators fix the ones that are bad
Ashok Kumar (7 months ago)
I think nerf is needed for twitch
Trigger Greatness (7 months ago)
Skilled twitch players can keep the drone alive, only kids with potato aim can’t shoot drones, and not to mention twitch’s drone CANT JUMP so he drone is significantly harder to keep alive, which is a skill gap in itself to shoot the drones
Not mentioning the fact that twitch gun is the one with highest dps
Vyse Arcadia (7 months ago)
nuuuuuuuuOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *Ends Life*
ItsSetBadge (8 months ago)
Honestly, I think an okay balance would be to reduce the amount of damage the drone does from 10, to about five and have around 7-8 tasers in each drone, cause 5 is too little even for Twitch mains I talked to *I PLAY XBOX, JUST LETTING YOU KNOW BEFORE YOU BRING IN YOUR PC STATISTICS*
Flutter Shy (8 months ago)
I wasn't aware of this nerf until I played her today
RedViper417 (8 months ago)
this all because of the whiny ass bitches
Spyros Karakanas (8 months ago)
so console players started crying about a fucking drone that cannot jump and is also slower than normal drones
jor keuk (8 months ago)
I think they nerfed twitch because a year 3 op also has an upgraded drone
Hillary Trump (8 months ago)
How about nerf frost's traps bruh. Like nerf it so the trap only take 2 shots or u can get out from the traps.
ForLongLiving (8 months ago)
After the nerf you cant finish a downed enemy even if your drone made it that far you only have eough charges to do 1 thing (get cams gadgets or assists cant do em all) atm if want to get gadgets you can get a maximum of 10 out of a maximum of 23 and thats if the defenders are total walrusses and cant aim. Every time you fire the drone you basically use a flare from your 20x20cm lunchbox that mom gave you. Famas is the only thing left for twitch right now and dont worry its getting a nerf soon. Some people might get hearthbroken and not play twitch from now on and thats the biggest impact, totally unneccessary.
Hici Hobe (8 months ago)
remember the part where you said that they should take away bandits uniqueness by removing the +1 wire. guess what they did
TheGamingSunbro (8 months ago)
Here is what I believe. As a fellow twitch main pre nerf I carried games with my Assist points and kill points usually running 7k 4a, 2d games, however i get those assists for one or two shots on a defender, so I don't really deserve it, I agree this nerd was warranted but they could have done it differently for instance u use your first drone in prep phase correct? And during prep phase you can take out any gadgets you want with your 15 charges however y on normally end up running out of time and only destroying 4 or 5, this is Ubisofts problem here, they don't realize that Most of the tech destruction happens in the start of each round not the full round to begin with, so here is an Idea Ubisoft, we have two drones so make them different, give the prep drone 10 charges and the backup drone 5 charges, that way twitch players will be more careful about their shock picks because they will have not only half the amount of shocks than they previously had, but that their backup is even less than the first, give us 15 charges instead of 10 with a split of 10 and 5 it will make twitches more support bases and tactical players, please I hope you see this and fix this minor oversight in the nerd, sincerely a Twitch Main, P.S I will not stop playing twitch in fact this nerd has made me even more excited to be even better at the class but the nerd has definitely discouraged me from playing twitch for awhile, I will get back to her of course she is still my favorite op, but I do hope you fix what u have done soon.
Niall Forman (8 months ago)
The one problem here is that Ubi is assuming Twitch players have 100% accuracy with her drone, while Ela players only need 10% accuracy with her gun.
Luke Holmes (8 months ago)
Alright, I've been thinking about the twitch nerf, and actually, it's justified. She can shoot out all of kapkans traps, Miras mirrors, bandits boxes, Valkyries cameras, all of jagers ads, all of lesions gu needles, get rid of all mutes jammers, and then can get an enemy down to 70 health. sounds pretty overpowered to me.
Playerz714 (8 months ago)
Okay but the simple reason is to nerf the dmg
Isai Chavarria (8 months ago)
Can you do a m12 guide just subbed
Diamond chaser (8 months ago)
Ya the drone is why she's over powered TOTALLY NOT HER GUNS so must nerf drone
Kurtis Moore (8 months ago)
i know ima miss tricky valk cams and lose my shit
[NeMo] Nerecy (8 months ago)
Over one year they do nothing to twitch and no this shit
Azrael Selvmord (8 months ago)
Like every game nerf pointless stuff. But keep that OP shit in.
Chucking Reaper (8 months ago)
As annoying as this is, I don't care as much since I only use her drone for Mira's mirrors or Jaegar ADS's with the occasional Ela mine. I just hope they don't nerf or buff IQ. She is perfectly fine and I swear if they mess with her, I AM GOING TO BE LIVID!
