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How To Invite Your Friends And Play Duo/Squad - PUBG Mobile Lightspeed

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Hey guys, I'm back with a new video. Today I will show you how to invite your friends and play with them (duo or squad). If this video helped you, don't forget to leave a little like and share with your friends. And if you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask them :) Please check my PUBG Mobile Playlist : https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL1MuhQqgsGKrYRUf06OYW9cb3657BXfar Enjoy !
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Text Comments (61)
Wolf (13 days ago)
liked this video and give it a like but can you make an video to show how to do first person view
Saiyanjin Gam3r (13 days ago)
Thanks. Try this video (it's not mine) but it will help you https://youtu.be/S7p2bghZIRg
WR Gaming 64 (1 month ago)
How about PUBG Lite
WR Gaming 64 (1 month ago)
Saiyanjin Gam3r (1 month ago)
WR Gaming 64 it's same
Sangi 20 (1 month ago)
Can we play 8 members
Rita Yadav (2 months ago)
What I want to now that's how to invite in clan to friends
Lil Care (2 months ago)
I sub
Saiyanjin Gam3r (2 months ago)
TSM_ Care thanks 👍👊
Lil Care (2 months ago)
SITHARA k (2 months ago)
Thank u helped a lot
Rayen Mansouri (2 months ago)
Can i invite FRIENDS from PS4?
Saiyanjin Gam3r (2 months ago)
Rayen Mansouri there's no PUBG on ps4
Saiyanjin Gam3r (2 months ago)
Rayen Mansouri no
Valerie Alobaidi (3 months ago)
How do you show that you’re waiting fir them ?
No User (3 months ago)
Intro ass
Ajay kumar (3 months ago)
can we play with 5 members?
Saiyanjin Gam3r (3 months ago)
No. Solo : 1 player - duo = 2 players - squad = 4 players
Real G4M3R (3 months ago)
Which song plz reply
Real G4M3R (3 months ago)
Saiyanjin Gam3r ty
Saiyanjin Gam3r (3 months ago)
Vraj Patel Debris & Dazers - Double D [NCS Release]
Stefan Gvozdic (4 months ago)
I join3d squad and i dont know how to leave it noe
Saiyanjin Gam3r (4 months ago)
Stefan Gvozdic search for a door icon
Random Gamer (4 months ago)
Thanx now i will play with my bro
seosi army누나 (4 months ago)
How to leave random squads tho!!!??
Saiyanjin Gam3r (4 months ago)
seosi army누나 there's a "door icon" tap it.
ZAIDOUNE (4 months ago)
Thank yoy
KING of CALI605 (4 months ago)
But when I send I a friend request to my friend it says that I can’t add him because we both have a different version of the game
DSREACTS (4 months ago)
Shiven Bidhuri (4 months ago)
Sama Hagag (4 months ago)
Tysm I really needed help 😂😂😂😋😋😋😋
MagicalDerp (5 months ago)
Omg my first game i played i won it was me only playing in squads... i had no idea what to do since i play fortnite i knew the scar was a good weapon so thats what i used other than that i had no idea
John Heverly (5 months ago)
541169691 add me. PUBG mobile
Saiyanjin Gam3r (5 months ago)
John Heverly I did it 😉
Dylan Smila (5 months ago)
Paddy Stokes (5 months ago)
Thank you very much i didnt know how to do it only for u 😁👊😎
Vanessa Latimour (6 months ago)
What does the heart mean next to my friends names?
Vanessa Latimour (6 months ago)
All of them have it, but each have a different number next to it
Aldysuper G Channel (6 months ago)
Thanks Saiyan 😁👍
ITS CLASHER (6 months ago)
Reply pls
ITS CLASHER (6 months ago)
Bro collaab kare kya jaldi mere bhi 200 subs hoge
ITS CLASHER (6 months ago)
Pls say the name of intro song and send link on which u made this intro
Saiyanjin Gam3r (6 months ago)
KAMGAM GAMER I made it on panzoid.com
sadewo satrioo (6 months ago)
Thank you :)
Abhishek Bharti (6 months ago)
Thank you
AMIT RAJPUT (6 months ago)
Aaron Summerour (6 months ago)
Anyone else have issue inviting people
Skylight (6 months ago)
saint bro
W3nd CZ (6 months ago)
Thank You !!
Fumijena (6 months ago)
thx for help 😀
Si_Dice_Daz000n (6 months ago)
And for The timi version? Can Android and iPhone play together?
Wildan Ananda Nugraha (6 months ago)
Yes you can, as long as is on the same server either QQ or Wechat you just choose, i play on android my friends on ios all the time😁
Saiyanjin Gam3r (6 months ago)
LightOfHope04 no, it's not the same server
Gusion, The holy blade (6 months ago)
Very helpful video for those who dont speak or read chinese. Liked
CLPRAT (7 months ago)
Very Helpful man
LUCIFER The Fallen Angel (6 months ago)
CLPRAT GAMING will u tell ur pubg name plz??.........i just wanna join some people with language i know.
CLPRAT (7 months ago)
Nice vid
CLPRAT (7 months ago)
Saiyanjin Gam3r (7 months ago)
CLPRAT (7 months ago)
You are in which server Wechat or QQ
Saiyanjin Gam3r (7 months ago)

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