Joey (8 months ago)
From this view point,i kinda understand their nerf to Twitch.I don't play her all that much and I think this is ok
HeyImDuncan (8 months ago)
as a twitch main myself i speak in favor of this simply because when the player is given too many tazer shots half of them are spent pointlessly irritating people with almost all of the defenses successfully taken down. On top of this twitch has occasionally become a valid replacement to thatcher simpy because she can disable so many more gadgets and without exposing yourself
jdog0120 (8 months ago)
Nerf twitch from 30 shock charges to 20 But half her damage to players so it’s 5 not 10 It would now take all the shots to down an enemy from both drones making shocking someone more than 10 times a bad idea (assuming the drone stays alive that long) as they could be reset and then not even downed by the second drone and too much time/effort to make it worthwhile
Darkmirror35 (8 months ago)
Honestly right now Thatcher does not get enough props and twitch in my opinion is the most powerful attacker In the game and I think this nerf although big is right and just
HaTe x LoVe (8 months ago)
Doesn’t really matter how much you guys whine and complain the nerf is going through and that’s final this is the best thing to happen since Ela
Comrade Tu160 (8 months ago)
i am not a twitch main or anything, i even barely play her, but i think a balanced idea would be, that twitch can reload the ammo of the drone if she picks it up..
A Suspicious Link (8 months ago)
Just lower the damage, geez, Ubi...
diesel92kj1 (8 months ago)
It used to be like 4 per Drone then they over buffed her now about right.
DanThe Van (8 months ago)
Community:Ya I think twitch could get nerfed from 15 to 8 shocks or 1- Ubisoft: *TWITCH GETS 5 SHOCKS*
Kurt Ironmonger (8 months ago)
If people stopped complaining about Ela's mag capacity she might have been changed to a respectable position, Ela isn't over powered because she has 50 bullets, Ela is over powered because she has a medium damage weapon with a high fire rate with zero recoil, you don't need to tough her mag capacity and you don't need to touch her gadget, just increase recoil and decrease damage in line with the other rapid fire weapon.
Bruce Wayne (8 months ago)
Great video. I would love to hear your opinion about the Blackbeard nerf as well, even though it is a bit late. I couldn't find a video about Blackbeard on your channel so I am assuming you haven't done one. Keep up the good work.
GI ST (8 months ago)
I think the idiots who charge into the objective just to hear Castle and Recruit screams have skewed the statistics greatly. I usually take out every camera except for one or two during every prep phase so this is a kick in the pants for me BUT, they are giving one of my mains (Capitão) a buff so I won't cry about this patch.
Dobie Catcher (8 months ago)
I think they fail to realize that her gun is why she is so good, not her drone. Same story with ela, terrible gadget, god tier gun
DrStrangeMcDuck (8 months ago)
Twitch deserves 10 per drone not 5. That’s way to heavy of a nerf
Respectful Man (8 months ago)
this update makes alot of sense for higher ranked twitch players. People don’t understand her true power. she is actually really broken because she can take out nearly all gadgets if you don’t suck at her (Mira windows, Kap traps, Ela mines, bandit, jager ads)
humphry asslicker (8 months ago)
im just saying if all they really cared was how many gadgets a good player can get yet all it takes is a lucky thatcher shot and now they dont even have foocken laser sights
Nördy B&B (8 months ago)
I can't understand the Reason "Twitch destroyed to many gadgets, Thatcher can kill the same amount of gadgets with more safety for himself (twitch can be killed while droning) And the fact that 10 charges are still enough to down every defender to 80 (so 2shots instead of 3) is ridiculous. I mean Devs are nerfing her because u can 2shot everyone instead of 3, but the theoretical possibility is still there that u can do the same. So if this is still possible, then why even nerfing her. For me the nerf is just silly. If someone catches ur first drone when u done nothing, u just have 5 charges left, and Thats way to less.
ThisIsHowYouPLAY (8 months ago)
If the average is 1.4 gadgets destroyed per twitch drone why even nerf the tazer count? I don't think she should have 15. At most 10 but 8 seems fair. 5 is overkill.
lemmonsinmyeyes (8 months ago)
About time they nerf twitch. Frost only has 3 traps and can't baby sit them all, basically makes her useless
Drake Coonce (8 months ago)
Honestly I'll get hit by the drone once and destroy it relatively easy and I'm on console so idk haha I never felt like she was OP
TewZ: LuLz (8 months ago)
Can someone please tell ubi if you’re going to decrease the shock drone’s ammo bring back the old kapkan
Roxanne House (8 months ago)
Can they add the FN five-seven just because
Rogue-9 (8 months ago)
+Roxanne House it's been in the game since launch. The FBI use it.
Ze Filthiest Of Franks (8 months ago)
Isn't the point of using the twitch drone to get rid of all the gadgets? It's kinda the defenders job to put their stuff in good spots where Twitch drones can't hit it. I honestly think that this nerf is unnecessary since most maps have more than 3 interior cameras
Stop Singing (8 months ago)
Why not just half the damage of the damn drone
William Redner (8 months ago)
I hadn't even heard about this nerf, but I haven't played in well over a month. It kinda puts a damper on my favorite Twitch strategy though, which is to harass enemy players and try to force them out of cover while the rest of my team is pushing
Gobo20006 YT (8 months ago)
whats the difference between the different shields, how much damage can they take and whats the best way to operate them?
Alexander Deschenes (8 months ago)
30 was too much honestly. Stop shooting cameras and stop wasting them for your assists. Won't happen but the reasoning is sound.
ZeroSkillsHere (8 months ago)
Then they should let the drone jump because it’s so easy to take out ..
TraceVideoProductions (8 months ago)
10 tasers 5 damage each
Yeet Meet peet (8 months ago)
ETWANICAN _ (8 months ago)
Twitch is NOT op. The only people who get killed by twitch are the noobs who can’t figure out how to kill a drone with a shotgun. The majority of players will destroy both twitch drones before they can do more than a small amount of damage to the enemies and destroy a few cams
LaVaMaN 129 (8 months ago)
ETWANICAN _ (8 months ago)
They only do these dumbass patches because Ubisoft only listens to the pro league players or the big youtubers. The way I see it they complain too muh
Cuddly Lizard (8 months ago)
The nerf is overkill, if Ubi really wanted to nerf Twitch, just lower the taser fire rate. On PC, Twitch isn't even remotely strong at all. It's incredibly easy to shoot her drone, a single deployable shield completely denies Twitch in doorways, a mute next to a drone hole completely nullifies Twitch completely, making her gadget worthless apart to get one shock off on a vigilant roamer before they hit your large slow drone. Twitch, in low level games, can sometimes get the very rare odd kill. They can get a few shocks. If ubi are worried about the amount of damage the drone does and not the amount of gadgets the drones can destroy, nerf the ammo count to 10 for each drone and give the taser a longer cooldown (1-2 seconds longer), so doing actual damage with your drone is much harder to pull off. Remember, Thatcher can destroy all of the gadgets through floors, roofs and walls. I can understand it being a problem on console, but perhaps instead make a bigger nerf on console and don't hit her as hard on PC?
toe kie (8 months ago)
i love the drone for applying pressure when my team attacks. With these few charges i cant really do that any more. But i do think the 14 we had were to much. I've cleaned complete bomb sites with one drone and thats way to powerfull.
Flump (8 months ago)
The people complaining are the annoying cunts they've targeted with this nerf honestly
ipodman505 (8 months ago)
I mean I think dropping 20 shocks it a little to far. I'd say that they could make it like 7-8 shots per drone and lower the damage done to players. Even go as far as to make it where the drone does less damage the more shocks it shoots. Almost as if it's battery is draining or something.
tomtomtom (8 months ago)
I think 20 would be perfect
lord chin chin (8 months ago)
Am i the only person who is happy about this nerf? Cause everytime the enemy team has a teitch all my teammates dies and thw twitch drones focus me half the damn time which is really annoying especially since im in a gun fight half the time so i have to try and kill the enemy while getting shot by a drone also
The Last Black Saiyan (8 months ago)
Nobody asked for this nerf... but ela on the onder hand gets a nerf that doesn't even fix the problem... #ela30mag
Gabriel Gaioti (8 months ago)
I play o Xone and for the past week I cannot find any match "-"
fakewalka (8 months ago)
Amazing video as always! Right on point! I think this will be good for the game actually, as now Twitch will be used more for shooting gadgets and recon instead of hunting enemy players. I've seen it oh so many times "Twitch get the batteries!" "Nope, I'm playing hide-n-seek here with Rook"... Also, don't forget that Twitch received a massive buff recently when they allowed her to use her drone in the prep phase and giving her 2 shock drones instead of one. So basically, she used to have 1 drone with 15 charges, now she will have 2 with 5 each. I think it's well reasoned, as Twitch has an anti-gadget/recon primary role, not anti-personnel.
xN2o (8 months ago)
That ending😂😂😂😂
Tand_Tube (8 months ago)
I feel like this nerf is to far. Nerf her if you must. Maybe 10 shots per drone. And damage to humans down to 5.
ferna2294 (8 months ago)
Why no Tachanka buff? Give him a C4 FFS.
Mkk88 (8 months ago)
Ubisoft can take there statistics and shove it up there ass.#Nerf #ELA #FUCK!

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